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The good doctor informs me that I'm human scum.

His letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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(Possible actual photo of Carol)

Well, "Bob"...
I came across your website "accidentally" when I was googling to see if I would luck out and find a bootleg copy of Larson's Far Side cartoon... the two fish in the fish bowl at Christmas...where the Christmas tree is in the corner and one fish says to the other... "Bob, For Christ's Sake, don't plug that in!"

(Gotta love that one!) I think Larsen has really got his copyright police out on google where I am going to actually have to buy his book, lol.

Anyway... so, I guess the keywords "Bob"... and "Christ's Sake" sent me here. All right...I won't take up too much of your time... let me just say this. I am a woman, but I will use this man analogy for now... because it works perfectly with my own beliefs.

Basically, we find ourselves (and God) during extreme times of solitude and reflection. Man looks into the abyss and finds "himself". He also finds his creator in the abyss. What usually happens is...some circumstance beyond our control forces us to be "alone"...and I mean "totally alone"... or as alone and without the presence of those we love as we have ever been, for whatever reason.

It will happen to you, Bob...at some time in your life that you will find yourself..."alone and searching"... trust me... it will happen. And during that search...no one or anything will have to be "proved to you"...you will know, and you will understand, and that's just the way it is.

And trust me on this...it will be, for you, as it has been for countless others on this planet... "a lifechanging experience".

I love my "personal relationship" with Jesus Christ. He has proved himself to me a thousand times over. He doesn't lie... he doesn't play games. He's straightforward and true and marvelous and shows us how to love the "unlovable", which is just the most marvelous gift isn't it?

And what I love the most about this relationship is that I don't have to tackle life alone.... when problems arise, I can talk them over with the entity I trust the most, and I get help beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Miracles DO happen. They
have happened in my life, many, many times. They were NOT sheer accident or coincidence.

Well, Merry Christmas, Bob, and thanks for your time. (You will notice I never once used the word "hate")
Carol Peele

You seem so sure that I will one day find God, because you know that one day I will feel lonely and there'll be no one
there to turn to. I've been there Carol, and I've dealt with it. That's just what you do. Or if I have looked within myself for that being I know full well that it's me I'm talking to. Feeling lonely and without hope isn't going to make the idea of "God" any more believable. My own self pity and selfish needs aren't what I base my beliefs on. But I think you're right. Most people do make-believe that He's real simply because they have no one else.

I am much more logical about life. When those feelings strike me I consider it one of those "If it doesn't kill me it'll only make me stronger" moments. And that's what you miss out on when you have "God" & "Jesus" to fall back on. Picking yourself up when you're down is an important life lesson. Believing in a story so that you'll get paradise for eternity is not an important life lesson, and I think you're sending kids into life unprepared with that lesson.

And the reason Jesus is perfect every time, all the time, is because He's in your head. He's you, Carol, telling you everything you want to hear. When you want a sign that He is real, you make one happen in your head. The reason he's never lied to you is because you're talking to yourself! I've already been there once before, and then I grew up.


you human scum.

Subject: Sick Sick Sick

Where are your morals you human scum. Christ is more divine and holy than to be portrayed as hanging on a cross with pagan outfits.
What kind of a person are you.????

Jerome A. Sherard,MD

Um, a logical, reasonable one.
Human God. Puh-leeeeze.


you are stuupid

Also you are stuupid

Jerome A. Sherard,MD

Hey, I'm not the one who thinks animals talk.

Better check the mirror one more time.

I don't know anything about animals talking

Animals talk? Where do you get your info. Check your own mirror! I have no idea about where you get your ideas. I don't know anything about animals talking ... You continue to impress me with how mixed up a person can be

Jerome A. Sherard,MD


Haha... I'm sorry. I've gotten to the point where I just assume that people who believe in Jesus also believe that Adam and Eve and the talking snake story of where we started. Hahaha! And that talking donkey in Numbers 22 who said "Have I not been a good donkey?" And how about that talking burning bush! Hahaha! Those must've been some powerful shrooms those guys were on, huh? It's a relief to talk to a believer who thinks that stuff is all bullshit. *phew!* I get so embarrassed when I make mistakes like that!

So wait, what parts of the bible do you think are bullshit and what parts are true? Or do you not think about that?

Now I get it... You are a fool....

Now I get it... You are a fool....
I will pray for you .. no need to send me any further messages

Jerome A. Sherard,MD


Yeah, I wouldn't want any further messages from me if I were you either. Too much reality, not enough make-believe.

You call someone human scum, then you run away with your tail between your legs.

Enjoy your nursery rhymes!

Were you abused by a priest or a minister.

Human scum... sorry. I am not running from anything. Just hope you have some room in your mind to consider the possibility that maybe you are wrong. Maybe the bible has something for you. Hope you continue to search. Were you abused by a priest or a minister. You have a lot of anger directed to spiritual matters.... correct ???

Jerome A. Sherard,MD

Oh don't you worry about that "human scum" remark. Or for calling me stupid, or telling me I'm "Sick sick sick" or a fool. Your "sorry" makes up for all of that. Thank you so much. No, I wasn't ever abused by a priest or a minister. All of what you see is just a result of the fairy tale madness you spread around. That's all. No anger. Just a good sense of humor and questions that no one will answer. That's all.

Let me ask you this, why do you believe in Jesus? Were you abused by an atheist?
You seem to have a lot of name-calling directed at them. Correct???


Still working on changing my character.... a work of a lifetime.

I am praying for you... Atheist and all. Jesus is in love with you regardless.

No I have not been abused by an atheist, but loved and saved by Christ.

Still working on changing my character.... a work of a lifetime.
Jerome A. Sherard,MD

You are a medical doctor. You are a licensed Doctor of Medicine. "MD" means you are a doctor, for real. Jesus Christ. I have to keep repeating it to myself to remind me who I'm talking to! Not some teeny bopper kid, but a medical doctor! Unbelievable. You've got to be one of those mini mall doctors, right? The ones with their offices in between the Laundromat and the karate school?

Oh my god! I'm looking at the times of your emails and you're emailing me during work hours! At 2:47pm you stopped whatever it was you were doing (surgery, healing people, xrays, etc) to email me the message: "you human scum!" And at 11:40am you emailed me "I don't know anything about animals talking!" Is that your lunch hour? It's bad enough you're wasting your doctor time emailing a web host of a fun-page, but while you're at work? Frightening.

Maybe there's some logic to it though. You've spent all your time schooling to become a doctor, and that's time you didn't spend on your character, beliefs and social skills. Then you got cocky because you finally became a "Doctor" and you just start thinkin' you're right about everything, including the beliefs you've been taught since you were 3. I can see that. There's a lot of sense in that actually. But how do you miss the science? That's what I don't understand. You're a doctor who doesn't believe science.

I wonder what it feels like going to a doctor who's putting all of his trust in Jesus? I'll tell you one thing, I don't ever want to find out.



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