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Yes, I am SOLD OUT of the regular sets of Jesus magnets, so right now all that're left are the Christmas ones (which are also selling fast, if not faster than the regular version). It's a nice surprise coming back from vacation realizing you barely have enough left to fill orders!

But there are still Christmas versions available! I suggest getting them now and get them in time for, well - Christmas of course! I'm shipping orders out every day and stores are buying them up quickly too!

Hey, check out some of the emails I've been getting from people who've ordered magnets:

Subject: RE: Christmas magnets are in!

Mr. Bob!

I received my set of XMAS Jesus today and my wife and I are having a blast mixing and matching with Original Jesus! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! She is a big fan of the Halloween Jesus and wants to know if there will be a magnet set of that one. Thanks for the site, hours of fun, and the shock on the faces of our "religious" friends every time they come over.

G Mollo


They just came today! I took the envelope out of the mailbox and when I saw the return address, I screamed out, "YES!" My neighbors looked over. I guess they are ignorant of the phenomenon known as Jesus Dress Up!

These magnets are even better than the regular JDU magnets, the die cut registration is much tighter. Bravo to the printer! Now I don't have to trim the pieces by hand.

I am so happy with the magnets that I am going to give my sister her set tomorrow! Something this good should not have to sit in a closet until Xmas! She has a metal door in her kitchen, a perfect place for
displaying Xmas JDU!

Thank you Bob for helping to keep the "X" in Xmas!

Subject: You'll love this

I sent a set of your Jesus dress up magnets to a friend of mine in the Netherlands. Anyway, he sent me a message when he received my package on Friday. He also said that he received a notice from Dutch customs that the magnets had been confiscated because they pose a threat to security. How about that? The security of the Dutch nation has been threatened by your killer magnets!! If I get any calls or visits from the CIA, I'll let you know. Anyway, we have been enjoying a good laugh over that one (of course after swearing and being irritated that the magnets were taken) and so I thought you might enjoy it as well. How long do you think it will be before we make it to the FBI most wanted list for posing a threat to international security?

Rock on your evilness,

I find your “dress-up” to be mocking Jesus.

Subject: How sad

I find your “dress-up” to be mocking Jesus.  Is that your intent?

Michael Rowe

You hit it on the nose. To mock Jesus.
Any more questions?


why do you hate him so?

Jesus still loves you man.  So why do you hate him so?  Just wondering.

Michael Rowe

Why do you assume I hate Him? I don't hate Him. I just don't think He exists. Like Santa. And no, I don't hate Santa either.


where do you believe you will spend eternity, if you believe in eternity?

Fair enough.  I wondered myself, so I read and studied.  I figured if they were right and I was wrong, I had a lot more to lose than they did.  Anyway, it was not until I lost someone very important to me that I cried out asking God why and he met me where I was and open my eyes so I could see the sin in my life.  You see, I thought I was already good enough for whatever was waiting on the other side and actually believed God would not put any of us in hell.  After I felt this strange desire to read, I learned that God does not send us to hell but our own non-belief in Jesus does. 

Wondering again, where do you believe you will spend eternity, if you believe in eternity?

Michael Rowe

Did you ever wonder why God didn't make a middle ground for people who didn't believe? Like a place without pain and eternal suffering that people who seriously didn't believe He existed and didn't hate Him could go to? God could make that place, right? He made heaven and earth, and even hell. Why not a pleasurable middle ground? Answer me that.


Earth is also both heaven and hell for people depending on their 'net worth'.  But in the end, our net worth will not really matter.  There are Jews...

Good question but no I never really thought about it.  I guess I consider earth as a kind of middle ground between heaven and hell.  There are certainly many who both do and don’t believe here.  Earth is also both heaven and hell for people depending on their “net worth”.  But in the end, our net worth will not really matter.  There are Jews all over the world that don’t believe but don’t hate him either.  Maybe that middle ground was the garden of Edom but of course man screwed that up and sin was born.  There is always a price to pay for sin no matter how we feel about Jesus.  But Jesus came and you know the story.  I am not really that smart but I trust God’s plan and I, like many, know what he did for me and he will do the same for anyone who asks and has just a little faith.       

Thanks for the chance to share,

Michael Rowe

Oh my God. You are so insane.
Why, because we don’t share the same view of Jesus?

Why, because we don’t share the same view of Jesus?  You ask a question but if you don’t like the answer, I am insane… come on Bill get real again.

Michael Rowe

I asked you a very simple question. Why no eternal middle ground where people who don't hate God (they're just misled by humans and science into thinking He didn't exist) where those people could spend eternity, away from burning flesh forever torture. That's all I asked and then you went on making up all these bizarre scenarios of a person's "net worth" (Christ, that sounds pompous), and the Edom middle ground (with the devil-snake and the apple tree, and naming of animals, etc, etc, etc). You go through all of this to somehow make it make sense and be fair, without ever considering that perhaps you're babbling shit, and it's all folklore. It's like you block out the fact that you've no idea if it's true and you just buy it all like a pawn.

That is why you are insane.
Wait. How old are you?


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