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The “Apocalypse Jesus” Drawing Contest is over and the winner has been selected!

About a month ago on page 334 of Hate Mail I asked you to illustrate the Apocalypse Jesus described by Ms. Ana Schweikert, and you people came through with some AMAZING drawings! But before I show you the entries and announce the winner, you should read her letter so as to better understand the drawings I'm about to show you.

Subject: A great idea [in regards to Jesus dressup]

Bob, can we make Him look like this: Clothed with a lone robe and with a gold sash around his chest, the hairs of his head white like wool, as white as snow, His eyes like a flame of fire, His feet like burnished bronze, refined in a furnace, His voice like the roar of many waters, in His right hand , seven stars, from his mouth a sharp two-edged sword and His face like the sun shining in full strength.

Or maybe this picture: A white horse. The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and make war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems, and He has a name written that no one knows but Himself. He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which He is called is 'The Word of God' and the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, were following Him on white horses. From His mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and He will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Every knee will bow and and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord... that means you too, Bob. When you choose to bow makes all the difference in the world.
Ms. Ana Schweikert

The very first entry I received was a day after the contest began, and it was from Old Pollution -
I thought he captured "the feet like burnished bronze" and a "voice like the roar of many waters" beautifully! Thank you O.P. I love it.

Another early entry was this one from Reverend Jeremiah:
There's something about flaming eyes that really takes the love and compassion out of a Messiah. Also, the blood soaked cloak is darling.
This one from John Tullar also had a cute little dress up idea:

Thank you John.

Nick L. here illustrated both suggestions put forth by Ms. Ana:

That sword from the mouth thingy gets me every time! And this one from Alfredo Denaia had a nice touch with a faucet for a mouth! Made me titter.
Alfredo Denaia
The last two entries however were unbelievable! This one from Scott Morgan really was fantastic!
Scott Morgan
I mean, look at the detail put in Jesus' rod! And lookit me! I'm in there too! Beautiful job, Scott! You were a close Second. But first place has to go to Jeff who sent in this:
I mean, I'm sorry to say, but Jeff really outdid himself with this one. You can see more of his work here at this link. So congrats Jeff! You won FIRST PRIZE in my contest. Please send me your shipping info so I can send you your Jesus Magnets!





I never thought about that, but you're right. The illiterate will pay in hell because they can't read the bible to find out how to get to heaven! Bah, who cares if people who can't read suffer eternally? I know I don't.

Stupid illiterates.


“Consequences [for believing]: No consequence at all”

ok, so you claim to be an atheist...right? Can you please give a reason? I know your answer will be in the context of a clever, yet sarcastic remark, not even really answering the question in the first place....so please spare me. I'm serious, I'd like to understand you. It is b/c you have faith that God doesn't exist? Can you prove that God doesn't exist? No, you can't do that. Since you can't prove that, you must believe that there has to be that slight chance that He may exist. That thought alone should scare the crap out of you. So, i guess you're wondering if I think that there might be the slightest chance that He doesn't exist. No, I don't and I fully believe it with everything I've got. I'm consumed with His word and His prophecies in the Bible. That's proof enough. No man could foretell or write such stuff. It's divine.

You say you did believe in creation 100% with all of your heart at one time. Imagine yourself back in that position, believing and all. Would you be offended by a website like yours? Sure you would! So you should understand and try to respect those who believe like you did once. I kind of see you as a hypocrite. You have no reason to feel that you're in the right here. You're holding a grudge against Jesus and you're just taking it out on Him and His people. That's very sad. He's willing to do anything for you if you just come to Him in the right way.

I, for one, don't believe you believed fully back in your younger days. There was always that doubt that you were wasting your time believing in those fairy tales. That's why you are where you are now. I think you were looking for God to do something in your life and that's the only reason you gave Him a chance in the first place. When He didn't give you the answer you wanted... you folded. God owes you nothing and yet has given you all you need. The offer is still there. He gives salvation and that's enough, we shouldn't expect anymore. I'm not saying that He doesn't give more than that, its just we should think that way. You probably wanted more and went at it the wrong way. That's where you messed up. Ask yourself what's the true reason you came to God. Maybe you came to Him or at Him in the wrong way and that's why you and Him never worked out. It wasn't Him it was you. I promise.

Entertain yourself with these scenarios.


1. Not a believer (atheist).....you:
Consequences: Either there isn't any or you're heading for damnation (Hell) and missing out on the reward of a Utopia for eternity.
Rewards: Nothing, besides living a fun filled life here on earth that means nothing when you are dead and gone.

2. Believers:
Consequences: No consequence at all.... either you lived a good moral life and died or you lived a good moral life and died and went to Heaven. Or I guess you could say a consequence would be that I missed out on a life full of temptations, pleasures and sin. But that doesn't matter b/c if there is no God then it means nothing when I die.
Rewards: Rewards God promised you and Heaven for eternity.

I would rather take my chances on scenario 2 b/c its the only safe one. Think about it. Give me a good reason to take my chances on scenario 1...AKA...your choice. You can't. I challenge you to find that reason.

Hoping for the best
Jason Shepherd

Wow, that's quite a riddle you've got there. – No risk in living a life worshipping God, but I lose on both sides of the coin if I don't. It seems so simple. So simple in fact that it causes me to raise the question – How is it you're so willing to take the same risk by not believing in the Muslim god Allah, and His Great Prophet Muhammad? You see, you are taking an unbelievable risk not bowing down to Allah and the teachings of Islam, Jason. Do you fully realize what a tremendous risk you are taking? You are no better than a filthy dog in the eye of Allah for not believing He to be the One True God, and for being an unbeliever you will feel the wrath of Allah at full scale, your eyes replaced by beetle nests, red hot irons down the throat, and your blood transformed into liquid fire!

Or what about the incredible risk you are taking not believing what the Mormons believe? Do you not realize that if you do not believe in the Great Prophet Joseph Smith you will suffer eternal damnation in the pits of hell? How is it that you are so willing to take such a great risk as that, Jason? Are you a lunatic? Or is it that you are simply angry at Muhammad and Joseph for some reason and you're willing to be damned for spite rather than buy into that which promises you paradise if you believe?

Jason, what of the other 4,200 religions that you resent/hate and their terrific paradises and horrible dooms promised by each? How crazy you must be to risk not believing them all to be true so as not to accidentally slip into an eternity of pain for the sheer act of not believing? I beg you, Jason, free yourself of the hatred you harbor for The Great Ra, or the resentment you have for Baptists, or the middle finger you flip angrily at the hammer wielding Thor, God Of Thunder! Explain to me please why you choose not to believe in these gods, and you will be reciting what I say to you of yours.

Now you also say that being a believer in your god bears no consequences at all except for living a fun filled life on earth. What if I were to explain to you many consequences that there are for believing in a non existent Supreme Being, bowing down to him, loving it more than your own friends & family, and living your life expecting an eternity of paradise in the grave? Because, Jason, I can think of many negative side effects for believing in your God with His list of right & wrongs, friends & enemies.

Jason, if your God is make-believe, then that means you lived your one life here on earth without ever knowing the truth. That's kinda sad, especially since that's like the number one most important thing ever to do while you're alive. That and passing truth down to others. Also, if your God is pretend then millions upon millions of humans have been oppressed, enslaved and/or slaughtered in the name of a being that isn't there. And why? Because people who think they've got The Laws Of God at their backs have every right to do whatever they deem His commands to be? That's a scary thought, if your God is imaginary. And Jason, if your God isn't real then we have yet divided people again, drawing a black line that separates us from those who believe differently, except this particular division allows zero room for debate! And as we all know, once there's no longer any room for debate there are few options left on the table for those who disagree. That's precisely the case of what's happening in Iraq right now with their beliefs. It's not good company to be in, Jay. Not good at all.

And what of the most basic consequence of short-changing yourself and others who you teach inaccurate history, philosophy, facts of life, and problem solving skills? I mean, a pretty basic unjust act is committed when you simply tell a child a falsehood and say it is true. Even if it's as basic as teaching faith over science. I mean, seriously Jason, you should put your own selfish desire for Utopia aside for a minute and think about a child who's got but one life to live and teaching him/her to love this character from a book more than their own family.

Jason, I am an atheist because I truly and honestly believe that no god exists. It's all in our heads. – A tradition that's been around since cavemen first bowed to the sunset and declared it "God." I really did once believe, and I believed because it was taught to me as a child. I really truly believed, but it was ignorant belief. I mean, admit it. That's what faith is. It's belief without question, without proof, that defies logic. Otherwise you wouldn't need the faith. Right?

I am an atheist because what you believe simply doesn't make sense, and in not making sense the people who believe in it are crippling themselves intellectually. I've discovered that people will make up any excuse, defy all logic, and pretty much do almost anything to keep that everlasting paradise and protective eye in the sky alive on the wrong side of their brain, and if I didn't think that it was harmful to the individual, society and the world as a whole I wouldn't care if you believed or not. But as we are realizing here and in the Middle East, it does really matter a whole lot what a great mass of people believe they will be rewarded and punished for in the afterlife. And from how it looks from my vantage point, you people's belief in these non existent gods just might actually lead to the apocalypse you're all so excited about making come true.

These, Jason, are the consequences for believing something that isn't true, and trying to get everybody else to believe it's true too.
Have I made myself clear?


“im teling every christian”

why do you do thisi hate you and im teling every christian about yor site


Yay! You're telling every Christian about my site!



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