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Subject: Great site!

Ex-muslim here, now athiest. Great websites, both of them (jesus and muhammad dressup).

Please dont publish my name, you may publish this email though.



Thank you, Kurt. I am getting many emails from ex-Muslims turned atheists congratulating me and also requesting to remain anonymous. Are you really fearful that they will seek you out and try to harm you? Your insight is appreciated.


Yes thats true. Many ex-muslims are from muslim countries and even if they moved to western countries, they still have ties and family there, and even fundamentalist friends.

Pakistan for example, gives a death sentence or jail term to anyone who criticizes Islam. All is needed is 4 guys to testify that a certain somoene abused Islam and he'll be in jail or ready to die. 295-C, constitution of Pakistan. If the government doesnt kill you, the mob will. So everyone stays silent, never being vocal againt Islam even if they want to.

Me, I have to be extra critical as I'm involved in some Islam-critical projects so I gotta stay really under cover.


“you are accomplishing absolutely nothing.”

Subject: Religion and Science

Dear Mr. Smith,
By creating a webpage devoted to ridiculing religion, you are accomplishing absolutely nothing. All this will do is further inflame the passions of religious fundamentalists. No one is going to change their worldview because you insulted it on your webpage.

There is hope though, I really beleive that by doing our best to educate people about science and the natural world, they will realize how absurd the notion of religion really is.

I urge you to utilize your resources in a way that either contributes to the scientific community somehow (i.e. doing some sort of research), or makes an attempt to educate people. You should consider putting some sort of interactive presentation on your webpage that explains concepts like evolution and abiogenesis. Then you could present a logical arugment that refutes outrageous religious claims. Well you still wouldn't be able to reach fundamentalists, I think a lot more people would take you seriously.

You and I won't live long enough to see humanity finally rid itself of religion. It's been a part of human cuture for too long to just evaporate overnight. However, the more people know, the closer we will come to that goal. Don't move backwards anymore, Bob. Attack the problem of religion at its taproot: ignorance.

-Brendan McNamara

Brendan, you won't be surprised to hear me say, I disagree. I think that it takes both. I think it's both ridicule and education that'll stomp out silly, dangerous religious beliefs. I think that by making fun of its absurdities followed by a clear and unwavering stance on common sense and evidence attacks the problem from both ends.

On the other hand if we went with your suggestion of not ridiculing the belief you are subsequently showing it respect, and that's what allowed this whole mess to spread as it has so successfully throughout the world- The general idea that religion should be respected and ones religious beliefs are sacred and above ridicule.

Ridiculing and making fun has indeed worked to defeat other bad ideas. Did you know it's the ridiculing and making fun of the KKK that played a key role in stopping its growth, pushing it to the fringes of society, and making it the joke that it is now? Here's a funny story about this precise method being put into action beautifully! Perhaps if they would have gone with your idea (that making fun only inflames people with racist beliefs, which in turn solidifies them even deeper into their worldview) the KKK wouldn't be so mad at everyone and they'd change their minds?

Brendan, I have found that making fun has three distinctive positive results.
#1. The mere fact that it is comedy brings people to the table. Plain and simple. Without Jesus Dressup, funny hate mail responses or the other funny things I do people wouldn't lay their beliefs before me to be discussed. I also wouldn't feel like doing the site. But more importantly, even if I made myself do a non-ridicuing, polite, respectful, G rated site, no one would come to discuss their beliefs. I presently have 344 pages of people discussing religious beliefs, both with respect and disrespect. How many pages do you have with your idea?

#2. Ridicule and comedy sways people who are on the fence, which I believe is a majority of the human race. In fact I am prepared to argue that most of these people who are on the fence can indeed be ridiculed and made fun out of their beliefs. I know that it was the consistent embarrassment and humiliation that caused me to reexamine the arguments I used to defend my Christian beliefs and the reasons I believed them.

#3. I have found that it's not the people who come to me shouting and screaming about what I've done that have the potential to change their minds (the minority/hundreds of letters), but instead its those who quietly read those letters and responses who witness those they're associated with, rethink their belief, and get answers to questions without it being personal (the majority/thousands of readers).

I assure you that offering religious beliefs any sort of respect validates them, whether you want it to or not. That is why religions declare ridicule the top sin, one that guarantees eternal suffering in hell without any chance of forgiveness no matter what. And Christ, Brendan, they're ideas that deserve ridicule! It's not like they've got good evidence and reasonable logic that deserves time on the floor of the senate, or serious testing in expensive labs. It's ghosts, goblins, dragons, angels, walking dead, Noah's Arks, Wizard Gods, magic drops of blood, talking animals, and dinosaur bones planted underground by God to test the faith of his followers. How can you NOT make fun?


“You really make some very valid points that I haven't considered before!”

Wow Bob,

You really make some very valid points that I haven't considered before! I still think that (if you don't already do this) you should consider providing some educational links as well. That way, people who are "on the fence" might have the little bit of extra information that could really... ahem... as they like to put it "show them the light"

By the way, I remember actually having an argument with a Christian kid who was trying to refute evolution. When I brought up the subject of dinosaurs, he told me that he truly beleived God had put those bones there to test his faith. I laughed so hard I cried.

Brendan McNamara

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