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Lost Episodes of Hate Mail!
Just recently stumbled across a folder of hate mail on my laptop that never got posted, and it's got some funny shit! So while I'm working on freelance jobs and more Satan's Salvation comics I thought this would be a perfect time to share with you some of what I found. Enjoy...

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hello. I no you probably wont read this but its worth a try. Just like to say that i think your " dress up jesus game" is really discusting, its really offencive that the first thing that comes up when you type in Jesus on the search engine is a sacreligious game. I would be greatful if you replied back


Okay. I'm replying back. I'm not sure what you want me to say. I mean, obviously I think you're wrong. I think Jesus Dress Up SHOULD be the first thing that pops up in a search engine. What do you want to tell me? Worship Jesus? He died for my sins? I'm going to hell? You're going to heaven? I've heard it all before, Hannah.
You're gonna waste my time, aren't you?

So lets have it.

im not replying back just to argue with you. n im not telling u what u should do with ur owwn life thts up 2 YOU, n i dnt no if ur goin 2hell or not, 2b honest i cldnt care, i just wrote 2u 2 get my opinion across. so yeh thats it. thanks 4 listnin


Thank you for giving up.

lol o.k watever, you get on with it. carry on making silly little games. I emailed you to ask you a question, i thought ud be professional about it all, obviously not. Well anyway thanks for your time.
god bless


You emailed me to ask me a question, yet you don't ask a question? And I didn't answer the question you didn't ask professionally enough? I'm really having trouble following the emails you send to me. Are you a Special Ed student?


Er no. thins is just getting stupid now. 4 get it all, i just wrote 2 say how wrong i thought ur game was, and that was it . thanks anyway


You started this, not me. And what's funny, is you never answered any of my questions, and you never asked one.

Here, let me just answer the question you never asked. All right?

I am not a Christian, I am an atheist. That means I don't think there's any gods at all. I believe that your whole Jesus thing is make-believe, and that's why it doesn't match up with actual history, like dinosaurs and Adam & Eve, and the scientific tests they did on the Shroud of Turin that proved Jesus wasn't real.


“Please get over your stupidity and realize how stupid that website is.”

Subject: Final Justice Jesus Dress Up

I will make this as nice as possible. Someone died for you. He was actually crucified so that you may live and yet you you start a disgusting site telling people they can finally crucify Jesus. News flash Jesus has been crucified. Hope that raises your IQ a bit.

Hey look at me I can make that nice even though all these vicious thoughts are running through my head about you. Oh yeah please remember Jesus loves you! Jesus died for you! Please get over your stupidity and realize how stupid that website is.

Love in christ,
April Lovingdale

Wait! April! You misunderstood! Gimme one sec to explain. I don't say anywhere on the site "Now you can finally crucify Jesus." That'd be silly. We all know He's already been crucified, in fact that's what it's all about. I made it so that now people can crucify everyone who actually deserves it! Everyone that Jesus died for finally gets what they have comin' to 'em! Hahaha! All those goddamned sinners will pay!

So what I say is "Finally you can crucify those who really deserve it!" It's a good thing I'm doing! Do you see now? Don't apologize. I see how you misunderstood. It's okay.
Thank you April.
And thank you Christ! Haha!

“I mean wouldn't that be stooping to their level?”

Ok so maybe Im sorry a bit, but do you really think people deserve to be crucified? I dont really care if you do or not just wondering. I mean wouldn't that be stooping to their level?

Love in christ,
April Lovingdale

What? No, it's not me who thinks that, it's God! Our God is the one who said that it is us who deserve to be on that cross for our sins, but instead He sent His Son to die for us there. Everyone knows the fable.

Shame on you April. Everybody knows that God is the one who wants us hanging up there for our evil, dirty sin. We're horrible people, and we're lucky Jesus took all the blame for us, otherwise we'd all be hanging on crosses! The world's supposed to be an endless hanging garden of dead crucified human beings, but Jesus spared us all!!!!


“No, shame on you.”

No, shame on you. Jesus never wanted us to hang on crosses. He didn't want to hang on one either yet he did because he loved everyone. Yes we are lucky he did but he never said we should hang on crosses. If you can show me a scripture that says that then I will believe you

Love in christ,
April Lovingdale

No, you keep misunderstanding me. Jesus never said anything about us hanging on the cross. You're twisting my words around like a crooked lawyer! Heck! I'm sure Jesus would be the first to say no one should hang on the cross! Hahaha! It was His Father (God) who commanded Him to hang there instead of us. That's why we must love Him, April, no matter what! He can kill us whenever He pleases!

He even killed His only Son, so imagine how easy it'd be for Him to kill us!!!!!!! We're nothing compared to Jesus! We're all scum of the earth compared to God's Son! We deserve to live in hell for the rest of eternity, but God said He might choose to save us if we pick the right religion.

That's in the bible.
Praise be to the merciless God in Heaven!!!!


“[God] helped to turn me away from a homosexual life of 20 years”

Subject: Jesus

Now I know where you stand and I appreciate your honesty. We all worship something in our lives, whether it is free time, sports, alcohol, drugs, gambling, going to the bar; whatever we value above anything else in life, and many people become a slave to them as well. It consumes their lives.

I figure I may as well worship the Living God who has set me free from my sexual addictions and sins. I would rather have Him consume my life than drugs or alcohol.

He helped to turn me away from a homosexual life of 20 years and I am now married to a beautiful woman and we have 4 children. I would not have done that unless Jesus showed Himself to be real to me, just as He did to the Apostle Paul, and his life was radically changed by the power of God. I was living in slavery when I lived as a homosexual for 20 years.

God will let you live your life without Him. He has given you a free will to do as you choose. But He does love you and care about you enough to tell you that unless you give your heart and life to Him, you cannot enter Heaven when you pass from this earth, because you don't even believe He exists. If you don't care about Him while on this earth, why would you want to live in Heaven with Him when you die?

I know you think that God is just make-believe and not real but I will pray that God makes Himself real to you as He did to me, and then you can decide for yourself if you want to serve Him.

I know that I would rather live for Him on this earth, and be in Heaven when I die, by choosing to follow Christ Jesus; than to live in Hell for all eternity. We each have to make that decision and He gives us that choice. God will manage on His own, but He really would like YOU to be with Him here on this earth and in Heaven when you die. He does love you, even tho you don't believe in Him.

Have yourself a good day and thanks for the conversation.
God Bless you
Be keeping you in my prayers.

Okay, now I'm interested in what you have to say. You're saying that God cured you of your 20 years in homosexuality? I have many questions for you. Ones that I beg you answer honestly. Do you still fantasize about men, but simply don't act on it because it goes against your beliefs? How did you cure yourself of homosexuality? Was there a process, or did you just go cold turkey, like a junkie stops junk? When was the last time you were with a man? Does your whole family know of your past?

I would also argue that we all do not worship something. If at any point you find yourself worshipping anything you must pull back from it, even God. Because worshipping something means that it is perfect, and as we all know, nothing's perfect, including the concepts of God, heaven and hell. I think I can safely say that I do not worship anything. I know that all things are flawed.

God is most certainly make-believe. All one has to do is speak with several people of different faiths from around the world and at about the 7th or 8th person you'll come to understand that our religious beliefs are largely dictated by our location on planet earth, and/or the faith we're born into. Sure, one can be so brash as to conclude from this that they are the lucky one who was coincidentally born into the one true religion, but even that logic doesn't solve the riddle of how there can be any sort of heaven while your fellow humans burn in hell. And if it is just faith that holds the flaws in your beliefs together, then they can also be disregarded with the same amount of evidence you've got holding them together.

So please, answer some of my questions.
I can't imagine your life being a working concept.

I never received any response from Mike.

“take the cock out of your mouth & shove it up your ass!”

Hey Bob take the cock out of your mouth & shove it up your ass!

Jeff Macri

Okay, for one, there is no cock in my mouth. That's just plain ol' inaccurate.
Okay? And number two, the only cock that'd I'd have in my mouth would be
my own, and that's ONLY to clean it in the shower! So I ask you, why would I
want to shove it up my ass after I JUST got finished cleaning it??? The answer: I wouldn't. That would make the whole 40 minute wash in my mouth a complete waste of time.

Better luck next time with your LAME suggestions!


“don't you dare email me back!!!!!!!!”

What the hell is wrong with you? Jesus is your savior! So why the hell are you making a shame of him like that? Go to hell! He did everything he could for you and anyone else. I am a christian and people like you go to hell! Cause you are against him after all he has done! Whatever just go to hell and don't you dare email me back!!!!!!!!

Courtney Brown

I accept that dare!


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