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Subject: Quoting the Bible
Hello, Bob,

It's always struck me as absurd that Christians use passages from the Bible in order to support their arguments with atheists when, by definition, atheists don't believe in the Bible.

When a hate-mailer tries to convince you of something by quoting the Bible at you, you might counter with some random quote from Greek mythology. Or you could quote the Koran, the Code of Hammurabi, the works of H. P. Lovecraft, last month's Hustler magazine, or just about anything else ever set to print. It doesn't really matter, does it?

Atheists don't believe that the Bible is anything more than a historical document. The Bible is part of the foundation of several religions, and hardly unique in that respect. To an atheist, the Bible is no more or less credible than the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the works of P. G. Wodehouse, or the teachings of Yoda.

I'm an atheist. If I don't believe in Santa Claus, you're not about to convince me otherwise by singing to me Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, not even if you have an original, signed copy of the sheet music.

Nor will you convince me that the Angel Gabriel revealed God's divine will to the prophet Muhammad, simply by quoting me lines from the Koran.

Likewise, reading me passages from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will not convince me that Harry routinely disarms evil wizards by pointing his wand and shouting "Expelliarmus!" I don't care how much J. K. Rowling you quote at me, I still know it's fiction. And even if you were to set the entire Rowling oeuvre on a series of papyrus scrolls and chuck them in a time machine set for 2000 BCE, that would not make Harrypotteranity a bit more plausible today. A 4000-year-old Harry Potter book would be no more meaningful than one written five years ago. It would be a damned fine story, for sure, but fictional nonetheless.

If you want to convince me that Winnie the Pooh is real, show me a little yellow teddy bear struggling to get out of a hollow tree. Don't quote A. A. Milne at me. And if you want me to believe in reincarnation, show me a cockroach quoting Falwell.

I'm an atheist. I do not believe the stories in the bible. Quoting it at me is not going to make me believe it. If you don't have bigger guns than that, you've come to the wrong party.

Best regards,

Doug Topinka

Subject: The Rope

So this guy was alone while "God was talking to him", and then he died.....
I'm sorry, I missed the part where he got down from the rope, told people his amazing story, made a web-page for it, then proceeded to get back on the rope and die.
And they expect us to waste hours of our Sunday for this shit?

Jack Carlyle

“Subject: The rope

Subject: The rope

this is good... Click here

Suzi North

I like that these sorts of stories always include a very clear voice coming from thin air proclaiming itself to be God. It's never "..and the climber, talking to himself in his head, heard God comunicating with him telepathically, but not a real voice. It was all symbols and codes shuffled in with his other thought's voices..."

Thank you Suzi.

“Now this the heavy question, Bob what if you are wrong???”

Hey bob i know you do not believe in God our Father Creator, Jesus His son. Let me ask you what if you are right that there is no God and i live this changed holy life for what ever you think will happen when we die, for no reason at all.

Now this the heavy question, Bob what if you are wrong??? and i m right and the promises that have been given to people who honor the creator of all things we get to go to heaven, and bob you know that satan that you love so much.. you will be in his presents and its not going to nice in hell. you know that...so Bob what if you are wrong..the good part about you going to hell is that you will start praying to GOD to get you out of here and begging like a dog looking for a drop of water from anywhere and there is none..you will remember me and all the others who tried to tell you the truth about God and Jesus and you turned your back on everyone.. God says if you turn your back on me i will turn my back on you...there is a lot of praying going on in hell..and satan is laughing in their faces...hhhaaaahhhaaa..see he is a master of lies and there is no truth in him and all the lies you are believing will be what sends you to hell..what if you are wrong???

thank you bob
Suzi North

Well then Suzi, I would reverse the question back onto you and ask you, what if you are wrong about your God, and instead you're supposed to be worshipping Allah, the Muslim God who commands you to worship him? If you are wrong, Suzi, then that means you will go to hell forever and ever for not worshipping him. What then, Suzi? If Islamic Fundamentalists are correct then you are at this very moment an infidel who deserves to be punished for your betrayal of The Great Allah!

Suzi, when you are standing before Allah, cowering in your shoes, it will be too late. You will try to beg like a dog for Allah to forgive you and let you into heaven, but there is no chance that he will. Then you might remember this email to you and Islamic Fundementalists commanding you to listen to their Prophet Muhammad and follow his laws, but sorry Suzi. You will be in hell, without hope or relief. The Koran says that there is a lot of praying to Allah in Hell, Suzi. You shall be joining them shortly.

Suzi, you answer that question for me, because as you do you will be answering your question to me.

Thank you.

“how can a murder like me change into the kind peaceful person i m today after i asked Jesus into my life?”

I guess if what you say is true then i will be in hell and but...now here's the but, how can a murder like me change into the kind peaceful person i m today after i asked Jesus into my life. You know Bob the Muslim will kill for their god, and a Christian will die for theirs. Allah wants all who don't believe in him to be killed. God gives everyone a change a choice to come to Him and be in heaven once you die, or go to hell if you choose not to receive Jesus as your LORD and savior its your choice. Now as I have tried at times in the past to open your eyes up to what you are doing to yourself, this here is where i have to wipe my feet on the door mat of your heart and turn around and never enter into your presents again.

So Bob its so sad to see what a talented person you are to have wasted your talents on something that will only sent you to hell. I do have idea, if all you say is true and, what would it hurt you if you asked God to show Himself to you in a way that you will know that He is very real and then you can see the truth that i know so may people have tried to tell you in the past. I would say its a very simple thing to do and I know you can't do it. You are afraid that if you do your life will change and your not really ready for the change because your sinful ways you like..Me to I loved living in sin...i was the best sinner around and i did not want to change..but you know Bob, i did, me a murder, i m not that person any more and in fact i m better to day then i have ever been and you know its like a friend who found something and that friend comes to you and says hey Bob i found something that is true and the hole that's in my heart is now filled up with LOVE and i feel different and i want to share this with you because its the best thing that ever happen to me in my life and i want you to have some of this LOVE. Could you turn a friends offer away when they are such a different person and they love life and things have changed for them in such a good way. Would you pass that offer up. Hey not me. I didn't and it was the best thing that ever happen in my life...Hey Bob I have put this out there for you...think about it...God Bless you and I just wish that you would ask God to show Him to you and then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free and you won;t go to hell..wipe wipe wipe, the dust off my feet..I m out of here. I tried and that's all God wants me to do, not kill you like the Muslim wants to but to save you from you..your choice.

thank you Bob
Suzi North

You were a murderer?


Hi Bob,

I visit your site from time to time, and just saw "The Rope" story. Is anyone not bothered by the fact that this man free-fell, apparently unharmed, from "only a few feet away from the top of the mountain" to 10 feet above the ground with only a rope tied around his waist? At such a velocity, the rope would have cleaved him in half or something, or at least broken his back or resulted in massive internal bleeding.

From the story, I guess we're supposed to assume he died from the cold, as he was "frozen." Now, if he had listened to "God" and cut the rope, what good would this have done, really? He would have been in no shape to treck miles to civilization to avoid freezing. In all likelihood, he would have found himself paralyzed on the ground to freeze, or devoured by wild animals (if his luck is anything like mine).

Either way you look at it, God failed to save him... whether it be because he was impotent or indifferent or vengeful--not exactly someone I'd care to worship.

Melissa Carter

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