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Parenting should make people Atheist

When I was a believer , and used to see all the bad things that happen to people I would say: "Well we all have trials, sometimes we don't understand, but God works in mysterious ways." Or, "God loves his children, but we have to endure pain and suffering blah blah blah..." Or, this uniquely Mormon gem would come to mind once in a while: "I was valiant enough in the prexistance to be born into a good home. Kids born into 3rd world countries or crack babies must not have been as valiant."

This all made perfect sense to me until I had children of my own.

How could a loving parent sit back and watch his children be born into an abusive home? Why would a loving parent want his child to be born addicted to cocaine, or born with a mother that beats the shit out of it? How could a loving father sit back and watch one of his children be kidnapped, raped, tortured, and then killed by a sexual predator? How could a loving father watch his child suffer from hunger pains while it's body is riddled with parasites and it's organs are begining to shut down while it painfully and slowly dies?

As a father I want to protect my kids and keep them safe. There are so many terrible things happening to children all over the world and I don't see how a loving parent could sit idly by while His babies are being raped (South Africa), vaginas cut off (North Africa-Female Genital Mutilation), arms cut off, burned, abused, choked to death while being raped all the while holding onto a stuffed dophin because she was so terrified (Florida- 9 year-old little girl), etc...

Why should a child receive such a harsh punishment for just existing? It's pretty fucked up if you ask me.

Some may say suffering is part of life and we won't know happiness unless we know suffering. Bullshit! I understand to a certain degree. When a child learns to walk sometimes it falls down and hurts itself and if I try to stop the natural process of it learning to walk, I hinder it's development. Sure, my kids will scrape knees learning how to ride bikes, get called names by a bully or two, and may even be rejected from the college they wanted to attend, or get laid off, or something. Fine. I can say that's part of life. Nowhere do I find murder, rape, abuse, and torture part of "growing up" or part of life's lesson; if you're a person who think that's necessary for "personal growth" then I just don't know how to relate to you.

Some may say: "Well all of this is not God's fault. It's the Devil who is responible for all the bad stuff!" I also say bullshit! If you are Christian you believe that God banished the devil to the Earth. WTF? If you were a parent, would you hire a known child predadtor to babysit your kids? Would a shepherd knowingly think it wise to let a wolf have free roam of the sheep? If God loves us so much He wouldn't have banished the Devil to the planet to cause problems in the first place. Don't blame the devil for fucking everything up. Blame God. In fact, God created the damn Devil in the first place... Think about how fucked up that is. Jizchrist.

And what about the whole Savior thing? I have a few kids. If one needs to be punished I punish them. I don't turn to the innocent kid, beat him to a bloody pulp and crucify him to make up for the bad stuff my other kids may or may not do.

The more time I spend with my kids and see how innocent and precious they are; the more I see how twisted and fucked up the Judeo Christian God really is. I have to say to myself: "This guy can't be for real because anybody who has children will know a decent parent would not allow that kind of stuff to happen to their kids on their watch."

You know, I took my girls to gymnastics yesterday. My little 8 year-old is full of life and happiness and she literally bounced all over the gym happy and is full of joy. That is life. That is a good thing. How messed up would it be if I allowed her to be raped and murdered "for her personal growth"? That's God. No thanks. Blech.


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Subject: Thank you!
Date: Mar 9, 2007 4:12 PM
Hey Bob,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and all that you do. I found myself becoming stagnant in my viewing of your page. Then I was able to let some one watch a copy of Bob Smith USA, and from that point they were fascinated by you. I sat back as they rewound scene after scene and listened to what you had to say much as I did when Shaun and Dani first let me watch the movie. They wanted to know more so I directed them to your page.

I have been reborn again. I was so happy to come to work and open Firefox and see a new Amazing Strangers. It was like visiting for the first time again. I am a savage fan and realized that I was taking you for granted and all your wit and wisdom. Thank you Bob for just being you and being honest. My friend who has now become overwhelmed with your page even wants to make a trip up to NYC and hang out in Union Sq. with the hopes that you will be out. I told her we should wait till later in the Spring or Summer. Once again Bob Thank you.

Your once again loyal fan and friend, Chazz

Subject: Creativity & my support

I must say when I first started reading, "Satan's Salvation", I was like OMG. I read it from beginning to end. All on the same day. I'm pretty sure I started reading it 2005. The whole thing. Right now I just got finished with the last part of 2006. I couldn't stop laughing. I was totally humored. I felt that it was very creative. You've probably heard this from many people, but you're an excellent artist. I support the comic fully. Those that I was Instant Messaging while reading the comic, I gave them a direct link so they can see and read it too. Hopefully they will like it as much as I did. Please continue, although I know you will without me having to say it. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! Well, what I want I guess lol. I'm sure I'm not alone with this one: Wanting to see more additions. My impatience is getting the best of me. Can't wait to see what will happen next. The suspense is killing me. Tootle lou! Ash loves you! What I liked about it most that you squeezed in your beliefs into what jesus said in the scene. Like the part when he was saying "If I believe this lie, I can make it become true" Lol. *I'm saying in my head* "bravo!" "Bravo!" "I'm getting in Bob's head." I probably shouldn't be reading it because I'm going back to the saved life. Don't worry, I still love ya though. And my feelings will always remain the same regardless of our different beliefs.


Subject: Dear Bob!

Just read your communications with Tammy. Did you train as a lawyer?!

I have read so much debate over the past many years and have enjoyed this hugely. Rest assured I will read more on your site.

I do believe there is a god- for want of a better term of reference. I do believe that people have personalised god and used god as political leverage. I do believe that there was a Jesus, who said that the Old Testament was such a tangled mess of rules that following one meant you had broken others. I also believed that he said that you should love your fellow man as yourself.

I don't believe that a person can assemble a soup of chemicals and somehow use it to create life.

From my first exposure to science I was wonderstruck! Such complexity. And as I learnt more a pattern emerged.
A life form is composed of one or more cells. Each cell is composed of smaller particle- and spaces. Each of these smaller particles were made of combinations of molecules- and spaces. The molecules are made of atoms- and spaces. The atoms are made of sub-atomic particles- and spaces!

I am now of the opinion that this will hold true the deeper one goes, until you reach the stage where you find that what appears to be solid matter is ultimately organised energy, and spaces.

What organised it? It all seems to be too marvellous to be accidental. Dare I say it?-miraculous!

To me, it fully supports the concept of a god creating order out of chaos.


That is unless our universe is but a bubble in a vast foam of universes. Then, with a trillion chaotic, lifeless universes, to have one that supports life fits in squarely with the odds without any creator at all.

However, to have a creator just appear out of nothing is far more improbable than any other scenario you can dream up. Unless He made Himself. Then that solves that.


“find some answers... the Hoy Bible is the best place”

Its me again the same person that emailed you last night

This website may help you find some answers but still the Hoy Bible is the best place.

It has some answers on it

God bless you

I just read both that web site and the Bible and neither of them answered my question. Maybe you can help? My question is, how can someone enjoy Heaven while others suffer in hell forever? How can anyone have happiness in paradise while friends and loved ones burn in hell? I mean, I understand some of those people had a chance to believe and we must try to convert everyone so this doesn't happen, but that doesn't solve the problem. People still go to hell, and I'm expected to enjoy heaven somehow.

Are the screams from hell muffled so we don't have to listen to them? Does Jesus wipe our memory clean of the friendships and family we had here on earth if some of those people went to hell?

A Christian friend of mine told me that part of the reward of paradise is getting a throne up in heaven that looks down on the massive ocean of tortured people stretching on forever screaming and begging for you to save them. Is that true? Will we actually stop loving those people and enjoy their pain in heaven? Is heaven similar to how the Nazis found pleasure in watching the Jews suffer and die?

Thank you for emailing me with answers. This one is very VERY important to me and I'll not sleep a wink until I hear back from you regarding this.

“I don't know the answer to that question but I do know that God would never let his children in heaven look over the suffering of people in hell.”

I don't know the answer to that question but I do know that God would never let his children in heaven look over the suffering of people in hell.

God gave everyone the freedom of choice. It says in the bible somewhere that if someone has never heard the gospel and made a decision either to follow it or to deny it. That they won't go to heaven or hell just yet but face the mark of the beast. Read Revelations to find out.

It isn't God's fault that some people will burn in hell. Its satan's fault. The people that are Christians on earth will suffer greatly because satan sends his demons after us, but if we have faith God will protect us. Those people who choose not to follow Jesus and do evil things (Adolph Hitler is a good example) will be punished.

God would not let anyone who delighted in someone else's pain into heaven. I think that when we die and go either to heaven or hell we won't see our loved ones again unless they come to the same place. So a person in heaven wouldn't see her husband again if he went to hell. I don't know and I don't think I am the person to give you an answer, you should pray.

Part of being a Christian is having undeniable faith in someone thing you don't see all the time, something you don't know about completely. People say seeing is believing but as a Christian I know believing is seeing.

After you give your life to God and put your faith in him, he may tell you the answers or you might have to wait to you meet him to find out. If you're "Christian" friend told you that Jesus would let people delight in someone's suffering he is not a Christian.

Have you found a church yet? Did you read the whole Bible? Is your real name Bob?

I must tell you that if you choose to become a Christian it is not a walk in the park. The Devil will be knocking but don't let him in. If you pray God will protect you.

What country/state do you live in, I could help you find a good church.
I don't know if any of that helped but I'm not the one to ask.
God Bless You

8 days later...

“U still haven’t got it off the internet”

U still haven’t got it off the internet

If u have any more questions feel free to ask but I might not know all the answers

God bless you

Yes, but you said, and I quote: "I don't know the answer to that question." It was the first line in your reply to me! That's no answer at all.

Then you went on to say that we won't care about the people in hell because you think they deserve it?? What kind of paradise is that? God takes away the care we have for other people? I don't understand. Even if it's Satan's fault that doesn't make it any easier to bear.

Tell me Tammy, would you be happy in heaven if, for instance your sister or brother were in hell? Or a parent or best friend? Would you be able to enjoy paradise in heaven if those people were suffering in hell for the rest of eternity even if it was Satan's fault??

I am so so frightened that you're going to answer "Correct, I wouldn't care, as long as I'm in paradise."

Please, please, please don't respond to this email if that is your answer. I think if you did I'd cry so hard that tears would shoot out of my face if you said that.


“all my family and friends r christians”

Im sorry to tell u this but all my family and friends r christians


Well to tell you the truth, I don't see how you could have a paradise even if it's just your mailman, pizza guy, neighbor, or babysitter who's suffering in hell forever. Knowing that anyone is screaming forever in an eternal pit of suffering and dread is enough to ruin my heaven. Sorry. I don't know how you can do it. Sounds totally heartless if you ask me.


“I don’t understand why you have to question everything I’m trying to tell you.”

I don’t understand why you have to question everything I’m trying to tell you.

I can’t answer these questions because I have a different view to you.
You should ask God because he has the answers.

That website you have has a cartoon picture of the man(Jesus) that saved you,

It is just mocking him and that from my view I unforgivable but Jesus said Forgive each person 72*7 times no matter what they have done. So you should be glad for that.

I used to think what is the point of believing in something that I cant see, does he really exist. One day I just said sinners prayer again and that time I meant it, I did that when I was going through a really bad time, I was at church. After today I have seen the world in a whole new way. Now I know that there is a God and he does love me.

Do you believe in evolution, if u do tell me why? What other option is there?

U should see the movie ”Passion of the Christ” It is not exactly what happened because no one who recreate that but it will show you Gods ultimate sacrifice.

Its not like God didn’t give them a choice whether to go to hell or not. They do, so do u

I just hope you make the right decision.

Have u read the whole bible. If you haven’t you should but read it in detail with ur heart open so you can listen to what God is trying to tell you.


Tammy, I question everything you tell me because it doesn't make sense. And I just don't go and believe things people tell me even if they don't make sense. I've discovered in life that when people either have no answers to questions or don't want to give you answers to questions, they're usually trying to shovel crap at ya. Like, say if I was to come to you and say: "Hey Tammy! Stop believing what you believe in and worship Lothar, The God Of The Galaxy. But don't ask me any questions about Lothar. Just believe it. Okay? Why? Because Lothar commands you to believe without question, and if you do not He'll set you on fire and put out the flames with a baseball bat. Also, Lothar loves you."

Would you just believe that unquestioned? No you wouldn't. And neither will I, Tams.

Yes, Tammy, I totally believe that evolution is a fact. It's been proven by science, and it can be seen all around. It totally makes sense logically. It's as real as you inheriting traits from each of your parents, and you passing your traits down to the children you might one day have. This process has been going on for millions and millions of years. The Theory of Life Evolution begins way back before the dinosaurs, millions of years ago when the first reproducing cell was formed with lightning and sunlight knitting together water, carbon dioxide and methane on the water's surface. This duplicating cell did only that. It split and split again, doubling and doubling again and again. This is not so hard to believe since we can watch this happen under a microscope right before our eyes! I mean, that's all life really is – something that can make duplicates of itself again and again.

And for millions of years that's the only life that was on planet earth – these duplicating cells. And in the process of this duplication these cell life forms evolved. They got a little stronger, bigger and better every time, while nudging the weaker cells out of existence in the battle for space and food. That's evolution. Then, eventually these evolving cells slowly changed forms over the millenniums until some became sludgy plant life, and others became teeny tiny little fishies. And this isn't so hard to believe either, Tammy. You can go down to the ocean yourself and see this living green sludge on the shore right now! Scientists have examined these life forms and seen that we're all made up of the same DNA! We're all related! There's a reason why our behavior is so similar to doggies, and ants, and gorillas, and everything else! We've all been living together on this planet for millions and millions of years, reproducing, passing on our traits to our young, evolving at this slow pace, but evolving nonetheless!

Tammy, you should go down to the Museum Of Natural History with your friends and take a look at how life has evolved through the ages. It's absolutely stunning, and it makes perfect sense. It explains everything you see around you with real, true, proven answers that make sense.

These are answers you do not get if you "ask God" and wait for the answers to come to you in a dream, or telepathy, or a hallucination, or whatever you're talking about when you say that.

I did see the Passion of the Christ, and I was greatly disturbed by it. I don't see how showing the extreme suffering of that character has anything to do with whether the story is true or not. It's no different than if I were to tell you that Lothar The God of All Galaxies was whipped and beaten for several hours, then burned alive, and that's the reason you have to believe Lothar is God.

Tammy, I am going to guess that you have not read the Bible, because if you had you would see how crazy it all is, ruling people's lives with animal sacrifices, bloody wars in God's name, vengeful acts from God Himself on us helpless little humans, and the list goes on and on. It's a book clearly written to keep people in line with fear.

I hope you at the very least read further into Evolution.
If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

PS. Oh! And also, don't believe in Lothar, God of the Galaxies! I made him up as an example! He doesn't exist at all, just like all the other gods we humans have invented. They're all make-believe. People made them all up.

“why don’t we all have the exact some soul or spirit/ mind if we are from that 1 little cell?”

I have read the Bible!!
I do Believe in it and that is never going to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I suppose that it is your decision to choose what you want to believe in it.
I’ll ask you this one question why don’t we all have the exact some soul or spirit/ mind if we are from that 1 little cell.
In fact why do we have a spirit at all?
Why don’t we look the same?
How did the cell come to be on this earth?
How did the earth come to be?


Listen, I know that no matter what I tell you you're not gonna change your mind. You're not basing your belief on reasons, so there's nothing I could say or do to change it. Of course, if I were to hear evidence that told me what I thought was actually incorrect I would change my mind. But realize that your belief isn't based on whether or not it's true, and totally based instead on what you want to be true. You can live that way if you want. I don't mind. But that doesn't mean I have to respect it, or pretend that it's true too.

Tammy, I don't believe that we have spirits, or ghosts living inside of us or a part of us. That's all make-believe too. Who told you that we have spirits? Do you think kitty cats have spirits as well? Or killer whales? Or spiders? Do you think spiders have spirits, Tammy? I just don't understand what you're saying.

And we don't all look the same because people don't give birth to clones of themselves, silly. We're all changed by our environment, and or diet, and our different parents. Also, life mutates and changes. Sometimes it mutates for the better and sometimes it mutates for the worse. I mean, we have two different parents that we look similar to. And sometimes we look more like their parents! And I would also say that we all sorta do look the same. There are similarities between us and other life forms out there, you just have to look for them. We have the same feelings as our pets (happy, sad, anger, embarrassment, play, etc). Have you ever heard of Koko the talking gorilla (koko.org)? It's a gorilla they taught sign language! And she understands it, and talks to people using it! And she has feelings and imagination and life in her just like us, Tammy! It's incredible! And it's far more compelling than your other-worldly telepathy you think you have with that god guy you think's out there listening to your thoughts.

And as for your last question, how did the earth come to be? This is a great question. Some scientists will tell you that it came from a big bang billions of years ago. Others say that the universe doesn't have a beginning or end, but it's just as infinite as it appears. Just space forever and ever. That make lots more sense to me than a god guy who's been around forever who just appeared without evolving, or growing, or learning, without parents or anything at all. That's far more wacky of an idea than eternal space. Sorry. You're just not answering any of my questions.

Tammy, you seem to believe in all that junk without any evidence, or proof, or logic, or anything. Do you seriously just believe it because that book from a thousand years ago said it's so?


“My job as a disciple is to tell u about the Lord.”

Dear Bob
My job as a disciple is to tell u about the Lord.

I have done that.
I have tried to get u to understand but u refuse to listen.
I will email u no further as it is clear that U have made ur decision
I suggest that you ado not email me any further unless u have any constructive questions.

Good Bye


“This is the last communication I will have with u”

In the last email I sent u I didn’t mention this.
I have not given up on you, I never will. I will continue to pray for you.
This is the last communication I will have with u

Good Bye & God Bless


Tammy, I didn't want to say this before, but you really sound like you've been brainwashed by a cult or something. You should read back over your emails to me because the things you say sound so scary, like you're a zombie for this "Lord" fellow.

I'm not refusing to listen, it's just all the talk about demons and the devil and your Lord and "The Passion" and all of that really just creeps me out. The things you believe are really really weird, and it's like you're just ignoring the questions I'm asking you about them, like, do you think spiders have souls? Or, how do we enjoy paradise while others suffer? Or, do you just believe it all unquestioned?

I asked you a ton of questions and you're the one who refuses to answer them. And after I answered each one of yours. It's totally unfair.

Tammy, I please ask that you wouldn't pray for me, because to me that's you wishing me to heaven forever separated from all the people that I love so much on this planet. Unlike you, I won't be able to enjoy paradise while my brothers and sisters from earth scream from the depths of hell to be rescued by the God whose feet you'll be washing in your tears of joy, then drying with your long, flowing angel locks of gold.



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