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who feel the same way that I do is a nuclear physicist"

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So lately I've been spending a lot of time at the only Art Gallery in the East Village worth visiting. Snakemonkey Galleries. And tonight I will be attending the party Henry's throwin' there. Check it out. A Personal invite from M. Henry Jones himself!
Snakemonkey- 202 Avenue A, between 12th & 13th, and the party starts at 5 and will go until midnight (1/26/07). Many artists, including myself, have original pieces on display and for sale there. The place really does beat the shit out of the East Village art scene. I'm very proud to be part of Snakemonkey, and a lot of great stuff is going to come outta me through them.

If you get a chance you should see some of the other videos Henry at Snakemonkey has. They're very funny and/or cute and very cool.

Snakemonkey videos
• Fleshtones video
• Snakemoney "Hip Factor"
• FYC video
• The Artist
• Gogo Girl
• M. Henry Jones
• "Snake-smoke-monkey dot-com" promo by PHD in Streetology

I know you've already seen the new Misc. Holiday Jesus Dressup, but I added an Easter basket to it! I've also got several other things in the works, including videos, parties, more magnets, hate mail, comics and tons and tons of junk! But tonight it's the Snakemonkey Party! Meet me there! More to come on all that.

I love your site. The Sheeples and Satan's Salvation are awesome. I love your artwork and your site. I've been an atheist for about four years now and I'm in my first year of college majoring in Graphic Design.

It was very hard telling my parents my beliefs. My parent's are not exactly bible-thumpers, but they're very religious. They think my father got his job at the work of a miracle. Here's the story.

My father got laid off from whatever job he was doign at the time. We were going through hard times (Which I was unaware of at my age... which I forget how old I was...) so it was hard for him to loose his job. That night my mother and I went to our local Catholic church and she prayed.

When we got home, someone who offered my Dad a job a while back called and offered him a job. They think it's a miracle and it made my even my father religous again.

I however, started to drift away from church. I always hated going to church on Saturdays (yes, we went on Saturday...), because I was bored, young, and couldn't really give a crap. I think when I went through my pre-teen years, I was just looking for excuses to rebel against my parents. As I got older, I started to think with a little more logic.

I looked at a couple of things. If god really loved us, why send us to hell if we're bad? And if he loved us that much, why'd he make tsunamis and AIDS and cancer?

And then I looked at the religious crazies. The bible-thumpers, suicide bombers, and things of the like.

All religion has done was create fights. I mean, the purpose of religion in the dawn of man was to comfort people because they didn't know what stars were, or why the sun rose and set each day. We have in a sense evolved out of that - for the most part.

The religous bible-thumpers piss the shit out of me. I read your hatemail, and it's funny, but there's something I don't understand.

If you don't like the site, then fucking LEAVE! No one's asking you to stay. People say you shouldn't make something that offends others, well GUESS WHAT! Someone's going to be offended at something! I'm offended people are even stupid enough to say that!

I understand that not ALL religious people are asshats like that. There are some decent ones who are smart enough to leave other alone.

Some people need to think about this: "God gave us free will. If that was good enough for him, that should be damn well good enough for you!"

I'm ranting here. I could go on forever and ever but I won't.

I feel like drawing you some fanart. Don't be to surprised if you find some from me within the next week or so.

Loves, kisses, and hot chocolate;
Margaret <3

“suffer the wrath”

you will suffer the wrath of god

Martin Maritz

Yes, I know. I'm really really really scared of the wrath of God. Like seriously, you're really smart for living in fear of God's wrath. Very 1st Century superstitious-smart.


“There will come a time in your life when the entire world fails you and even the one‘s you love will disappoint”

I don’t fear god. Jesus Christ is my savior and I love and respect him therefore I shall not make fun of him.  

I will pray for you and I hope that you experience the love of Christ in your life. I mean come on why make fun of our savior there are so many other religious icon’s. why is Jesus the only one who is mocked. Good luck bob as the bible says knock and he will answer but don’t test god, he is not there for your amusement. There will come a time in your life when the entire world fails you and even the one‘s you love will disappoint, I pray that day you will turn to god so he may touch your life. God bless. Just for interest sake what is your opinion on how the earth came to be and why we are here.   

Martin Maritz

Have you studied science at all? Have you ever read about evolution? It's considered established fact that we evolved over millions of years. We have proven the earth to be billions of years old, and the universe an estimated 12 billion! To think that somehow this universe and its creator revolve around us and our dinky little planet is just, well, typical of our primitive minds.

I know you think our purpose on this earth is to serve your god, but prepare to be shocked- I don't think that's a very noble purpose. What!?!? How could I just say that?!?! In fact, I think that by putting your fellow human beings below anything, including your god, is just awful. Of course loved ones will disappoint! That doesn't mean you ditch them and begin a quest for a love that never disappoints! You work on what you've got! They're your loved ones, for Christ's sake! You learn from your mistakes! They learn from theirs! You grow and move forward along with the love you each have! Jeesh!

Sorry about the multiple sentences ending in exclamation points. You god-worshippers just astound me with how you view people and your loved ones, and your ignorance of science's findings.

Here's a question– Is your theory the one about the two naked people in the perfect magic garden and the talking Satan-snake that tempted them to eat the sin-fruit, and that's why snakes have no legs now? What do your science books have to say about this?


“I am a qualified engineer and my brother who feel the same way that I do is a nuclear physicist, so you could say we know a little about science.”

Evolution is proof that god’s creation is a success. Like a scientist will create a machine he wants to see that it works. Evolution is proof that the formula works. It is not ignorant or vain to believe there is a greater power out there and that we were created for his pleasure. if evolution is so common why then is there one planet out of millions of charted planets that infinitely intricate in terms of resources and life. There are single cellular organisms on other planets. So in retrospect this life and our world is no accident it is a gift which in tern indicates a giver. Know one knows for sure but I have had to many miracles happen in my life to deny the fact that there is a greater power at work. There is no such thing as coincidence, we all have purpose. By the way I am a qualified engineer and my brother who feel the same way that I do is a nuclear physicist, so you could say we know a little about science. Good luck and god bless

Martin Maritz

The excuses you make up to explain your god are very interesting. What about the vast lifeless universe, and multiple universes that exist beyond our tiny little galaxy? Does it not seem odd to you that a god who places so much importance on us made such a gragantuan endless universe of lifelessness for us to float around in?

I'm so curious to hear your explination for his pleasure behind that one.

“all I want say is god bless”

This will go on forever because we are both set in our beliefs. So all I want say is god bless and I hope you find what you are looking for

Martin Maritz

I understand. It's hard to defend a lie, because you have to keep making up more lies and stacking them one on top of the other until there's no turning back. Then before you know it you've made up so many excuses to support each lie you've got no other choice but to drop your bags and high-tail it out of town.

You gave up ealier than most. But still I commend you for the creativity behind your excuses. They were neat!


“There is no need to belittle me with sarcasm.”

There is no need to belittle me with sarcasm. But I suppose that’s what people do the don’t have respect for things bigger than them, they desecrate and mock what they don’t understand. And there stubborn and narrow minded look on life will leave them in the dark. The difference is that I am always open to new idea’s and theory’s and I have experienced most of what this world has to offer. So therefore the miracles that have occurred in my life are a result of something bigger than you and I. The point is if you don’t believe fine, but at least have respect for millions of other people that do believe.

Martin Maritz

Listen. You have to see where I'm coming from. You come to me telling me I will suffer the wrath of the god you worship, waving around your nuclear physicist brother and your "qualified engineer" status, then you run away when I pose questions to you. As a qualified engineer you must understand how the teachings in the bible clash directly with what we know through science. Adam & Eve instead of the dinosaurs? The Great Earth Flood with the boat of animals who came together from all over the world? A 6,000 year old earth? You can't tell me that as the brother of a nuclear physicist you don't see the contradictions between what we know and what the bible says is so.

And this always happens! Someone like yourself emails me telling me I will burn forever in hell, or there's no reason for me to be doing what I'm doing, followed by a rant of damnation. Then the second I respond with a legitimate reason, or question, they bury their head in the sand.

I asked you a reasonable question in regards to why your god would construct a 12 billion year old, lifeless universe just so our one little planet could have a place to float. It was a question that directly addressed your "one million lifeless planets without the resources to support any life" statement. To me this is a clear indication that there's a one in a million chance that all the ingredients for a planet to support life could occur. And that's precisely what happened. We're the one in a million. We fit in squarely with the odds. No more of a miracle than one person in a million winning the lottery. That's how odds work. You must understand that? I mean, you're the brother of a nuclear physicist, for Christ's sake!

So imagine how it looks from my end when everyone who damns me to God's wrath runs away from their own attack. Yeah, pretty pathetic, huh? Thus the complete lack of respect I have for your beliefs. Respect is earned, Martin. You don't just get respect no matter how lame or illogical your beliefs are. If that were the case then you'd have to respect Nazi's beliefs, and the KKK's beliefs, and the beliefs of someone who thinks having sex with a virgin cures AIDS.

Martin! If you don't believe that having sex with a virgin cures AIDS that's fine. But at least have respect for the millions of people in South Africa that do believe!

That's me belittling you again with sarcasm, because that's all you've earned.


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