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Okay, so you wanna know how far I'm going? The letters on this page weren't even emailed to me. The first letter from Hope here is from her Myspace blog which was emailed to me from someone else on Myspace. So I read through it, got disturbed, retorted it (as you'll read) and she responded, but THEN she DELETED my final response from her blog, THREE TIMES! And then she blocked me! So here they are, in full, and I don't care whose fucking permission I don't got!
And by the way, how can you have beliefs you feel so strongly about but don't wanna defend??!?!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Subject: Hope, the bitch who gives me no hope for mankind.

I know that everyone with half a brain stem can see the fallacies in all her arguments. Or, rather, her "genius" brother's arguments. "Genius" my ass...

Reading what she wrote literally made me ill. I had to suppress the urge to vomit. Seriously. Her comment, "And people are all like 'Well if God is all loving why is there a Hell' ...OKAY GENIUS...think about what you're saying...what you should be saying is this..'SINCE God is all loving, How can there NOT be a hell.'"
almost caused me to hit things. Her ignorance is astounding. Is she serious? Does she even read what she writes? Does she even think about what she's saying? Because, when I think of love, I think of people burning in hell for eternity, going through endless pain, torture, and humiliation. I mean, that's what any loving parent would do to their child, right? Make them suffer for eternity?

What is it with xians that always use the argument, "Well, you can't see wind, but you can feel it! Same with god." No, it's not the same with god. You can't see god, and you don't know whether he exists, because THERE IS NO EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!! There IS evidence of wind!

Another point I'd like to make is that most xians, when asked the question, "Why do bad things happen to good people, and why does your god allow it?" they always retort with "Well, it's free will, duh! lololololol ROFLMAO!!!" But then, when something happens to them personally, they blame it on satan. So, if it happens to someone other than them, it's humanity. But when it happens to them personally, it's satan? WTF?

People like Hope leave me hopeless. Pun intended. I seriously want to vomit. And I really am not joking. I want to vomit. I feel extremely sick to my stomach.


I'm a Norwegian and an atheist. (by the way I'm kinda recent to the comment about scandinavian mutton wearing tourists, America has the highest count of people with a mutton, or was it the hockey- playing- ice- skating- canadians?!)
Today Norway is the only country in the world , except for Iran who has an teocratic goverment. Our country is run by a priest and The Christian peoples party and has been for the past 10-15 years. Sadly Norwegians are extremely conservative , we could actually have re-introduced witch-burnings.

. So why im a telling you this? Because you need to know that there is HUGE support for you, your site and for all atheists, the truth is finally being unveiled, and thousands each year find out that Jesus is just as fictional as Santa Claus.
Norway is known for Black metal, I used to be a black metal artist for years myself, Trying to mock the christian faith and it's power to control human minds. I haven't had such a laughing fit for years when i read your "hate-mail" section. People are absolutely so simple minded that they can't se farther then the cross. By the way, the figured who adorned the Cross has changed through the decades/millennia. first a pair of fish, then a bush , a lamb then a man.
I have known for a long time that Americans, cling to their religion quite hard. But i didn't know that there existed so many DUMB Christian Americans. or somehow i did, for years of reruns on norwegian tv-stations of full house and other crappy family comedy series.
I have spent several years studying religion, and i came across a book, called "the Crist conspiracy, the greatest story ever told, the greatest story ever sold" by acharya S. Look it up, photocopy some of the pages and dazzle the simple minded americans with some more HARD truth! 
She also has written Suns of God. Just finished End of faith by Sam Harris. And i have read a lot of history books of the second world war and the atrocities committed by Hitler. The thing is, you see , is that in Christian terms, Hitler was actually forgiven for his sins and let into heaven. Because everyone can have redemption. And Hitler pleaded and the things he did was for God and the good of the human race.
Thanks for being sincere, telling the truth, being a good sport. And perhaps answering my kinda informative e-mail.
The norwegian guy
Paul Eid

My GENIUS of a brother wrote this and its absolutly true...

My GENIUS of a brother wrote this and its absolutly true check it out!:

Atheist and God

Okay well, Its been far to long since I have got my debate hand on and i'm ready to spit my beef. So here I go provoking and instigating. Join in my friends on my thoughts on these serious matters....

Atheist. proving logical negatives= "arguementum ad ignorantiam"

Sometimes atheist assert that there is no proof that God exists. The only problem is that an atheist cannot logically make that claim.
In order to state that there is no proof for God's existence, the atheist would have to know all alleged proofs that exist in order to then state that there is no proof for God's existence. But, since he cannot know all things, he cannot logically state there is no proof for God's existence.
At best, an atheist can only state that of all the alleged proofs he has seen thus far, none have worked. He could even say that he believes there are no proofs for God's existence. But then, this means that there is the possibility that there is a proof or proofs out there and that he simply has not yet encountered one.
Nevertheless, if there was a proof that truly did prove God's existence, would the atheist be able to accept it given that his presuppositions are in opposition to the existence of God?

I would also like to add these tidbits, IF atheist REALLY did there research they would see that the more a VAST majority of atheist have tried to disprove god only to do a total turn around and see how wrong they were. And im sick of hearing this crap "if god is real where's the proof!" and "prove the bible is real!" i mean COME ON!! there is more historical evidence backing up the bible and christianity then anything! For those who would like to know this evidence check out this book "A Case for Faith" or "The Verdict".

I mean can people really be so DENSE. I mean you can't see the WIND but you know its there right? Because you can feel the effects of the wind. Well i see the effects of God, in the earth, in peoples lives.

And people are all like "Well if God is all loving why is there a Hell" ...OKAY GENIUS...think about what you're saying...what you should be saying is this.."SINCE God is all loving, How can there NOT be a hell." People try to think of God like he's a being, like Man. Like he can just make it so there is no hell and what not. to do that would go against what God actually IS. but if you think about it...this is a Rightgeous being who cannot stand to have sin or anything unholy in his presence so it only makes sense. REALLY, he has SO MUCH love that he would rather us CHOOSE him then make us, for us to be puppets on his STRINGS. yeah he could do that, but that wouldnt be TRUE love. Our human minds cant fathom this concept because we're use to seeing things so abstract and RATIONAL. but this is bigger than what we could possible grasp. people gotta stop thinking of this stuff as a equal logical concept. and thats okay.

And people all like "Well if God is good why does he let bad things happen to good people" okay God doesn't "LET". there's a little thing called free will, and yea Gods always there, but if he put his big finger on every little detail and incident in life, and everything that happened, then all we would be is puppets on a string. and the fact that he doesnt do this, i mean thats the BEAUTY of it really.

"the mind is keeping us from seeing the reality of truth in which no one will know until one looks into the outside world which no one can distinguish inside oneself. "


With this argument it can also be argued that there might possibly be an electric toaster on Pluto. You can not prove to me that there isn't a toaster on Pluto, and I can say that there might very well be proof here on earth that there is an electric toaster on the planet Pluto, it just hasn't been discovered yet. What I think is astounding is that something as Omnipresent, All-powerful, and Omnipotent as God, there has yet to be any proof in how many thousands of years uncovered to prove His existence.

How can you say that there is more historical evidence to back the bible than there is to back science's findings? Dinosaurs aren't in the bible, and the History Museum (science) tells us that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, long before the bible's Earth was even created! Or did dinosaurs live along side human beings, then die in the Great Earth Flood? Then how did a flood kill flying and swimming dinosaurs?

We can see and measure the wind. Science has many devices to study and prove that wind exists. Wind chimes, for instance, prove that wind exists. Please show me the wind chime that proves God.

Now I have a question for you. How can there be a heaven if there is a hell? How can any caring, loving person enjoy any sort of paradise while fellow human beings burn forever in the pits of hell? I have trouble sleeping when I think about what the people in the Twin Towers must have gone through. I couldn't ever have a moment's peace again to think that there are those who suffer like that for eternity! And what if it's a mother being separated from her child? Does God muffle their screams so the angels don't have to listen to it? Does He wipe your mind of your friends and past loves so that you don't have to know their true fate? How can there be a heaven if there is a hell?

Please answer me this, because it really does make a Christian seem heartless and selfish.

I don't like religion because it tells people to be satisfied with not understanding the world.


you can go to Muhammed's grave and Budah's and find bones but go to Jesus' grave and you will so NO bones!

Subject: answers to your questions

You commented my Blog on athiest and God and you had a couple questions so here ya go:
First off the Bible does talk about dinosaurs and man walkin together on earth in Job and Genesis theres one in Job 40 verse 15 and chapter 41 it says right there! The flood that wiped them out is what made the fossil impacted in the ground the fossils we have now.

And you can go to Muhammed's grave and Budah's and find bones but go to Jesus' grave and you will so NO bones because he rose from the grave and is still alive and we believe those things by faith because what we see god do in our lives.

Hell is created for Satan and his demons who hate god and his ppl but Satan drags ppl into hell who do not except god's love or want nothing to do with him. God gives every person numerous chances to recieve his lovebut sadly some of his creation wants nothing to do with him because he will not have us be robots instead they choose to serve satan and be seperated from their Creator forever.

AND if you could prove God (which is what you were saying in the blog comment) then that means we could figure him out with our small human minds and how great of a God would that be???

I'm not here to have a big argument but why would some one who is "NOT the least bit intrested" in God be battling so hard agianst Him? each of us has an empty void inside of us that we're longing to fill with something, with all of your quetions you must be searching because you're obviously not satisfied with life as it is. Jesus loves you and created you and has a great purpose for your life! i hopen you find it or most of all find Him...
God Bless,

[This next response was deleted from her blog, three times!]

Okay Hope, I've read through your letter, and I have to tell you right off the bat that every excuse you're giving is very very stretched. First of all, the flood wiped out the swimming dinosaurs and the flying dinosaurs? And it isn't like I left that out of my explanation to you in my first letter. I clearly asked: "Then how did a flood kill flying and swimming dinosaurs?" And you just glossed over it like the question doesn't even exist! That is not a point for you. That is a point for me, up until you address the question. So Hope, answer me that. How did a flood kill the dinosaurs that swam in the water, and flew in the air? Was the flood so deep that it pushed Pterodactylus and Pteranodons up out of the atmosphere into space? And was the flood so gargantuan that it even drowned the dinosaurs that lived in the water? I do not understand. It would be a shame if people were to go to hell simply because they believed unexplained lies. Please explain!

I have another question for you. Is finding no bones of someone's dead body evidence that they're still alive? You confused me with your point. Are you aware that they also did not find David Koresh's bones either. Should I be using that as an example of him still being alive too? I think I'll do that!

Okay, so I do not hate God. Not in the least. Seriously. I simply do not believe that the stories in the bible are true (for reasons that I am pointing out in this email). Does that mean hell was not made for me, and I will go to heaven? If this is true then I am very very glad on the matter! Please clarify! I may throw a party for me!

And you do not need to have something figured out to prove it exists. We are far from figuring out planet earth, the universe, planets and such, yet we know they exist. Or are you saying that God is playing hide-and-seek, and he is far better at playing this game than us? Your example that God is too complicated to figure out is the reason we will never prove His existence is a bad example. Please think of a better one. Remember, your answers are essential in saving me from eternal suffering. Take your time.

And finally, I don't believe I ever said that I'm not the least bit interested in God. Where did you get that quote? Because I didn't say it. I am very VERY interested in the topic of God and Jesus and the Bible. It fascinates me to no end, obviously! I could talk about the topic forever! I very much enjoy hearing people like yourself try and explain them to me. Heck, that's why I addressed your blog in the first place!

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your replies. And please, this time, address my specific questions. My eternal life is on the line here, Hope.

If you know of other Myspace blogs that I might enjoy rebutting, email me a link!

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