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In case you didn't already know, there's a new Jesus magnet set in the works! Jesus Christ Superstar will be ready for Christmas 2007, and this is very exciting news. The Unholy Army Tour is being finalized at this very moment, and I've got a few other surprizes on the horizon that'll put evil grins on everyones face! So here's a new page of hate letters, and don't miss God's Frontline Warrrior's messages on the left over there. She wouldn't critisize baby rapists because, well, you know, that'd be kinda a mean thing to do to them.
So have fun with it!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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God's Frontline Warrior
Bob, What would have to happen for you to accept christ as your personal saviour?
what makes you not believe in Him so much?
and if you are atheist and don't care, why then are you so aimed at putting Jesus down?
why not buddah? why not satan?

God's Frontline Warrior

Since when should an atheist not care? Clearly if someone's an atheist that means he/she thinks there's no God, which in turn would mean that he/she believes the people who think there is a God are very incorrect. And when people are very incorrect on a subject it is natural for the person who is correct to point that out. It's what correct people should be doing with the incorrect ones.

You think people should just not care about other's incorrectness?


PS. I have done Buddha, Satan and even the Prophet Muhammad. You just didn't look hard enough, Sugarplum.

God's Frontline Warrior
well, you have made a good point, and i am sorry for judging you in an unfair way. and also is it not human to respect others beliefs, i mean, yes, i am Christian, but just because you are atheist, doesn't mean that i am going to make a web page totally downing athiest or any other religion...

have a good day mr. bob
God's Frontline Warrior

If a belief is funny, that's the only reason people should make fun of it, like an adult who believes in the Tooth Fairy. That, and if it's harmful. Like the KKK's beliefs, or those groups in Africa and India who think having sex with virgins cures AIDS. Those people should be made fun AND "downed" (sp?).

So to sum up, silly beliefs and harmful beliefs should be made fun of and criticized. ie- a good person should, and is required to, put down, correct, and make fun of beliefs that are either silly and/or harmful.

A bad, irresponsible person ignores harmful beliefs and let's them go unquestioned and uncriticized. And an unfunny person let's a silly belief go un-made-fun-of.

That's how I see it.

God's Frontline Warrior
well, not to sound all "holier than thou" or anything, but i don't think we should criticize anyone...
i mean... i wouldn't participate in them or encourage them, but i am not gonna judge them...
that's just me, and it does make me upset that so many christians don't display the real love of christ... i mean, everybody sins, but it's when they pretend they don't, that turns people off... am i right?

God's Frontline Warrior

You're telling me that you wouldn't criticize people who believe that having sex with a virgin cures AIDS because you think that'd be a "holier than thou" thing to do? We should all just be polite and let those people carry on with that belief because it may very well be true? Are you serious? Do you feel the same way about the KKK too? No jokes, because we're not better than them? You really think that's the right thing to do??

To be continued...

“i hate u”

Subject: hey u

u r a crep i mean who is as harsh as u 2 dress up i guy who did to save u! no effence but i hate u


That's all right. I have no problem with being hated. Usually the good guys are hated by the bad guys. It's the price we have to pay – Evil people hating us. It comes with the territory. Don't sweat it.


PS. I don't hate you. I hope that news brings you good cheer and the feeling of love.


“i will some how track you down...”

Subject: there is seriously something wrong with your head man

hello this is the J.Roberts the one who sent u a message a long time ago. I think i told you that i am christian but i not then now you know.I told two of my christian friends who are older and more mature than you and they think that your site is unreal and a bunch of crazy stuff and ya you might be able to get away with this but i will some how track you down to have this crap stopped.I hope you know that fridge magnets....not cool.Who in the world would want to order fridge magnets of our savour on the place He died..the cross.

you disgrace me oh so very much

your enemy,
J. Roberts

Yeah, I remember you! I wrote you back after reading the whole bible and going to church after you told me to, then you never emailed me back! You made me do all that horrible stuff and then you just flicked me to the wind like I was your little servant on a leash to boss around however you pleased!

Now you're gonna hunt me down and stop me from all that I'm doing?? Did I not do as you ordered?!? How can you treat people like this?? Is this more of those barbaric, blood-thirsty commands from the one you call "God?" Please don't follow His orders and shoot me and the children down with flaming arrows! I beg you! Your god is a madman and will stop at nothing to turn us all against each other until there's nothing left but red-hot people-shaped piles of ash as far as the eye can see!!!!

Don't listen to your god! He'd drowned the entire population of the world before He'd introduce a gentle scolding and lessons in the science of democracy!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!



“Dont you know that this will send you to hell for all eternity and the the Devil will totruring you for all eternity”

Are you sick of what you have done.Dont you know that this will send you to hell for all eternity and the the Devil will totruring you for all eternity.I have met Jesus
and proud of it.Repent and turn your life back to the lord.

He loves you

Kind Regards

Nico Fameliaris

You should be proud of it! He sends people to hell where the Devil tortures you for all eternity. Why wouldn't you be proud? He sounds like a terrific guy!

Congratulations on your having such a terrific friend, ...whom you've actually met!


“Jesus still loves you!!!!”

Subject: Jesus still loves you!!!!

Jesus loves you anyways!!!!


He loves me even though He's make-believe?

Uh, gee wiz. Thanks.


“it is not my job to convince you...”

Bob, My name is Tamra. I know God and I know Jesus. I know that they are real. But it is not my job to convince you of that. I have but one job and that is to tell you, and others that, "Jesus Loves You." That he did in fact die on the cross for you, was raised from the dead, and if you believe in him you will have ever-lasting life. You are a child of God, whether you ever chose to accept it. And Jesus still loves you, even if you never believe it.

With Love comes the true value of yourself and others.


I guess I skipped right to the point because no matter how you look at it Jesus is pretend. Like for instance, if you look around the world at other cultures and countries, and even back through time, everyone's had their own version of God. In India it's Vishnu, the Middle East it's Allah, the ancient Greeks worshipped Zeus, and Buddha takes Japan. American Indians worshipped animals and the land and sun, Eskimos did similar, and so on and so on. It just so happens that you're an American so clearly you bow to Jesus. If that doesn't scream out "MAKE-BELIEVE!" then I don't know what to tell ya.

And also, the science that's given us so many things, like cures for diseases, people into outer space, food in abundance, medicine for our ailments, printing presses, light bulbs, television sets, the Internet, the list goes on and on, has also found answers to life that directly contradict the Bible and Jesus. Adam & Eve's clearly a fable, and dinosaurs have existed millions of years before the Bible claims the universe was even created! The same goes for Evolution vs Creation. Science, which has shown itself as a problem solver, clearly backs answers other than the Bible's.

Then there's also the many reasons people have to pretend the Bible and Jesus are real. I mean seriously, if Jesus and the Bible didn't have soooooo many presents ready for people who'll believe their stories it wouldn't look so suspicious. But I've discovered in life when there are that many promised gifts, then probably what you're being asked to believe is a lie. I mean, an everlasting paradise? Free love from above? A watchful guardian during hard times? Blessings? Free forgiveness for the bad deeds you commit? No more guilt? Prayer requests? Tamra, that's a hella lotta cash prizes for believing a story without proof. Sounds like a crooked car salesman to me. And I see every reason why you would defend it so vigorously.

And if that weren't enough, just the fact that a god would want to divide us with such a silly and selfish idea that he needs our worship, and those who don't worship him will suffer, well, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that this separates people and turns nations against each other. People have been killing each other over God since the beginning. Dividing people against each other doesn't help the world, it hurts it. No real Supreme Being would give a crap whether or not we worshipped him. If he did then that'd really make him a whole lot less supreme.

There's also the simple fact that I couldn't have a paradise while others suffer. It's quite simple – You put me in the place you call paradise, then take other people who didn't believe and put them in eternal hell, screaming forever in pain, I ain't gonna have a pleasant, peaceful rest. No, quite the opposite. I would weep and fret and worry about those loved ones, fellow brothers and sisters from Earth who've been tossed away so haphazard forever. It's so basic: There can be no paradise while others suffer unless your heart is made of ice. If you actually love people you couldn't have eternal peace while they have eternal pain.

So yeah, I can see why you wouldn't make it your job to convince me, but frankly, that should be the very first item on your agenda. Sadly, it also exposes that whether or not it's true wasn't at the top of your list when you yourself chose to believe it. That doesn't help your credibility much either.



“i hope u get many emails like this so u flippin know that ur a unbelievable jerk and deserve a kick in the ass!!”

dude ur a jerk!!
how dare u make sucha site!!
u should shove it up ur but! its a disgrace ur a disgrace
u must be a lonely loser thats got nothing to do so he makes gay sites like urs!!
i hope u get many emails like this so u flippin know that ur a unbelievable jerk and deserve a kick in the ass!!

Natasha Conner

Oh no! Please not that! More emails like yours? More mispelled, name calling, "shove it up ur but" letters that contain such hurtful wishes and dreadful remarks? I don't think I could handle more of these. That must be what hell is like. Email after email of really harsh reviews that you're forced to read, or delete them if you don't wanna waste your time.

Golly. Such a menacing email. I hope that your wishes don't come true and I don't get more emails like yours. How would I survive? What future would that leave? Where would I find food to eat? Or light to shine on my path? Like choclate cake without the sugar, or a smiley face with a frown.

No thank you!

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