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Contest time again!

As you may have noticed I have been on a How- can- there- be- a- Heaven- while- others- suffer- in- Hell kick, and I am loving every minute of it!

I love it because now I have ammunition to judge and chastise believers for their evil hearts! It's fantastic! And they're scrambling like roaches for excuses, and there aren't any! At least none that sound sweet and heavenly. Basically they're saying, "Once I get to heaven I ain't gonna give a shit about none of those losers! I don't care if they were my freakin' only child! I'm in paradise baby!!!!"
Now it's time to rub their fucking noses in it.

So here's what I want from you. I want a drawing that illustrates someone living it up in Heaven while someone suffers in Hell. It can be stick figures, a diorama, Photoshopped Google images, an oil painting or a freakin' word balloon above a picture you scanned from the Bible! I don't care, just as long as it's clever, and funny!


1st Prize: A misprint set of Jesus Dress Up magnets where 3 of the magnet signs at the top are green! Collector's item!!!!

2nd Prize: The original pen and ink drawing of that comic I just drew as a sample up there. Signed!!!!!!

3rd Prize: An autographed postcard of me as Satan! Wow!!

Send entries to: contest@normalbobsmith.com
All entries that look like they had any sort of effort put into 'em will be posted with credit and links given to the artist. All entries must be in by the last day of this month (June 2006).
But most importantly, have fun with it!

you'll be thrown into HELL!!!!!!!!

I can't believe you could be so rude to the son of God!!!! He died for you, and you don't even care! One day you'll stand before God, and you'll have to answer to Him about this. Apparently, you're not a christian, and on the day you stand before God, that day you'll be thrown into HELL!!!!!!!!

Lee & Ann Carroll

How can you talk to me like this? You can actually have any sort of heaven while your bothers and sisters in life burn forever in hell? There can be no heaven when my fellow humans suffer eternally, unless you are a glutonous, heartless villain!

I wanna hear you say it! I wanna hear you say "I can find it in myself to laugh and enjoy paradise while my ex-friends and loved-ones from earth burn forever." Say it! SAY IT!!!!!! You disgust me! You and your twisted belief!


Why are you trying to poison the minds of our children, Don't you know that God has ALL POWER?

Subject: Need to take your satanic web site off the internet

This these type of sites should be banned. Children nor adults should find this amusing or fun. If they know better. Children are innocent but people like you are sending a dangerous message. It is truly evil to make lithe of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The web Voodoo dolls kids are thinking they are playing when the truth is this too is acts of Satans demons. Why are you trying to poison the minds of our children, Don't you know that God has ALL POWER? Where are your morals? Is your soul so dark that you can't see that this is not funny or a game. I WILL PRAY THAT YOU REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS. IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I PRAY.

Laverne Robinson

How dare you promote a religion that portrays a paradise while others suffer eternally. I hope your entire heartless, twisted "faith" chokes on its own foul attitude towards human life! It is the most disturbing thing I've ever heard! The last thing children need to be taught is that there can be a heaven while their best friend burns in hell! Nevermind that! There shouldn't even be the slightest smirk if your freakin' mailman chokes eternally on his boiling blood!

If you are not a coward I would suggest you email me your solution to this problem, because I am going to post these emails for all the world to see to show how heartless Christians are in their beliefs!

You repulse me! You should not be let near a child with this disturbed belief! Gag, cough! You make me PUKE!!!!!


Subject: God; Now with all power

I liked Laverne Robinson's Sheeple. "All Power" sounded like "Retsin" or "Nutrasweet."

Ben Salley


you should hoonestly be ashamed!!

this is insulting and your rediculous... wow... you should hoonestly be ashamed!!


I should be ashamed? YOU should be ashamed! You worship a god who ignores the cries from hell, and expects us to enjoy any sort of heaven while those gurgling screams echo off the cave walls of hell!

It is ridiculous! And you claim your God loves me more than my own father? Even my own father would let me into heaven if I were begging from hell.

How DARE you tell ME that I should be ashamed!
I hope you wake one morning with your underwear in your mouth.


I am only a kid... I HATE YOU!!!!!!

I am only a kid but yet old enough to relize you have come strait from hell
by doing such awful things to GOD my SAVORUR I HATE YOU!!!!!!!

Amber Gregory

I ask you, how can there be a heaven while others burn in hell? I don't understand.
I would cry every day in heaven, sad for all those lives that suffer in hell. Heaven
must be the saddest place ever.



you discust me...

i find your site very offensive to christians! you should be realy ashamed! The death of Jesus is nothing to laugh about and joke about! it is something very serious! instead of laughing about jesus, maybe you should consider praying to him, or talking about, or even learning about hi! you discust me...


Do you even realize how much you disgust me even more? You make the heartless claim that there can be any sort of heaven while your fellow human beings burn eternally forever and ever. You're so selfishly hollow in your loves and friendships that there can still be a paradise while hell consumes those you knew here on planet earth. You are far more despicable than my silly little dress up game. How dare you send such an offense to my mail box!

While you are in heaven eating your sugar topped crumb cakes having your wings combed by angel-servents, I hope that this email triggers a memory of a loved one screaming for mercy in the pits of hell, punishment for making a mistake. And I hope this ugly picture cannot be banished from your thoughts and your heaven is completely ruined.



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