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This time, not so much "hate" really, and more of a kinda passive wha-cha-call-its tryin' to say whatever but not really standin' on anything that'll, well, you know.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Guess what? I'm in Arizona! It's really been beautiful out here, especially compared to the 15 degree day I left in NYC! And hangin' with the Secular freethought  Society has been educational and fun.

So what has happened? Had two showings of Bob Smith USA, one on Friday and one yesterday, and in total probably had a good 60 or more people who came. And discussions after each one which is always interesting. The best thing about showing the movie this time is all these new people seeing it who know nothing about me, the site or anything. People just seeing it without knowing what they're getting themselves into and then hearing their thoughts. Because a lot of those who're showing up are students who just wanted to come to a movie, some who have assignments to attend an event such as this and to write about it, and others who heard about it from the Group somehow. Getting it out there is the best.

There will be another showing of  Bob Smith USA tomorrow (Monday the 6th) at 9:30 at the Counter Culture Cafe (The NW corner of 24th St and the McDowell Rd.  Admission is free). So if you're around and wanted to see it (or me) you still have a chance!

Yesterday was the party they threw for me, and it was fun. I got drunk. And the next few days are going to be me going out with the members and distributing GOD IS FAKEs at a table they have here on campus during school hours. I'm thinkin' that Monday I'm just going to feel out the situation and then Tuesday I'll dress up and see what happens.  And there'll be pictures taken, and possibly even film shot!

There will be more pictures to come and I'll have more to write about when this trip is complete. But for now I feel inspired to go out and enjoy the nice weather and see what all is going on on a Sunday in the ASU neighborhood.

Now here's an email from a student of ASU that I met.

Hi Bob!
I had a little insomnia and I decided that I should write you that fanmail I promised. For those of you reading this (and I understand that nobody reads the fanmail), I'm Todd. I'm one of the people responsible for bringing Bob to Arizona last week. You can send me your thanks (and naked photos, for all you ladies) if you wish.
Anyhow, Bob, I was going to say a little about how I came to find your site, and my journey to enlightenment. I was raised a Catholic, although my family was never really that committed to it. We all thought "There's no reason we should listen to this church's 'rules' about God! We'll worship in our own way!" Yeah, kinda shallow, I know. Nevertheless, I believed with all my heart. I read the Bible, took communion, and prayed. I sincerely believed that I would be going to Heaven, and all those poor sinners...well, I thought the Molten Lava Swim Club might get a few new recruits. But around twelve, I went through some pretty rough times. And I prayed my butt off, but you know what? Nothing happened! The Bible says, "Ask and ye shall receive." So, since I didn't receive, I lost my faith.
Shallow, right? You aren't the only one saying that. After about a year of not believing, I said "This is immature. God can't be expected to be held to my beck and call!" So I went back. It was around this time that I discovered Jesus Dress Up. My mother had heard about it on the radio, and she asked me (being the computer-savvy person of the family) to look it up. Lo and Behold, the brilliant creation appeared on our screen! We laughed, and I sincerely believed that Jesus loved the site.
Of course, like all shallow things, my re-conversion washed away, and I became an agnostic/ Buddhist/ Wiccan/ loser. I lived like that for a couple years, being content with my fence-sitting. It was around then that I remembered Jesus Dress-Up... and I went back. And I noticed that there was a link to what appeared to be a main site...and so I went. And, to steal a line from "Amazing Grace," I was blind, but oh how I saw! I saw God eating Balls, I saw Mel Gibson take it on the chin(figuratively), I saw Jesus with a nose bleed, I saw attractive teenage girls in schoolgirl outfits! And I saw the hate mail. Oh, the hate mail. I read it, and your replies made me think, Bob. They made me really think about my beliefs for the very first time. Do you know what I said? "Why am I on the fence about this nonsense?! Look at the believers! They spell poorly, argue horribly, and seem to be unable to keep their noses out of other people's business!" And I saw you argue how God didn't exist, and how it was all a human creation...and it made sense. In a way divinity never had to me. So I thought long and hard, and in the end, I arrived at atheism.
And how has my life been since? Better! I'm more confident, more courageous, and, I'd like to believe, more intelligent for it! Girls are paying more attention to me now, which is something I had wished for throughout the entirety of my adolescence. Because I can now vocally challenge campus preachers, I've achieved a level of fame (or infamy, I'm not sure) at school I'd only dreamed of before. And, in a way, it's all because of you, Bob! So I'd like to thank you. Thank you for inspiring me, and thank you for lifting the shroud of belief from my eyes. I'll be reading your site well into the future, so keep up the funny!
Todd Muse
are you so sick that you actually find it funny someone was tortured and executed?

I think you're disgusting and offensive. so, explain to me what problem you have with christianity and enlighten me as to why jesus' (or indeed anyones) crucifixion should be mocked. are you so sick that you actually find it funny someone was tortured and executed?


What's so funny is that it's a crucifixion that was organized by his dad! And then, not only that but he died, and then he came back to life! And not only that, but when he came back to life, then he flew into the sky on a chariot made of clouds up into the heavens for the rest of eternity to judge us for laughing at his shitty weekend.

That's what's so funny about Jesus' crucifixion, Agnes.


...Anyway, I thought I'd end this since it looked like you didn't really want to talk. But like I said, I could be wrong. Like, I may be able to give you answers like this. It's interesting how many Christians are today like the ones that may have cussed you out. Some of us are like Jesus' enemies back then. They were the religious...

Dear Mr.Smith,
   Well, I read some more of your stuff and I got the impression that you  wouldn't like to write..but I could be wrong.  And I'd like to apologize for Christians if they've cussed you out or something.  Since  the Christian still has the flesh to him we still have the capacity to sin and we sometimes-probably more often or than not-we respond to some things with our flesh.  I'm not innocent of that either. Anyway, I thought I'd end this since it looked like you didn't really want to talk. But like I said, I could be wrong. Like, I may be able to give you answers like  this.  It's interesting how many Christians are today like the ones that may have cussed you out.  Some of us are like Jesus' enemies back then.  They were the religious hypocrites that Jesus used to get on their case.  Now it's like we follow Jesus  or we say we do but we act like His enemies back then.  We can be hypocrites and all that.  But it shouldn't keep you from accepting Him.  Jesus is still Jesus.  I kinda think it's a sign of the times.  But anyway, yeah, write me if you want. Peace 

M.D. Combrink

Hmm, well, I'm deciding right now if I'd really like to talk with you, and I can honestly say that I'm not sure if it would work out (us talking and all). I mean I read what you said and I appreciate what you're saying but I have to admit that after reading this email from you I'm not totally positive that you're the person who I'm thinkin' I want to be spending a lot of time writing back and forth with about something that I'm not even sure what the topic is about. I dunno, I think I'll probably just stop writing now and just end this email because I'm thinkin' now that I've gone on long enough with this letter and maybe going on a bit too long after I say that I'm gonna stop writing. Thanks for apologizing for all the emails other people have sent me. That really helps, and it's really cool of you to go out of your way to apologize for them. I'm sure they'd appreciate what you're doing for them. People can be such hypocrites sometimes, but then again there are some people who aren't and you can't just say that all people are hypocrits but  you can say "some" and be pretty safe. You know what I mean? So yeah,  it's time to stop this response to your letter now because I have definitely gone on too long now after saying I was gonna stop like ten sentences ago. So here I  go. I'm gonna end the email. All right? Are you ready? I'm gonna do it. I think  it's just a sign of the times. Jesus is Jesus. People can be wrong sometimes. Sometimes not. Sometimes. Anyway, yeah, so that's it. If you wanna respond you can, but if not then you don't have to. But you know, if you don't wanna, but still do that'll be ok to. Just don't not respond and then send me a response, because that'll confuse me and well ok, I'm done then. All right? Ok.' Peace.


I know that one has the right to say or portray what they think, but only to a certain extent.

To Bob Smith:

     I can't help but feel offended seeing your website. As a Christian, I completely disagree with the way you have carelessly portrayed Jesus Chist as some paper doll to be made fun of.  Say what you want about my letter of complaint, but please do not mock my belief. I know that one has the right to say or portray what they think, but only to a certain extent. When it hurts or offends someone, it should stop.  I would greatly appreciate it if you discontinued this site. I hope you understand how I feel.

Ardis Ng

You raise a very good point. What if an idea does hurt or offend someone? Should that idea be allowed? Or perhaps we should prohibit any ideas that offend somebody else. Is that what you're suggesting? It's an interesting proposal. Please give me more of an explanation of what you have in mind. It seems like an exciting idea!


i just wanna say good job on the graphic skills... but

hi there bob, i just wanna say good job on the graphic skills... but something like this may offend a lot of people, like myself. well, i dont wanna be a nag but hopefully u will take this into consideration. take it easy, God bless!

Richard W

Honestly, I'm not sure if it would. I think that it could easily go up to debate whether or not there's anything specifically offensive about it. Like you, I too am not sure what the response will be. I guess I'll just sit back and see. And of course if there's even just one person who doesn't like it I'll take it down immediately. I mean, I'm an artist. It's my job to conform to everyone's opinion.


just sit back relax and open your mind to the possibility that Jesus was really the son of God

I just ran across your site and well i know I am  not the first guy to send you an E Mail. I hope you take just a minute and read this! I could type scripture but i am  sure that's been done, i could tell you how bad this is and how you will wind up in hell, or i could simply say Jesus loves you but i am  sure you have heard it all. So what do i say do i just mind my own business? well i wish it was that easy. If i could speak to you in person i would simply just ask if even for a moment to just sit back relax and open your mind to the possibility that Jesus was really the son of God and he came to this world for you. And just once ask God if you are real i need you to reveal yourself to me now. And i assure you with an open mind and heart you will be surprised what God will reveal to you it may or may not be instantaneous but it will happen. Anyway at this point your either laughing, pissed off or you may think who in the hell does this guy think he is with his self righteous attitude, but the truth is i am no better than you and i realize that and Jesus has revealed himself to me and made my right before God.not because i am worthy but because he is worthy. Anyway Have a good day 


 I like your approach. I have to admit, you really put out a reasonable request, to just sit back, relax, and with an open mind and heart let God reveal himself to me, slowly, and over any undetermined amount of time, by just letting his coded messages of ambiguous symbols come at me throughout the days, weeks and even years to come. Very good.

Okay, deep breath, and let it all out. *Sigh* I am relaxed. "Okay God, are you real? If the answer is yes, show me that you're there."
Ahhhhhh, so relaxed.

Okay, nothin' yet. But maybe it just takes God a little time to show himself. Let me get back to you in a few, okay?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
20 minutes later...
Okay, still totally relaxed and lookin' for clues. "Hey God, you there? I'm waitin'! But take you're time."
Ooh! A squirrel out the window! Could it be? Is it? Still too soon to tell. Let it ride. We'll see.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
2 and a half hours later.
Guess what. I found a penny! A shiny new penny just laying on the sidewalk! And you know what I did? I picked it up and put it in my pocket! Sign from God? Who can say? All I know is I got a penny, for free!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
4 days later...
Hey, don't think I've forgotten that little deal I made with God! I'm still keepin' watch. Today I heard a lady walkin' by me say "Jesus Christ" while she was on her cell phone! Do you suppose? Maybe that's the sign? I mean, how often does that happen? Or maybe his message to me was in yesterday's episode of "Beauty and the Geek?" and I missed it? Maybe? Maybe not? I'm still lookin! Don't you worry!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
44 days later...
Got a phone call today! It was the wrong number. But the lady asked for John. Isn't that a book in the Bible? Freaky, right? Do you suppose???
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
3 and a half years later...
GUESS WHAT! Today I tried to start up my car and it wouldn't start. Then I said, "God help me." And I turned the key, and it didn't start, then I said "GOD DAMMIT!" and it started! The engine turned over and it started!!! I was like, "This is it! This is the answer to that prayer 3 years ago!!!!!!!" Then it konked out again a couple hours later and found out I need a new transmission. But still!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
11 years, 5 months later...
Okay, um, I think 11 and a half years is more than enough time for God to whisper in my ear "I'm for real" or drop a post-a-note from the sky or whatever. I got a life to live! Can I quit with the relaxed brain and completely open mind now? I have decisions to make and things I have to think about. Is that all right? What the hell was the sign he gave you? Angel at the foot of the bed? Floating utensils? Bleeding walls? Maybe I missed it? Christ, I wish I would have asked you that 11 years ago! Haha! Oh well.

what if all that you heard about Jesus is true? that's really gonna suck on your part come judgement day!

I stumbled on your site last week. I am the guy that just told you to sit back and relax and ask God to reveal himself, yea that Guy. Anyway i spent some time on your site and realized i should be thankful that you even responded. But do you classify me as hate mail or fan mail? Can i just ask 1 serious question  and i promise i will try to leave you alone (TRY) why do you hate Jesus or  should i say doubt? what if all that you heard about Jesus is true? that's really gonna suck on your part come judgement day! You have the mind of a genius very creative and talented but there is a little kink in your  wiring somewhere. I know all this stuff seems funny and even i can see the  humor with a carnal mind, but dude you really, really, really need Jesus come on  don't sell out to the Devil like this or maybe the thought of hell just doesn't bother you some people think hell is going to be this eternal party but it's no party. I really don't know why, but I feel passionate about talking to you (Not passionate in a gay way). I'm not sure if anything i or anybody else could write to you could change your mind but hey what the heck i will give it a shot!  Keep living, keep smiling and yes you know who Loves you! Your friend whether you like it or  not.                                                    
 Jesus  =   :)  Satan =   :(


So the one question you have for me is "What if it's all true?" Like, what if Jesus really did walk on water just like the Greek god Poseidon did hundreds of years before Jesus. What if Jesus turned water into wine just like Dionysus did hundreds of years before Jesus. What if He flew into heaven on a chariot of clouds like Superman, hung on the cross and rose from the dead. What if all the stories are true about the talking snake in the garden, the talking donkey, the 900 year old people, the 3 story tall giants, the Great Earth Flood with every single animal on board who all distributed themselves accordingly around the world to their proper habitat after the ark landed. What if that's all true? Is that what you're asking me?  Do you hear what you're saying??

And you're asking me to sit back and try to imagine a heaven while my loved ones possibly go to hell but I still enjoy paradise in heaven, while they burn for eternity? Enjoy a paradise where anyone has to burn forever?!??! Are you actually a being that can sit back and relax in a paradise while others burn forever?!?!??! The God you worship set up such a horrible scenario? Puh-leeze.

It doesn't take a scholar to see that the whole thing made up by people who wanted paradise and revenge. What if it's all true? It can't be. You know why? Because there is no paradise while my brother burns. And if there is one for you, then you need to have your head examined.

You are a pawn to a lie that offers you revenge and eternal paradise for the heroic deed of believing stories without question. You should be so proud.

Religion = :(


...fiendish plot to ridicularize the Christianity!

You !@#$&@*! filthy little bastard son of a whore, try a little respect and take this disgusting site off the internet or you're gonna meet a hard end before you think, do you understand? I know it's not simply a joke, but a small part of a fiendish plot to ridicularize the Christianity, but one thing you are not considering is that it's easier to track you down than you think, asshole... Watch your steps!

Ricardo Salgado

I've been getting mindless, cowardly threats like this one for over 5 years, and you're no different than the rest. Either grow some balls, come here and face me, or shut your fuckin' trap. It's old and pathetic, your empty words. As empty as  your beliefs.

Kudos, however, for "ridicularize." Very nice.


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