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Continued from the previous page, we left off with "God's Frontline Warrior" explaining how she wouldn't criticize people who rape babies to cure their AIDS because it isn't our place to... oh, I'll just let her explain...
God's Frontline Warrior

i would show them what i know is the right way, but not in a demeaning way. if i criticized someone and said if you don't stop doing this you're going to hell... that's not my place for one, and two they aren't going to listen to me... i believe in being transparent, sure, but that doesn't mean i want to cut them down, or try to prove to them that i am better.... and although by not having these insane ideas, we may seem as better people, does that mean i should treat them any differently?

i mean, honestly, we both know that there are some "so called" christians who totally avoid you, or are just down right mean and nasty to you (which by the way is not showing the love of Christ) and frankly, i don't care if you were a satan worshiper... i would still treat you the same
and even though you are extreme in what you believe or rather what you don't believe... i believe that all can be saved.

so... do you agree?
wut do you think?
i mean be straight up with me what do you think about me, and where i stand?

God's Frontline Warrior

Well, Jesus Christ, GFW! What fun is that? And I got a couple more things to say to that. First of all, we're not talkin' about people who believe that Santa has twelve reindeer and no one's gonna get hurt if we take our time and coddle 'em into submission about what's real and what's make-believe. No. We're talking about the mad virgin rapists who think they've discovered the cure for AIDS, and crazy racist Klan members who aren't gonna have their opinion changed no matter how politely you write it on a valentine and decorate it in pink glitter. They're gonna keep doin' whatever it is their doin' no matter how a stranger on a web page puts it. That's the first thing.

The second thing is religious people are the same way, whether they believe in Allah, Jesus Christ, David Koresh or Tom Cruise, they sure as hell ain't gonna change their minds if the web master were just more polite and enduring. I know first hand that there's an illogical answer to every delicately phrased contradiction when it's presented to the a true believer. To be quite frank with you, GFW, there ain't no changin' any true believers belief with any kind of webpage. It's out of the question.

However, the people that I do affect are those who don't know what to think, the people who wouldn't consider themselves believers but also don't think of themselves as Atheists. Those who get no other points of view because of where they live, who their parents are and how they've been raised. It's the people who're questioning their faith, on the fence, unconvinced by what they've seen, critically searching for other logical opinions on the matter, or even just looking for a little comedy on a subject they've been told they'll burn forever in the pits of hell over. A fun breath of fresh air amongst the depressing outlook they've been sold by their "All be damned" preachers, parents and proverbs.

It's just for fun. That's what I'm trying to say. I'm not trying to change the world, convince true believers or change the minds of religious fundamentalists. I'm doing exactly what I wished I woulda had when I was questioning my faith, troubled by the contradictions, and saddened over my realization that there wasn't a big present waiting for me in the afterlife. My head had been filled with so much hogwash that I didn't understand what the meaning of life was anymore. I'm just hoping to suck in those people who are wearing the shoes I had on about 8 years ago.

There ya go. Straight up. This is how I express myself as an artist. Take it or leave it. But I will defend everything I do because in the end I know there's nothing wrong with tough love. People are just gonna hafta deal. And if they can't then they've not been properly prepared to be set loose into the real world. And that's not my problem.


To be continued..

“Lets hear you say Prayers do nothing, your life will never be the same from now on in Jesus Name.”

Dear Lord,
I pray that you convict the soul who has uploaded this trash to his site. I pray that he/she can't eat, sleep, go through daily routines without feeling the tug on his/her heart to accept you into their life. I pray that you open their eyes to you, reveal yourself to them in a way that they will never forget, Lord I pray for this lost soul that you will save them from the eternal flame in Hell where the worm never dies before it is too late. I love you lord and I claim this prayer in the name of Jesus. AMEN

Lets hear you say Prayers do nothing, your life will never be the same from now on in Jesus Name.

Leroy Maynard



“That is so wrong how could you do such a thing to a wonderful man?”

Subject: wtf!

What is wrong with you?? How could u do that for the man who willingly died to save our sins read the Bible! That is so wrong how could you do such a thing to a wonderful man? He died for us!! He died a horrible death to save us! Next time you make something as sick as you did please know what you are talking about. That website made my stomach churn and my jaw drop, it was sick and disturbing. But I know Jesus will forgive and I will pray for you.

God Bless
Mike Kirkovich

Wonder Man named Jesus


“super non sest jesus sur....”

super non sest jesus sur la croix tu la reconu

Bruno Beckers





Paul Sayers

Jesus' Brother

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