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ANOTHER Muslim complains about to mohammeddressup.com! Jeesh!

His letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hi Bob,

I am a muslim-woman turned atheist, as long as I was in my own country I was a closet atheist. After having settled down in USA I have come out of the closet. It is not easy being an atheist in USA (contrary to what I previously thought), majority of Americans (I live in the midwest) are close minded Christians, who constantly preach about how much jesus loves me etc etc. I guess it is still better then what it was back home..... atleast they wont put a fatwa on my head....lol

I just wanted to give you 'thumbs up for your site'. I think it is intellectually-humorous and very intelligent. I read some of the muslim-hate mails, pls be careful of these lunatics and never post your picture or address on your website. Keep up the good work.

Tara :)

I'm very happy to hear from you, Tara, and I'm interested in your viewpoint as a Muslim turned atheist. I must tell you a few things however. It's too late in regards to me not posting my picture. It is already posted on my site many times. Here's just one example.

That said I also feel that it's essential for people to come out against Islamic fundamentalists and the Muslim religion just as I have in regards to Christianity many years ago. People aid religious wackos by keeping quiet, hidden, and fearful. Personally I think there is far less to worry about coming out against Islamic fundis here in the States, especially NYC. I have already gotten threats, and I am not worried in the least of any of them flying here to search me out and behead me.

We can either run and hide from this, which clears a path for their ideas, or stand up to it. What I'm hoping will happen is that ex-Muslims like yourself will rise up in mass and tell their experiences like they've been doing at faithfreedom.org. Until that time their fanaticism will spread and conquer. That's how Christianity got so out of control here – People let it go unquestioned out of a respect we're all supposed to have for religious beliefs.

Thank you again for the letter. I would like to hear more of your opinion and what you think should be done. I was never a Muslim so your insight is much appreciated.

BobanonymousHi Bob,

Thanks for your reply, and also your encouragement. I wish I was as courageous as you, I have thought a lot about coming out openly, but frankly I am scared for my life. There is not much support for people like me in USA.

"Council for Ex-Muslims of Britain", was launched in UK very recently, by a group of Muslims who have turned atheist.... that too publicly. I wish there was something like that in USA too, I would have joined it in a bat. One always feels safer in a group than going it alone. ex-muslim.org.uk/ Maybe you would like to browse through their website. Also check 'Maryam Namazie' on www.youtube.com, you will understand where I come from and what muslim women have to endure, also why it will be mostly women leaving Islam.

I went through your website (all of it) and frankly I think you are one of a kind, you should be very proud of yourself. Please stay safe and never under-estimate these crazy fundis.


“It's not just bad,but condemnable.”

Subject: It's not just bad,but condemnable.

top of the day to you.i write to let you know that, what you haver drawn is not only bad but condenmnable. Even if you are that way gifted in drawing why can't you channel it to something more rewarding,interesting, not just creative but beneficial.

Please try all you to remove this cartoon from the present oe whereever you must have pasted it. A word is enough for the wise.

Gani Yusuf

Personally, I feel that making fun of a belief that's make-believe, and has inspired war, rape, murder, hatred, division, brutality, dehumanization, and child molestation, is a beneficial and rewarding way to use my creativity. In fact, anyone who sets out to mock a harmful lie is doing something extremely valuable in my book. I'm sure you'd at least agree with that!

Any halfway decent god would reward such a deed as I have done. I'm predicting at least a couple hundred virgins waitin' for me when I die.


“what do you stand to gain from things drawing that touches on faiths of others.”

Dear Bob,
top of the day to you.I write to enquire from you,what do you stand to gain from things drawing that touches on faiths of others. You and I can be good friends.I stand to gain a lot from you, while you will equally gain from me.
Be cool.
Gani Yusuf

Well firstly, and most importantly, I stand to gain money. People come to the site and think it's funny and hire me to do similar games for them.

Secondly, and much less important, I get to make fun of a lie that people believe is true. It's a silly goof-ball story that a lot of people believe is absolute truth to live by, and to die by. I get to have a laugh at those people's expenses.

And thirdly, and probably least importantly, I get to take part in the Prophet Muhammad-bashing sex-orgies which is an annual event that takes place in the Upper Peninsula on the third week of July at the Marriott. My Prophet Muhammad dressup site made me eligible to attend these orgy conventions which is a naked-sex-free-for-all and catered dinner for people who openly blaspheme the Prophet Muhammad, and it concludes with free anti-AIDS injections of the cure for AIDS which is not yet available for public consumption because it has a side effect of enlargening the male genitalia in length and width.

Oh, and the money gain. Did I mention that? Yes.
Okay, that's it.

“I am on my kneels. Till I read from you.”

All I want for you is to have rethink, about the way you go about in making your money. I am equally looking for money, if not more than you,but in a different way. Please, you are my brother, have a RETHINK. I am on my kneels. Till I read from you.
Gani Yusuf

I have to confess. The reason that I listed as third and least important, well that's actually like the second most important.

Okay, THE most important one! Happy??

“I am still expecting your response at the level of rethinking.”

Dear Bob,
my regards to everybody around you. I am still expecting your response at the level of rethinking.

Please rethink.
Gani Yusuf

You've really not given me very much to think about. Another "True God,"
except this one is really true! Like more true than the other gods that people've invented, like Ra, and Shiva, and Jesus, and Zeus, and Sathya Sai Baba, and Thor, and David Koresh, and Jim Jones, and Marshal Applewhite, and Moses, and Buddha and the 4,212 others that I can't even remember the names of right now!

But yours is for sure the superest, most true god for sure, and you promise me double SUPER promise this time! Seriously, for real, honest true!!!

That's how you religious people sound to an atheist such as myself. Now you
go take your imaginary god-friend and get off my lawn! Damn weirdos ringin' my bell at all hours! TAKE A HIKE BEFORE I CALL THE COPS!!


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