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Thank you for the funny

Dear Bob,

The first time I found your website, I could not read it without feeling guilty and frightened.  I was raised from birth in a very fundamentalist church (my grandfather is a minister) and ... well, it's a long story.  If you're interested and really bored sometime. It isn't pretty. 

Anyway, for a long time after I realized that everything I had been raised to believe was all a lie, I had a terrible time dealing with life.  I became severely depressed.  I went out of control.  I was a total mess.  I had to start over and work my way back around to the things I learned in kindergarten in order to figure out how to behave without someone standing over me with a stick telling me what to do.  

So, the first time I found your website, I was still working through all this and I couldn't deal.  I felt compelled not only to leave the site, but to close the browser in case anyone might see what I was looking at!  I'm not joking!  This is at a time in my life when I was thoroughly out of control in so many other ways, but I was overcome with guilt from dressing Jesus in a tutu!  

Anyway,  I recently discovered your website again after having pretty much put it out of my memory.  After laughing my ass off for several minutes, I suddenly realized just how far I have come as a person since the last time I found your page, which really wasn't even that long ago.  Here I was, laughing and having a good time, exercising my sense of humor instead of my sense of guilt.  The high point of my day today was dressing Satan as a catholic school girl and jesus as a priest.  Not just for the obvious fun and hilarity involved, but because it WAS fun and I didn't have to cringe and worry that god might strike me dead at any minute for -- well for having fun, dammit!  I want to print them out and hang them on the bulletin board in a suggestive and provocative manner.   Good times.  

I just wanted to share this with you, because I figured you were someone who could understand where I am coming from, and also because I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your honesty and precious sense of humor and how glad I am that your site even exists.

Thanks for everything,

I hope you get arrested someday and get raped by the other inmates so you will not have to wear paint to be red.

You dress up in red face paint. You molest children and befriend child molesters. You pretend to be evil to draw attention. You remind me of my toilet because I want to shit on you and pee in you. You probably won't post this because you have no crafty pseudo-satan comeback. You could probably be a more productive member of society by being a homosexual jigalo. I hope you get arrested someday and get raped by the other inmates so you will not have to wear paint to be red.

Theodore Walker - Your Boss

You just look at the bad sides of a person. Besides all those things I have redeeming qualities too, but you Christians don't care about those things. You just judge everybody! And you're not even an elected judge!!!!

Think about it.


Jesus dress up page is the most revolting thing i've ever seen

Your Jesus dress up page is the most revolting thing i've ever seen...it's horrible. How could anybody be so sick as to even come up with something like that...?

Lady Dami

Haven't you ever heard the saying "If you've got nothing good to say don't say anything at all?"
Jeesh! So rude!


...when can we use it?

Subject: Question

I wanted to know whats the use of Jesus Dressup magnets and when can we use it?

Thanks and Regards,

Its use: Strictly fun.
And when? How soon do you want it?
I was shocked to see it and hence was curious and wondered 'is that funny?

Thanks Bob. Sorry I am not intrested to use this.
Actually I was shocked to see it and hence was curious and wondered "is that funny?"
Anyway sorry if I have bothered you.

Take Care.

Best regards,

No bother at all. And I hope you see now that it is funny, right? It can be shocking at first but once you get used to it it is quite hilarious!

And did I answer your question on when you can use it?
Thank you! I hope I am no bother to you as well.

Please take care of yourself. You have all of my warmest regards and fondest wishes for your good health and well being.


wondering what the point is of the jesus dress up

I was just wondering what the point is of the jesus dress up,
i dont get it.

Dave Voetberg

Well, it's a dress up game. You can drag the clothes to His undressed body with your mouse. Or if you're talking about the magnet set, it's the same concept except you don't drag them with your mouse! Haha. I know what you mean though. It's a game but there's no real winner or loser, and you don't play against anyone. But yet they still call it a game! What's with that? You know?

So yeah, it's a "game" (haha) to dress up Jesus with. I guess that's the point of it. To dress Him up in clothes. That's it!

I feel like I just rambled on, but it can be hard to actually explain it. It's so simple but hard to break down. You know? Have you ever tried to do that? Like if I said, explain how to use a spoon. It's so basic but actually giving directions on it is a bitch! Haha.

I hope I answered your question though.
Thank you Dave!


hope you find him soon steve

hey dude jesus died for your sin the dress up is not good very bad hope you find him soon steve

Steve Wolf

My name isn't Steve. I think you have the wrong guy.
No bother.


i am steve

right guy i am steve.

Steve Wolf

Haha, no, I know that! But you accidentally directed your email to a "Steve" as well! Haha, it's a simple mistake, but it throws your whole letter off, you know? So yeah, I'm not Steve too!
you should be a little more thankful then dressing him in crappy cloths.

dude Jesus is the son of God who DIED ON a cross for your sins don;t you think you should be a little more thankful then dressing him in crappy cloths. FROM steve

Steve Wolf

Oooohhh! You're Steve and you were signing your email "steve." I get it now! Without the comma it looks like you're talking to Steve: "hope you find him soon steve." hahaha! I got it now!

Before I was thinkin', who is this guy talking to? I'm not Steve! Then in your second letter I saw that you were Steve and I thought you were emailing Steves all over the place or something! Like, "Hey Steve, Jesus died on the cross for you Steve!" And "Steve, you shouldn't make your website the way you made it because I'm the internet guardian! And everyone needs to follow my rules! To Steve, from Steve!"

I got it now. Your first email totally threw me off! Shows the value of a comma, huh? Hahaha!

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