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So the premier of Bob Smith USA in New York City at Two Boots Pioneer Theater went off without a hitch (mostly) and charmed the pants off everybody!

Pizza Party!

It was such a great treat to have all of my friends and neighbors there to see the film I was so proud of. Almost every seat was filled (70+ people), and guests ranging from The No Police State representatives Geoffrey Blank and his brother Jason, burlesque celebrity Amber Ray and her crew (the same crew from the orgy scene in the movie),  to the gorgeous human oddity and death- defying- stuntress Insectavora, who totally left me star struck! I mean, who am I to be graced with such Coney Island royalty?

Insectavora & I
We even had our fair share of  Evangelical Christians show up and argue with me a bit at the after party, and you know how I love that.

Here's me explaining to one of the believers that his religion is bullshit and I respect it about as much as I respect the magical powers of pixie dust.

Me happy in my self satisfaction, with Colyn and her friend.
But all was not without its neck boil. Okay, word of advice. If you're a runaway, and you're broke, and your personality is all fucked up, don't choose my movie premier  to come for a free hand-out. And don't expect me to put you up for the night, or the week, or the  whatever. I'm not your daddy. I'm not anyone's daddy (thank god), so I'm not saying I wouldn't love to meet you if you're a fan and in town with a place to stay and wanna hook up for lunch or something. But if you're homeless and panhandling, you ain't gonna be making a good impression on me pissin' all over yourself  and beggin' for spare change. Some of my friends gave you their last dollar (you know I'm talking to you) because they thought you were my close friend. And don't try and tell me that you didn't ask people for their spare change, because standing over them saying, "I'm not supposed to ask you for money, so I'm not asking for any money. Gee, I wish I could get in to see this movie, but I'm not asking you for a dollar" is asking for a fucking dollar! Jeesh!

People I didn't know but am happy came!

But other than that, it was a great showing. The after party was a blast and I loved meeting all the people who came (except that one I just bitched out). And now that the film is available on DVD you don't have any excuse for not seeing it! I promise you it's worth the price. There's a ton of extras, and it's just an over all laugh riot you can watch again and again and see something new every time. What are you waiting for? The Second Coming, for Christ's sake?!?


Really think about the possibility that what the Bible said about Jesus is true. Seriously...

Subject: dress up

This is discusting. I am sad for you. Chrst did something amazing for you. Take a second and set aside the taunting banter stuff. Really think about the possibility that what the Bible said about Jesus is true. Seriously man give it a shot. I promise you if you are honest in seeking and really open yourself to the posibility of God your life will be changed.I am a huge fan of good jokes and good times. This is not a joke though. Write me back. merry christmas

Shane Harkins

All right, all taunting banter aside. I'll try and think about the possibility of the bible being true. Like for instance, I'll try to make myself believe that Jesus could fly when He wanted to, like when He flew up into heaven after he rose from the dead. Okay, I can sorta see that happening, like if it were digitally animated in a movie or something. And I can kinda picture an ark with two of every animal on board. like a floating zoo, for 40 days and 40 nights, all on one boat, during the flood of the world, that science proved didn't happen. Okay. Got it in my head. That wasn't too hard.

And if I try hard I can imagine dinosaurs being ridden by bible-time characters. riding on the smaller dinosaurs backs, because they lived side by side. That's possible too. And sin being the direct cause of bad weather. I mean, how far out is that? Not too far out, right? And all of the languages of the world beginning at the Tower of Babel, because before that everyone on earth spoke the exact same language. That story was well thought out. And eternal hell for all who don't believe in the bible. And the Devil, God's fallen angel, ruler of all damnation and Prince of Dark.....

Oh Christ! I can't do it! You might as well ask me to believe that the whole Star Trek series is true too! I mean, c'mon! You were born in America so you believe that Jesus walked on water. Another guy was born in Iran and he believes that 40 virgins wait for him in heaven. Another fella was born in China and believes eight-armed elephants rule the world! Don't you see a pattern here, Shane? Wherever you're born that's the God who rules the world and everybody else is going to hell!

You dim-witted monkey! How isn't this smacking you over the head every waking moment of your life?!? What kind of a prehistoric slope-head do you have to be to believe that one day you'll be an angel up in paradise with your own set of giant white feathered wings, for eternity!

Sorry Shane. Seems I couldn't hold back on the taunting banter even when I tried really hard. Maybe ask somebody else to take your challenge. It appears that I'm not up for it.


take his down.

this is utterly offensive and i am asking you why you made this site please take his down.

Thankyou for your time
Jessi Elledge

I'll be happy to answer your question, Jessi. The reason I made this site is because I believe Jesus Christ isn't God. So, I guess from that answer, it's obvious that I think the whole Christian religion is false. And I suppose that from this you could see how I might look at the world and see a whole bunch of people (grown adults) who believe in something that isn't true, and me, being who I am, see this as an opportunity to crack a little joke. It's a joke that I hope will show others like myself that we're not alone. I want other nonbelievers to see that it's all right for them not to believe, and that they're not alone.

You see, there are religious people out there who make it sound like anyone who doesn't believe in that Guy is a bad person, and going to hell to burn forever. It's a mean thing to make people think that, so I'm just trying to reach out to those people that you're so mean to.

I guess that's why I do it. I do it to reach out a helping hand to the people who want to poop on Jesus but are bullied into not pooping on him by mean ol' Christians such as yourself.

Did I answer your question?


Why are you?

"things happen to people? I'm entirely clear on the matter! I resent being lumped into such an overused, non-Christian stereotype. People learn and grow from hardships. There. Mystery solved. Next issue."

This is interesting. In this paragraph you inadvertently reveal a belief you hold about the reason for hardship. It's called life, and it is the most important thing that there  is. It's an experience that is meant to be learned from, not ignored.

You say that life is "meant" to be learned from. That seems to imply some sort of belief that there a purpose to it. Do you believe in purpose? Purpose implies design. Do you believe in  design? You are a human. No human is entirely logical. No beliefs can be proven, nor can they be disproved. That is what distinguishes them from facts.

You seem devoted to your site and your work; that is an admirable quality.
Why are you?

Lauren Talbot

 Yes, I believe that there is a purpose to life that each individual has to design for him or herself. Is that such a hard concept to grasp? Making a purpose for yourself?

And beliefs can be proven and disproven? Where did you get that from?
It seems that there is somewhat of a conflict between you and the religious world

The sentence said that beliefs can NOT be proven or disproven.

The fact that you believe in purpose is not something deserving of criticism. It seems that there is somewhat of a conflict between you and the religious world, especially the Christian world, and you have identified yourself as an opponent of religion. It is interesting to note, however, that even a self-proclaimed aetheist is not free from believing things than cannot be proven true or untrue. In short, it is refreshing to discover that beneath the surface of a man who seems to despise blind faith, there is someone who has beliefs about life that he bases on intuition, whether he realizes it or not.

Lauren Talbot

No no no. Everything I believe can either be proven scientifically, and/or makes logical sense when looked  at from all angles. If there is a hole in that which I believe I do not simply say, "Well, I'll just have faith that it's real." Instead I take that hole and examine why it is there, what doesn't make sense, and I look to find the truth that will either fill that hole or destroy what I believe.

At no point do I see a gaping hole (a falsehood, inconsistency, etc.) and simply believe it anyhow. I am an extremely logical person and I respond strongly to logical thought. If you, Lauren, point out where my logic doesn't make sense I am more than willing to look at it for what it's worth and question what I believe. I would hope you'd do the same.



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