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Bob Smith, USA showing at the Pioneer Theater in the East Village!
It's a one time showing, Jan. 3rd, 7pm, only 99 seats, so if you want to come see it you'd better get tickets in advance.
Click here for more.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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So you probably already know that the movie, MY movie will be premiering in New York City at Two Boots Pioneer Theater in the East Village! I am pretty psyched about this as you can well imagine. Right here in my own backyard for all my friends to come see. But this will probably sell out, and there are only 99 seats, so if you want to attend the event I suggest getting your seat now. For more on that go here.

I know, I know! You're all waiting to see the new Super Chics section and all the glorious girls preparing themselves for you to fall in love with them. Well, it's very very close, but not quite finished yet.

I'll be opening up the main page soon, with a few of the girls pages posted, then as the others get their stuff together I'll post them with an announcement. And just for the record, every girl will get a big introduction on the front page of my site. And if you're interested in being a Super Chic on the site email me pictures of yourself, and anything else you think I should know about you.

I've been so busy with the new Christmas magnets and distributing as many as humanly possible before the holiday have come and gone. It's a big job that comes with it's fair share of panic and anxiety. That said, now's the time to get a set for yourself! There's still plenty of time to have them as gifts for all of your Jesus-bashing loved ones on the big day. I'm not kidding around when I say that they are indeed the greatest stocking stuffer ever invented. Watch grandma's expression when she opens 'em up. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Have you had a look at them to see what I mean?

And I've got a laptop now! I know, everybody has a fucking laptop and I'm way late jumpin' on the bandwagon. But it's such fucking great news for me because now I can do so much more work, and update the site more than ever before. You should already be noticing the difference. I just feel like writing more with this thing in front of me. And that's fucking priceless. And pretty soon I'll be able to do on the street updates to the site! Like, if I'm out and I see Sperm Boy I'll be able to tell you exactly where he is and what he's doing at that very moment, and then all of you can race down and see him for yourself! Wouldn't that be great? I've got big dreams.

As for everything else? It's fucking COLD here in New York City! Jesus Christ! What the fuck?!? And I've been shakin' like a lost little puppy left out in the rain. So if you've got a warm body and you're cold too, come bring it up here against mine and we'll make it through the winter together, all warm and together-like. Doesn't that sound sweet?

Oh! And I'm going to be appearing live on the HellBound Alleee Show 3pm today! Don't miss it!

you are a sick bastard!

you are a sick bastard! you will burn in hell for this

Belinda Morganantini

Yeah. And the devil will poke me with his pitchfork.


My children saw this not that it matters...but being so young they even knew it was wrong...

Look I am not a holy roller or nothing...but this site to me was just wrong...why something so vulgar...did he have to be on the cross? And what point are you trying to make with this site? My children saw this not that it matters...but being so young they even knew it was wrong...talk to me I want to know your ideas...

Belinda Morganantini

You're wondering what's the point of the site is? Well, did you ever stop to think that maybe the Bible isn't a true story? Perhaps it's all made up folklore? Gee, there's an idea.

Let me take a wild guess and assume that your kids thought it was wrong because you told them Jesus is God, and they put two and two together and figured out that it's wrong to mock God. Did I guess right? Now tell another set of children that he's not God and I bet they won't think it's wrong. Wow, they're all geniuses.

Brilliant letter, Balinda.


suprised to find your web site as the first to appear on a google search for Jesus.

Subject: jesus

I am a christian of about ten years, I must say i was suprised to find your web site as the first to appear on a google search for Jesus.
Can I ask what your intention is with this web site?

Thank you
Dave Saunders

HOORAY!!!! I'm number one somewhere!!!!!!



must out reagus thing i have ever seen

this is the must out reagus thing i have ever seen


im appled

yes it is im appled


You're an apple?


your rude.

Subject: rude

your rude.


Oh c'mon! Is it really so difficult? It's "You're rude!" Like "You are rude!" Not "Your rude!"

Your rude?!? Jesus Christ! You had one goddamn thing to say and you couldn't even get THAT right! How about this- You're stupid! You're a nitwit! You're a dunderhead! Got it now? Do you understand how the English language works now?

You and your whole religion need to spend a little more time in the classroom and a little LESS time name-calling strangers.

Wow. I guess you're right. I am rude.


...there are bounds to freedom of expression that may be offensive to a religious population.

I can't believe someone would make a game out of a religious figure like this. This is offensive. I am not a religious person, however I feel that your site may be offensive to traditional/religious Christians.

Even though the Internet is intended to provide a sphere for freedom of speech, and thought, there are bounds to freedom of expression that may be offensive to a religious population.

Perhaps your figurine of Christ would not be as offensive if he were not on a crucifix. do you think you can make this change on your site please?
Thank you for your time,


No, I don't see me making any sort of changes simply because one little girl complains. Personally I've found that little girls don't really matter when it comes to opinions and thoughts. To me it's no different than hearing advice from a parrot, or a talking doll.

Amelia, you are no longer invited back to my website. You are an uninvited guest to my pages, and I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave the premises and never return. Who invited you anyhow? It wasn't me, that's for sure! And if someone I know told you you could come, I insist that you give me their name, because they are no longer allowed at my site again either!

I hope the door hits your ass on the way out!


you ARE going to feel God the Almighty's wrath...and you ARE going live in the fiery furnace, HELL... for

you know...I really feel bad for you.. because when you DIE...you ARE going to go to hell...and you ARE going to feel the pain ...you ARE going to feel God the Almighty's wrath...and you ARE going live in the fiery furnace, HELL... for

Kevin Hong

P.S.: I'm giving you this warning...once and for all. You'll just regret you just chose this path!!!

Bring it on, Kevin! Bring on your crazy-powerful God and all His scary vengence! He knows where I live! Unless of course you're both just a couple of punks! Because that's what it sounds like to me. A couple of big-mouth, all bark, no bite punks with a pussy where your balls should be!

That's right. You heard me. A couple of little girls in flowery dresses, you and your God! A couple of Jennifers. How pretty you both look with your hair in pigtails and your thumbs up each other's asses. How about a threat that happens in THIS lifetime!


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