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That's right! All the entries are in, the contest is over, and the winners have been decided! And I got some funny entries, that's for damn sure! Me and my friend Colyn rated each one of the entries on a 1 through 10 grade, on creativity, and most importantly, funniness. There were some really funny entries that didn't quite make it, like this one from Devin Sexson:

It's clever, and funny, and the song is fucking great, but the winners we chose topped it.

And Melissa Tillery, the winner from a past drawing contest, sent in a beautifully illustrated comic with an interesting solution to God's problem with heaven:

But it wasn't quite hilarious enough to beat out the top three winners. Both of those entries we gave a 7 out of 10.

The only deciding factor that knocked Tom's out was it being a few days late. I loved this one! It got a 7 too!

And personally I thought Chelsea Naughtin's here was cute as hell, but that wasn't enough for Colyn. She gave it a 6.

Jesyka sent a cute entry. Nice style. Thank you, Jes!

Even my ex girlfriend sent in a submission, and no, I don't play favorites. She got a 5. Sorry babe, I think you gotta be a graphic designer to appreciate it!

The Third Place prize went to Blaze Buck (Score of 8) and her dancing Conga line with a lady having too much fun to remember... hmmm, whoever those people on earth were!

Hilarious and well drawn! I love this one! Blaze, you win an autographed postcard of me!

The Second Place prize goes to Jim Benson (Score of 9), and just goes to show that you don't have to know how to draw to make me and Colyn laugh our asses off!

Thank you Jim! You won the coveted original pen drawing I did at the beginning of this contest... signed!

And the WINNER (with a score of 10!) of the one of a kind, misprint Jesus Dress Up magnets izzzzz.... (Drumroll), ClouD & Erin! Who won both of our hearts with the line "What is baptize?" and the wonderful twist of the child-rapist going to heaven while his victims are in hell! Bravo Cloud & Erin. Brav-the-fuck-oh.

There were many entries, and I'll show you others as space permits. Thank you everyone for participating, I hope that this contest did not break your hearts.

I understand your intentions with "Jesus Dress Up ", but still, dressing up our Savior as a villain...

I understand your intentions with "Jesus Dress Up," but still, dressing up our Savior as a villain or even a dictaitor is not glorifying Christ. I find this vary disrespectful because doing so portrays Jesus as if he was a criminal. I respect you idea though. I only ask that you find another way that is not desecrating.

Dennis Bitner

Dennis, what you fail to realize is that when Jesus died on that cross that tragic day He was inDEED a criminal. He took on ALL the sins of man on that blessed evening, to the point where His own Father rejected Him! (Jesus Himself couldn't even believe how much HE pissed His Dad off: "Why hast thou forsaken me?") To downplay it by saying that He was a good man without sins who died on the cross totally defeats the purpose of the sacrifice! Jeesh!

You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say that He took on all the sins of man, but in doing so did not take on the responsibility of those sins. That'd be like me saying I take full responsibility for my child throwing a rock through the neighbor's window, but I will not pay to have the window repaired because I am a good person and I did not ACTUALLY commit the act. That's ludicrous!

When Jesus died for those sins He bore all of their weight. He was a blood-thirsty serial killer, a racist Klansman, a genocidal dictator, a Satan-glorifying shock-rocker, and even a homosexual muppet. He died for ALL sins, Dennis, including the most gargantuan sins ever committed by some of the most ruthless, hateful minds of humankind. Because even the most hateful, evil hearted, inhuman monsters deserve eternal heaven, Dennis.



I'm my dad's daughter and I'm 14.

I apologize Bob, I understand what you're saying, and you're wright. When I first saw it, it didn't seem write untill I read to the bottom and those important words of forgivnes containing salvation. I wasn't too sure what to think. It's just with so many different people's opinions, it all gets a little confusing at times. Because the pharoses said that what he was doing was blasphemous. I'm just a new learner who is studying. I'm my dad's daughter and I'm 14. Ignorance and age are not excuses for myself. That's where thought before action comes into play. But, I thank you for setting me straight in what I know or what I thought I knew.


Oh man. Okay, well now that I know you're just a 14 yr old kid I should come clean and say that I was joking. The site I made is a joke against Christianity, and I don't believe for a second that "even the most hateful, evil hearted, inhuman monsters deserve eternal heaven" or that a person's wrong-doings can be paid for by anyone other than him or herself. I wouldn't feel right telling any kid that those things are true. They're awful beliefs that lead to bad behavior.

Now that I know that you're a kid I simply want to tell you that the religion you're being brought up in is fake. The people who call themselves Christians are mistaken in their beliefs. And I don't expect you to simply believe everything some stranger on the Internet says in an email. I'd like to have you see for yourself. Rebecca, do this. Ask your father (or any Christian) this question. How can there be a heaven if my friends (and possibly even family members) are suffering in hell? How can you, or anybody, enjoy any kind of paradise while your fellow humans choke eternally on fire and blood in the pits of hell? Ask someone you know that question, and you'll see that they have no answer. It's a question that they don't want you to ask, and will distract you from to make it go away.

Sorry about the original reply I gave you. I was joking with whom I thought was an adult.
Just question things, Rebecca. Your religion doesn't want you to, but it's the best quality a person can have in life.
I'm a 37 yr old man in New York City. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

anser: It's their choice and we don't realy know if they are in heaven or in hell. He explained that hell isn't bloodshed or suffering in that way; it's knowing that you're not spending eternity with God; it's the separation that makes it suffering.

Thank you for telling me the truth about your website. Well, I did ask what you wanted me to ask, and I did get an anser: It's their choice and we don't realy know if they are in heaven or in hell. He explained that hell isn't bloodshed or suffering in that way; it's knowing that you're not spending eternity with God; it's the separation that makes it suffering.

I agree that asking questions is a great idea to do; I just don't always feel so confident enough somtimes to ask questions in class.(I go to a public highschool)

So, how has your summer been?

Choice or not, it is still suffering. Eternal suffering. That's forever, Rebecca. Forever and ever and ever, suffering in pain, tormented and taunted by our separation from God. Eternal sin and punishment, all the evils imaginable unbound by God's goodness, running rampant in hell. You'll be able to enjoy heaven while your brothers and sisters from earth suffer those penalties? You're telling me that you will not be haunted by those dark images of your friends and family who were good people, but didn't believe?

If that is what you've been told, then the religion you're part of is more sick and revolting than I had imagined. Hopefully now you can understand why I am against it. And God has all the power to rescue them from this suffering? I guess He just forgets about His love for us once we're in hell. I guess that's what all of you do.

It's like having a throne built on top of a pile of money in the largest mansion in the world that's made of gold and diamonds, all sitting on a beautiful grassy green hill with flowers scattered all over it, overlooking a village of sick, starving people with open wounds and maggots in their porridge. Thoughts of your heaven make me sad.



When you are burning in hell I bet you wont have that smile on your face any more.

When you are burning in hell I bet you wont have that smile on your face any more. All I can do is pray for you. I hope that you wake up before it is too late. No matter what Jesus loves you. When you are tired of your life going no where and living a life of unhappiness, Jesus will be there waiting on you. The devil will lie and deceive you. You need to wake up. If there is no God, how did you get here? Wake up man!

Tammy Knight

You're telling me to wake up? How could you possibly have any sort of heaven while your fellow humans suffer forever? I lose sleep just thinking about what the soldiers in Iraq are going through, I can't imagine ever having a paradise of any kind while people I once knew here on earth are washed in waves of fire for the rest of eternity in hell. And that's not even considering that it could be my child or best friend.

You really are all painted up like heartless villains chomping at the bit for your selfish desires.
Jesus Christ, you wake up.


I am not going to press charges this time, but this is going to stop.

Dear Mr. Smith

Why are you discriminating the Christian religion with your pathetic game of dress up Jesus? I am not a Christian, but I think it is terrible, insulting and just plain old stupid.
I am not going to press charges this time, but this is going to stop. So please take this into consideration as many people of the Christian faith will find this very offensive. So I am begging you to acknowledge, and not treated as junk mail.

Thank you

I'm curious, why aren't you going to press charges against me?
You're gonna let me keep it online, right?


Would you want to be dressed up like that?

Dear Mr. Smith,

Please, this is unacceptable! It's your choice though, but it is seriously against religion. You choose, but you are scarring many people, even from other religions.

I do not want to fight. This is my last reply. But don't use a religious and
holy figure. Would you want to be dressed up like that?


That's a horrible suggestion! Of COURSE I wouldn't want to be dressed up like that! It's degrading and humiliating! If someone were to make a dress up page like that of me, I'd probably... I don't know what I'd do! Probably press charges or something! Seriously. I don't take your suggestion lightly at all. Please don't just disregard this email. Your idea is NOT amusing!

Thank you very much.


you had a klu kllan klux outfit!

how could you do that to jesus you freak! I mean you had a klu kllan klux outfit that is just stuid ignorance!


It's to show that he DIED for all those SINS, Lisa! I'm illustrating how Jesus' death was so powerful that it even forgave the sins of Hitler and a NAMBLA member! All of these people can still be saved and go to heaven if they simply BELIEVE! THAT'S what I'm trying to say. Not that Jesus was a KKK memeber, haha, everyone know that they weren't even around in the bible days. Haha.

Don't apologise. You just misunderstood it at first glance.
Please pass it along to your friends.


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