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A believer offers up the 4 reasons non Christians are non Christians.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Is it because you are a Satanist and must do that which Satanist are called to do, antichrist?

I just got forwarded your site. "Hatemail" I have to say first of all that I do apologize for those who under the guise of Christianity emailed you those kind of responses; He said "not all that say Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven". Matt 7:21

There is no doubt that you are a very talented person having designed you website, very well laid out.

What I wonder is why do you choose to trample that which others hold sacred?

I'm just guessing here:

#1 Is it because you are a Satanist and must do that which Satanist are called to do, antichrist?

#2 Because you had a Christian background and became angry at God because of X reason, so now lash out at His followers?

#3 Because one or more of your family members are Christians and their ways clash with you?

#4 Because you are crying out to God, but can't believe He can redeem you?

There are various reasons all plausible. I know what it is to get a rise out of people; I use to frequent the infidelguy's website and rattle the atheist's.

I was wondering if you could say why you do trample what others hold holy?

Thank You

In His name

It surprises me in all my years of doing this no one has ever listed out the most obvious reason— I simply don't believe the bible is the truth. I mean, assuming this were the reason then that'd explain everything I do! Right? Because if I don't believe the stories in the bible are true then it'd mean I thought they were lies, and then no wonder I trample these ideas people find holy. It seems too obvious to me, yet no one ever includes it in their list of reasons why I do what I do.

I think it says a lot about believers when they consistently ignore this particular option. I mean, isn't it interesting I've never ever gotten even one email from a Christian which said "I know the reason you're doing this is because you think the bible is false and God doesn't exist, but yadda yadda yadda..."

Unfortunately for you and other Christians who've emailed me, this only exposes the lie you tell yourself and perpetuate onto others. Ignoring the real honest reason why someone isn't a believer only pushes those you're trying to convert away. It's patronizing, judgmental and even a little slimy, like to the point of almost being evil. It's how a child molester or cult leader approaches his teenage victim. "You're so dirty, pathetic and ugly, but I'll love you even though you're so awful."

If you expect to save the souls of people (as your god commands you to do) you'd better start approaching them as if they honestly don't believe the bible's true and God doesn't exist. Offering up a list of hypocritical and bizarre reasons (Called upon by Satan to be anti-christ?) you're only going to come off looking like a creep.


I personally don't believe in UFO's Bob or the Loc ness monster, or the skunk ape roaming the Everglades. I will never, ever give it a second thought Bob; I
will never build a website to promote my unbelief of these things...

Well Bob,
First off, thank you for your response and secondly I will love you too, as awful as your accusations get.

Now I did not offer the fact that you don't believe in the bible as a reason because it is obvious that is not it. I know that may sound presumptuous but let me explain:

You see Bob I know atheists, I use to be one, but more than that I sit with them in church every Sunday... Atheists do not build websites denouncing God, no, no. Atheists don’t care IF God exist; atheists don’t care to find out either. An atheist is just as comfortable sitting in a pew or sitting in a bar.

No you Bob are not an unbeliever.

I personally don't believe in UFO's Bob or the Loc ness monster, or the skunk ape roaming the Everglades. I will never, ever give it a second thought Bob; I
will never build a website to promote my unbelief of these things, I will never tattoo my body to communicate my unbelief of nessy, or little green men, Etc. I will never buy or wear a T-shirt that tell everyone what I don't believe Bob because if I should show an unhealthy preoccupation with that which does not exist...then don't you think I am screaming out for help?

It seems to me Bob that building such monuments to a God that does not exist almost seems to pay homage to this God that you are certain does not exist.

That Bob is the reason why I do not believe that the reason you do what you do is because you are an unbeliever.

Curiously enough, you speak of honesty, judgemental-ness and even slimy-ness... Isn't that what you do on your site?

I'd love to read about the real Bob, the guy who is not just talented in his craft but also intelligent. What happened Bob? What got you angry at God?


Do you know why you don't give a second thought to UFO's, Loc Ness Monsters, little green men, or the skunk ape? It isn't because you don't believe in them, it's because they don't affect your life. Those things aren't surrounding you daily, shoved in your face with the instructions to believe! I was also not raised to believe Nessy was God or told those imaginary beings are real and I must pray to them. That's the difference. The imaginary thing of God does however affect my life and millions of other people's lives with laws, revisions to history, bad life lessons, restrictions, prejudices, war, etc, etc, etc.

RB, I'm having difficulty figuring out whether you're purposely ignoring these obvious reasons I have to keep pointing out to you or if this is how backwards your mind actually is. Whether you're aware of it or not it looks like you're being deceptive leaving out the real reasons to make someone's non belief seem disingenuous. Why are you doing this?

I assure you RB, I don't believe God exists or the bible is full of true stories. I was raised to believe they were, but my adulthood brought about a sense of reason that made it impossible for me to continue believing it no matter how hard I wanted it to be true. I wanted the everlasting life, and the God watching over me but the truth seeped in as it always does.

In a typo in that last letter you stated honesty is precisely what I'm doing on my site, and you were accidentally exactly right.


your an idiot and you don't deserve to live

don't make fun of jesus,your an idiot and you don't deserve to live

Barb Zellner

It isn't "Your and idiot," it's "You're an idiot."

By the way, how does it feel to have your spelling corrected by an idiot?
Not very good, huh?



why in the world would you disgrace the saviour

Subject: why?

why in the world would you disgrace the saviour of this world you should be ashamed of yourself you have no respect


Jesus Christ, Why do you think? Because I don't believe He's God! Duh!



Jesus i am so sorry you died

Jesus i am so sorry you died


Gone forever. Sorry man.




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