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After browsing your website and more specifically reading your hate mail. I felt the need to tell you a story. My best friend and I went shopping once and stumbled upon a Jesus doll, yes I typed that correctly, a Jesus doll. We were so very amused as to why they would bother going that far as to make Jesus a stuffed doll, so we got it. Later finding that under his robe there was neither a penis nor balls. We felt the need to change that and so we did.
plush jesus2
Her mother and older brother were disgusted by this and would not stop repeating that we are going to go to hell and how it was very rude to destroy a doll of our savoir! On the other hand, my parents could not stop laughing! I felt so proud of parents!

Laura Yochum

plush jesus3
PS. my friend tony passed out, so i got a picture of jesus with his penis in his mouth, i thought you would like to see it!

* * * * * *


i was looking through Amazing Strangers section and i have never laughed harder in my fuckin' life!

i loved the "you know you should be bald when..." photo and caption. Spotting a wig wearer a car apart and on interstate takes mad skill. ;)

You are totally hilarious and fuckin' adorable! Keep it up!

I also dig the hate mail.
Most people who try to act intelligent seem to muff it up by spelling errors.

Hope all is well! I obviously love the site and i've been having my friends view it as well. They and i hope it stays up forever!
There aren't many people in the world with wit and a sense of humor like yours. So i was amazed to see it! Not many can take a joke.


“...to me, this would be funny and fun if Jesus were just standing there instead of hanging on the cross. Jesus was cool...”


I live in Chattanooga TN and was raised Methodist, so you probably consider me a victim of the Bible belt. But, to me, this would be funny and fun if Jesus were just standing there instead of hanging on the cross. Jesus was cool and probably had a good sense of humor. Even if you just consider Jesus a historical figure, it is still kind of harsh to put him on the cross for something like this. A lot of people might think it would be ok to put a funny caption under Saddam in the hangman's noose, but I think better taste would be to use a different picture. Think about the Viet-nam picture of then guy about to get his brains blown out. That image is kind of sacred and he might have been a scumbag for all we know. I cannot presume to judge you, but I doubt you will go to a hell you do not believe in for this, but it may create an awkward moment when you do meet Jesus.

Wishing you a ton of fun in your sin-filled life,

Ted Edwardo

Yeah, see, but the difference between that Vietnamese guy getting shot and Jesus is that Jesus was only dead for a weekend and then he came back to life. That guy who got shot did not come back to life. Also, Jesus, after coming back to life got to go say hello to all his friends and show them his battle scars and show everyone he was ok. That guy who got shot in the head did not get to ever see his friends again, and he never ever will. Also, Jesus then got to fly up into the clouds, floating up into the air without cable-wires, or air-jets or anything! He flew all the way up to paradise while his friends waved goodbye, and he gets to sit in a throne forever and ever, KIng Of The Universe up in the clouds above our heads. That guy who got shot in the head gets to be dead forever and ever. That's the difference.

Oh, and also Jesus is totally make-believe and that other guy was a real person. That's the eleventh difference.

Wishing you a ton of reality in your fantasy-filled life.


“I just think that showing him being executed is over the line for me personally. You could put him on a motorcycle or a surfboard.”

Brother Bob,

You dont believe Jesus actually existed at all? I can understand people who believe that he was a human being whose resurrection was either faked or made up after the fact. I thought that historians had established his existence as a historical fact. I was kidding about your life being sin-filled and I enjoy the fact that your site probably tweeks some uptight people. I especially like the Elvis suit. (Hopefully you were brought up better than to mock the king). The truth is that neither one of us really knows for sure if there is anything going on beyond the physical reality. You have just as much of a chance of being right or wrong as I do and there is only one way to find out. I just think that showing him being executed is over the line for me personally. You could put him on a motorcycle or a surfboard. I think faith should be questioned. I am completely bugged by these nutjobs who think that evolution and other scientific facts are false and then brainwash their children and/or try to get our public schools to brainwash everyone's children. But, hopefully you will see the light before you die so you will not spend eternity being sodomized and having your guts eaten by demons.

Have a nice day,

Ted Edwardo

Of course I don't believe that the Jesus in the Bible existed! He's like a complete rip-off of the Greek god Dionysus from 500 years before Jesus' virgin birth! Dionysus turned water into wine, was the son of God (Zeus - God of gods), eating & drinking of flesh & blood, born of a virgin, risen from the dead, and even had his own crucifixion symbol which looks really familiar. See! –>

I mean, I know the Catholic church's stance is that the Greek gods were invented by Satan before Jesus' existence specifically to discredit his life, but seriously. How much of this hogwash do you expect to sucker me into?

Sure, a guy named Jesus probably existed back during that time, but there were a lot of Jesuses around. That was a very popular name back then. Ted, doesn't it make a huge difference even if he was just a regular human being? I mean, wouldn't that make the bible a gargantuan lie? And it would also bring all of Jesus' other stories into question, to the point where he could have been just as mad as anyone else who was calling themselves a messiah, a prophet, or a god at that time. I mean, seriously. I was half kidding as well when I said that about "your fantasy-filled life," but now I'm realizing that you're completely up for giving The Crucifixion complete authority even if he was just another guy?

Ted, if someone from history turns out to be a fraud or perhaps their story sounds so outrageous that they could possibly be pretend you should not continue to pay their image respect. Don't you know that?



“Your website is a disgrace!!! I literally wanted to vomit.”

Subject: Disgrace

Your website is a disgrace!!! I literally wanted to vomit. I was in shock to see Jesus mocked in such a way.

How can you mock someone who loved you enough to die for you? Are you familiar with John 3:16? "For God so Loved the world that he gave his only begotten SON that whosoever believes on him shall not perish but have everlasting life".

My prayer is that someday you will come to know him (Jesus) the way I know him. And from experience I can tell you he is not the kind of man that you have portrayed on your webpage. For sure, he is no longer on the cross, but he is RISEN.................and another thing that's certain, he wouldn't be caught dead in some of those ridiculous costumes.

Jeremy & Misti

Do you think that there's perhaps some misdirection of energy if you're wanting to vomit over the mockery of something that may not even be true? I mean, c'mon. You're supposed to outgrow those stories and move on at some point.

At least try the Elvis jumper on Him once. Personally I think Jesus would be more than happy to be caught dead in that.



“You'll have ETERNITY to regret this!”

Subject: Do you have no idea of what you're messing with? You'll have ETERNITY to regret this!

Eileen Hallberg

Subject: Re: Yes, I know! I'm gonna go to Super Pain Land underground and roast marshmallows on burning ghost bodies. SCARINESS!

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