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Thank you, THANK YOU for your recent spate of hate mails from Sarah, the mentally ill My Space Chick. The longer I read that email (the one you didn't respond to) the more my sides hurt from laughing. I haven't seen so much drooling, willful ignorance since Kent Hovind, Dr Dino said that the bumble bee is proof of God since it's body is too heavy to fly.

But when I wiped my eyes from laughing, something bothered me. Nothing I hate worse than blatant disregard for recorded history through MAKING UP YOUR OWN FUCKING HISTORY AND PRETENDING NO ONE WILL NOTICE. Sarah, that sweetheart, so precious, implied that the people in bible times were so primitive, they didn't have science at all! Wow! Science was invented in 1492! Who knew! So much for 10,000 YEARS OF AGRICULTURE! So much for ANCIENT EGYPT, GREECE AND CHINA! (Sorry about the all-caps.)

A Greek named Eratosthenes the librarian of that pesky Alexandrian library (no science in bible times! No science in bible times!) , that was burned down by Christians, discovered that the world was round, 250 fucking years before Jesus was supposed to have been born. . He used some sticks. Perhaps Sarah's confusion is that she thinks that you can't do science with sticks?

Sarah is right, though. So much revealed in the bible about stars, like "we don't know how many lights in the sky there are." Because the stars and the moon, even, are just lights in the sky. I am a bit curious, and maybe Sarah can show me where in the bible it defines what a star is? I'd appreciate it. You know--science and all. Here's where, in the letter, she kind of freaks me out by saying there were scientists "then" (when?) who thought there were about a thousand stars. Sarah manages to give science a few more years. Bless her. But unfortunately for the bible, there are about a million billion billion sand grains on the beaches of Earth, while there are probably only about ten thousand billion billion stars in the Universe. But from what Sarah said, the bible tells us we can't count either. There's science for you! "You can't ever find out." There's a Physics credit right there.

Thanks for the hilarity,

Alison Randall

Subject: The direct link to Bob

Wow. Allow me to just remark that I love myspace for only one reason: It allows me a direct link to bob. It's better than prayer!

I just read those hate mails from that myspace chick, sarah on your site and was so perturbed by what she was saying. "So, yahh, thanks dude, like, lol, yah. I don't care what you say. I believe in talking bushes."
What a crock. She is precisely what is wrong with this country. Jesus... I mean, for fuck's sake. Did that tatoo not give you shivers? I daresay that she's one of those girls at school who's "waiting for marriage" but has a boyfriend just so she can jerk his chain around to make herself feel loved. She reminds me of so many of those types of chicks, the type who regard their Christianity as some closely guarded secret that sends undue persecution their way, and that they're somehow fucking stronger for keeping it quiet. Makes me want to throw up.

Try being a queer atheist in a small town, bitch, and then try and give some over the goddamn rainbow explanation as to why "everyone hates you so much." There's nothing worse than hearing Christians bitch about how hard it is being Christian.

Anyway, Bob, rant concluded, I just needed to let that out after that little gem.
I love you and want to have your babies.
Love from Everett

Subject: Sarah the My Space Chick

I'm sure you can count this as email #1,232,232 about Sarah the Myspace Chick. Just thought I'd share that she emailed me too (and a handful of other people who count you as a friend). Her emails are difficult to read, simply because of how horribly they are spelled and written, but I think what I got out of it is that she is so happy to be Christian she doesn't care who it affects negatively.

I recommended college, and a good English course to grasp the difference between "your" and "you're". It made my eyes bleed. Stupidity is a plague and if she put the bible down and opened a textbook, maybe she would be more effective in her crusade. However, making up her own historical events and claiming to be so "put-upon" for being a Christian isn't really strengthening her case.

Thank you Bob for sharing this moron with the rest of us. She has made my work day fly by! Plus, I always get a kick out of chicks with too much make-up getting all sanctimonious with me. Makes the heart warm.

Your pal,

Haha, please clarify. She emailed you first, finding you off my friends list? That's funny if it's true. Let me know.

Thank you for keeping me in the loop, and the funny email!

Thanks for the response Bob.
Sarah took issue with my comment to her "God Blog" (about her selfless helping of the nation's homeless by bringing them to the lord.....forget sandwiches and shelter!). She hit me with a barage of blathering emails asking why I attack her faith. All I asked was wouldn't she be better served helping these folks find food and shelter, instead of invisible friends.

However, I was contacted by a few other MySpace folks that asked if she emailed me "too"...apparantly she has been contacting other folks. And
once she starts...she doesn't stop. With every email that I didn't
answer fast enough she claimed she was "stopping" as she had already explained her "faith" on your site. I asked her why she left her God Blogs open to free comment if that's not what she really wanted.

I responded to her simply: your: ownership as in "your bible" or "your friend" and you're: contraction. You are. As in "you're a moron". Hopefully the lesson stuck.


a man on a website can not a raise a little child, but the members in her family.

First off, you say that I am giving wrong anwers to children ... and yet the child your talking about is my sister.. I think even you would agree that a man on a website can not a raise a little child, but the members in her family.

As for my response to her question on why atheists hate our faith so much, i did not respond with the idea that the devil is in all of you ... i dont think that.

My response was solely that 'those that hate us, have not witnessed what we have'. I use the word witnessed over and over again to you, because i have seen things ... supernatural things, that science can not explain. Feel free to say i am mad, but when a room full of people witness the same thing ... you clearly need much more to support your argument then 'you are mad.'

If you feel you need scientific facts, then I can give you some... things that support the bible. But throughout all this, I dont want to argue my faith, because there are no words that anyone can say that can tear me away from it ... the only thing I am doing through all this, is hopefully being the one person who has written you and caused you to make you think. The person who actually made you sit down and wonder, 'there is a chance I am wrong'. But before you read the scientfic facts (which you feel is the only TRUE evidence) first remember that the bible was written thousand of years before science was used to support things, thousands of years before theory's of the world started coming out and the fact that the bible supports many findings of our world, TODAY ... is soo cool !! It makes you think, how back then they had all the answers before they had the tools to go about testing it. Even an atheist, whether they believe whats IN the bible or not, knows that it is as old as it has been said to be.

First off, in the bible it talks about how the world is round ... "It is God who sits above the circle of the earth..." (Isaiah 40:22). Yet for years and years everyone thought the earth was a square, even up until the fifteenth century. Yet these words were reavealed as early as 1000 B.c in the bible, 2500 years earlier then men discovered so.

There is the argument of evolution ... The number one argument that people use against the bible is that, we werent all just created, but that we have all grown from small animals. If this WAS true, then scientists would have to find thousands of fossils that are considered the 'missing link'. But there is yet to be found something that connects Ape's to humans ... only a theory that has no supportive proof.
(Though a scientist, did find something he considered the missing link, when it was tested with the newest dating methods it turned out to be only 50 years old, instead of the 50,000 he thought it was)

There is even evidence and bible scripture speaking of dinosaurs before the world knew of their existence. I also want to point out that the bible says that on the sixth day the Lord spoke "Let the earth bring fourth every kind of animal", It does not go into a list of each animal, and because it does not say dinosaur ... you feel that the lack of mention is a flourish in evidence that the Lord never created them?
There is a long piece of scripture in Job, where God speaks of an animal that ... strongly resembles a dinosaur... feel free to think otherwise, but it does support that there were dinosaurs, it even goes as far as to explain why they died out ... which incase your not sure of, is still a HUGE mystery!!
To sum up the scripture in, Job 40:15-24 (text in which God is speaking about the Behemoth)

This was the Largest of all creatures He made.
It was plant-eating(the largest dinosaur was herbivorous)
It had its strength in its hips.
Its tail was like a large tree (a cedar).
It had very strong bones.
Its habitat was among the trees.
Drank massive amounts of water.
His nose pierced through snares.

And the verse SAYS ". . . He that made him can make his sword approach to him." A.k.a, God caused this, the largest of all the creatures He had made, to become extinct.

(Just to put as a note, in the new living transalation, it translates the Behemoth, as a hippo, which when reading over again you can see does not truly fit ... and that translating it as a hippo, was just the closest living thing to its description)

There is SOOO much that the bible revealed before science did, like the amount of stars "As the stars in heaven cannot be numbered, neither can the sand of the sea measured."( Jer. 33:22) Scientists knew only of 1,100 stars ... aka, the ones that can only be seen by eye, and this was there thoughts for hundred and hunrdreds of years. It was the bible that first spoke of the uncountable amount of stars, by resembling it to the plentiful amount of sand grains in the sea..
The bible speaks of the 'paths of the sea' which means currents, again another thing that wasnt discovered till thousands of years after being written by the followers of Jesus Christ.

There is so much and though you may believe that there is scientific evidence that speaks against the bible, you have to recognize that there is large amounts of evidence supporting the spoken word in the bible, things that man could not have known back then without the scientific tools they have today, unless spoken to them by the creator .

The one thing I dont get about atheists is, where do you think we all come from? I mean I KNOW where my belief lies ... but where do atheists believe the world and its habitants came from?
Just look at our world, houses are created by an architect, tables are created by a carpentor, movies are created by a director ... I can not think of things in this world that just happened, and have provided useful to our world. I truly believe that something as complex and beutiful as the trees, the earth, the humans and animals ... were all created by an amazing creator, God. This world is too perfect to be put down to chance ...
P.C.W Davies estimated that if the strength of gravity ... were changed by only one part in ten, followed by a hundred zeroes, life could never have developed. Michael Behe has said the probability of linking together just one hundred amino acids to create one protein molecule by chance, would be the same as a blindfolded man finding one marked grain of sand somewhere in the vastness of the Sahara Dessert and doing it, not just once ... but three time.

How can the creation of this world be put down to chance, when even scientific and mathetmatical discoveries, prove it would be pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to do so. Sir Dredrick Hoyle put it colorfully when he said that this scenario is about as likely as a tornado whirling through a junkyard and accidentally assembling a fully functional Boeing 747.

Where do you think we come from ... I would truly like to know.

i dont feel your the type who will put anything that TRULY supports God on your website, anything that might ACTUALLY prove you wrong.

okay so first off, thanks a-ton for putting my pictures on your website... just felt like putting a face to the offense? COOL, whatever... The reason I used myspace was so that my emails wouldnt appear on your website... I wanted to talk to YOU, not your world of followers. But you know whatever, its totally cool, because through your website i have had some messages from people who are supporting me, and thats awsome... i definetly needed to hear words of support through all this. I wasnt sure if emailing you was a smart move or not.
HOWEVER, i do feel that our conversation was mal-represented on your website, seeing as how ... i did infact send you an email that you refused to reply to because it gave some fairly good juicy stuff, if i may so so myself, so in turn you had to pass it off to your friend.
So NORMALLY i would ask for you to put the last email up that i sent you, and in your response area you could put 'I didnt know what to say' ... But i dont feel your the type who will put anything that TRULY supports God on your website, anything that might ACTUALLY prove you wrong.

It's been great talking to you, i actually enjoyed getting your emails ... it was a test, i LOVED it. Can't say finding my pictures on your website was the same feeling though ... ! Anyway maybe we will touch base sometime in the future

God Bless :)

First off, the main reason I didn't reply to your last letter was because it was dumb. It said dumb things that were a waste of my time to read, let alone answer. Things that you've copied off of other websites and forwarded along to me. Things I've addressed hundreds of times before this. But I will answer them for you now since you're complaining about it.

Those crazy things you've witnessed that science cannot explain. Well, I bet it could. I bet if you told me about the crazy things you and other people witnessed there'd be a very logical explanation. I wish you would have explained them. It would have at least been something in your own words. Your own feelings on the matter, and not so much regurgitated hogwash from the web. But you're not telling me about it so there's really little I can respond to here.

Sarah, the bible saying the world is a circle hardly shows the "great wisdom" of their time. A circle is flat. They thought the world was flat, Sarah. Jesus stood on the highest mountain and saw all the Kingdoms of the world! Matthew 4:8. This can only be done on a flat planet. A round planet couldn't have a mountain tall enough to see around to the other side. There are many other examples in the bible of them thinking the world is flat, with four corners even.

Scientists have found thousands of links in the chain of evolution. And they continue to fill in the gaps daily with new findings and missing links. Do you ever read the paper?  How can you look at other animals and not see we're all made of the same stuff? We all have feelings, and emotions, feel pain, breath, eat and sleep. You haven't studied science much I'm guessing. Have you seen a dog feel shame? A cat look emotionally hurt? Who died for their sins, Sarah? Where is their heaven?

Sarah, if there were dinosaurs living with people, what happened to them? Did your great flood kill all the dinosaurs? Did the flood kill the underwater dinosaurs and the flying dinosaurs too? And why doesn't the bible speak more about these 7 story tall creatures eating people up and stomping around crushing buildings and such? One mention of a large beast that drinks a lot of water and Christians go crazy saying "it proves where dinosaurs were!" It should also be noted that the bible reports talking animals, giants, unicorns, dragons, and satyrs (hoofed boys-goats).

Where do I, an atheist, think we all came from? This topic fascinates me, Sarah. I love to read up on this subject, and study its reasons. Evolution shows how life started millions of years ago with the simple combining of water, carbon dioxide and methane, knitted together by lightning and sunlight on the water's surface. All that had to happen was for these 3 substances to come together and something would have been formed that could duplicate itself. This is life in its infancy. That's all life really is. A something that can duplicate itself over and over and over again. Then, these things, fighting for space and food evolve naturally. The better operating things move on, while the weaker ones fail. This is evolution, and science uses these same laws to make better cows, tastier fruits and vegetables, and even build a better selling pet that you and I may one day purchase. Evolution is a scientific fact. It's as real as you inheriting the features of your parents, and passing those traits down to your children.

Yes, it is pretty much impossible for life to come about. Pretty much. But all there needs to be is just the slightest chance of a possibility, and in an infinite universe and an infinite amount of time (each of which there is) it will happen. It has to happen! It may take millions and billions of years (which it did), but eventually something will happen. It's just the law of averages. It's a bigger picture than you're imagining. Your simple outlook sees a landscape and says "Someone made it" and sees the moon and says "Someone made it." Things can form on their own over time, Sarah! And I'm not talking about a junkyard exploding and coming down forming a 747. We're talking about billions of years, living forms, and survival of the fittest.

Science explains things Sarah. And to deny this is to deny your little sister an education. And that's not a man on a website trying to raise your child. That's just common sense.

being challenged by you has only STRENGTHENED my relationship with God sooo much ... So yah thanks dude!!

heey heey heey ;
Okay man, I am soo done talking to you, I have grown so much in my faith in these last two days dude, WOW i cant even decribe it ... and I totally know that talking to you in the beggining was worth it, cause it taught me to dive further into my bible, look up scripture that supported things I had to say ... and even just look deep in myself, so dude thankyou for the test in faith, it has in turn just streched me and grown me in soo many ways.
The funny thing, is that ... You believe all your facts as true, and believe anything I give as false, which in all fairness is cool, because like if you believed anything I said, then where would you stand ?! But I just find it interesting as to how easy you are to blow off what ANY christian says ... Like have you read 'Case for Christ', if you havent ... I challenge you to read it, cause the things that they talk about... like the facts they give, the archeological information, the undeniable support ... I would love to see what you think on all of that.
Anyway I dont want to argue my faith, and as for my testimony, you say you would love to hear it. I dont want to give it. Because something so close and dear to a Christians heart, has no place to be mocked in the world of atheism.

So if you think this is me bowing out, then all I can do is laugh and say thankyou, Because being challenged by you has only STRENGTHENED my relationship with God sooo much ... So yah thanks dude !!
Oh one last thing that I find is funny, is just that I have such a heart to reach out to you ... I dont think ANY sin is unforgiveable (it says blaspheming is the unforgivable sin, not the past tense... when you pray and ask for forgivness it will be blessed upon you, it is when you die blaspheming God's name, that the sin is unforgivable, cause you never asked for the redemption of it). I dont think one person is less in the eyes of God then another ... and by no means do I condemn you.

I think it is tough in the world of the church these days, cause their are soo many people that have the wrong type of ideas about the church, hypocritical views, its like they dont want to reach out , and just that they JUDGE like crazy !! But thats where it is funny, cause your very much like the typical church person ... you dont want to reach out, and try and help people into a better life through atheism, a 'free' life.. as I am sure you would put it, but your totally just about cutting people off, and like judging them and having a closed heart on certain faiths.
I just find how similar you are in that way, the only difference is the Spirit behind it. It's crazy !!

ANYWHO thanks, great talking to you ... but dont write back, unless you feel you need to argue something because i have caused any doubt in you. There is nothing you can say that can tear me away from God, which is really cool to say ... and I know it true now, so thanks !!
May God Bless you, and I guess ill see you around on this stupid old myspace website, which for some reason i just cant get rid of, LoL ... its very addictive !!

ttyl, peace out

Hey Sarah,
However you may have taken my past emails, all I really want you to do is question stuff. Don't just bury yourself up over your head in the Bible's teachings. If you have unanswered questions, pursue them. And if there are things that make no sense in the explanations, find out why. I'm not trying to convert people to atheism. I've been doing this long enough to know there's nothing I or anyone else can say that'd steer you on any other path than the one that leads to Jesus. My quest isn't to sway you. My purpose is to show that I make good points. I have my reasons, and they're all logical. And I publicly present these emails to show that there aren't logical answers from believers. It always just comes back to: "I believe no matter what." To me that means "I believe whether it's true or not." And that's all I want to show.

There are a lot of kids/teens/people out there who have these same unanswered questions. The same questions I just asked you that you don't care about. And they're told they're bad for asking them. I want those people to know they're not bad for wanting logical answers. They should want to know the truth if it's there to be known.

And I also want to show how even though we have perfectly good reasons for believing what we do, we will still go to your hell for doubting. Therein lies the ugliness of your beliefs which punish people eternally for the crime of being misled. And here you smile even though your precious loved ones burn forever in your God's hell. How do you do it?

It's the horrible truth you'll have to figure out eventually.



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