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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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What i dont understand is why do people always think jesus looks like the image uve got portrayed of him on ur jesus dress up thing. one) he doesnt look like that, he most likely has shorter hair because the bible says a man should never have long hair; two) why even have something like dress up jesus, its stupid i think how people always do something to get on christian peoples nervews. would you ever have a hindu god dress up? or an islamic one? why is it always jesus? let me know yes

arun rajdeep madahar

Well Arun, in case you weren't aware, the reason people think Jesus looks like the one I have on my site is because those people are much more comfortable with having a really good-looking, well-built messiah than they are with what he probably really looked like back then. White America/Europe is also definitely only going to accept a white Jesus into their hearts. If they made Jesus' skin tone too dark there's no way we'd invite him into our hearts, or even our homes for that matter!

Yes, Jesus dressup is stupid. It shouldn't even exist! The only reason that it does exist is because there are people out there silly enough to believe there were once gods walking the earth back in the olden days. If they didn't believe this my page would have no meaning.

All that said, the reason no one cares about Hindu dressup or an Islamic dressup is because people simply love Jesus more than those gods. Also, the fact that Jesus is crucified in the game makes it much more offensive. I made muhammaddressup.com and no one cares. It's like they've got other, more important things to worry about right now than a dressup page of their prophet from the sky.

Who knows. Good questions though! Thank you!




You're absolutely right. No Jesus died on the cross. Exactly.
So what's the problem?



Have you considered taking the site down?

Hi Bob,

I'm sure I'm not the first one to write to you that this site is blasphemous. Have you considered taking the site down? Someday, you will be held accountable by God for this.

Frank Ferrer

Not only have I never considered for even a second taking it down, but I've even striven to mock other make-believe stories that humanity believes to be true. In fact, I will say right now, if there is any giant lie out there that millions of people believe in I want to be the first one to chop it at the knees and pee in its face.

Yes, accountable to God. Very good. Which God? Allah? Jesus? Zeus? The Eskimo's Raven Man? Which myth... Oh! Excuse me! I mean, True God (heheh) do you believe in? Please tell me. And then quote me scripture to prove it's true. *wink wink* ;)



Christ never wore y fornts

My name is Kev, I am 18yrs old and I am writing to you to express my view on this website!

I typed in to "google" "Jesus" and the first site that i find is your website! I am a Christian and i find this website ofensive to the Christian faith and to Jesus himself! I am sure that you have not meant to offend anyone however the fact that Jesus Christ died on a cross to establish a relationship with us is not something to joke about. I am sure that this is meant in the spirit of Christmas but i would just like you to consider stopping this site as myself and many other christians find this inappropriate.

Thankyou for your time and i look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless
Kev Wakefield

p.s Christ never wore "y fornts"

You know, everyone keeps emailing me about this "Jesus" guy from thousands of years ago, and I keep asking them for evidence, or proof of some sort that He's who they say He is (because I don't wanna be duped), and each one of you people never have any kind of proof. In fact, you consistently come back at me with this Peter Pan Theory of "believe and it'll come true!" Are you another one of those, or do you have evidence to show for why I should believe what you do?

Just trying to make the correct choice.
Thank you.


Would you want someone to do this to you if you died on a cross????

Your sight is a disgrace to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! You should be ashamed of yourself! Would you want someone to do this to you if you died on a cross????


Seriously, if I died on a cross I could care less what anyone does with me afterwards. Hell, you could play kickball with my head and I wouldn't be bothered. I'd be dead!


that's because you're a NOBODY!

that's because you're a NOBODY! This is the son of God (and guess what he's not dead).....get it!!! since you don't "hell" you will!!


Sorry Laurie, but I promise you that the guy you call Jesus is dead dead dead. Deader than a gravestone. Way freakin dead. So dead that there ain't nothin' but dust to kick around. That's really dead.

So worship him all you like! It's about as productive as praying to baseball.


I hope you feel real content with yourself

Your making a joke out of Jesus giving up his life to save all of us? I hope you feel real content with yourself and Merry Christmas.


You would be absolutely appalled with how content I am with myself.



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