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Subject: In reference to Chocolate "Sweet Jesus" sculpture...


I am so sorry to hear and read about your portrayal of the Chocolate "Sweet Jesus". As a Roman Catholic Christian and a Religious Sister of Mercy, I am very upset that you would do such a thing to offend so many of your brothers and sisters.

I shall be praying for a "change of heart" for you.

Sister Ruth
Sr Sharon srsharon@mercydallas.org

Sister Ruth,
I made the sculpture to celebrate Jesus, not to upset everyone! No one ever once stopped to ask me WHY I did it. Maybe if someone would have cared enough to listen my feelings I would be able to express my love for Jesus more appropriately!

No one understands my statue like I want them to!

Hey Bob!
I just wanna say that your site is awesome. Believe me I know how annoying it is when god lovers try to shove their shit down your throat. I had a friend who every day that I had a problem last year told me to 'put it in gods hands' or 'god will heal it all'. I swear sometimes I wanted to smack her upside the head and get her head out of her ass. Christians have got to be some of the most deprived people of life. They seriously let their religion cloud over them and they forget to live. They like, constantly live in fear. That's no way to live.

Anyway, just telling your site is great and I love the movie reviews :) I got some good laughs from there. Thanks Bob!

Sarah, 18

I'm getting a kick out of all these answers to your question. Yes, God erases our memories. Great! Just what I want to be when I die, a fucking Night of the Living Dead character. Yea, sounds like to heaven to me.

Anyway, another question: Pontius Pilate. And this is a legitimate question. Is Pontius Pilate, according to Christian theory, forever burning in hell for the absolutely inconceivable sin of being responsible for the torture and execution of our divine savior, literally, OR since it was God's entirely premeditated plan to send Christ to die for our sins, wouldn't Pilate simply be an instrument of God's divine plan and is therefore enjoying all of the fruits of heaven? Hmmmmm.

Consider this the longest questioned ever typed, but this one has seriously bothered me for years. For Pontius Pilate's name to go down in history in the way that it has, one would certainly think that Christianity would have the legend of this man compared to no less than the likes of either Satan himself or Christ himself. I just find it rather odd that his name completely disappears from the entire rest of the myth immediately following the crucifixion. I mean, come on. He fucking killed Jesus.

I would love to hear some christian theory on this.
Thanks Bob.

Tim Timoteo

“...do you understand the impact this website can and will have on people?”

Dear Bob;

Recently my 11 year old daughter looked up dress up games on the web and found your site. She told me of this site today and I went in to look at it. I am horrified that someone would create a site like this. Jesus died 2007 years ago so that you and I could live today. I realize that we are all allowed to have our own opinions and the web is free, however, do you understand the impact this website can and will have on people.

The world is getting scarier each day and end times are coming. Our children are now under attack from the devil and you are not helping the situation. I don't know what your beliefs are Bob, but I do know that Jesus loves you too.

John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life". I pray Bob, that you will read these words and that they will impact your heart and you will get ride of this website.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Christine Cornelius

Holy Macaroni, your email is very very very scary, and I don't think you even know why! Every single time I hear ignorance as huge as yours comin' at me across the web I become more troubled by the state of the nation, and the world.

When you say things like "the end times are coming" I see a massive population that foresees very little future for the human race and lives accordingly. I'm guessing that believing the end times are near inspires very little preparation for a long term future, and possibly even sparks an anxious little glow in each heart anticipating our demise and the return of your Savior. This sort of thinking from the masses is terrifying, and I shutter to think of someone with these beliefs having a hand near the button.

Then you present the idea that our children are under attack from the devil. Christine, I am an atheist. In my opinion your beliefs in God and Satan, angels and devils, heaven and hell, and all those magic goblins of Neverland is mythology. No different than Zeus of the Greeks, or Thor the God of Thunder. By attaching the blame to make-believe beings like The Devil you're avoiding any sort of measures we should be losing sleep over to PREVENT the annihilation of the human race. We should NOT simply throw in the towel to it because it's Satan, or God's prewritten conclusion!

Your words most definitely impacted my heart, but only to work harder at what I do to make more 11 year olds consider that their parent's religious beliefs are a dangerous mythology that's gotten way out of hand.

Christine, please reconsider what it is you're teaching your child. Don't encourage her to anticipate Armageddon! Stop telling her Satan's after her! And please please please stop thinking that we need more irreconcilable religious devisions that leave no room for debate! There's only one other option available after that!!!


“I have shown your response to my 11 year old daughter, and she cannot understand how someone could be so "stupid" as to not believe in God.”

I am sorry that you do not believe in God. He is the creator of the world you live in. He is also the creator of you. When I hear ignorant things like you are saying, I want to cry for your soul. Whether you believe in God or not, is not really my problem. I can neither save nor curse you. My 4 children though, are my problem. I take them to church twice a week to hear the truth - which is - Jesus and only Jesus saves.

I do have one question for you, Bob. If you do not believe in God, heven, hell, the devil, then you obviously don't believe in Jesus. Why then, why would you put up a website depicting Jesus on the Cross?

I have shown your response to my 11 year old daughter, and she cannot understand how someone could be so narrow minded and in her words "stupid" as to not believe in God. I pray for you, Bob, that you will see the light before it is too late.

As it is written in the Bible, Matthew 18:7 - Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!

God Bless you Bob.

Christine Cornelius

Hello again Christine to you and your daughter.
Yesterday was just one of those days for me where it seemed to be one strange belief after another comin' at me. There's this man, JD, who works at a gallery I have my art up at and he's kind of a trip. He has very strong beliefs in something he calls "Spirituality" which, according to him basically includes all religious ideas, beliefs, whatever, and allows for everyone to go to paradise just as long as you're good and accepting of everyone. He's a very hard person to talk to because he seems to think there's no right or wrong answers, and whatever anyone says he accepts as truth of some sort or whatever. I can't take someone like that seriously at all, and when I see him I tell him so.
Then my friend Bob and I (yes, we're both named Bob) ran into this guy Yoseph who was drifting by, said hello, then started talking to us both. I attached a picture we took together (That's Yoseph on the left, and me on the right in the jean jacket). Anyhow, Yoseph was on his way to celebrate Passover with a group of people and kept inviting us both to come.
He was kinda all over the place with his beliefs too, along the same lines as JD, with a belief that just accepted everyone no matter what. I guess people go that direction so as not to offend anyone. It's nice and all, but I really don't have time to waste with all that nonsense. I want the truth whether it feels good or not, and it better have some good logical reasons for believing it because I ask questions and I especially scrutinize someone's beliefs that they insist are true but don't have any real proof or reasons for believing.

Then a friend of mine called me yesterday telling me of a report she was writing for school about the Greek god, Dionysus. His legends were around hundreds of years before Jesus and "coincidentally" performed many of the same miracles Jesus did (born of a virgin in a manger, resurrection, water into wine, communion of his body, and his father was the supreme God Zeus). My friend then told me that much of Jesus' life has astounding similarities to Greek gods that "existed" hundreds, even thousands of years before the mythology of Jesus was created. It's very interesting reading if you have any curiosity about the gods humans have invented.

Then I came home to your email, another belief about the afterlife based on no real evidence, but I'll grant you it's a lot more direct than JD or Yoseph. I walk away from a day like that bewildered at all of the far out concepts people are willing to buy into in regards to spirits, gods, dragons, messiahs, resurrection, and a ton of other crazy Dungeons & Dragons type stuff based on nothing more than faith in ancient scribes.

Christine, I used to believe in God. I was raised in a Christian home and both of my parents are still alive and Christian to this day. I lost all of those beliefs when I started to explore further into some pretty basic questions about God, the Afterlife, and Jesus. Some of the questions that broke apart the belief were things like:
- How can someone enjoy heaven if they have a loved one in hell? In fact, how can anyone enjoy a paradise while anyone is suffering eternally?
- How do dinosaurs and prehistoric men fit in with Genesis and the story of Adam & Eve?
- How do we know the Bible is true? It's considerably flawed again and again, and when these flaws are pointed out then they turn into "stories of symbolism."
- What makes Christianity a more dependable truth than Hinduism, Muslim, Judaism, or even something as crazy as Scientology? They're all based on the same faith without proof.

This all led me to atheism, and I can't tell you how nice it's been to believe in something that has logical reasons and answers that don't sound like they were written by superstitious mystics. My beliefs also don't claim that life really begins after we're in the grave, or that there's anything more important than people (like your gods and messiahs). But the most valuable part of my belief is that they don't put faith before commonsense, logic or things that can be proven. I believe that's one of the most harmful aspects of religion. And one of my biggest problems with Christianity is its undebatable claims of what God wants. I believe that it's this aspect of all religions that allow no room for debate, and leave only one other solution- To abolish all other religions under the command of God Himself. And that's scary.

So anyhow, I know I'm not changing any minds with this letter, but I figured since I've got an audience there with you and your daughter I might as well give you something interesting to read and let you know where I'm coming from.


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