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I don't know why I get these urges to ruminate about religion, and the nature of man's various gods... must be my upbringing. Any way...

I guess what I don't get about Christians, or religious people in general that believe in the Judeo/Monotheistic god is... well... how is it that they don't see the absurdity of it all... and even more so the inherent and inevitable illness one derives from attempting to establish inside one's mind a relationship that is in all reality abusive. I mean... think about it....

What exactly is Jehovah/Allah/Elohim saving us from? No matter what the belief system, no matter the denomination, creed, and cult, whatever... God is saving us from God himself. A hell created by God, a world fallen as a result of God's  creative planning, a separation from God imposed... by God. Evil, god. Good, god. Everything, God. Satan... yep, God. EVERYTHING... God. An all-powerful god, an all-knowing god cannot possibly do ANYTHING without knowing before he does it without knowing the exact outcomes of his actions. He can't. It's an impossibility IF he is all-powerful or all knowing. I mean hell, I'm HUMAN and I have a pretty good idea of what my actions will and/or possibly can do, and then juxtapose that against god and well... there ya go.

So now that's established, we then have the Christian. Christians create this strange paradigm within their minds that they must have a "personal relationship" with this god that is responsible for their own perceived state of inherent sin, and the inevitable one-way ticket to hell that god created specifically for the creations that he created in a "fallen state". Think about it. God, according to Christians, made them bad, and is going to send them to the worst possible place imaginable as a result of his own doing. AND, god knows exactly which of his creations are destined for hell, and he knew it right from jump street, and which ones will come back to him.

But He loves us.

This reminds me of the type of "relationship" that wives who are abused by their husbands have, and that brainwashed hostages have with their captors. Fucking Stockholm Syndrome people. Is it any surprise that our society, our citizens, our brothers and sisters caught in this web impossible catch-22's are crazy? Some believers here go to war on the one hand decrying the evil of Muslims, but don't think for a second about "bombing Them into oblivion". Are they completely incapable of seeing the betrayal to common sense and compassion? Of course they are because their minds are so adept at suspending common sense in order to maintain the illusion that this abusive notion of a god makes sense. The believer strikes the impression with me that he or she is like an abused wife who attempts to marginalize the abuser's actions:

"He really is a good guy. He's just stressed. I brought it upon myself. I shouldn't have said that. I was pushing his buttons. He's a great father. He really cares for me... really."

These excuses don't work for human abusers... how in the HELL does it work for a god? If their god is omnipotent, he MUST have had control over his creative powers, and if we are flawed, we are only flawed because that is the way he made us. There is NO excuse that we ruined his perfect creation. A truly perfect creation does not self-destruct. It is PROGRAMED to self-destruct. It is DESIGNED to do what it does by a perfect designer... by an all-knowing designer.

If THEIR god does exist, and I sincerely do not believe it does, He is not worthy of their respect, fear, admiration, or devotion. He is a terrible abuser. I think Christianity's greatest sin is that it made us enemies of ourselves. It turned us against ourselves. And if we inherently hate who we are... how can we ever truly love others? Such a tragedy that they wait for an external source to change whom they are when they always had the power to do it from within.

Of course, from my perspective "He" is simply a construct of their own imaginations, a reflection of a male-dominated society infused with so many insecurities and contradictions that of course the only kind of god that could be created and flourish within it would embody the schizophrenic notions of men and the way we aim to control our world. What a shame. Yep. What a shame.


“i'll be laughing so much when you're burning...”

Subject: burn

i'll be laughing so much when you're burning in hell.


“Why don't you shut up about what you don't believe?”

Subject: what DO you believe?

Read this whole message. think about it
if you refuse to read it,
then you're scared about the truth
you don't want it to be true
but you know it is

you obviously BELIEVE there is a Jesus.

why would you go through all this trouble to make fun of someone who you don't even believe in?

you know that there is a Jesus.
you know he died a painful death. more painful than anything you could ever imagine.
and after three days, he was alive again

you just WISH it wasn't true.
there is nothing you can do about it
you're just scared
you know you're going to hell
you just don't understand how horrible hell really is
did you know that you do not want to go to hell
that place really sucks.

sooo... if you really believe that there is hell
and that there is a satan.
than obviously there is a God

and if you don't think satan is real
then why are you dressing up as him
cause you're a loser. nobody loves you
except God. He still loves you.
He doesn't love what your doing
but He knows there is still a chance
for you to live after life.
you can change

i'm sure you probably will never change
i can care less if you do.
you'll just burn in hell
of course i'm not perfect either
but God forgives me
just like he'll forgive you
IF you change

i'm sure you are just going to think this message is just a waste of your time and you'll just make fun of it.
but i don't care
you can't hurt me
i can care less what you say about my message

but just remember...
when you're burning in hell
don't say no body ever told you what will happen

do you really believe scientists when they say that we were created from some atom. Do you really believe that we used to be monkeys. What DO you believe.
Why don't you shut up about what you don't believe
and tell us
what DO you believe
how do YOU think the human race was created?

did you know it says in the Bible... that before the world ends, that humans will try to re-create the city of Babylon.
Guess what?
before Saddam Hussein died, he was trying to re-build the city of Babylon.
the Bible is thousands of years old
how do YOU think the Bible knew that Saddam would do that.

that is not the only proof the Bible is true.

if you have read this whole message and actually thought it through.
and STILL don't believe that Jesus suffered for you.
so that you can be forgiven
i'll be glad when you're burning in hell.

-just a 16 year old Christian


Hey Brian,
Okay, believe it or not I was able to work up enough courage to read your Myspace message, and you were right, that's some super scary stuff you're talkin' about there. I'm gonna attempt to take on your questions and answer them as best I can.

First off, I used to believe in Jesus, Satan, heaven and hell and all that when I was younger. I was raised from very early on to believe that it was all for real. Now looking back, I see that that's the reason I believed- Because it was taught to me as far back as I can remember. Something I know now is that a kid will believe whatever you want if you start him from day one telling him/her it's true. If I had a kid I could raise it to believe Ronald McDonald is God and planet earth started as a cheeseburger then grew and grew until it became what we see under our feet today, and we must praise Ronald for making it so. And you know what? That kid will believe. I'm the parent! I'm its main source of knowledge, and kids are programmed to accept what they're told as truth. They have to. You can't send a child out into the world to figure things out on their own, because if you did they'd die. They'd walk out into the street and get hit by a car, or kidnapped, or starve to death, or a million other ways to die out on the streets. Kids automatically absorb everything they're told as truth. It's later in life that we begin to lose that naiveness and begin to doubt, ask questions, and think for ourselves.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm guessing that you've been raised in this belief that Satan and Jesus and God are real. As far back as you can remember you've been told that God made the earth and He's been around forever and came from nowhere, He's just always been around or whatever, and Satan's the master of all evil and so on. You're a 16 year old whose had 16 years of this information being told to you as truth. I was exactly where you are at that age. I believed it all unquestioned, no matter how crazy it all seemed. Hell, it didn't seem crazy at all because I'd never heard an opposing view.

Now I'm a 37 year old man. I've done my own searching and found answers to questions I was told didn't exist. I've also come to understand human nature and our ability to ignore truth that doesn't feel good, and believe fantasies that comfort our fears. People believe in their different religions because they want that everlasting life, guardian angels, and punishment in hell for everyone they're angry at.

Brian, I'm an atheist. I think all of these stories about talking snakes, resurrecting dead people, giants, angels, devils, dragons, magic powers and all that other stuff is myth. It's no different than all the other gods people have believed in throughout history. It's all bullshit, but people believe it anyhow based on something they call "faith." "Faith" being some sort of legitimate reason for believing whatever you want without proof, even if it goes against existing evidence. It's kinda like the same logic Peter Pan teaches, that believing in things makes them come true. That's all sweet and nice, but it's no way to get to the correct answers.

I don't expect you to change any of the beliefs you have in your head right now. However, I do expect you to ask questions and figure out why you actually believe what you do. Does it really make sense to you that you can enjoy paradise while people fry in hell for eternity (maybe even people you might have loved or cared about)? Do you really think dinosaurs are pretend, or lived just a few thousand years ago along side people? Do you seriously think you deserve an eternal paradise for believing a certain historical event to be true, and people who don't believe it deserve an eternity of pain? The God of the universe cares about what you believe?

Go ahead, ask someone you know how you're supposed to enjoy heaven while someone you once loved burns forever in hell. Ask your dad or your sunday school teacher about that. It's like part way to seeing where I'm coming from.

And if you have any specific questions, I have answers. Just ask.

“are you saying the love that people have for each other is just some chemical in your body? i doubt it”

sooo anyways
what DO you believe?
if you don't believe in God,
then how did everything get created?
are you saying the love that people have for each other is just some chemical in your body? i doubt it
what do YOU think the reason for everything is?
did some atom just evolve into a monkey or crap like that?

if you're saying that you can't believe what people have written and practically proven thousands of years ago, then how do you believe that scientists found some atom that evolved from humans or the big bang theory

for all YOU know... or me... scientists could be making all of that up... how do YOU know that the scientists researched that? Did you find that out yourself? or did you read it somewhere, which could be lieing?

did you know it says in the Bible... that before the world ends, that humans will try to re-create the city of Babylon.
Guess what?
before Saddam Hussein died, he was trying to re-build the city of Babylon.
the Bible is thousands of years old
how do YOU think the Bible knew that Saddam would do that.

Also, for thousands of years, Israel wasn't a nation.
Their people were scattered
The Bible told that Israel would be brought back into her land and become a nation again. Hitler tried to kill them. England even tried keeping them from their land after World War 2. Just like the Bible says, they became a nation again, in 1948. Never in the history of the world has a race of people been scattered throughout the world and persecuted for 2,000 years and then come back together as a nation.

it seems to me that the Bible is the most reliable source here.
i don't see scientists fortelling the future...
if you find one... you let me know...

Everything didn't get created by some huge, magic, mega-being out there in the cosmos. I know it's a lot easier to just believe "God did it" and skip all the studies and science but it's a lot more complicated than that. Our existence is very explainable using logic and science. Here, it's simple to see – Where did you come from, Brian? Your parents, right? Where did they come from? Their parents. And so on and so on and so on. This process has been going on for millions of years with human beings, kitty cats, whales, mosquitos and all the animals you've seen pictures of! We've been reproducing like this for so long that it isn't at all difficult to imagine monkeys developing the ability to walk on two legs, and 100,000 years later losing some of their hair and becoming cave dwellers, then more time passes and cavemen are using sticks to whack their food over the head, and a couple thousand more parents later looking like the bearded-apes of Bible times. Animals evolve. In fact, we can witness evolution right before our very eyes! Did you know that viruses evolve to become immune to the vaccines doctors use? Evolution is very real. So real in fact, that we use it to make farm animals better suit our needs, and fruits and veggies tastier and juicier!

Every living thing has had a couple of parents that are responsible for it until you go far enough back to where you're looking at microscopic cells and things that can just divide in two and duplicate themselves again and again. Under a microscope we can watch a cell divide in two making a copy of itself without any parents at all (I've seen this with my very own eyes in Chemistry class without any lying scientists)! And did you know that very little is necessary to make that one living cell? That cell is just made from molecules of water, carbon dioxide and methane which could have been sewn together by lightning and sunlight on the water's surface. I suppose you could just say that all scientists are lying, but it's not just a few scientists that say these things. It's thousands! And they have physical evidence to back up their findings! Have you visited a Museum of Natural History before? It's all right there, and the best part is, it makes logical sense, and that's nearly impossible to lie around.

If you're actually willing to study the way evolution works it's really quite fascinating! You begin to understand why your dog has the same feelings you do, like shame, care, joy, anger, guilt, and even hatred! And no, it's not the devil tempting your pet to sin. It's behavior we've inherited from our ancestors. Hey, have you heard about Koko the Talking Gorilla (koko.org)? It's a gorilla that's learned sign language, and she has all the same feelings, temptations and behaviors we do! Now answer me this- Where does Koko go after she dies? Gorilla Heaven? Or maybe she doesn't go anywhere? Then why do we? Questions, Brian. Ask them!

Now as for this prediction you're so hooked on regarding the Bible saying a man named Saddam will try to recreate Babylon late in the 20th century. Would you mind proving this prediction to me? You seem to be basing a lot on that. Just the exact verse in the Bible that gives the prediction, and what you've got Saddam saying, or whatever it is that solidifies the prediction for you.

I'm glad you're at least thinking about all this stuff. That's what got me started questioning, and eventually led me to what I believe today.


10 years later...

“I came to terms with being an atheist about 6 years ago now and I honestly think messaging you 10+ years ago was a beginning to my questioning.”

November 20, 2016
Hello again Normal Bob Smith,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. I happened to be one of the many many people who sent you "hate" mail 10+ years ago.

I was 16 sending you myspace messages about how real God is and how wrong you are. I randomly thought about the time I sent you those messages and googled my way to find and read them and of course they're more ridiculous than I remembered.

I came to terms with being an atheist about 6 years ago now and I honestly think messaging you 10+ years ago was a beginning to my questioning. You ended the last message with "I'm glad you're at least thinking about all this stuff. That's what got me started questioning, and eventually led me to what I believe today" and it's crazy how right you were.

Anyway, reading back at those messages, you could have easily shrugged those messages off and replied back "hail satan. see you in hell kid.", which may have been funny. I think what really struck me back then was how calm, collect, and informed you responded and I wasn't expecting your messages to actually make me think. So yeah, I'm 25 now and becoming atheist years ago was one of the best things that ever happened to me, so thanks for responding to a 16 and making him think. 

Take Care,

If you'd like to read more of Brian's and my reunion you can see it here.


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