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I debate a 13 year old girl into the freakin' pavement just to show how big a man I am!

Her letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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i've adored your website for quite some time now, and emailed you a couple of times. i'm thrilled beyond comprehension to see you have a myspace account. usually on myspace i only add friends that i actually know and talk to in the physical sense, but i'm making an exception here because you rock THAT much.

also, from one artist to another, i love your work. your style is very recognizable. below is bob in pencil-form with spooooky border. my apologies for the poor image quality. i just got a new scanner and boy does it ever suck.

i drew this from a photo on the
bob project

now go on, let those christians know just how retarded they are!

Deviant Art

I'm extremely sorry that she called you a swat. I'm sure that hurts your feelings immensely. Don't worry. There's many ways to cope with such a put-down. A good one is to look in a dictonary and find there's no definition of "swat" that could be conceived as an insult. Whether Sofia is suggesting you're the Special Weapons And Tactics organization or a sharp blow, I'm still with you all the way.
Good luck!

P.S. I have attached a photo that I'm sure will prove I'm a trustworthy individual whose advice you can confidently take.

"Sometimes you just can't get rid of a bomb." - Batman
"You know what's great about me? Nothing... I mean, I'm from Orville" - Tom Skowrnski
"Goro had 3 fingers...So actually he had 12....Which is more!" - Ryan Emotion


Subject: It's great, really.

That little Welsh girl is hilarious. It's sad when you start to realize that she is what the Christians are raising. I love how they instill, along with several other false beliefs, that you can cram your opinion down some one else' throat, but it is immoral and evil if people speak against what they're preaching. I live in the Bible Belt. I get to witness things like this every day. It's marvelous. Waking up daily, looking forward to the people in the hallways telling me, "You're goin' ta hell! Don't you know that?" All of this just because I don't believe in the God that they preach about. Anyways, Bob, I am grateful that you take the time to deal with these people, and that you try to make them think, and open their eyes. Thank you.

Aaron Yukas

i swear- my school will not like this at all... we get regular visits from the Pope and he would be happy ( or not) to know what people are doin u prick!


U R SICK!!!!!


YOU ARE DISPICABLE!!! ;-o u r so immature too!

from Sophia
(age 13, wales)

P.S~ why are u being so STUPID and SICK and ANTI-RELIGIOUS
i swear- my school will not like this at all... we get regular visits from the Pope and he would be happy ( or not) to know what people are doin u prick!

i hope god can forgive you because i most certainly cannot! :@
i hate you!!!

Sophia, calm down. Okay? Just chill for a bit and think about it for a second. Deep breath.

Jesus is pretend, like Santa.

Now I know me saying this is gonna cause you to immediately think I'm the devil himself. But I promise you I'm just a human being like you, (there's no devil either) and all I want is the truth just like everybody else. And in my experience I have found that so much of what the bible says isn't true, proved false by the things we already know from science and research.

Just be aware there are people out there who don't think that guy is God. Not only that, but there are even those of us who think there is no God at all! And those of us who think God is entirely made up in people's heads are just as offended that you have these rules from a God there's no proof for which you want to impose on everybody else.

This is just to tell you where people like me are comin' from, and when you go nuts name calling and screaming, it only makes your group look bad.

Thank you for the email.

dont u DARE tell me to calm down

dont u DARE tell me to calm down... i dont care if ppl think god is real or not!
but i do and i dont want u blaspheming about my God
and yes, i DO think ur the devil himself
u fucking BASTARD!


Hold on a sec. I'm the adult here, and you're just 13! Did it even cross your mind for a minute that maybe I might be smarter and have more insight than you? I mean, look at each of our grammar, for Pete's sake! My emails are exquisitely punctuated with perfect spelling of every word, while your letters are in all caps, with letters instead of words, and NO punctuation at all, and LOTS of name calling and cursing! It's like a professor debating math with an angry monkey!

I'm 20 years older than you. I think you should consider there might be a thing or two you could learn from me.

i wrote in caps because i was angry eg:- ABCDEFG and i wrote in slang because i, unlike, You are 'wiv da program'

Well exscuse me but the only thing i would wish to learn fromm you is how to be a knob and i wrote in caps because i was angry eg:- ABCDEFG and i wrote in slang because i, unlike, You are ''wiv da program'' and for a 23 year old, it just goes to show that you were a swat!!!
and yes , something did cross my mind! it was how much of an ass you are

by the way how you ever read the DAvinci code? there is proof that Jesus did exist, but had a life with Mary magdalene and bore a child

What proof do you, personally, have to show that my God is not real

i am also very good at punctuating and spelling. Top in my class actually! so ''in ur face''

please email me back as i have more to tell you

Do you have msn because it would be better to speak on that!!!

i look forward to your next email

from sophia

Ha HA! Top of your class, and you think that 13 plus 20 is 23?!? In YOUR face! I am SO much older than that! Oh, you better believe it!! Now I bet you're reconsidering whether or not you have the intelligence to debate with me about God's existence, huh?

And, okay, no, I haven't read the DaVinci Code as of yet, but I bet you didn't read "The End of Faith" by Sam Harris, have you? Nope! I didn't think so! And it's a slap in the face to all people of faith! Ouch! Burrrrn!!! And you wanna know what proof I have that there's no God? I'll tell you that proof! Pray to fly then jump out of a plane with no parachute!
Not bad for a "23 year old," huh?? Haha HA!

Oh you look so foolish right now. And you wanna know another thing? You're not the first 13 year old girl that I've argued into the pavement like this! I've outwitted children half your age and left 'em in the DUST! So, join the list, Sophew-friends! TOTAL 1st DEGREE BURN!!!!!! YES!


i look forward to your email(s)

You are totally horrid! you have not yet driven ME into the pavement and guess what... u never will! and you SHOULD read the davinci code!
whether you ask for it or not. i am giving my opinion to you on the subject of religion! it is OK i guess if you think God does NOT exist but to share it out in public ALL OVER THE WORLD it is just sooooo horrible you must have been a small sad child and you must have been through a terrible ordeal e.g:-a family/friend loss and had no-one to turn to but the Great Lord himself but he did not answer you in a way you wished so you have been against him ever since
i do not feel foolish at all. Or embarassed. on the contrary, i fing your emails very amusing!
But why are you so against my God.???!

i look forward to your email(s) where can i get that book you mentioned? i wish to read it and you should try the davinci codebye!


from sophia

The book I mentioned can be found at any bookstore that doesn't ban books which are about things that are against religion. Some bookstores ban those books, and funny enough, that in itself is a wonderful illustration as to how the Christian belief itself spread so far for so long. If you were opposed to it you were banned, and in some cases that meant being silenced, imprisioned, burned at the stake, or beheaded (they still do this in the Middle East). So yeah, don't go to your church bookstore for my book, because their priority is to make sure you DON'T get other information.

Wait, are you from the Middle East? You said that I shouldn't be sharing my thoughts about God with the world, and that led me to thinking perhaps you're a Nazi or something. Is that the case? If so then I now have a clearer picture of where you're coming from, being a Nazi Youth.

And you and your religion shouldn't be running from opposing ideas. That just makes it look like you have something to hide, or that your lie will be exposed. Burning people at the stake (whether it's verbal or literal) isn't how one defends an idea. Unless the idea is false, then yeah. That's what you gotta do, I suppose.

i am totally against anything to do with that bastard HITLER!

Actually i wont shout at you- as i said before-im not a bible basher! And NO WAY am i a 'nazi youth' how can i be? i am welsh (from wales duh) and i am totally against anything to do with that bastard HITLER! use your brain
i wanted to talk to you on msn about YOU! its called being nice- maybe you havent heard of it you should try looking it up If im honest- i do not agree with everything the church does! some of it is madness!
but one thing is certain-if u do not believe-FINE but why tell other people that! leave and let be leave the followers to follow and you do what you wish! OK

sophia x

P.S- where do you get the time to write such
llllllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg emails :)

The reason I tell other people I don't believe is because I think your religion teaches some very bad things. That's why! Duh. Like it teaches faith in things is more important than using your brains! And it also teaches people Adam and Eve were the beginning of the world and not the dinosaurs, which is just plain rotten garbage! Yuk!

And then there are other people who are Christians who tell people to love God more than their own families! Even more than their own children! What's that all about? I mean really! It's horrible and ugly. I've even heard people say you should love Jesus more than everyone! And some people even say their bible and the faith itself are more important than people too! It's awful and mean. That's what it is. I hate it! :( People are most important! Not make-believe people & stories! Grrrrrrrrrr!

And just so you know, there are Nazis who are Welsh. There are even American Nazis! They look like skinheads and are tough and naughty. So you could be a Nazi too with the belief you have that no one should be allowed to say they don't believe. That's what Nazis believe too! You should be a Nazi. It'd fit what you believe! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

And this is how I make my living! Answering emails! That's why I have the time for it. It's true! Neat, huh? Like the greatest job in the world!!!! HOORAY!!!!!

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