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Subject: hey how you doing?

my names deny and im a christian, and wow i looked at your site and i admire your art work and website skills. so well done

i though id just pop an email it to say hey lifes a roller coaster and were all gonna have issues and problems on the way, and i can see you have thoughts and feelings about jesus and God, but what i picked up the most was your unbelieveable knowledge on the bible and jesus. So maybe all the stuff people bigged jesus up for wasnt true, but hey maybe it was? we dont know for sure, maybe he was an idiot and really nasty and bullied people into believeing who he was and what he was, and maybe he had a surf board and stood on it instead of walking on water? but maybe he did actually walk on water, (kind of explains why peter fell into the sea?) but thats just it, it was when peter fell into the sea while he was walking to Jesus what happened to Peter? did jesus do that on purpose to see if he could swim? or just wanted him to get eaten by sharks? but maybe it was nothing to do with Jesus maybe it was some thing peter did? but what? theyre were many men that saw peter, and he didnt do anything but walk and look down? maybe he lost something? nothing dropped into the water or nothing was thrown by peter? maybe it was something inside he lost like faith?

Faith is a very funny thing, you lose it you lose your life practically!! and you go of the rails and find it hard to swim above levels!

i struggle with faith sometiimes, not because people tell me or preach to me about things to do with the bible but my own personal belief! it is so hard to believe all the things in the bible and some times i do wonder if theyre true but what youve got to realsie is that the bible was written many many years ago and people have changed, the world has changed, we have a modern society, we live in houses now and have pets and have jobs and relationships and have socail life and have family and friends. so things in the bible like killing people is completely harsh but i know that God will not let that happen now and he wouldnt ask us to do that. and a lot of stuff in the bible can be translated differentely, and seen as you believe in the devil and want to rule with him i can see your going to instantly pick up the bad bits of the bible, like i know if you wrote a book explaining your views on religion id read it and interprete the good side of it. the point is weve all got good and bad inside of us. forgiveness happens a lot and god will always forgive. thats why its so hard to believe that God is so good. you need a balance between good and eveil. Satan is evil and God is good. if you add a d to evil see what it spells and if you add a o in the middle of god well you know.

you shouldnt take everything in the bible literally but when you really thnk about it its what you feel is right. if this is you then i will be praying for you, and hope to see the goodness come out more,c oz its in everyone. i love God and will always love him, and i know you believe in him but just be carefull as the devil is full of tricks and bad feeling, he might let you think that you can rule with him but surely hes promised that to many others before and its got hm no where! if he wanted people to rule with him them why has he never had any one to rule with him. the devil works alone.

please dont be a falling angel. you have the right to free will and freedom and man it feels so good.

another thing is i cant believe some of the other christians on your hate mail have said thoses things, thats not christian like or good. peace be with you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. amen.

sorry if this takes up your time but when you wanna try and save some one its hard. picture this, your kids drowning in a really really deep deep pool and you see him flapping about at the top just before he sinks, every ones around you but taking no notice they pretend hes not really there and your the only one who can see him, what are you going to do?

Deny Ferguson
job 14v7: if a tree is cut down there is hope that it will grow again and send out new branches.


What you wrote in the latest hate mail section made me shiver. My crotch is still tingling, and I read it yesterday!

It is everybodies responsibility to avoid open angering of others for such a reason as 'entertainment'

To whom it may concern enough,

I have recently inadvertently discovered this web site 'jesusdressup.com' and i wish to log with you my extreme shock and disgust with regard to the content of this site. I will not give you examples of what the Christian community will find offensive and shocking as that will be obvious to all, but I will say that everything on the site including the words chosen for use on the site have obviously been purposefully chosen for their satirical and abbrasive properties that contradict the messages of the Bible and the Christian teachings.

I feel that given the extreme disrespect this shows to the Christian community, and its open availability to all, young and old, of every culture, I would not be fulfilling my moral obligation as a Christian myself if I were not to make the issues known to you as they are felt by the Christian society, a society that is conservatively estimated to comprise over 33% of the entire World population.

As a result of the very strength of the nature of this site, I feel that no person would ever seek to knowingly create such a site, especially when considering the World state and the fragility of peace that is, at times, entirely threatened by reliious dispute. Because of this I am sure that you must not be fully aware of the offense and hurt that this causes, and therefore rightfully deserve due alerting of the issue so that you may have the chance to reconsider the site content.

Finally, I feel that a person does not have to have a belief in the Christian religion to appreciate that others do and hold its morals close to their hearts, and may be strongly offended by such blatant disregard for the meaning and sanctity of their faith. It is everybodies responsibility to avoid open angering of others for such a reason as 'entertainment'.

I wish to thank you for reading this message, I realise that it is not a topic we will easily agree on, but I am truly grateful that you have read this message, and I trust that you have heard the messages and will appreciate why I have put my concerns to other significant figures in the Christian community.

Simon Bayliss

Hello Simon Bayliss,
First of all, thank you for your email. It is rare that I get such an articulate, well written letter of complaint from a religious person. At times I begin to wonder if Christians are not only attempting to remove Science and Evolution from schools but Grammar as well! Had you considered that perhaps teaching the English language is blasphemy since different languages are a curse ruled down upon mankind from God at the Tower of Babel? Something you folks might want to ponder. But I digress.

The disrespect and satire of the Christian belief that you witnessed on my page was not accidental. I have no respect for a belief that teaches faith over logic, a paradise while others burn, and any belief for that matter that makes anything more valuable than a human being (God, Jesus, the bible, popes, bishops, etc). The disrespect you saw was on purpose. I am quite happy you picked up on it.

As for the defense that 33% of the world population believes in your Christian God, I see this as even more reason to continue what I'm doing. In fact, if 90% of the world believed in your Christian God I'd consider what I'm doing even MORE important. I wonder, what was the percentage of Germans who believed in Hitler? If that percentage were impressively high would you then argue that Nazism shouldn't be questioned or scrutinized?

Simon, I would even go so far as to suggest for you to turn that pompous, self-rightous finger back at yourself in regards to the state of the world and the religious disputes that have put us here. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're the ones who are perpetuating this idea that God's Commandments are to be held over all else (logic, evidence, or even human life for that matter)? In fact, His Words are of such importance that one might even consider crashing a plane into a building if it were as He instructed. You see, from my vantage point these problems are in every way supported by your faith.

Finally I feel that a person who has a belief in any sort of God has a bent, unwavering set of morals. A set of morals that can be broken and forgiven in the same moment, including some of the most heinous and immoral crimes in human history that have been rooted in a belief in God.

And really, Simon. Isn't there only one outcome for two conflicting belief systems in which there is no room for compromise? This is the poison of religion, and this is what you're perpetuating when you claim to have the one true book written by God and a moral obligation to defend it. This is what you support when you hail the practice of faith.

I thank you for reading my retort to your letter. I wish you would consider all of the bad ideas that you endorse when you endorse the practice of faith. Instead human beings should be teaching a belief in proof, evidence and logic. I wish you would just change your mind on this matter. You're going to kill us all if you do not.


My guess would be that that you're gay, and down deep inside, you're very miserable because the Lord Jesus won't condone your wicked lifestyle.

Subject: Your soul is at war with God, Bob!

My guess would be that that you're gay, and down deep inside, you're very miserable because the Lord Jesus won't condone your wicked lifestyle. Your eternal soul is literally at war with the Creator of the universe!! The Bible even speaks of you knowing that you're wrong, yet disregarding the calling of God's spirit! (Romans 1:27) You're very angry, as is your lord and master satan, so you're allowing him to use you to strike back at God by publicly insulting and ridiculing His son Jesus! God really does love you Bob and He's waiting for you to turn to Him. He doesn't want you to go to Hell. (Romans 6:23)
Call upon Him now Bob and feel the wonderful peace of God in your soul! (Romans 10:6)
I'll be praying for you.

P.S. I suppose that if you can logically post this in your hate mail then you should do so, but it's not about hate Bob. It's about God's love for you!

Well, I have a question for you then. Why is it that I am constantly fantasizing about hot, naked ladies in short skirts molesting me? No kidding. I have perpetual thoughts of a girl, sometimes naked, sometimes in just skimpy little panties or short skirts, grinding her crotch area all over my crotch area, and sometimes even on my face! I also have thoughts about giant boobies, and my face buried deep between them. And sometimes I fantasize about small boobies and licking her sweet delicate nipples, feeling their firmness in my mouth. That makes me quite hard, thinking about that. And that smell. I swear my heaven is being nose deep in the smell of a beautiful woman. You name it, I'll put my mouth and nose there. My God.

But it also isn't unlike me to smell the perfume of a woman and my heart to skip a beat, or a longing to rise up in me to have her embrace, that smile into my eyes, and her kiss with a softness found only in a woman. But most of all, I long for that right woman to come along. One who is as passionate about me as I am about her. With soft skin, a tenderness that will balance out my Spock-logic, and a sex drive as high as mine.

In contrast to this, I have none of these thoughts about men. I do not want one in bed naked with me. I do not fantasize about their smell or their backsides or their hairy nipples. I do not think of men as being attractive, and the ones that girls tell me are attractive I think look stupid. In general, I don't think I am being too harsh saying that I have very little interest in men in most every way.

So let me finish this up by saying that I haven't gotten laid in awhile (few months) so I'm hornier than ever, and I still have no desire to be with a man! Just pussy. Sweet, beautiful, delicious pussy. My morning sunrise is between the legs of a woman.

I swear that this is all from the heart. I hope that this clarifies that matter for you.


The Government should put you in jail.

Subject: You will burn in hell idiot

You play with Jesus, and God will punish you.
Your end will be sorrowfull.
Remove your stupid website.
The Government should put you in jail.

Rose Red

That's what Hitler did! You're smart like he was!



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