Hate Mail "You see if we remembered our loved ones we could not be happy even in paradise, so JESUS takes that away from our rememberance."
Happy Day!
A Believer finally says it outloud!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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March 21, 2007

Sweet Jesus Christ, I got so much on my plate lately I can barely keep my red-head screwed onto my shoulders! First off, if you haven't seen the portrait I drew of wacky fundamentalist Nicole Rose Lovett, you have to check it out. It's in the lower right corner of my portfolio page here. And after you take a look at that go read her latest blog. I've been sparring with her a bit there and I think you might be amused. I've even had a couple of her Myspace friends (who shall remain nameless) message me to say that I said exactly what they wanted to say but couldn't. Christ I have fun with this garbage. Sometimes so much fun that I start to wonder if I have a serious problem or something....


So I'm working on a top secret project right now with Super Chic Trisha Star that I'd mentioned in passing in a blog I wrote a little while back. I can't go into it much more, but the reason I mention it is for this reason. If you or someone you know is a performer, or go-go dancer, or hot, or rich, or interested in any way helping out in a Normal Bob Smith theme tour get a hold of me. bob@normalbobsmith.com
Were looking for people who have no problem participating in a "slight" atheist flavored event hosted by me, and that's all I'm gonna say on that right now! Let me know if you're around, available, and/or interested!

Oh! And before I forget, I spoke with Jay Bakker on Sunday and him and I are going to meet without cameras or recording devices at his request, for our first chat. That's all on that right now, but stay tuned.

Also the Halloween magnets are still in production in Hong Kong, but they'll be on their way here next week.

I realize they're going to be a little later than I had said originally, but only by a few weeks. And that's more than enough time for you to have them for Halloween. So smile, because here's another darling babe who loves me.

Subject: :D Hi

Dear Mister Amazing Bob Smith,
I'm sure you've gotten email after email after email like this one. I'm probably not the most special person you've ever recieved fan mail from, but I think you're special so I'm sending you one. ^-^

I know you've probably heard the "You're my hero/idol" thing too. But seriously, I hold you as one of my heroes.

I found your site only a month or so ago when I googled "find jesus", and was stunned (in a good way) to find that you actually made a jesus hide & go seek game. I searched through the site and basically fell in love.
Your logic and honesty made me question my beliefs (I was a buddhist at the time) and made me realize I was just as ignorant and blind as Christians or members of any other religion. I never really liked Christianity, and talked against it. And when I visited your site (along with religious discussions with my boyfriend) it was clear to me that all religions are basically the same, a collection of lies to keep people in order and answer the questions no one can answer.
After a couple of days reading your hate mail & other parts of the site I became an atheist once again. It wasn't the first time I was an atheist, I had stopped believing a couple years back but I wasn't as strong back then, and fell back on religion to make me feel better about the world & myself.

I can say for sure that you have made me a more confident person and helped me see that religion is not necessary because it only tears people down. Since then, I have engaged in discussions about religion and have made even my own father contradict his religion and question his belief.
Thanks for opening up my eyes and giving me the confidence to stand by my opinions. I made you a sign, which I attached (Sorry for the lack of nudes. I know you'd prefer them, but the boyfriend would kill me for sure x]). Pick your favorite.
With much (dirty) love,
Chrissy P.

“Why did you have to put Jesus on the cross to be dressed up instead of SATAN?”

Life is a CHOICE you can either live for Jesus or you can serve the devil. That is why it is so important to make the right decisions in life and follow the only one who can give you eternal life in peace and paradise. Now I have a question for you. Why did you have to put Jesus on the cross to be dressed up instead of SATAN? If there is no difference to you then why didn`t you use him?

I PROMISE YOU you will pay for mocking GOD.I hate to see anyone go to hell but the choice is theres.I hope you make the right one. I did and will continue to pray for you.Please I beg you to remove that trash off of the net so other people won`t have to see it.I feel the LORD will deal with your heart about this.And he WILL in his own way. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME JESUS IS REAL AND JUST ALIVE TODAY AS HE WAS 2000 YEARS AGO. He loves us all but he will not tolerate disobidence.

Jesse James

Okay, well first of all I find your idea of dressing up Satan to be highly offensive! Why would you suggest such an idea? Do you think that's all right? And who would want to dress up Satan anyhow? I ask you that!

I'm not sure where you got your idea for a Satan dress up, but if you want to know how I'd feel about it let me tell you right now I would not like it very much at all for sure!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry, but just because you don't believe Satan Dress up is wrong that doesn't mean that other people don't!

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!"
Author unknown


“JESUS said he will wipe all tears from our eyes and they will be no more saddness only peace and paradise. You see if we remembered our loved ones we could not be happy even in paradise, so JESUS takes that away from our rememberance.”

why do you get so angry over me suggesting people dress up satan instead of Jesus? WHO`S YOUR DADDY? What I mean by that is who do you serve?

I need to tell you something else about your question about people you love being in hell and someone else in paradise {You said you couldn`t enjoy paradise if you had loved ones in hell} Thats a promise from JESUS if you are ever saved and go to heaven, you will never know or remember the ones you loved. JESUS said he will wipe all tears from our eyes and they will be no more saddness only peace and paradise. You see if we remembered our loved ones we could not be happy even in paradise, so JESUS takes that away from our rememberance. But one thing for sure, just as sure as I am e mailing you this moment you and I and everyone that has lived or will live after us will stand in judgement and we will give account of every word that comes out of our mouth. 1000 BILLION years from now you will still be Bob Smith. Our bodies will die but our soul will live forever. Its up to us to decide where that soul will be.

I`m not trying to be mean its just when I saw your web site it hurt me so bad that anyone could mock our maker that way. There`s too many other things to make a site about. Why did it have to be our only savior? our only hope? JESUS CHRIST IS ETERNAL and I Promise you that.

Jesse James

WHAT!??!?! Jesus will wipe my mind of my family and friends?!?!??! Are you serious!??! That is one of the most disturbing and sad things I've ever heard in all my life!! And you promote this belief to children?? You might as well just say that family and friends don't even matter, because nothing matters until you're in the grave.

If people don't see from this how horrible a belief in a Christian God is then I don't know what to say! Our minds will be wiped of all who we care about. How can you live life with this idea in your brain?

I didn't think you'd say it, but you did. You really did. People don't matter. They'll all be forgotten anyhow. Life begins after we're dead.

Please stop your religion. It's awful.

“The anticrist is coming!!!!”

Its apparent you must be an athiest,or at least you don`t believe in Jesus Christ the TRUE and LIVING GOD. and the bible has a verse that refers to people who think like you do. Psalms 53:1 says The fool hath said in his heart there is no God. But I say to you, you will believe it in HELL. James 2:19 says Thou
believest that there is one GOD thou doest well, The devils also believe,and tremble.You need to read your bible.I`m only telling you what the Bible says and I trying to warn you, so you may be able to flee the rath of GOD for it will surely come.

PLEASE PLEASE read and you will see I am telling you the truth. I know it sounds awful that we would not remember our loved ones in heaven, but thats what heaven is all about. You and all the people you love must believe in what GOD says in the bible in order to make it to heaven. If you do make it to heaven the reason you won`t remember your loved ones is if they don`t make it, you won`t be sad, Because there is no more saddness or tears in heaven and if you were allowed to miss them then it would not be heaven. Heaven is eternal peace with our maker. I`m not trying to make you mad or offend you its there for you to read, PLEASE start reading it before its too late, Believe me you want to be called up in the Rapture.

The anticrist is coming and one world order you won`t be able to buy,sell or trade without taking the mark of the beast and if you take this mark [666] your soul is doomed to an everlasting hell. PLEASE READ I BEG YOU. Have a blessed day.

Jesse James

Ooooooh, now I understand. You didn't mention you were a lunatic. Christ, and you had me like totally going there for a second! I feel like such a dumb ass.

Okay. Thank you Mister 'Jesse James' for the- "In Heaven God wipes our minds of the truth" and "THE ANTICHRIST IS COMING!" update. It all makes perfect sense now. No way Satan will outwit you!

Now maybe you should get outta that sandwich board and baby diaper, take your medicine and go lie down. The doctors would be really upset if they knew you were abusing your internet privileges like this.

There there.


“don't make fun of him!”

you can't do this! He died for us! don't make fun of him!

sarah casey

Yeah, but He's been livin' it up out there in Paradise ever since! And He's
still tryin' to pass it off as a sacrafice?? Puh-leeeze! I'd happily make
THAT "sacrafice" of havin' to spend eternity in paradise being king
of everything!

You watch me not cry for Him.


“You are going to HELL!!!!”

You are going to HELL!!!!

Kellie Pascualli

Yikes! Where's that????


“[Hell] is located in the center of the earth!”

Right now it is located in the center of the earth!

Kellie Pascualli

Hooray! So what you're saying is if we blew up the earth we'd destroy hell too??


“only GOD...”

Baby, only GOD himself could that!!!!!

Kellie Pascualli

Yeah but we could dig a really deep hole and throw a buncha hand gernades down there or fill it up with the ocean or something. Right? I mean, it's worth a try, don't ya think???


“...pray for you!”

I am going to pray for you!

Kellie Pascualli

Great! Then I'll get started workin' on it today!


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