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I was looking on the web when I came across the Dress up Jesus website after looking at it I have to say I'm a bit confused. It seems as if the website mocks Jesus. First of all why would Jesus where a sports bra? He wouldn't! I hope that who's incharge of setting up this website really thinks about what they have done. I'm really appalled that someone actually thought to come up with such a terrible idea. I only hope that the person in charge takes in consideration of how this website appears to be mocking Jesus.



Yes, hello Kelly. I really hadn't considered it until your email that if you look at it from a certain point of view, then yes, it does seem to be mocking Jesus. You're seriously one of the first people to bring that angle to my attention. I'm sure you see how somebody else might look at it as being a harmless joke, or just kinda fun to take a depressing image like that one and make it fun. Or even how it might have a positive message by showing how even Jesus can laugh at himself and have a little self-defaming fun now and again.

There are many many different ways to take my Jesus Dress Up, and right now I'm gonna take your It-seems-as-it-mocks-Jesus idea and add it to the list! I hope you don't mind.

Thank you, Kelly!

“What makes me different is that I respect what you choose to believe.”

Normal Bob,
I have but one question for you. If you believe in nothing except what you can touch, taste, feel, etc. then why go through the trouble to dress up as Satan and antagonize those who do believe? Just a thought that's been going through my head. What I believe is private. I don't stand on a street corner and hand out flyers in an attempt to persuade someone to believe in something. What makes me different is that I respect what you choose to believe.

One of my best friends is a huge fan of yours but we agreed not to discuss religious beliefs. The reason that our friendship has endured is because we respect each others fundamental belief system. I'm just wondering if it's worth the effort? What would be your reaction if someone walked up to you dressed as Jesus Christ. Would you punch him in the face or respect him for what he is trying to achieve. What is it exactly that you are trying to achieve? Just a thought...


Are you saying that people are all supposed to have a blanket respect for everyone else's beliefs no matter what they are? That doesn't make any sense to me. What if that belief is obviously wrong, unhealthy, or even dangerous? Does that matter? Jimmy, did you know that there are large groups of people in Africa and India and other parts of the world who believe that having sex with a virgin cures AIDS? Are you saying that if those people are whisper quiet and keep their beliefs private then we should all offer them our respect for their belief and let them go on about their business unquestioned?

What about if someone simply has a belief that people of other beliefs are hated by God, and oppressing or killing these heretics pleases their god immensely? Should we offer these people respect for their heartfelt beliefs? Because, Jimmy, they too are greatly offended and inconvenienced by people who voice their disagreement with their beliefs.

Jimmy, what if the beliefs that I am questioning have other detrimental side-effects? What if the beliefs of the people who I antagonize teach of the end of civilization and the utter destruction of mankind? What if their belief is that their god is more important than anything else in the whole world, including human beings, and only when we destroy ourselves will we usher in His glorious Second Coming and a one way ticket to paradise for all who believe in that particular aftermath scenario of the apocalypse?

What if the beliefs that you are so politely and silently keeping to yourself are slamming the breaks on the progress of Stem Cell research? Research which has the potential to cure so many human ailments and relieve so much human suffering it's almost impossible to exaggerate the good it can offer the medical world. Progress that is being halted because people's religious beliefs teach that there's an actual human ghost inside each one of these cells which float at the end of a needle in a Petri dish. Have you read about Stem Cell research, Jimmy? It's the solution to spinal cord injuries, and replacing skin on burn victims! Stem cells have the potential to replace any tissue of the human body, and your belief in everlasting spirits has stopped government funding in this research here in the United States of America, Jimmy. All because of the belief that a human cell can have an everlasting soul.

Or better yet, what if the beliefs that you're asking a silent, unobtrusive respect for simply teaching that faith is more important than logic or evidence? What if the only harm the belief inspires is incorrect history lessons and a paradise while others suffer eternally? What if that is all? Do I still have to respect them? Respect them and make-believe that I don't think they're harmful to others? Respect them and pretend that I think counting down the days to Armageddon is beneficial to preparing a long term future for mankind? Is this what you're asking for? You want me to hold the door open for you while you go out into the world and vote on things? You want respect without question? Respect without criticism? Respect for simply believing something based on nothing more than your faith and hope that it's true? You expect to get respect for that?

It's one thing to ask a friend not to discuss it at the dinner table. It is quite another thing to ask the human race to respect your belief that we're all going to burn forever in hell unless we believe the things you say are true. Wouldn't you agree, Jimmy?



“You make a valid point...”

You make a valid point Bob. I'm in no way trying to promote a particular belief and I am well aware of the benefits of stem cell research having spent the last 11 years in healthcare. Again, this is what makes my perspective a little different. I appreciate your response.


Fantastic. I have to admit that I am proud. You're one of the quickest conversions to atheism I've ever been directly responsible for. Usually I have to do more than just list off the top ten negative side effects of Christianity before a believer's even ready to consider the madness of it all.

I usually have to go into phase two: Explaining how the meaning of life isn't for us to put all of our energy into worshipping an invisible god for which there is no evidence. Then I have to break down that absurdity into all the different gods we people have invented around the globe and throughout history, and how each of these societies were/are 100% convinced they chose the right One who really, seriously created the world and, no joke, has the one true honest direction booklet for getting through the gates that are out front of paradise.

Then I gotta get into explaining how many other mammals feel, and love, and "sin" just as we do, but they don't have eternal afterlives waiting for them, so why should we expect to live forever? And how it's our own self-righteous sense of entitlement that's manifested this place called "Heaven," and how this childish notion leads us down a very foolish path of ideas and actions. Ideas and actions that limit human intelligence, cause much pain, suffering & death, and waste a lot of valuable time that'd be better spent on almost any other topic you could imagine.

And even after all of that most believers still stand by their selfish ideas about god and all the presents He's got piled up on a cloud for them. Rarely do they even wanna read what I write, and instead just want to be left alone in their isolated, self-medicating, personalized fantasy of who the all-loving god of the universe is.

But I appreciate that I didn't have to go through all of that with you, Jimmy. You've saved me a lot of time. I got mad respect for you changing your way of thinking once you realized the harm it caused your fellow human beings. That takes mad-courage, Jim. I'm proud of ya.

Thank you so much for the letter, and I welcome you, hand extended, to the responsible, thinking world of atheists.
Your new brother in Atheism,
Normal Bob Smith

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