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Oh! And if you haven't seen them already, you have to go take a look at the new Christmas Jesus Dress Up magnets up for sale!

His letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Sometimes I get sooo lucky! Seriously. You've got to read this form letter I received AND click on the picture below to see George Pappas' video message to all of you! Don't miss it! A must see!


"Jesus Chriiist will be the kinnng of God's Kingdom!"

Hello to you,

I have just visited your site: jesusdressup.com, had a good look around, and as I see it the only way to improve an already best informed site such as yours is to attach it (link it) to another best informed site in matters of God (evidence of the existence of God) and the Christian faith. Now this most informed source is available to you and your visitors at towards-success.com/ and towards- all you have to do is link...

I represent God and Jesus Christ only! I represent no church or Christian group. I come to you to glorify God, and not to put forward the name of some church, nor am I trying to convert people to a Christian religion.

A site such as yours which provides useful information to it's visitors is obliged to do this as best as it can. Now to help you further all you have to do is copy and paste the code below on your main page.

George Pappas

"Jesus Chriiist will be the kinnng of God's Kingdom!"

Hello George! I am so happy to hear from you! I would love to exchange links with this most informed site of yours!

You've no idea how hard it is to find like-minded people as yourself to link my site to theirs. Some people just don't want to have anything to do with our beliefs about Jesus! *sigh* I have to tell you, it's such a relief to me that you stepped forward and contacted me. Finding such a Christian as yourself who's willing to publicly support my site (jesusdressup.com) is a true God-send! This will really do wonders for my reputation on the web and within the Christian cummunity.

You can rest assured George, that I will not only link your site up to mine, but I will also sing the praises of George Pappas and Towards-Success.com and your shameless support of Jesus Christ and my website!!!!

Thank you George!



Hello Bob,

Thank you for the kind words and for linking, can you send me a small text describing your site so I can post it on my page.

Thank you again and God bless you.

George Pappas


No. God bless YOU George. God bless YOU.

Okay, words for linking, words for linking. Lemme think. Okay, let's go with this:
"JesusDressUp.com — The hilarious NEW game where you can dress up Jesus in a wide assortment of silly outfits!"

How's that? I hope it's okay. And thank you for calling it a best informed site. I am extremely flattered.
Thank you George.

"Jesus Christ will be the king of God's Kingdom!"
George Pappas, 1982

Why did you do this?  What's the point?  Why would you make fun of the crucifixion of Jesus?  I don't understand.

Why did you do this?  What's the point?  Why would you make fun of the crucifixion of Jesus?  I don't understand.  Don't you think you are being really intolerant of those of us that are Christ followers?  It really saddens me.  Could you please explain?
Pastor Chris Dawes

Dear Pastor Chris,
I'd be happy to explain myself. You see, my feeling, as you may have already guessed, is that the Jesus you worship and encourage others to worship is not God. He wasn't, isn't and never will be. Now you're probably saying to yourself, "So what? That's not the only thing about him worth worshipping! He was also a great guy with a loving message! Just because he isn't God doesn't mean you should just throw out the baby with the bath water."

And to that I'd have to tell you that the Bible's message isn't all that great. People killing each other under the command of God and the importance of God and the belief put over all else, even human life!

Now I know what you're thinkin'. You're thinkin' "So what if people kill each other in the name of God, and the Bible's fake, and the lessons it teaches are bad? The only way people will behave themselves is if they think God is real and watching them with the threat of hell fire! None of us would know the difference between right and wrong without the illusion of God. Christ! I for one would start sniping strangers from a clock tower if I found out it was all pretend!"

Pastor Chris, how can you think these things? Do you really think people can't tell the difference between right and wrong without the bible? Do you really believe that the reason historical records don't match up with the Bible's accounts (no earth flood in other cultures' history, 50 million year old dinosaur bones, no fossils of giant people) is because Satan tampers with historical records to trick us away from the Bible?

Please Pastor Chris, explain these things you are saying, because they really sadden me.

What if your son or daughter was a very selfless person and as a young adult volunteered to go and help the victims of the recent tsunami overseas?

Hey Bob;

Thank you for replying.  I am kind of surprised.  I thought I would just get my email back.  Thanks for taking the time to explain yourself as much as you could in a few paragraphs.  I appreciate it. 

You don't believe in Jesus the way I do...that's pretty obvious.  Ironically, that's your God given privilege and your right in this great country of ours.  I don't want to infringe on that...honestly, I don't.  I thank God nearly every day for the freedoms we enjoy in this country and take too lightly all too often.  One of those rights, as you well know has to do with freedom of religion and the free exercise therof...Whether you realize it or not, I believe you are a religious person of sorts.  You have a belief system that you are passionate about and you live your life in accord with your own teachings.  That is cool, but that is religion. 

I understand your problems with the Bible.  I am a pastor and I still wince sometimes while reading some of those old testament passages.  To me, by not sparing the gory details, it underscores the lostness of humanity and the beast that seems to live within even the most tame of men.  It also underscores the need of a selfless Savior.  I believe that was and is Jesus.    
As a pastor, I have studied the Bible at great length, and I could spar with you intellectually and argue apologetics with you.  I could help you reconcile some of your problems with the flood, the "nephilim", the dinosaurs, fossil evidence or all of the above.  No, I am not a literal 6 day creationist.  seems silly in light of the fact that God didn't make the sun until the fourth day.  And I also don't believe satan is tampering with the fossil record or hiding bones to deceive people.  He actually does a much better job deceiving people in other more subtle ways.  It might be helpful to talk back and forth, and we could both learn from the exchange of view points and ideas.  But, I am not sure either of us have the time.

So...maybe I could explain why I wrote to you in the first place in a way that is more clear.  I am not sure if you have a son or a daughter.  If you do, I am sure you love them very much, as I love my kids.  What if your son or daughter was a very selfless person and as a young adult volunteered to go and help the victims of the recent tsunami overseas?  What if he or she gave of themselves tirelessly and literally saved scores and scores of people's lives?  What if he or she became a bit of a hero because of his or her valiant efforts to help those poor people?  Wouldn't you brag on them to your friends?  Wouldn't you be so proud that your kid was doing something to help the hurting people of the world? and doing it so well, and for all the right reasons?
I know I would and I am sure you would as well.
Next question:   what if in the process of helping so many, your son or daughter was brutally and mercilessly murdered?  What if they dragged his or her precious body through the streets and publicly humiliated their lifeless bodies?  How would you feel?  How would you get through it?  I don't know what I would do.  It is all to horrific to ponder.
What if some years later, someone decided to put stylized pictures of your murdered child on a poster and use it to sell something?  What if they made light of your suffering in this way?  Would you just try to forget about it?  or would you want to understand why anyone would make light of something so hurtful to you and others?  Wouldn't you want to talk to the person who would do something like that?
The analogy is pretty easy to follow.  While Jesus was on this earth, He was only trying to help and heal, never to hurt or harm.  (how's that for alliteration?) He embodied pure Godly love.  He demonstrated it with how He lived His short life, and also how He died.  Because of that, He is precious to me and to many others. Making fun of His death, is hurtful to me for that reason. 
I am not infringing on your right to freedom of expression or religion.  I am just trying to show you my heart.  Just because you can do something, doesn't mean it's a good thing to do.
I hope I have explained where I am coming from a little better.
Pastor Chris Dawes

Ah, but now you must listen to my analogy, Pastor Chris! What if... (now follow along closely with me) What if this son or daughter of ours that you mentioned didn't do all those things? What if this story of our son or daughter had been blown way out of proportion over the years and centuries? What if people even went so far as to make our child a magical being, telling stories of how our child flew around without any wings, took long walks with Satan in the woods where they discussed humanity and shared thoughts with one another, and quite possibly even put forth the lie that this child of ours created the whole world and all the living things that roam its surface? What then?

And what if people also went so far as to make this son or daughter of ours a god! A god that we are all now supposed to worship on account of these wild tales that had been contrived over so much time? And Chris, you and I both knew that our child wasn't the God of the universe, and our child never would've wanted all these stories to get so blown out of proportion. And what about this? What if the stories got so blown out of proportion people started believing if they didn't believe our child was God they'd be eaten alive by the boogie man!

And Chris, while all of this was happening you and I both knew for a fact our child wasn't all the people painted him/her to be. In fact, we also knew of bad ideas our child had, like endorsing slave beating (Luke 12:47), and encouraging the belief in things without any evidence or logic?

Then, what if these stories, believed by so many, started to affect the laws of the land, telling people to accept our child was God? And telling people there were laws they must follow based solely on the lies made up about our child? Like schools now had to teach in the classroom that our child was the one who made the earth, and all the animals, while at the same time these same people worked tirelessly to dispose of the actual facts that'd been discovered by educated scientists?

Then, what if all of these things happened as I say they did (all very difficult things for us two fathers to handle), and someone out there criticized (not only our child) but also the people who believe the outrageous tales? What if we both knew this person who was mocking our child had every right to do what he was doing because you and I both knew our child was not God? Then what?

Then to top off everything else, one important fact remained. This child of ours, the one we've been following through this scenario that's spanned over many ages, what if it turned out this son or daughter was actually not our son or daughter at all? What if this person were just some stranger whom we thought we knew, but in all actuality know absolutely nothing about who the person really was some 2,000 years ago?

What about that Chris? I ask you–What about that?


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