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Some below average answers to the Heaven Is Hell puzzle!
Along with the HEAVEN IS HELL drawing contest!

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The "Heaven is Hell" drawing contest is going on right now and how important it is! So again, here's what I want from you. I want a drawing that illustrates someone living it up in Heaven while someone suffers in Hell. It can be stick figures, a diorama, Photoshopped Google images, an oil painting or a freakin' word balloon above a picture you scanned from the Bible! I don't care, just as long as it's clever, and funny! There's only been 9 entries so far, so enter! You can really win this!


1st Prize: A misprint set of Jesus Dress Up magnets where 3 of the magnet signs at the top are green! Collector's item!!!!

2nd Prize: The original pen and ink drawing of that comic I just drew as a sample up there. Signed!!!!!!

3rd Prize: An autographed postcard of me as Satan! Wow!!

Send entries to: contest@normalbobsmith.com
All entries that look like they had any sort of effort put into 'em will be posted with credit and links given to the artist. All entries must be in by the last day of this month (June 2006).
But most importantly, have fun with it!

hey man... im Alex, and i love you like a best friend

Subject: Hey man i love like a brother and wish you better.

hey bob, im Alex, and i love you like a best friend i hope you find the truth. i want you to know i care about you. Just pray for God to show you the truth. you'll find it.

All the emails the most important thing i want you to relize about these people that have been trying and trying to convert your thoughts, is their gain. these people (most). really care about you and what you do with your self.

I love you, and with Gods Grace and Mercy, I love you and will pray for you.
sent with all God's love.
Alexander Vince

My question to you is, how can there be any heaven while others suffer in hell? I get no pleasure in that. Do you? It's horrible if you say yes.

I hope you and God will see how horrible this is and change your ways. You are lost and heartless. If it were possible I would fill your refrigerator with poop.


hey man... every person who has said they Hate God i feel soooo sorry for them

hey man im gald u took the time to write back and this isn't hate mail, anyway you said "how can there be any heaven while others suffer in hell? I get no pleasure in that." well I'm very sorry but it's not about you and as far as others and their choices it is not your concern God loves you and it is just between you and him. Others have made the choice to leave God behind and they took the alternate which happens to be Satin and they get Satin's love for you instead of God's. And every person who has said they Hate God i feel soooo sorry for them, and i love them i've might of cryed 3-4(a very pathetic cry) times over how bad this world is and how i will never see them twice. and do u remeber when Jesus wept over the Sin of man? He cares soo much. And it would so cool if you could fill my refrigerator with Pop Cuz i have None... at all.

P.S. hey look at all the love you have recived from these "hate mail" letters we r not doing this for our own health it's for you cuz we love you like our own. God offered you his love you refused it and he can't have Sin in heaven sorry.

Alexander Vince

So you tell yourself that people who don't believe in your God hate Him? And you've convinced yourself of this? You think that a Hindu hates our God and His Son Jesus? You think that I say to God "I hate you" and refuse His love? You've convinced yourself that a kid raised in a non Christian home hates your god? How old are you Alex?

I'm guessing that you also believe that the people in hell like it there, and when they beg for relief from the endless waves of fire washing over their melting flesh for the rest of eternity, you will not be affected by their cries because that's what they asked for. And as an angel in heaven you will not mourn them even if they were once your mailman, best friend, son or daughter?.

And then to joke around like their eternal torture is to your amusement, I am disgusted by you and your faith. I've never heard such a horrific view on life and your fellow humans.

Just answer the question honestly and say "I will not shed a tear for my child who burns alive in hell eternal," and be done with it. I'd have much more respect for you if you addressed the issue directly, instead of pretending that every person who's not a Christian hates Jesus. C'mon! Show me you've got a pair! Say you don't care about them! Say you will be happy and heartless in heaven! Say it!



I think your website is digusting.

Subject: Jesus
Hey Bob,
I am a Christian and you certainly do not fool me with your cover up against Jesus Christ.

I think your website is digusting.
Jackie the Great

Excuse me, but I have a very serious question for you that no one seems to be able to answer for me. It's quite simple. My question to you is this- How can you expect to enjoy any sort of heaven while someone burns alive in hell? And this question especially pertains to people whose loved ones and friends go to hell while they themselves are in heaven. How does the mother of a child in hell have paradise, ever?

Personally I think you are disgusting for having a paradise while people suffer eternal torture for the crime of not believing in Jesus.

Please help clarify your stance on this so that you can switch it back to me being disgusting again.
Thank you.

You dont understand because your not supposed to understand it.

To answer your question, How can you expect to enjoy any sort of heaven while someone burns alive in hell?

Its quite simple, the person in Hell belongs there. Those who are not saved know from the beginning they are damned. They are not with Christ nor will they ever be. For example, Hitler is in hell and thats where he belongs and I am sure thats how he wanted it to be. I believe he knew that also.Its sickening isnt it? However it is true and I guess you are well aware of knowing that you are probably going to the same place so get over it and face it. Why lie to yourself?

And yes Hitler had a mother and a father.

Anyone could bring into the world the bastard child or have the Saint! No one truly knows until the child is born. In the end both will go to where they belong (Heaven, or Hell). I am sick of people like you always trying to act like you don't understand anything. You dont understand because your not supposed to understand it.

However as a Christian I must fight to save Jesus from people like you.

Yes, but then there are those who don't believe in heaven or hell. They really and truly don't believe the tales from the bible, and they go to hell for that! I'm not talking about Hitler here. I'm talking about the guy across the street, the teenager in Africa, the Hindu girl in India, the Eskimo who's children worship the sun and animals, or quite simply your brother or sister who doesn't believe what you believe. Those are the people I am talking about. Those are the ones you have to think about being fried eternally in the fiery pits of torture for not believing in Jesus. And those are the people you have to consider when you're basking in paradise sipping your cold drinks on Pleasure Beach, just off of Cape Perfection.

It is the children that God brought into this world damned from their very birth because of Original Sin that I hope haunt you to your core while you sit atop your throne in heaven, alongside a million other thrones, with all your Christian angel buddies.

I have a hard time sleeping at night thinking about what the people in the Twin Towers went through. I can't imagine how heartless you'd have to be to write off a billion humans suffering like that forever. Christians must have hearts of ice. But I suppose that's no surprise, since they worship a God that stops loving you once you're in hell.

What horrible people you'll all be in heaven.

the guy across the street, he just might be the devil himself. The anti-christ or whatever you want to call him.

Whether you have heard of heaven or hell is irrelevent.

You must think God is ignorant. Dont try to use that same question over and over again.

Everyone no matter where there from knows theres is a higher power. They may not know what it is but they know its out there. Even a child from birth knows this, until he is introduced to God.

If mankind itself did not know there was a higher power they would not exist today. It is that very thing that has kept man alive for thousands of years, whether you love him or hate him its your very reason for living. The Eskimo's, the Hindu Girl, the teenager in Africa, or the guy across the street would immediately know who one of God's children was just by looking at them.

In addition the guy across the street, he just might be the devil himself. The anti-christ or whatever you want to call him. He may be quiet and he be working but if he is not doing what God wants or believes in God then I can assure he is nothing but the beast. Do not think for a second I don't know who the beast is...because I do. As for the attack on the twin towers, they are the people who are against Christianity and are out to destroy the world. It is up to us (Christians) to stop them before they do more harm.

Wow! So you really do believe that the guy across the street from you, or anyone for that matter may be The Beast! Satan himself! And it's up to you, and other Christians to stop these people from destroying the world! What wonderful lessons you've learned from your religion.

Everyone who's not a Christian hates God and is evil and deserves eternal suffering. You on the other hand deserve your eternal paradise because you were luckily brought up in the one correct religion.
I understand now.
Thank you Jackie.
Let me guess. You're 15.


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