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I am sorry to have to do this, but I am forced to give Suzy Talbot a failing grade in Science and Morality 101.

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Suzy Talbot files part 2
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Subject: Jesus Camp

Ah, I love you, Normal Bob Smith.  I just knew you’d be all over this horror flick.  Snuff film – well played, sir.  I have avoided this movie, its trailers, and the clips for fear that I would be struck down with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, because the sentiments expressed in Jesus Camp are exactly what I was taught growing up.  That is why I am so thankful today to be an atheist!

Yours in reason and logic,

I'm very sorry if you've ever been hurt by someone in the name of Christianity or religion

Dear Bob,
Out of curiosity, I thought I'd ask you a question regarding the "Jesus dress up" website. What is the sentiment behind this site, what is it's goal?

I'm sure www.jesusdressup.com generates a lot of hate mail and such coming from religious devotees. This certainly isn't right, hate isn't something Jesus advocated. In fact, it's clear in the Bible that Jesus showed compassion and gentleness to the poor and the oppressed, while he was most harsh to those who were devoutly religious and abided by the rules and laws of religion (but not to the most important commandments: love God and love your neighbour). There was love in his gentleness and there was love in his harshest words. I believe that Jesus' death by crucifixion was the ultimate act of love, and that it was done on behalf of the whole world.

Coming back to my question - if your goal in setting up this site is to shock Christians and to amuse non-Christians, I would just like you to know why Christians would be offended by this. It's not out of self-righteous anger at exposure to something that doesn't comply with their beliefs, it's anger and dismay out of love for Jesus. I'm very sorry if you've ever been hurt by someone in the name of Christianity or religion or even in the name of Jesus. So many people have been hurt in this way, and it angers and grieves me, and I believe it angers and grieves God.

Awaiting a true response,
Suzy Talbot

Hello Suzy,
I am an atheist, which means I do not believe there is any God or gods at all, therefore of course there is no Son of God. I believe that the bible is a fable, much like most of the myths written about gods and goddesses back in the olden days were.

My goal with Jesus dressup is to create a living for myself with something I feel strongly about. And as I've stated, I feel strongly about there being zero gods, so my mockery of The One True God is a statement of both comedy and atheism.

I have indeed gotten quite a bit of hate mail, and I am very thankful for it because it allows me to explain myself, my beliefs, and my reasons. I have many many valid and logical reasons for the beliefs I hold and I love to talk about them. In sharp contrast I have found that logical reasons aren't as abundant from the believers I've encountered. In fact it seems each of them believe purely on the basis of faith; no tangible proof whatsoever.

Thank you for your email.
I hope that I have answered your question.

I believe so strongly in Jesus without being a 'stereotypical Christian'... I believe the scientific method is a right way of acquiring knowledge.

Hi Bob,
I so appreciate your honest and open response! Coincidentally, I also love to talk about my beliefs. People are sometimes surprised that I believe so strongly in Jesus without being a "stereotypical Christian" (homophobic, a member of the "religious right", etc), and that I believe the scientific method is a right way of acquiring knowledge. It saddens me that these stereotypes of Christianity are so prevalent and yet have no basis in Jesus' teachings.... Anyways, I guess that doesn't interest you too much as you don't believe in Jesus.

I am actually very interested in the tangible proof you have to base your atheistic beliefs on. Honestly, if there is proof available to show that what I believe is untrue, I would no longer believe it. I love to challenge and question my own beliefs through discussion with those who believe differently from me. My belief in the truth of Jesus' existence and in his words is not a crutch to me. I believe him because I have found what he says to be true. Nothing else makes more sense to me. I would be glad to go into more detail on this (why I believe what I believe) if you have any interest. Regardless, I would love to hear what reasons you have for believing there is no God. Do you have views similar to those of Nietzsche on "the death of God" and it's implications regarding morality?

Thanks again for your response,
Suzy Talbot

One of the best evidences there is no God is the fact of evolution. Not only does evolution explain perfectly how life works without any need at all for a supreme being, but it also completely contradicts the explanations given by "God" in the Bible, the Koran, and every other book written by man claiming to be written by God.

And if God were the mastermind behind evolution He wouldn't have explained how life works incorrectly. And since the books God writes are the best evidence man has made to prove God's existence, God therefore can be determined not to exist anywhere but in the minds of men.

Science is indeed the right way to acquire knowledge, and science again and again proves God wrong. This does not bode well for man's invention.

You believe in God because you believe all of the things Jesus says are true? The things Jesus says in the aforementioned bible? Is that the claim you're making in your email?

I believe that eliminating God from our minds would only have a positive effect on our morality, because life would be seen as even more valuable (since we only have one), and our differences could be more easily solved on the bases of evidence instead of pretending we have knowledge of God's true intentions then fighting to the death for them (that's what a true belief in God's Will entails).

I don't at all think [The Theory Of Evolution] contradicts the explanations given in the Bible... there is no contradiction... I'm neither a professional Theologian nor a professional scientist.

Hi Bob,
Once again, thanks for the response. Well, I definitely believe in evolution. Not that evolution, of course, is some grand, all-encompassing ideology that answers philosophical questions like "why are we here?".
But I do believe in the existance of evolution and that its study leads us to answers for questions like "how did the world's organisms come to be what they now are"? However, I don't at all think it contradicts the explanations given in the Bible. Many Christians believe it does, and they condemn the belief of evolution and science. I think these Christians are making the same error as those who shot down Galileo for claiming the sun is the centre of the universe: they somehow thought his claim compromised Biblical explanations for the universe's structure. But really there is no contradiction. Of course, I'm neither a professional Theologian nor a professional scientist. However, many scientists have written books directly addressing the world's origins in the light of the Bible (for example, "Modern Physics and Ancient Faith" by Stephen Barr, a professional physicist).

As for science, I don't believe it proves God wrong at any point. But, in any case, as I say this I'm fully aware that this statement, on my part, and your statement that "science again and again proves God wrong", provide no real evidence for either of our cases. Neither of us are professional scientists (unless you are; I wouldn't know). Neither of us have used scientific experimentation to truly prove anything. As you would know, according to the scientific method itself, correlational studies, case studies and anything less than properly conducted, falsifiable experimentation can really PROVE anything. We could both wax philosophical until the end of time and yet come no closer to proving anything (that is, according to scientists... whom I completely agree with on this point). With the information available to us at this time in history, atheists cannot scientifically disprove the existence of God any more than theists can scientifically prove the existence of God.

No, I didn't claim to believe in God because I believe all the things Jesus says are true. I said that I have found what he says to be true. As in, I've read the teachings of Jesus and have, through the observation of the world around me, seen that his words are both practical and wise... and even radical! His words flew in the face of the traditional religious leaders of his time. They are words that uphold the incomparibly high value of every person (not just the value of myself and the people I love and care about) from the poor of the world, to the adulterous, to the outcasts, and to all those the world labels as "sinners". To me this seems to strengthen morality.

In contrast, if I were to treat myself as my own god, I would do everything for my own benefit and of course, for the benefit of those whom it would benefit me to benefit (not only physically, buy emotionally... i.e. it makes me feel good when they feel good). If it were to my advantage to oppress someone and it did not conflict with what I think is true/good, I would have no reason not to do so. I suppose if there were no selfish people in the world and especially no sociopaths, your theory may be right, but as everyone is at least to some extent selfish, I don't think things would just work themselves out in a way advantageous to everyone.

Ok, I think I need to study for my exam now. Thanks again for your
interesting points.

Suzy Talbot

I am sorry Suzy, but on the Evolution Pop Quiz, you and the Bible both receive an F-.

The Bible's explanation of Evolution: "On the third day God produced all vegetation by kinds. There was evening and there was morning and that was the third day. On the fourth day God created light to separate the days. There was evening and there was morning and that was the fourth day. On the fifth day God created the living creatures according to their kinds. There was morning and there was evening and that was the fifth day. And on the sixth day God created man in His own image." Genesis 1:11-27
This contradicts the Theory Of Evolution in EVERY WAY, and you do not need to be a professional Theologian, nor a professional scientist to see that it fails miserably in explaining how life was formed on planet earth according to science.

You were wrong to concur with the Bible's answer, and for that you too get an F-. I have no idea why you are so flagrantly disregarding the teachings of science in this instance, or your own logic, for Christ's sake! I took considerable time explaining myself to you. Your answers here today have shown a complete lack of respect for science, The Theory Of Evolution, and me for that matter.

You are also completely out of line by stating "scientific method itself, correlational studies, case studies and anything less than properly conducted, falsifiable experimentation can really PROVE anything."
This is no excuse whatsoever for your blatant disregard of The Bible's countless errors in its explanation of evolution. Science cannot "PROVE anything" as you so flippantly profess. Science deals with a body of facts systematically arranged to explain the operation of general laws. Science proves many things, and it has proved Evolution as fact.
Suzy, I would hate to give you a failing grade in Science as well, but you leave me little option.
Science = F-.

As for Morality Studies, I am afraid that I have to give you and Jesus both a less than average. D-.
Jesus Christ never once objected to, or condemned slavery. In fact, the Bible even condones slavery (even sexual slavery of one's own daughter, Exodos 21:7-11)! And as you and I both know, this was one of our country's greatest moral failures, and it was permitted in accordance with The Bible's, and Jesus' teachings.

I am giving you a D- in Morality Studies as well.
A man, upon learning that there is no God, will not rape a woman, steal from a blind man, or murder his neighbor. You, Suzy, would not commit crimes against your fellow man if you lost your belief in God.
There is a thing called a "Social Contract" that you and I, and every person enter into when we become part of society. This contract, at its most basic, states- "I will not harm you if you will not harm me. I will help you if you will help me."
People have followed these rules since before the Bible was ever written. In fact, most religions contain these instructions in some form or another. This Social Contract is even apparent in the animal kingdom where there is little to no knowledge of the Bible's teachings.

The second someone realizes that another living being feels pain, sorrow, and fear just as he does, he empathizes. It is not his belief in God, the Bible, or Jesus that instructs him to behave morally to others. It is his need to function in society, find love and acceptance, and live happily along side of his neighbors and loved ones that instructs his morals. If things were as you are declaring, and upon losing one's faith in God he becomes his own God, then atheists would be the most amoral among us (studies have shown atheists are in fact more moral than their "God-fearing" counterpart), and believers in a Supreme Being would not make up more than 80% of our nation's prison system (Federal Bureau of Prisons statistics, 1997).


Suzy, I would hate to see you fail both of my classes this semester. If you do not show a little more respect for Science and improve your studies of Morality I will be forced to hold you back. I have taken a lot of time to personally tutor you apart from the other students, but if you cannot pick up the pace I am afraid that you risk failing at life as a whole.

Professor Normal Bob Smith
Science and Morality 101

Suzy Talbot files part 2
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