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(This is the only picture of Tim I could find on the internet.)

Just out of curiosity, Bob, what does satan offer you? You define yourself as a critic and mocker of religion and faith, but is there anything you really believe in? Like satan, do you just define yourself in relation to God, allbeit a detractor?

Sit down and think about it and ask youself if there's anything you hold true--so much so that you would die for it (okay, even step out of your comfort zone for)--what would that be? Yourself perhaps? The laughs you think you're evoking? Sad. you will die and be forgotten someday because you care for no one.

Tim Retford

Wow, you've really made me fall back in my seat and consider something I've never given any thought to before. What do I believe in? Anything at all? Why do I feel like an empty shell? Am I only defined by my opposition to that which I don't believe? I care for no one. I have no beliefs. I am a hollow red devil.

Now if you are wondering, I have just collapsed behind my sofa, curled up into the fetal position, moaning, struggling to see when it was that I fell astray from the path that is my life.

Oh yeah! Hold on one second! *staggers back to keypad to type* I believe in the methods of science! I trust my own logic! I feel a camaraderie in this life-struggle with mankind! I love my family, friends and even the human race for that matter! In fact, dare say that I'd be willing to die for any family member who needed to be pushed out of the way of a speeding truck! And I'd put the well being of people above all else, be it God, the bible, your religion, or any of that hogwash you think's so important about it!

As for Satan, I just do that for laughs. A comical character I like to emulate so as to freak out silly superstitious people who behave like bush people witnessing their first eclipse when they see Satan walking down the street. That's what he does for me.

Any more questions? The ones you got are fun to answer!

* * * * *

(I was lucky to come across this pic of Marquel.)

dude ur going to hellll . ur making fun of jesus in that stupid dress up game, some one needs to kick ur ass. dum ass.

Marquel Warren

So are you gonna be the mother fucker to do it, or are you all bark?

C'mon! I'm giving a wedgie to your Saviour as we speak! So what're you gonna do about it? Cry?


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Hi Bob
I've thought for a while that there are certain types of Christians, the really pushy ones like your hate mailers, simply don't believe in atheists. It doesn't matter what you tell them, because they can't grasp the concept that you really, really just don't think there's a god, so it all goes over their heads.

Rob Henry is a perfect example. His need for their to be a god is so great that his soggy brain translates this to believing that there is tons of evidence for it, and this belief is so great that it's totally beyond him to think that anyone else can't see it as well. Of course later on he admits there is no logic to his beliefs, but seems to think that this is a matter of no importance.

And the arrogance! He obviously knows nothing about you, and didn't bother to find out, he just saw Jesus Dressup, saw a picture of you and came to his conclusions. I suppose it's enough to know that you're not a christian to say you have no morals, this is typical. Beyond his comprehension that people could be decent simply because they care about other people. Oh and a nice little copout for all the atrocities done in the name of god. "This is not religion". I suppose "religion" to him is other religions, not his that do bad things, and those so called christians who aren't real christians.

I could go on but I won't. I enjoy your site, particularly the gems like this amongst the hate mail. I mean, what a dick! He truly is a giant, hairy cock, complete with sweaty balls isn't he?


...but out of the 2 of us only one will be right.

Bob, I appreciate and respect your perspective. I am not here to judge you at all, I apologize if you have extracted that from what I said.

Neither am I the judge, that is not my job and I don't profess to take that role on now, or ever for that matter.
Bob let me use a natural illustartion to hit home how God will most certainly judge us all reagrdless of how much we ,THINK, it won't happen

Do you believe in the theory that proves that, for every action there is an opposite or equal reaction, or the law of cause and effect.
If I degrade you their will be adverse effects, for you and for me, you can't possibly deny that.
If I steal from you the same thing, there will be adverse effects on you and on me,regardless of how much you refute it, it is a natural occurence.

However, If I gave you a gift and honored you, encouraged you, again, there will be an effect on both of us,despite how you want to view it.
I believe it would have more positive effect then the former actions.

I would like to think you have a conscience, what do you think that is there for Bob, as I;m sure you already know ,that is where all the judging,convicting and sentencing oringinates. Call it what you want that is what happens in that place
Call it the alarm if you will for the human soul.

Whatever you call it it is there and it is the center that governs our actions,or it is suppose to serve that purpose, unless one is so desensitized to respond.

Get pulled over by a cop doing 100 in a 50 km zone and you will know what I mean,.Your heart races,you get ticked off because you anticipate a fine.
Guilt appears naturally,conviction,etc you know what I mean.

I am pretty sure we have all experienced such a situation and perhaps even been there more times then we care to admit,not with the speeding thing, but the going against the voice of the conscience with the adverse effects such as conviction and guilt from something we have done that was wrong.

But of course, I am not including you Bob,I just mean the rest of civilization.

Bob, it is no different with God, what ever a man sows, so shall he also reap
If he sows to the carnal nature and all the pleasures and indulgences of his flesh, God says there will be a day of justice.reckoning,payment.
Ignore it ,deny it,refute it, it will have little effect, it is only the rational mind doing the mental gymnastics and circular reasoning that it seems to do best.

Do you think we will escape all the lies we have told,things we have said that where hurtful,maybe things we have stolen,people we hate, etc. etc.

Just as there are natural laws in the universe Bob, that when they are violated we suffer, so there are spiritual laws, what do you think death is, but a culmination of years of law breaking with in our body," called oxidation of the cells, among other things but that is why we need anti oxidents to live.

Jump from a building you will die,regardless of whether you believe in the law of gravity or not and you may even think you can fly until you hit the ground.
The only thing that can save you is a safety net or air mattress.
But it does not by any means nulify the consequences of violation of the laws

Cause and effect it is every arena of life so it is in the spiritual dimension

With all the evidence for God's existence not to mention the eroding theory of evolution, it is ironic the intellectual tends to ignore and bypass such evidence for God's existence only, such as nature,historical,archaelogical,scientific, universal laws .etc.
But of course you know where all these sites are ,but you probably only remain on the sites that refute God and not seriously look at the evidence.

Disobey a Holy God and his law ,being the 10 commandments written on your heart knowing right from wrong,refute all you want but out of the 2 of us only one will be right.
Are you willing to make an eternal decision Bob,no sweat off my brow.
You have got every confirmation of God's existence in nature,and will be without excuse,not to mention his law on your heart.
What you do with that Bob, is your decision ,as God will not force Himself on anyone. Much like you not forcing your love on your wife!!! that is not love!!

When you jump from a 50 storey building ,you can pretend to fly ,you have time to practice and pretend ,but the fact is it will cease as will your life will regardless of your thoughts.

This is not religion Bob as you so perfectly defined it,if it were I would be with you,but this is a personal living ongoing relationship and encounter with God Religion is a toxic soup that has been poured down people's throat's for centuries and it is ladened with ,deception.lies,murder,hypocracy,and the like.
That my friend is not from God but has been fabricated to appease the mind of man.

As far as being anti theist,that is your decision,but remember the 2 of us can't possibly be correct.
By the way if you had absolute knowledge that there was no gold in China,you would be entitled to make an absolute statement,as is the same with saying ,"there is no God,Bob you might know 5% of all the knowledge in the universe,which I doubt is possible,but do you think,that out of the remaining 95% of the knowledge you have not yet come across there may be proof of God's existence
Just because you may live with no , morals, absolutes, restrictions ,limits,boundaries accountabilities does not insure you are exempt from consequences,,when you cross those lines that my friend is wishful thinking
I don't demand or coerce anyone to submit to christianity,that would be ludicrous and illogical to even consider to persuade you to submit to my beliefs or become like me at all !!!
That is the job of your conscience Bob, to accuse or excuse
You must see your sin (missing God's mark) before you see your need for a savior,if you are reasonable you will see that I am right about cause and effect.

What goes around will come around, Bob

Rob Henry

Oh... my... god.
This 5,000 word essay you wrote on how God is real because otherwise life wouldn't be fair is some of the most insane rambling I've ever seen! This is the precise reason I left it all in the dust where it belongs. This is just the sort of madness that comes of it.

I've never seen such a bumbling attempt to make someone who doesn't have to pay the penalty for their wrongs sound like a hero. You've really worked this out so it somehow makes sense inside your brain. And if this theory of yours (for every action there's a similar reaction) proves all people get punished for their sins, how do you explain the good person who goes to eternal hell fire for not believing in God? Or Jeffery Dahmer accepting Jesus into his heart before he dies and his eternal paradise? Your "natural law of what goes around comes around" only disproves your own arguments.

I do have a conscience. That is why I work hard to be honorable and truthful every day of my life. I am not living a life with no morals, limits, boundaries or accountabilities. You are! You've already admitted to the fact you're not accountable. Jesus beat you to it! Jesus took all the blame, just as long as you believe he did! I'm the one who's taking the full count of what I've done and doing everything I can to get to the truth. You're the one making excuses for the bible's untruths!

Do you know why it is you can't avoid admitting I'm being noble, respectful and honorable in my decisions, yet you're still trying to change my ways into yours? Do you know why you're doing this? I do. It's because you're so scared of death you deny that which is noble, respectful and honorable for your own mortal ego. The bible is proved wrong, and you deny the truth because you want your paradise.

You're trying so hard to make what you believe noble, but it just isn't working.
You totally come off as you are. A weenie.
Stop teaching this crap to children!

what I am doing is not trying convince you of anything, that is impossible for me to do with anyone.

Bob I won't say this again, what I am doing is not trying convince you of anything, that is impossible for me to do with anyone.
You will never experience the truth of who God is if you are trying to use logic and reasoning, philosophers have been trying to varify God's existence through the mind but He just does'nt reveal himself that way.Never has and never will
Nature  gives evidence and men will be without excuse, and your conscience, they don't work obviously God brings His word....but;
Without faith it is impossible to know God,it is the key
Faith the very thing all  people rely on from day to day,
faith the guy on the train is not going to shoot you,
faith in the banks that your money will be there,
faith in your job that they won't go bankrupt,or close up or that they will pay you when you work first, now that is A LEAP of faith in a stranger,then after you work you receive your pay,
faith in the pilot that he knows what he is doing and that he is having a good day,he could'nt possibly be having a bad day or be sick or having stress according to your assumptions
faith in the cooks where you eat,faith in your car,breaks, tires, faith in your body that you are healthy.
You have never seen the pilot,cook, those who handle your money behind the scenes, or the functions of every cell in your body and you obviously don't examine your breaks on your car every time you drive it,yet how is it you actually get in and drive, or go and eat or even fly in a chunk of metal.
I guess in your logic, all things will work as they always have.Nothing changes.
According to your philosophy, the cause and effect principal does not operate in your sphere of reasoning, so tell me how is it possible that planes crash ,people get food poisioning,brakes fail,bankers steal money
Refute that principal Bob and your really out on a limb, 
You might call it assumption or trust whatever, but regardless of what your label is, you live by faith, every day Bob. face the facts.
It's no surprise then that's what God requires of you in order to experience His grace in your life AND FORGIVENESS, It is the key
You will never find him if you are'nt looking for Him.
It's obvious that you are not, that is clear,

Man has a standard of what is good,then God has a standard that is far more superior to ours ,that is called rightousness.
You can help the women across the street then cheat on your taxes and you still think your a good man for helping the lady.But you hide your cheating.
Why would you do anything good if according to your logic there is no cause and effect, Why did you help the old lady and what did you experince, that is cause and effect in action.You helped her ,made her feel good and yourself
But then you cheated on your taxes,hey no one see's ,out of sight out of mind, but you think that won't have an effect,in your world maybe ,but Bob God will hold you accountable and you will pay for every thing you do in the body whether good or bad and you will give an account for every idle word you said,by your words you will be aquitted or condemned
Jeffery killed  people ,yes that is abhorent and he should be punished severely, you lied ,in God's eyes sin is sin,in our self righteous and self centered minds we think I am better then Jeffery, my sin is not as bad,God looks at the heart man looks on the outward appearance.
wHEN YOU THINK YOU ARE GOOD WHAT STANDARD DO YOU USE TO GO BY ,YOURS OR DO YOU LOOK AT THE MURDERS ,RAPIST,then determine how good you are, Jesus is the standard and you be disappointed to realize that the hard way.
The fact is you both were born sinners and in order to receive forgiveness and be pardoned which by the way none of us deserve to be, you must repent to God
We people don't have a clue what true love ,grace ,mercy is but the very think we don't understand is the very thing that keeps us and covers us right now from the wrath of God.
You surely don't sustain your self.
And you will not be able to bear the effects of you sin Bob that is why Jesus came

Rob Henry

Oh Rob, shame on you. Is this really the frivolity with which you base your faith? You see no difference between the reasonable level of faith that I have in a cook making me a turkey club, and the enormous leaps of faith in the promise of eternal paradise from a complete stranger who died 2,000 years ago? Is that how far over the edge you've gone? Would you really be so quick to buy $50 magic beans from a stranger? And does your faith go beyond looking in the kitchen and upon seeing that you are actually in a barbershop you still declare it a kitchen? You know as well as I do the difference between the faith put in a pilot flying you to Pennsylvania, and a promise written on a piece of paper that you can sprout wings and fly there.

I am beginning to get quite disturbed by your thought process, and the reality within which you live. Do you see in yourself how enormous your foolishness is being stretched? The panic and desperation in your explanation is quite apparent. Your sentences are getting more and more sporadic. Your punctuation is vanishing, and your thoughts are darting all over the place! You're comparing us to murdering, cannibalistic rapists, and all sins are equal to those. You're defeating your own logic by explaining how nothing needs to make any sense anyhow because God doesn't make sense. You say you don't want to appear fanatical, but you clearly do.

You really are just babbling now. Saying absolutely anything to explain away common sense, and that is the indication to me that you're no longer worth talking to. I am going to post all of these letters on my website (whether you like it or not) because it is important that people see just how wacky you can get when you try to defy logic to validate your faith.

You've illustrated your faith better than I ever could have, and I struggle to see how it's any different than the faith those guys had who flew planes into those two buildings.

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