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Yes, I am still here getting as much hate mail as ever!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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So none of the following fan letters included photos, so what I did to solve this problem was to type their first name into Google Images and I simply used the first photo that popped up. And all I can say now about it is- My fans are a bunch of squares! Except for Lu. He seems to be a pretty laid back cool dude.

Hello Mr. Smith,

I discovered your website last year, I don't remember how, (through divine intervention? haha.)

anyways, I gotta say........it's fucking great. I could spew off lines and lines of poetic odes, but you get the idea. I salute you and shake you warmly by the cyber hand. good job. keep up the good work, love the super chicks, and love the pray for satan comics. I sat up one night and read them all straight through. ahhhh.....good stuff.

I recently moved to nashville TN for college, I'll be going into my 3rd year of college in the "buckle" of the bible belt at a christian university.....
....so I'm wondering..... you think I should wear my shirt with the devil winking on the front (a
famous "Coop" drawing) or my shirt that says "dead women don't say no?" choices.....

a fan of the fuckin' funny-

I came to your website via jesusoftheweek.com, which posts a variety of pictures/ drawings/ appearances/ stuff of Jesus along with amusing commentary. They included your dress up Jesus one week with a link to you. Of course, I ordered the magnets.

I also read lots and lots of your love/hate mail. Wow, I had no idea there were so many crazy people in the world. Perhaps if the religious zealots had paid attention in school and learned to write and spell, they also would have learned some critical thinking skills and could discern fact from folly.

God help them, the poor dears.

LOVE your site, your wit, your art, and your attitude.

Larry G Harding Jr

Well, I've been on a spree of reading & browsing your website the last couple of days. You have accumulated a surprisingly large amount of information most of which is very informative or very funny.

Anyway, I happened to find your 'Crisis' game today and noticed that you are seeking investors. Now, I certainly wouldn't consider myself a big investor (I would probably only contribute a few thousand dollars) but I would definitely like to see a prospectus.

You have a lot of potential, and I strongly agree with your work, which is more than I can say for many of the other investments I've made.

Also, I'm interested in any/all projects you're considering investors for... because as I've told you previously... you rock!

Chadwick McHugh

~ All You Need is a Chadwick and a Dream. ~

Hey there Bob,

You may have seen this, but godisimaginary.com has some very good material. I’ve been spreading this around lately, and the videos are particularly entertaining.

I appreciate your satirical view of Christianity and the way you express your atheist views. I lost my religion six years ago and life’s been more beautiful than ever. I graduated from school, found a good job, and even managed to find a Buddhist fiancé who finds my god-bashing almost as hilarious as I do.

Unfortunately, I’m not so sure that all of the atheists that visit your site understand what you’re doing with the hate mail. They seem to think that you’re on a mission to convert people and ignore the fact that it is simply comedy at its finest. Exposing the lackluster arguments and circular logic of brainwashed believers can only encourage those with critical thinking ability to continue enhancing their minds and seeking answers through evidence and logic. Your site is a welcome comical oasis in a world filled with adults who refuse to lose the superstition and lies of their youth.

Lu Castro

Jesus is a lord to hem and to dress him upo im riddiculas outfits without a thought for what people may think.

I would like to say how offencive the Jesus Dress Up Game is. To a christian it would be up setting to them for Jesus is a lord to hem and to dress him upo im riddiculas outfits without a thought for what people may think.

Emma Wheildon

Yes, but imagine how upsetting it is to a non Christian to be told they're going to burn forever in hell. It's horrible! And that's what you believe. It's very hurtful. I don't feel that way about you or anybody else at all.
Why do you feel that way about other beliefs?


we all have our opions and it is mine to think it is offencive.

Yes, but we all have our opions and it is mine to think it is offencive.

have a happy new year
Emma Wheildon

As it is mine to think yours are just as offensive. We should each be banned from practicing our beliefs.



reviewer of crap games

ur game is rubbish cos u have to click next to the actual piece of clothing to pick it up!!

reviewer of crap games


Perhaps the problem is on your retarded computer? Did you even consider that for a minute? Here, go to this page: jesusdressup.com/help/ I made that page for dopes who are too dumb to figure things out on their own! And if you would've bothered to read the text at the bottom you would have seen there's an alternative Flash version for lamos!





Samantha Williams

What are you sewing for me?

Hint: I need a navy blue scarf ;)




HOW DARE YOU MAKE FUN OF GODS SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kami Cullum


Why shout when a whisper tells the best secrets?





But making it of the internet is exactly what I've done. I don't understand where the problem is.



Why on earth do you want to make fun of God?

I am amazed at how disrespectful your website is. Why on earth do you want to make fun of God? The man who died on the cross for all of us who turn to him. The Santa dress up is a horrible insult.

Jesus Loves you and He is God.


Why would I want to make fun of the God who died on the cross for us... then He came back to life with nothin' but a few scratches? And then He went and hugged all of His friends and showed everyone that He was still alive and He wasn't successfully executed? And then He hovered up off the ground and floated up into the sky, up above the clouds until He was completely out of sight? And then He went and sat down on the Ultimate Throne of the King of the Universe where He'll be for the rest of eternity? And you ask me why I don't respect His "sacrifice?"

Go ahead. Ask me your question again. Pleeeeezze!



Don't wait until it's too late to bow down to the great I AM.

You have absolutely no fear or reverence for our Lord, Jesus Christ, who not only gave up His thrown as King of the Universe for you, but cared enough about you to die on a cross for your heinous sins. Do you realize some day you will reap what you have sown on this web site? Does that mean anything to you at all ? I know deep down it does and so does God. Don't wait until it's too late to bow down to the great I AM. One day every knee shall bend whether it wants to or not. If your knee is made to bend by God you will not enjoy the comaradary of eternal salvation with our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus. It's a major decision that will have an eternal impact. Think about it. It's not something to be taken lightly. From someone who is very offended by your disrespect for the Lord.

Michelle Giovannelli

Wow! I can't believe that there are still people still beleive in those things! Myths can certainly make for a lot of fun. I'm very curious to know what other things you still believe in. I made a list below. If you could put an X next to the items you think are for real I'd greatly appreciate it. Then I could know more about where exactly you're coming from. You know?

1. Demons
2. Gargoyles
3. Headless horsemen
4. Cities in the Clouds
5. Unicorns
6. Undead
7. Giants (Giant people)
8. Guardian Angels
9. Ghosts
10. Gremlins
11. Dragons
12. Magic beans
13. Virgin birth
14. People's hair turning white from just being really scared
15. The Loch Ness Monster
16. Sex with a virgin cures AIDS
17. A snake once spoke words to people
18. Wishing on a star
19. Psychics
20. Peoploids

Thank you for your time.


it ness shooting

It is brorning it ness shooting.


Still it matter more mandy quake.




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