Hate Mail Now I'm sure Tiff is a really sweet girl with only the kindest wishes for strangers off of Myspace, but damned if her love for Jesus and Noah gets the best of her good will and inspire some of the ugliest, foul-mouthed behavior I've seen in a long time from such a cute little sweetie-pie.
The Myspace Tiffany files

Her letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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So if you were to ask me where I've been hangin' out lately I'd tell you it's right here where I am now– Snakemonkey Studio! This is the place where I've been coming in the morning, setting up shop, working on my projects (like this page of hate mail) and DJin' my own brand of ear food.

And while I've been here the children have been droppin' by to give Jesus their 2¢ worth of fashion tips for the messiah. It's so cute! Check 'em out...

And this one too, complete with hand clapping! Adorable.

Of course any of you are welcome to stop on by to say hello and take home a God Is Fake for yourself while I hand 'em out to all the East Village wackos stompin' by. We're at 202 Avenue A in the East Village between 12th and 13th. Snakemonkey Studio/Store. I'm here like all the time now. And if you stop by and I'm not then that means I'm at Union Square and I'll be back in a couple hours... maybe! Don't hold your breath or anything. But at least poke your head in if you're around. You owe me that at the very least!

Ooh ooh ooh! And lookit! Some darling, clever girl out there made me into a Sims character! Isn't it fantastic?

It's like my doppelganger living the life I've always dreamed of... in The Matrix!!!!

Thank you Megan. Your attention to detail is totally appreciated! I feel loved.


Subject: moron

"And I can kinda picture an ark with two of every animal on board."
FALSE its said two of every kind ie not ten different types of dogs but just two dogs.

"like a floating zoo, for 40 days and 40 nights,"

"during the flood of the world, that science proved didn't happen."
FALSE YOU CANT PROVE IT DIDNT HAPPEN FOR STARTERS. THERE IS MUCH EVIDENCE TO BELIEVE THAT IT DID HAPPEN ie 70% of earth surface is shael, many flood legends from around the world. A LOT OF SCIENTISTS BELIEVE THAT THERE WAS A GOBAL FLOOD ON MARS WITHOUT ANY VISIBLE WATER ON THE PLANET. it is off limits to science here cause the bible records it.

yeah no intelligent person or educated person believes the bible. lol
if thats the best way is produce half truths and slander people who are not "smart" enough to believe what you believe. Ever heard of the emporiars new clothes your claiming eveyone is to dumb believe atheism or agnostism or whatever is true.

good job



“you inbred piece of shit”

dont know your own quotes? you inbred piece of shit


The way you treat others makes me proud not to be part of your beliefs.

You're smart, sweet and great to hang around with!
THAT'S how you treat others!

Good day to you, Tiffany!


You are a cock


This is coming from you who says Noah had two of every species of animal on a boat for the great earth flood for over 40 days who somehow redistributed themselves each to their natural habitats all around the world afterwards, and you call me the moron?

Tiff, you've been taught some really silly things. Perhaps you need to study evolution, and read a science book or two? That's what I'd suggest. While you're still young and moldable!

Thank you for your email.

“Was Jesus born of a virgin mother, we all know that is immpossible, but thats not whats important”

It sounds to me your just completely dismissing the bible as if there is nothing we can learn from it. I mean sure did Jesus really walk on water, probably not, did noah really build that ark, highly unlikely, or did adam and eve really exsist, most certainly not. My point is the bible was not intended to be taking literally, but was a collection of stories made up to teach us morals and ways to live a good life.

Was Jesus born of a virgin mother, we all know that is immpossible, but thats not whats important, what is important is the life the man led teaching us love, faith, and compassion. This is what the bible was written for, not for people to actually believe these events happened, and yes I know some people do believe that and its frustrating to me too, but if we can only help them to see that these stories are metaphors for life it would be a lot better than just trashing the whole bible.


Wait, so you're admitting that the bible is full of untruths but you're saying that we should be able to pick and choose what's good and what's bad out of it as we see fit? Does God allow you to do that? Or are you saying that the bible isn't perfect and therefore not written by God?

The reason I'm dismissing it is because people say it's God Word that we're supposed to believe and worship without question even if you know it's impossible. You do understand that God says in the Bible that you are not allowed to believe what you want and dismiss the things you think are wrong, don't you?

Your beliefs seem really flimsy. Sorry, but that's what I see here.

“fuck yoursself”

go fuck yoursself


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