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Especially for Hellbound Alleee, a letter from an agnostic...

HI Bob,
   I have been a fan of your site for several months and love reading through your hate mail. I was wondering what you think about being agnostic. I have always considered myself agnostic but I think agnostics and atheists have a lot in common. Like atheists, agnostics do not worship or bow down to a God, we do not kill or die in the name of religion, we do not stand in the way of scientific progress, and we can think for ourselves too.

   I think atheism is taking a solid stand unlike being agnostic, but agnostics keep the possibility open that there could be "something". If " something" does exist there is still no evidence that it needs to be worshiped or even cares about life on earth. What kind of a God would make its life forms have to kill and eat each other anyway? Creatures killing and eating each other is mostly what goes on here on earth.

   Maybe being agnostic is just a road that leads to atheism. I think it is safe to say that all of your fans are non-christians, but not all are atheists. Were you agnostic before you became an atheist? Why do you think atheism is better?
Keep up the great work,
                                                       James Scannell
I know you must get 100 emails a day. It is just something you might want to mention sometime.

How can anyone reasonably say "there's no way of really knowing whether or not there's a god or supreme being we're supposed to be worshipping?"

I mean, that's what it comes down to, right? No possible way for us to ever be sure if there's a god to bow down to, because if there is a higher being out there the next logical step would be for us to worship it? Be its servant? Pledge our eternal devotion?

I say, as an atheist, that there is a way to be sure. You can be sure because if there was a supreme being up there needing our adoration we'd know it. There'd be no mystery about it. It's be apparent to all the people on this planet that we were under its rule and our duty was to do its bidding.

The reason that it's all so mysterious and ambiguous, and that our Possible-God hides from us all the time is because He ain't there. It's human nature to make-believe He is, but He ain't. So you can stop being agnostic now.


Subject: You little fucker

Anyways, it`s not about that. I was reading the first letter on your recent hate mail page and noticed that `Seventh Warrior`claimed "you'll enjoy things like, whaling, gnashing of teeth"

I can't believe you didn't get that. Do you enjoy whaling?

So I guess it's really bad in hell for Greenpeace activists. Because it really sounds like hell is full of Sea Captains, gnashing their teeth and going "YARRR!" Isn't there a picture in there somewhere?

Anyway, regarding the agnostic thing: agnosticism and atheism are not two categories of belief. Atheism says "I don't BELIEVE in gods," and Agnosticism says "God is unknowable." Many atheists are agnostics. My position, strong atheism, says that one can know something about God's non-existance for the reasons you emntioned, as well as many others. The agnostic atheist says "god is unknowable, so there is no reason for me to believe in it." If you (not you, Bob, of course) think that belief and knowledge are the same things, you're still a believer. Belief is something a person actively does. Knowing something doesn't rewuire anything but memory. Here's what you do: ask yourself, "do I have any belief at all, even just a little?" If not, you are an atheiist. It's not about certainty. You either believe, or you do not. No middle ground. Then you can go read Francois' site, strongatheism.net. Or listen to the show.


Subject: ...just one more thing from the obsessed

Ah! I realized you nailed it on the head, when you answered him by saying "the Possible God." That's it! If you believe in that, you're a theist (or a "theistic agnostic).


Oh, uh, 'Bob' when the Seventh Trumpet is Blown, and the Seventh Seal is opened, think of me.........

Hi Bob,
I just wanted to take the time to tell you that your little dress up page is twistedly sick, and therefore you are too.
In his book The New Tolerance, Josh McDowell writes:
"We may very well wake up in the not-to-distant future in a culture that is not only unreceptive but openly hostile to the church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a culture in which those who proclaim the Gospel will be labeled as bigots and fanatics, a culture in which persecution of Christians will not only be allowed but applauded."  McDowell's perceptive words are already a reality for Christian believers in many parts of the world.  Unfortunately, they are rapidly becoming a reality for people in the West, including the United States of America."  
2 Timothy 1-
But understand this: there will be terrifying times in the last days.
People will be self-centered and lovers of money, proud, haughty, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, irreligious,callous, implacable, slanderous, licentious, brutal, hating what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, as they make a pretense of religion but deny its power. Reject them.

For some of these slip into homes and make captives of women weighed down by sins, led by various desires, always trying to learn but never able to reach a knowledge of the truth.
Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so they also oppose the truth--people of depraved mind, unqualified in the faith.
But they will not make further progress, for their foolishness will be plain to all, as it was with those two.

There's nothing funny about it, at all, and though you Mock now, you will eternally pay for your blasphemies in a very Real place where no one smiles....there you'll enjoy things like, whaling, gnashing of teeth, begging to die, but in vain....things like that.
Yes "Bob" THAT, will be "normal" for folks like you....So mock away there "Normal Bob", make fun Aaaaaallllll the way to the great "Mocker Hall of Fame"...maybe you'll get a nice seat right up close to the main Fire...reward for your life long efforts and eternal accomplishments!
Oh, uh, "Bob" when the Seventh Trumpet is Blown, and the Seventh Seal is opened, think of me.........
Sevnth Warrior

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew man this is gonna be fun....bummer is, I'm afraid you'll not wanna play when the game really gets going

Hey "bob",
I, am so proud......shame on me I know, but I just can't help it.
Let me explain.
Long before I achieved me degree, I had a knack for reading people....there is a reason for everything they say, and everything they do, even though they don't realize their secretion (which is the most interesting part to me) it's like listening to someone ramble on about what concerns them, without them knowing you're listening.......interestingly fun I must say.
Anyway.."bob"...I just wanted to Thank YOU, most sincereley I must add.
Thanks you for all you've done for us....uh....I mean me.
Love..no..LOVE the picture......I give it "7" Stars !!!!!!!
("cept the table, I do have one, but you can walk under it...see what you can do with that will ya?)(Oh the suspense is just "Killing" me...lol)
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew man this is gonna be fun....bummer is, I'm afraid you'll not wanna play when the game really gets going, so don't don't get all Hot & Bothered, and "Burn out" on me now.....
Sevnth Warrior


Of course, one sorry part of our human condition is just this - how limited our brainpower really is.

Don’t worry, Bob – if you don’t want to be saved, I am sure you stand a good chance of obtaining your wish :)  Being a late-comer to your neck of the Internet woods, I have not read though all of it, but I have to say that sometimes you are actually making a lot of sense.  Clearly you are a very intelligent specimen of the human race.

Of course, one sorry part of our human condition is just this - how limited our brainpower really is.  Dang, it only took us thousands of years to find the square root of minus one; a critical piece of information without which modern life would not be possible.  God must have been particularly cruel to withhold such a critical morsel from us for so long.

Unless it does not matter.  Maybe we do not need to know the scope of what is really going on, except for the bare essentials.  Perhaps it’s not about religion at all, but more like a personal relationship; one that cannot exist unless it is initiated from God.  Now where did I hear that again?

If so, we are all toast – except if God wishes otherwise.  Come to think of it, the bible does say that God has the right to make two objects from the same lump of clay – one fit for the mantle piece, the other one for the scrap heap - although we would be hard pressed to find many Christians who do not have some elaborate interpretation why this is not really so.  

Our logic processes might be enough to make self-awareness and choice possible, but we are woefully short on knowledge and perspective, no matter our individual makeup.  So when you hate God, then you are doing so from the same narrow mindset I have, when I say that I love him.  Like you, I have very little to go by.  But to my shame, I have to admit that I have hope; which does make things a tad bit easier.

Shucks, maybe that is an unfair advantage.

I could not help but smiling when I read the part when you asked God in all humbleness to prove himself by 5pm, or else.  You sure are a good comedian, you know.  Have fun while it lasts!  I am having fun too, though my comedy sucks.

Jan Tik

You're saying one sorry part of the human condition is we can't trust our own logic and our own common sense? We don't have the ability to make correct decisions for ourselves which make sense and follow some sort of path of reason? You're saying we barely figured out the square root of minus one so therefore our brains are not to be trusted and what we think are the facts are actually wrong and bad information? Jan. Do you realize all this defeats your beliefs as well?

I mean, for hundreds of years we thought the sun was revolving around earth and the bible was written by God! Our pea-brains can barely win a game of checkers and now we're pretending we've got the only book written by God Himself. Just this country and Europe, and a couple other smaller countries. I know it sounds illogical that we were lucky enough to get the real God while those other parts of the world got the wrong ones, but we're such morons, us humans, that we believe we got the real book from God, and the others... well, the jokes on them! You've really found a terrific argument against believing anything, ever, at all.

Brilliant, Jan.
You've just proved your theory and disproved it all at the same time.


...so you go on and live a totally useless trashy life spending your time spreading hatred and evil. WOW what a hero you are!!

This IS the most PATHETIC  website trash I have ever seen. Hate breeds hate , evil breeds evil. What is funny is that what you hate so much about God is that Satan does exactly the same to you but He comes to kill , steal and destroy us. He uses all u atheists to do it!!! LOL YOU are Satans slaves!! Ok so you don't believe in Jesus or God, so you go on and live a totally useless trashy life spending your time spreading hatred and evil. WOW what a hero you are!! What a contribution to humanity!! Yes when YOU die YOU WILL BE DEAD ... an eternity in the pits of HELL.... thats what you want ... thats what you will get.
The rest of us who believe , we constantly seek the truth, yes I used to be agnostic, then new age, now Christian. You see we will "evolve spiritually" while you remain stagnant always the same hating, darkness, never changing.Thank you Jesus for dying for me for forgiving me of my sins, all the evil and hatred I spread. My life is the opposite of what is used to be. It is good ... when things happen that totally suck, guess what? I am still happy I chose life, to be joyous in the Lord no matter what. When I do this, live by choice not by how I feel, I am always blessed in some way. Obedience to Christ is a life of joy. Obedience to the flesh(self) (Satan)is a life filled with hatred anger and chains of slavery!!
Good will always win my friend!! There is no way around it. What you do with yourself is your choice. I am more powerful than you because of this. You see by allowing Christ to fill us with His love, it becomes overflowing. That overflow is unstoppable,that is how I can still love ppl like you. May God Bless you in ways unimagined, may he crack your heart of stone open to reveal all the love He has for you. You are blind and I pray that you will see!!
Don't respond to this email it will be blocked. I already know God has began a good work in you!
Laurie Sheler

Holy smokes! If this is how you love people, I'd hate to see the evil and hatred you've spread, and apparently just asked forgiveness for. That sarcastic, name-calling love you served me was brutal! My god! I've never gotten so much abuse from someone so overflowing with love, joy and happiness! In fact, I've never even seen such a rant with so much venom, anger and I'm-better-than-you cockiness from anybody!

Let me sum up by congratulating you on being both a wonderful person AND being one of the most bitter, judgmental, abusive, pompous, harpies I've ever encountered!

It seems when you've got Jesus you can have your cake and eat it too.
You've answered every single question I've ever had about Christians, and I am blown away.




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