Hate Mail


People hate me, and it keeps them up at night!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hey there!
Just look at this adorable little digital drawing someone out there did of me.  Thank you, whoever you are. I lost your info and just found it sitting in a folder on my laptop the other day. Email me if it was yours. I'll totally give you credit.

As for what's been going on with me here for the last week and a half, I've been busy, and the heat wave's been killing me! But nothing stops those hate mailers, so here's a big, huge page of them for you today. And there's a ton more where these came from. So much hate mail. It's really impressive how much hate mail a little site like Jesus Dress Up brings in. I'm still at the top of a Google search for Jesus (as you'll read to the right) and that gets me lots of the attention. It frustrates them so! I even beat out Wikapedia! How long will that last? So I have several new versions of JDU on the table to help keep it in the top slot.  I got new Xmas and Halloween versions, I beefed up the regular version with more outfits, and I'm working on an S&M version too! That's exciting!

I also have more Myspace hate mail on the way. There's a few I'm stringin' along right now, and making Sheeples to go along with 'em. And the freelance work has been pouring in *grateful* ever since i posted that Dress Up Tellman page! That's been the whole idea. The reason I first decided to post Jesus Dress Up and everything else to begin with was to bring in the freelance work so I could quit my job and work for myself, and it's finally paying off! I know I'm lucky to have this going for me, and to be in New York City while it does, but you can't stop me from complaining about the heat! Goddamn! It's gonna be in the 100's TONIGHT! It's madness. And I don't have an air conditioner. I've been staying with friends through all of this. They seem happy to have me! Ahh, friends.

So keep cool. There's lot's more on the way. I haven't forgotten about the site, I'm just playing catch up and sustaining what I have until the heat and the busy pass over. And if you have suggestions for the BDS&M version of Jesus Dress Up email me your ideas, bob@normalbobsmith.com and pictures too! But keep in mind, Jesus is the sub, and we're dressing up a sub, so don't say to me "Whips and Cat-o-nine tails, and anal butt plugs!" They have to work on that crusified-Jesus drawing you're all so familiar with by now.

I look forward to your emails.
Whether you believe in Him or not, & even after your attempts to mock Him, He still loves you & wants to be your best friend.

Dear Bob, 

Out of curiosity what is the purpose of your website?  You must have spent quite a bit of time on this. If your purpose is to humiliate Jesus, you are too late -it has already been done to a greater extent than you could ever hope to achieve. And He CHOSE all the humiliation & pain to save us all - including you.  

Whether you believe in Him or not, & even after your attempts to mock Him, He still loves you & wants to be your best friend. By loving you despite your obvious disdain for Him, He proves He has won!  He has ALL the power in the universe at His fingertips & He doesn't need any of us.  Yet He chooses us in all our pathetic weakness - no  strings attached.  The ONLY power we have is to choose to accept His love or not. 

Chris Goodwin

A storybook character wants to be my best friend? And you think that I have disdain for this storybook character?  I have a question for you. How do you communicate with this storybook character? Telepathically?



jesus have forgiveness for you

Subject: forgive you
may jesus have forgiveness for you

Steven Brown

Isn't that automatic?

fire is hot

mark 10/34 and they shall mock him,and shall scourge him,and shall spit upon him,and shall kill him:and the third day he shall rise again.you may think that site is funny now but   fire is hot

Steven Brown

And Heaven is a sad place where people on thrones cry every day for the people they love who are burning in hell.
Where's the verse to clarify that one, smarty pants?


I think anybody who does something  like this should have a one  way ticket to HELL

Subject: your  crazy

i am not a go to church every time the church is open  christian but i think this web sight is completely fucked up and  I think anybody who does something  like this should have a one  way ticket to HELL.


But what  if Hell doesn't exist? What about that?

the only thing you believe in is yourself

I believe in heaven and hell .....unfortunately  it looks like the only thing you believe in is  yourself


No. I also believe in science, and logic, and evidence. I believe in things that have evidence. Heaven and Hell have no evidence at all. In fact, logically they cannot exist. There can be no heaven while others burn in hell. A mother can have no paradise while her child burns, and I assure you mothers who were Christians had non Christian children who went to hell.

Seems you believe in anythiing that makes you feel good. How noble of you.


This should not bed the first site listed on google

Subject: Hello!
I think that is awful that you make fun of our lord like that. This should not bed the first site listed on google.com. I think this site needs shut down. Please reply. Jesus is lord so remember that he and God knows what you andd your workers have done.

Justin Bookhammer

Okay, I am going to reply to this email, but you're probably not going to like what I'm gonna say. The reason that I am number one on Google in a search for the word "Jesus" is because of how popular the page is. I gets so many original hits, and is linked on so many sites it beat out 227 MILLION other sites about Jesus.

It's not me who did it, it's you, the general public. You love the site, and you've made it #1. Spank yourself.

dress up dolls shit

dress up dolls is shit

Brenda Robertson

Did you try refreshing the page? Sometimes it won't work correctly if you begin
playing before the page fully loads.
Try that and get back to me.


this is bull shit

Subject: this is bull shit

who the hell in their right mind would want to ridicule jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Margaret Forbes

I'm just one guy. You can just hate me... even though the bible says you

why were you making fun of Jesus

are you hot... why were you making fun of Jesus

Margaret Forbes

Because the people who follow him hate and name-call.




Tiso Bemres




Hi Bob. This is Aaron. I've tanslated the German hatemail for you >>

 *He mis-spelled "Hurensohn" (One R) meaning "Son of a bitch"

Keep up the good work on the site.


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