Hate Mail "You dont hear people saying "oh Allah!" or 'OH buddah' wehen they hurt them selves or get annoyed do you? Its always Jesus or jesus christ! Why?"

The Rebecca Knight files
& The Tale Of The Clay Skull

Her letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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I hope everyone had a happy, evil Halloween!

I had lots of fun. This year I went as a priest. My friend Becca was The Mad Hattress. We got lots of cat-calls and I even ran into a few people who knew who I was! Like, actual Lower east Side hipsters who seemed to be fans of mine, even going so far as to buying Jesus magnets off of me on the street. I like dealing them on the street like they're crack, "You want some evil shit? You lookin' for blasphemy? You ain't gonna get more sac religious than this. Keep it on the low. Keep it on the low. You want the Christmas version? Ten dallas, ten dallas. C'mon you ain't gonna find shit like this anywhere."

It's especially sweet when you're dressed up as a priest. Oh, and that reminds me! The Christmas magnets are in and they're goin' out the door fast!

I'm still mailing out back orders. They'll be going out all week, and I should have all the orders filled by Friday. So if you ordered early you should have your magnets by next week, the second week of November. And I'm almost sold out of the regular version, so if you want them, buy them quickly. I'm predicting that I'll be posting the SOLD OUT sign on those by the 15th.

Oh, and Christ! Have you seen the birthday wrapping paper I designed for TShirtHell? They liked the Gang Bang Elves paper from last year so much they decided to make a birthday version. You gotta go check it out. I mean, look at the ass banana.

How can you pass on the ass banana clown? It's so easy working for TShirtHell.

What else, what else? Oh yeah! Super Chics are coming soon! It's all been revamped with some new ideas, new girls and a new look. It's really needed an update for some time now. I've got Rancid and Messy helping me with some of the details. And if you're out there, and you're a fan of the site, and you want to be a Super Chic I suggest you come forward now. Send me photos of yourself, and fill out the following questionnaire (I wanted to have a list of general profile questions for each girl to answer but I couldn't think of any good ones, so I went to this Christian singles profile site and just stole theirs).


I know I'm a sinner because...

List of top 3 sins I have to confess.

List of top 3 things I did for Jesus this week:

My favorite miracle that I've experienced is...

The music I enjoy that praises Jesus most is...

The greatest gift God gave me is...

The thing that Jesus loves most about me is...

Heaven for me will be...

Hell is so terrible because...

The thing I'd like most to tell Satan is...

The thing I'd like most to tell Jesus is...

The non-believer I'm most concerned about is Normal Bob because...

Normal Bob is important to me because...

The reason I'd like to invite Normal Bob over to pray with me is because...

Send along with your answers some pictures and whatever else you'd like to show off to bob@

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Subject: "Clay Skull"

Long time reader, first time writer. First off, it's great that you have the balls to keep this site going...I mean, seriously. Most people would seemingly rather rip their site from the 'net than put up with the various associations and whatnot that you have.

You've really outdone yourself this time, though.

The "Clay Skull" email on your most recent page of hate mail is probably the greatest take on religion that I've ever seen. I do believe you've absolutely nailed it.

Keep up the greatness.
Alan Macon

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Good day, Bob...

I've been a longtime follower of your website.  While I consistently enjoy the well-crafted ribbings and retorts you hand out to the Christians who berate your site, I felt compelled to comment on the exchange between you and Rebecca Knight. I think of all the philsophical volleys you have engaged in, this is definitely a shining moment.  Your responses are so eloquent and effective there, I hope you keep this link visible so that all who come to try to "save" you have an opportunity to read this.  Awesome job, sir...

I am now in Oklahoma City, the buckle of the Bible Belt.  I have two stickers on my car: one says, "God is Santa Claus for adults" and the other, from the Church of the Subgenius, has a picture of their leader Bob, saying "My other god is nailed to a stick".  Yesterday I was at a convenience store when a group walked past my car and stopped to read the stickers.  They smiled and thanked me for being willing to call the robots on their fantasy.  It's always a good feeling to know you aren't alone when it comes to sober, rational thought.  Thanks again for all your great work.  Take care, and God Bless! :)

Justin Morris

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I've been reading your mail with Rebecca with interest.

At one point she says:

The bible is there to read for yourself, and God, well one day you will Face him. One day you will have to look into his eyes of love and say..."I didnt believe you. "

Speaking as an Atheist, I have to say the worst part of being Atheist is that I'll never get to say, "I told you so!"

I'd love to have the opportunity to look at people like Rebecca, right after death, and say, "See?!  I SAID there was nothing here!"  Unfortunately being dead will probably force me to keep quiet.

Love your site - keep up the good work.

aka: Calladus

I know Jesus as a personal friend and that may sound corny and amusing, but its true.

Hey Bob...
I stumbled upon your site the other day when I was on google looking for stuff with Jesus in..
I have to say I was saddened by the content of your page dress up jesus. I know it was probably an amusing idea and given the time of year, halloween clever, but it hurt me. You see, I know Jesus as a personal friend and that may sound corny and amusing, but its true. He has shown himself to be real to me in some very supernatural ways. He reached down and touched me at a very depressing time in my life, and changed me for the better. I would be dead by now if it wasnt for his saving hands... I had taken an overdose and would have died if it hadnt been for angels visiting me and telling me that I had to go down stairs and tell my parents what I had done.. I actually thought I would be o.k, and that I would just see what happened..but if I had done that I would not be here. So I listened to the angels that God had sent, and was rushed to hospital..

I thought my life was not worth living. I thought I had no worth.. But Jesus told me I did and that he had a plan for my life..a good one! He loved me so much he died so that I might live in eternity..when this body fades. He forgave all my filth and unworthyness and made me feel brand new. he gave me a fresh start.. today I am happily married, with a lovely daughter. I wouldnt have seen that happen if I had died that night..

I love him...and I just wanted you to know that, and he loves you. like you dont know possible!! Take care god bless you.

Rebecca Knight

You have to stop a minute, Rebecca, and see where I'm coming from, because that too is also important. From my point of view things are far more corny with you than you can recognize. It's troubling at times. Here. Let me see if I can illustrate where I am coming from.

Imagine, if you will, you lived in a strange society where the people who were your neighbors all gathered in this underground room so they could circle 'round a creepy artifact. Let's say the artifact was a clay skull or something. You know, something morbid and creepy looking. And they all prayed to it and worshipped it like it had some kind of power to help them or destroy them. As if this clay skull had a will of its own.

Okay, now imagine yourself watching these neighbors of yours going to this place every day so they could shower the skull with praise and thanks for letting them live another day. You, all the while, knowing this clay skull was powerless. It was an inanimate object that these people (whom you cared about) believed was responsible for all the good things and bad things which happened in each of their lives. When one of them fell down a flight of stairs, it was the clay skull punishing them for not worshipping it enough. When one of these people got that job they always wanted, it was the clay skull rewarding them for worshipping it so well. In fact everything that occurred in their lives was some sort of punish/reward system schemed up by the clay skull to manipulate and control each and everyone of them, toying with their minds using these ambiguous symbols every single day of all their lives. This clay skull.

Imagine your frustration. Imagine seeing all these people you cared about tripping over each other, slaves to this worthless piece of nothing. Then imagine this. Imagine all of these people you cared about proclaiming ALL their love to this thing. They loved this clay skull more than their friends, their families, even more than their own spouse! All of their love poured out onto this skull-thing. It was everything to them. It was the reason they lived for.

Now Rebecca, imagine this. Imagine all of these people, friends of yours, constantly saying you too need to worship this thing! They'd say things like, "You must worship the clay-skull! Remember the day you dropped that drinking glass on your toe? That was the clay skull punishing you for not worshipping it!" And they'd also say, "If you do not worship the skull you will not go to Cotton-candy Land where teddy bears are alive and they serve you chocolate milk with fun curly straws and you can sleep all day long if you want to!"

Imagine that Rebecca. Imagine these things being told to you by your neighbors. And imagine any time you've ever said to them you do not believe the clay skull has any powers at all they looked at you in terror and cried, "Oh Rebecca! Do not say such things! If the skull hears you it will tear you limb from limb, and when you die you will go to Goblinville where you will be shoved off the tallest building every single day for the rest of eternity by dirty, filthy goblins!"

Now Rebecca, this is where it gets scary. Picture this. Picture yourself in all your frustration making up a plan to do something nutty. Something so crazy you can hardly believe you've come up with it yourself. Imagine yourself drawing a picture of the skull wearing a sun bonnet. You look around to see no one is looking at first, but then you start to giggle. And you draw a pair of sunglasses on the skull too. A silly pair of glasses like the ones Elton John wears or something. And you laugh right out loud at the goofy thing you've done to this empty skull everyone around you thinks is this all-powerful god-thing that you're not allowed to question. Then an idea strikes you. "What if I show my neighbors you can indeed make a mockery of the skull and it will not rise up and shoot lasers from its eyes or bury you under hot tar or any of the other promises the skull made in The Book Of Clay Skull written by your neighbors several years ago?"

So you do it. You dress up the skull like a Barbie-doll and you show it to everyone. They shriek in terror at what you've done to the magical skull they all love so dearly. At first you feel sad you've made them feel this way, but then you realize what you are doing isn't evil, or a crime, or a sacrilege of any kind. It's a clay skull wearing a hat and sun glasses and your friends are sick for believing in this thing. You realize how misguided and confused they are having spent most of their lives thinking these thoughts.

Now Rebecca, I have something to tell you. You know what that clay skull represented? That clay skull represented Jesus Christ, Cotton-candy Land was heaven and Goblinville was hell.

Oh Rebecca, I hope that now you see where I am coming from. It would mean so much to me if you would understand my point of view, because it hurts me to see the people around me living such misled lives, misdirecting their love, and blindly believing in things that aren't real.
Thank you for reading my story. I hope that you one day see the light of truth, but until then I will simply say "I care for you."

All my love and deepest heart-felt emotion, your neighbor,

What you seem to have witnessed is dead religion!

Thankyou for your reply, I am sorry that you have had the experiences that you have had concerning christianity. Reading your story, I can see that you have never experienced any power in christ. What you seem to have witnessed is dead religion! and in that case, I agree with you whole heartedly!
I too get soo frustrated at dead religion. I dont see the point in living in fear over something in which you are meant to have put your faith!
Growing up, I saw no power in the church, so I lived my own way....

Unfortunately christians can also misrepresent christ if they do not fully understand him. My experience of jesus is quite the opposite of that which you spoke of. Jesus himself was infuriated by religious hypocrits who used their positions in the church to gain power.. They were called the pharisees and the sadusees. They searched the scriptures, but didnt even recognise their own messiah.

Jesus came to break religion, not strengthen it. He came to earth to save, not punish. The works mentality that you spoke of. Eg, if you are good you are blessed, if you are bad you are cursed is not true. Jesus himself said. " I came that you might have life, and life to the full!" his word also says that 'he died for us , even when we were yet sinners , (when we didnt even believe in him ) he died so that we might have life, and be clean. What led him to that cross? His LOVE for YOU! If no one else was on the earth, he would have died for you.

Jesus himself went about stiring up the religious people, he drank with prostitutes, drunks, addicts etc...because he loved them! he healed those who were sick, he loved the unlovely..

The religious people were the ones saying "how can we get rid of this man? He is giving us a bad name!" It was those very people who conspired to kill him, its still true today..religion kills the very power of christ.

I get so wound up with religion....it starts wars, it ruins peoples lives. It has NO POWER! you are right!

But jesus is not like that scull you refered to, he is not dead. He is very much alive, I know this because he has proved it to me, time and time again.

Of course God didnt punish you for making a dress up jesus! He can handle that! and he loves you, why would he want to punish you!? People hung him on a cross for goodness sake and he didnt punish them either..he did it cause he loved them.

What he did do though was get me to write to you...in response to your art, not to condemn you, but to make you aware how much he loves you.

Dont let religious crap put you off knowing a LIVING GOD!
God bless.

Rebecca Knight

Dead religion! What is a live religion? I promise you these people do not see their religion as dead. They, like you, see their religion as very much alive and real even though it is a clay skull that they worship. These people do good things, help each other when they are sad, feed poor people, even feel happiness at the site of this clay skull because of all they think it's done for them. Oh, their religion is far from dead. They are alive, and rejoice at the presence of the skull. They are exactly like you in every way, just with a different version of god.

Rebecca, did you ever wonder why you coincidentally worship the god of the country in which you live? And do you ever wonder about the coincidence in every country people generally worship the god of their country? Coincidence? I mean, they can't all be right. And the clay skull people also coincidentally worship the god everyone they know worships. And I assure you those other people in other lands aren't dead inside with their dead religion, worshipping a god they think is second best. It's weird, huh?

In all those different lands the people say just exactly the things you say about your god. Here, read your letter again only imagine a girl in Iraq saying those things about Allah. Or a Zendik saying those things about Wulf Zendik. Or, hell, imagine a girl in North Korea saying those things about Kim-Jong II. They all say the same things you just said in your response to me. Would you like to know why? It's because you're all cults whether you know it or not. You all worship false gods you believe are real. I'm sorry, but this is true.

I know this won't change your mind. People who are brainwashed don't change their mind quite so easily. I guess that's why they call it brainwashing! Ha ha!

Have a nice day anyhow.

You dont hear people saying 'oh Allah!' or 'OH buddah' wehen they hurt them selves or get annoyed do you? Its always Jesus or jesus christ! Why?

Yes I can see why you think those things, I am not going to get into a theological debate though..If you can argue someone into believing something, they can argue their way out of it later..
I am not here to argue my point.
I do know however that most other religions are based on fear and brownie points in order to get anywhere in the next life.. How you could ever earn your way into eternity is beyond me!
But thats besides the point.. Yes u could say that I am a christian because I am british, but at the end of the day I turned away from that belief once.. I wasnt going to believe in a God just because my parents told me he was true... I found that out for myself..there was no denying his existance.
Proof is what you need in order to believe, an assurance in your spirit..I cant give you that!
Surely you are not an aethiest though? You have to believe in something? what do you believe created you? I'm serious, I'm curious.

How come you felt the need to make that web site? You said yourself u didnt want to hurt your friends...and that u wanted to prove that nothing could happen to you if u did it?

Why did u make it? What has got u so angry? If there is nothing out there, and it doesnt matter what people believe in then why should it anger you so much that people put their faith in God? Why not put Allah on your site? or muhammed? Why Jesus? Is it because there may be some threat with him?
Havnt u noticed that? You dont hear people saying "oh Allah!" or "OH buddah" wehen they hurt them selves or get annoyed do you? Its always Jesus or jesus christ! Why?

Now I believe that you are an intelligent man, I can tell that there is a lot of depth to you. Have you never had a spiritual experience? Have you never felt that you are more than a carnal being?
A nagging question that there must be more to it than what we can see, taste , smell, etc.
You see, when we fell from Gods perfection we seperated ourselves from him.. Our lives became carnal..we are on a continual search to get the spiritual part of us back..alive! The only way we can do that is through jesus. He is the door home. Thats why he came..to reconcile us BACK.
We dont belong here..this is just for a time. We can get a taste of our wholeness, if we alow God to touch us..That spiritual hunger in everyones depths is constantly searching for their own completion.
Have you ever read the book of Revelation? It speaks of the times that we are living in. This world will eventually end...The book tells us how...Wars and rumours of wars..earthquakes, famines, pestilence, ...God said he is the Alpha and tha Omega..the beginning and the End. He was there at the beginning of time as we know it and he knows the end..

give it some thought...as I said he loves you..Tell me another God that claims to love us??
Beckie. xx

Wait a second These are all the reasons why your cult's different than all the other cults?!? You've just matched up with every other cult out there on every point!

Fear & brownie points? Um, hell, and the Ten Commandments? Believe in Jesus and the bible to get into heaven. If you don't believe in Jesus and the bible then you haven't done your part to earn your way into eternity. Those are the brownie points. It's that simple.

And you're saying because you once doubted what you believe and then you went back to it that's evidence you're not in a cult? Everyone doubts! The people who worship the clay skull have had doubts, but their fear of Goblinville makes them come bowing back!

People in Iraq DO say "Oh Allah!" People in Japan do say "Oh Buddha!" Are you crazy??! Do you think people in Iraq say "Jesus Christ?!?" Are you that brainwashed??? Don't you see what I'm showing you right to your face??! That's why I made my site! Because people out there are part of cults! They're worshipping clay skulls and there's no one out there challenging them! There's nobody out there saying "Look at yourself! You're exactly like them! You're following the same pattern the people who followed David Koresh followed! You're no different than Jews for Jesus! Your beliefs, your "love for mankind," the amount your god loves you is no different than Jim Jones, Marshal Applewhite, the Romans in Greece who worshipped Thor, and even that tiny tribe in the jungle who bows to a tiki. You all have detailed explanations as to how it all works. You're all the same. I'm making a valid point. An irrefutable comparison.

That nagging is in all of us. It's all part of having an imagination. We wonder what it'd be like to fly, have magical powers, and even live forever. But wanting something does not mean it is really out there and true. Having the nagging feeling I want to be a millionaire does not mean one day I will be one. Having that nagging feeling that you're being watched from above does not mean you are being watched from above! You haven't separated your imagination from reality. That's not good.

And the reason I picked Jesus is because he's the god I was raised with. That's the cult I was told to believe in. And, quite frankly, the country I am in He's the most popular god there is. And no, popularity also does not make Him real.

I have gotten a lot of entertainment out of your explanations. It's fascinating watching someone who's part of a cult try to think of reasons why they're not part of a cult, and how everyone else who you say is in a cult thinks their god is second best, or their god doesn't love them, or admits they're cult's based on fear. In fact, it's so amusing to me that I had to make a site so that I could share this amusement with others.

Thank you Rebecca.

Theres no point me explaining it to you...

O.k Bob...
I just pray that one day you will find the truth for yourself. Theres no point me explaining it to you. The bible is there to read for yourself, and God, well one day you will Face him. One day you will have to look into his eyes of love and say..."I didnt believe you. "
That my friend is your choice.
God bless, and lots of love.
Bex. xx

Rebecca Knight

You're praying that to the clay skull, right? You worship a clay skull that's made promises to you through a book written by guys a whole buncha years ago.

Just look in the mirror Rebecca and figure out why you're not part of a cult, and why you're different than them. If you are honest you will see that there is no difference, and everything you say is the same thing the Clay Skull people say.

I will one day face this clay skull and have to say "I don't believe you." I think I'm ready for that.

For more Rebecca Knight read the sidebar more than 100 pages in the future on page 346!

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