Hate Mail "For me this is not somekind of smart ass religious debate."
The Amatullah Payton files
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God's Frontline Warrior

your point is clear, and logical, but empty... i mean what do you have to lose by accepting Jesus? wouldn't you rather die believing and find out there's not a Heaven, then die not believing to find out there is one? i mean... i find being a Christian to be the most fulfilling thing in my life... it is my life. And while maybe you don't try to influence people, you are.
and sure i believe in laying the truth out, no sugar coating it, but you can tell someone that they are wrong without shooting them... i mean i will tell you, if you don't have Jesus, you won't go to Heaven, but i won't tell you, you piece of crap, you are wrong, and you are going to hell, unless you get Jesus... as far as the rapist and racist people go... that's difficult stuff, and i'll be honest with you... i don't know what i would say to them, BUT i know that God would have something for me to say to them... it isn't His will that any should perish, however He doesn't take away our free will.... you choose to do the things you do...
i will say i am sorry that you had a bad Christian experience... if i could change that for you i would...
if you ever came to georgia, would you even consider stopping by at my church?
you could even dress up like satan if you wanted...

anyway, believe it or not i think you are very smart... i don't think you have made smart choices, but you have a unique way of looking at things

i can't say that i have all of the answers, because i would be lying and that would be hypocritical...
however, i know i have the right Faith, and through that Faith i always get everything i need...

God's Frontline Warrior


Don't you see how the minute you say "wouldn't you rather die believing and find out there's not a Heaven than die not believing to find out there is one?" you're putting your own selfish desire for paradise before that of what's really true? You've established a conclusion worth living a lie for so you don't have to actively search out the evidence for the honest truth. It explains to me where you're coming from clear enough.

You can tell me there's the biggest giant birthday cake waiting for me on the other side of the grave if I stop my quest for what's true, those are still words not powerful enough to dissuade me from my search.

"But what if I promise you a THOUSAND birthday cakes so that you'll stop searching for the truth!!" You say?

I will still continue my search, because if what you say is make-believe (which an everlasting paradise while beloved non-believers burn clearly appears to be) then there is no gift awaiting, and your promise is empty and it's a lie you've lived.

I thank my lucky stars every day I am not caught up in the contradiction you call Christianity, where you somehow have a paradise while other people burn eternally, and a loving God who allows their suffering. Your perversion of the word "love" is the least of your crimes.

I would only want to come to your church if I could get someone there to answer the question of how you can have a paradise while the people you claim to love burn forever? If you can't answer that then you haven't convinced me one bit the paradise you believe in exists.

I'm sorry, but I could not have any sort of heaven while others screamed in pain eternally.

What? You could?
That's very interesting.


“Allah is oft forgiving and mercifull for those who fear him.”

Subject: a concerned american Muslim

May Allah deal with you accordingly!!!!!! I urge you for your own good to get a copy of the Holy Quran and read it with an open mind and find out what you are facing on the Day Of Judgement. If you are at all smart you will relise what a serious offense to your Creator this is and you will repent and seek forgivness, for Allah is oft forgiving and mercifull for those who fear him.

Amatullah Payton

Oh, thank goodness someone out there invented another reason for people to live in fear! Praise the Almighty Allah and His generous mercy on us for letting us live another day!

I shall fear your God as well, just as we've feared all of the gods credited for letting us live throughout all of recorded history! Oh, how the gods of the world have been so kind to let us get to this point where we've finally tweaked them into angry, jealous, judging machines, never showing their face, ruling us through the gibberish hallucinations of men who had no access to modern medicine whom I ache to believe despite the evidence! Oh thank you Prophet Muhammad for speaking to us way back when, having words that've inspired murder, child molestation, war and rape in the name of the thing that pulled the Milky Way out of His tophat! Allah must be so proud! What a terrific idea He had to dictate His orders through some guy 1,500 years ago!!!!

Oh Allah, I believe! I believe! I promise never to question, only to live in fear of your judgement in the afterlife, of which there is no evidence, but is promised to be real by other guys who also pick their noses whilst no one is looking.

Praise be to the Great Bloodthirsty Master Of the Universe, and President of the World, Allah.

Thank you, Amatullah, for reminding me to live life more terrified. That really helps.


“these people who call themself Muslim and kill in the name of Allah are not true believers and they are going to hell”

I am sorry that you and many others feel that way. I am not angry or offended, that will not change anything but prayer will. I dont know you or any thing about you except that you are a human to just like me, we are living here on this same earth, breathing the same air and that has to count for something so believe me when I say, I will pray for you.

I hope you can take a few minutes to look up a web site called Islam page at www.islamworld.net. Also, these people who call themself Muslim and kill in the name of Allah are not true believers and they are going to hell. just like this Jim jones and David korish who killed it the name of the profit Jesus (peace be upon him). It is forbidden in Islam to take a life of another human out side of war or self defence. A true Muslim loves and cares about man kind and that is the reason behind my words to you. It is my duty to Allah to tell of his love and forgivness and to pray for my oppressors as well as my friends.

Amatullah Payton

And may I ask – This God of the Universe that you call "Allah," it concerns Him whether or not the teensy tiny little life forms on this floating ball in the far reaches of the trillion lightyear spanning universe respect Him? That concept doesn't strike you as a bit far fatched? You expect me to believe this why? Because someone wrote it in a book once a long while back, and now there's a web page explaining it even further? Does that site explain why He made such a gargantuan universe of lifelessness when all He's really concerned about is whether or not the little thingies on this pebble respect Him?

How gullible do you think I am? Have you even considered it to be make-believe for a second? Or have you just always bought it from the day you first heard it? Quite honestly I've never heard such a poorly thought out concept than the one you've bought into.

I'm curious to see how similar your response is to a Christian's.
Thank you.

“For me this is not somekind of smart ass religious debate.”

It does concern Allah because we are part of his creation along with every thing eles on this universe and including the universe as well. There are many similarities to Christianity because Christians, Jews and Muslims are all decendants of the profit Abraham (peace be upon him). The 3 are Abrahamic, monothesesis faiths. Meaning we servve the same and one and only God. In English he is called God, in Hebrew he is called Yaweh, in Arabic Allah. The creator, master of the universe, the almighty , Al- Quddous, Ar- Rahim, Al- Aziz just to name a few of his names but he is one. Muslims worship the way the Profit Abraham (peace be upon him) did.

It is not just that some man 1500 years ago pulled the idea out of his top hat. There have been several Profits / messangers along with 3 books. There was the Torah (old testiment) revealed to the profit Moses (p.b.u.h.), the Injeel (the gosple) revealed to Jesus (p.b.u.h.) then the Holy Quran (the final message) revealed to the last and final sealer of the profits, Profit Mohammed (p.b.u.h.). The differance in the 3 faiths are, Christians believe the profit Jesus (p.b.u.h.) is the son of God and associate Jesus(p.b.u.h.) and God as partners. Muslims believe God has no partners and is to be worshiped alone. We believe Jesus(p.b.u.h.) was a profit and messanger, the Jews reject Jesus(p.b.u.h.) calling him nim a false profit. And the Muslims are the only faith out of the 3 that reconise Mohammead (p.b.u.h.) as the last and final profit out of several, starting with Adam, Noah, Moses, Abaham, Joseph, Jesus then finally Mohammed (pesce be upon them all).

We also believe in Mariam the mother of Jesus (p.b.u.h.) and the virgin birth the jews do not and the Chrithians worship her where we do not. However we highly respect her as we do the profits. We also do not worrship any of the profits not even Mohammed (p.b.u.h.) we just reconise them as Allahs messangers. The reason for Allah sending us the last and final profit Mohammad (p.b.u.h.) and the final message of the Holy Quran are that over time men such as religious leaders with their own aggenda and motives have changed alot of Gods words and eliminated books from the Bible and the Gosples and retranslated so many times that alot of the true meaning was lost. When the Quran was sent to us, Allah promised this time his word will never be changed and till this day 1500 years later it has not. It is still in its original form inspite of some mens efforts. But yes Allah has created us to worrship him and is very concerned weather we do or not. We are his creation, We did not just happen to appear and exist all of a sudden, he created us along with the earth, sun, moon, stars universe, the Heavens and the Hells.

For me this is not somekind of smart ass religious debate. I dont feel this need to go out on some kind of crusade and convince the world through argument. I am just sharing the faith with you as one person to another, what you do with it is your business. I hope that you will seek and find the truth. Ma salama (go in peace)

Amatullah Payton

So I'm assuming that to whether or not you've ever considered it to be make-believe for a second, it's a definite "No."

I suppose when you're completely emersed in one subject of education your whole life there's really no discussions outside of that box of philosophy. If you raise a cat in a cage then try and set it free, it chooses to remain in that cage to the end.

It's a shame to see someone so doused in fear of these non-existent beings. If you were open to hearing other schools of thought on the matter I'd gladly discuss things further with you. That said, I'd suggest you read up a bit more on what science has to say on the origin of life. At no point does it say we just happened to appear all of a sudden, unless you consider 3.5 billion years of bacterial evolution "all of a sudden."

Read up! There's lots of new discoveries to be learned every day! We're even figuring out the origin of life itself [click here]
You should be super excited that there's no eternal suffering for people different than you! It's important to feel that way!

Smiley face –> :) (That means "peace be upon you" in computer jargon).

“I grew up in a very hipacritical but fanatical christian home.”

Yes Bob you are right I do firmly believe in what I told you. I was not always a believer. I am 37 years old and did not come to believe until about 10 years ago. I was not born and raised Muslim. I grew up in a very hipacritical but fanatical christian home. I always believed there was a God and a creator but I just could never buy in to the father, son ,and holy ghost thing. It never made any sence to me that a human would be the son of God, so I rebelled and lived my life my way seeking happiness through worldly pleasures.

The funny thing was, I wasnt finding any happiness. My whole life was a disaster, 27 years worth of disasters. I was selfish, mean, I didnt like my self or any body eles for that matter. Then I started thinking "there must be more to life than this". So I started searching and through my own research I found Islam. It made so much more sence to me than any thing eles I had looked into ,especially the fact that it is based on the oneness of God. Beacause I am a sceptical person and never been one to have much faith in any thing I kept researching and the more I searched the more sence it made. I began to pray for right answers and finally came to the point of knowing I had submit. And my life changed drastically. I began to love my self and love others and know a peace and happiness like I cannot describe. My only regret is that I wasted so many years before. I respect every one whether they agree with me or not but if what I have to say can make a differance in one persons life then it is worth it for me to say it even if it means being made fun of called crasy, exstreemist, fanatical or brain washed. And I am sure you will call me crasy but I cant help but think we began coresponding by accident.

Every thing happens for a reason. maybe years from now you will look back on this and it will make more sence to you than it does now. However I do not judge any one for who they are and I have nothing but good intentions, its not like I know you and have any thing to gain by this. I have been and will continue to pray for you.

Amatullah Payton

It does make a terrific difference to me that you've never reconsidered the existence of God. Wanting God to exist is no evidence at all. Interpreting the feelings you have as signals from a god that he exists is also no evidence at all. Being raised in a home which taught only that there is a God and there is no other discussion on the matter necessary, that's the upbringing I was referring to. That is where the problem began, and it's still there in your head to this day.

You know there's a God, you're just trying to find the one that suits your illustration of it best. What I'm trying to explain is that you need to step back a few more paces and examine the reasons you think there are any gods at all. That's what I did and all of the real, logical evidence points towards it being an idea invented by men and that's all. Nothing more. I am utterly convinced of this, 100%, without a doubt. Everything after that, which you're wasting your time explaining, has no meaning whatsoever if the thing doesn't exist. Sorry. That's just where I'm coming from. And you'll somehow have an eternal paradise while people like me suffer forever. That concept alone should be enough to topple the house of cards you've built on this three-legged card table.

It's your lack of questioning your own reasons that loses your argument for you.

“it foebidden to argue the suject...”

For me its not an argument. As a matter of fact it foebidden to argue the suject with one who chooses not to believe. Like I said to you earlier I was just doing what I am supposed to do and love to do , tell what it is I believe. Some accept it, some dont. God gave us all a free will and a mind of our own to make our desition. For those of us who practice Islam the correct way and truly love our God, we do not judge those who dont share our belief and we respect every one. It is the ones who dont that our wrong and give us all a bad name. I am currious though, can I ask, what part of the world do you live in and how old are you?

Amatullah Payton

"For me its not an argument. As a matter of fact it foebidden to argue the suject."
Precisely. And it is this self-imposed ignorance instructed by your teachings that renders your insight into the matter meritless. You may as well have said it is forbidden to research any claims you make. You seem almost proud that you believe things so precariously.

"That which can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."
Christopher Hitchens
And this was exactly what he was referring to.


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