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Jeff & Bob 10/13/07

A couple years ago I went to Newark, NJ with my church youth group on a summer missions trip. At the time I was the assistant youth pastor and getting ready to start Bible College that fall. While we were there we went into NYC to perform some different skits in different locations, one of which happened to be Union Square. While we were there performing we met Bob Smith. [Amazing Strangers Pg 16] It’s strange too. It’s almost as if god ordained the meeting knowing that a couple years later I would realize he wasn’t real and wanted us to have a good story to tell. So this, in brief, is the tale of how I came to believe in god and then came to the conclusion he isn’t there and started to move on with my life.

When I was about 16 I started going to youth group with my friends because they invited me and I had nothing better to do on a Wednesday. At the time I was indifferent to religion. So I went and didn’t really pay attention and had good time. Then we switched and started going to another one where there was a different youth pastor, also named Bob. The first night we went he preached about how evil the world is and the only way to get to god is through Jesus or else we will go to hell. He said we needed to do this as soon as possible because we didn’t know what could happen to us on the way home and we might die without Jesus. Me, not big on procrastination, and not wanting to go to this place he described in horrific detail took the opportunity to ask Jesus in my heart. I continued to go there until about 10 months ago.

I lived with them for a while and we had a couple of fall outs with each other. The one that broke it all was when my wife and I were having problems, like a lot of married couples do, the church convinced her it was a good idea to move all of our things out and leave me because in a fight I said the word “divorce.” Their justification was that in that case she had the right to leave. So with their help one Sunday while I was staying at my mom’s to give us some space, they did just that.

After that incident I really started to look at the people that I thought were there to teach and counsel me, not swindle. If only Jesus were around today he could have driven them out like the money changers in the temple, but oh well. Anyway, we ended up patching things up and are doing well.

Along with looking at these people I really started to look at my beliefs and realized a lot of it was more things I was told to believe and not what I truly believed. I can’t waste time sitting around waiting for some magical being to answer prayers. Nothing was getting done by taking that route. Also being pretty into science I started to re-examine the evidence against creation and it just isn’t possible or feasible. So at that point I reopened my heart and told Jesus he wasn’t paying the rent and it was time to move out.

This summer I moved up to Jersey for a new job and remembered when we met Bob Smith. So I contacted him about this and we up one day this past weekend to talk about it more. It was a little odd being in the park where we did our skits thinking of how I was a part of a group that was just spreading harmful lies to people. I remember after we met Bob and we got back to Florida most the group looked up his web site and were shocked that someone would antagonize Christians like that. Even then I found humor in it, and even more so now. Bob’s site is awesome because it isn’t antagonistic it’s just a reality of how silly the belief in an imaginary person and that their son’s death could take some magical poison out of us really is. When I think of how outrageous the stories in the Bible are I can’t help but renounce it.

So any Christians reading this, don’t worry, there’s life after Jesus; and it’s not eternity with him, thank god. It’s a lot more rewarding to live the right way because you choose to be a decent person, instead of just pretending to do so to look good for some book or church.


“You are a chicken”

Subject: You are a chicken

What's happened with http://www.muhammaddressup.com/? No more?

Here is one nice link 4U: http://tinyurl.com/b53hv

Ervin Farago

Subject: Re: I'm not a chicken, you're a ding-bat...

You got the address wrong silly! There's no question mark at the end of the URL. It's http://www.mohammeddressup.com/ ya ding-bat!

So what does that make me? A brave hero?


“If I move the taxi about a pixel or so, and then click on to the baked egg underwear, it still selects the cab.”

Subject: great dressup site

Dear Bob,
Thank you for making the mohammed dressup site. A had a great laugh trying to fit the apparel.

I just have a minor bug-report. If I move the taxi about a pixel or so, and then click on to the baked egg underwear, it still selects the cab, because the draglayer is rectangular and extends beyond the cab. The buggy has a similar problem.

You might want to consider to make the draglayers a little bit smaller. Either way, it is more of a minor inconvenience than a real bug.

Keep up the good work!
Best regards
Lukas van de Wiel

It's a taxi cab. How do I make it smaller and have it still be a car for a person to fit into? Or are you saying I should avoid the bigger images no matter how funny they are due to this inconvenience?

Quite honestly, you shouldn't be going around clicking on items then trying to pick up other ones afterwards without expecting some sort of inconveniences from your previous actions. That's just looking for trouble if ya ask me!

Thank you though!


“BS seems to fit you and your views!”

Anyone that would go to this extreme to display such deep hatred of anything or anybody, should be looking for a shrink, not a religion. "Normal" is hardly the term one would use to describe your behavior.

You did however get something right....your initials are rather appropriate ----- BS seems to fit you and your views!

Darl Shaker

You silly goose! You can't hate non-existent beings! Well, I mean, I guess you can hate Santa or Bigfoot, but it's only in a fun kinda hate, like "I hate zombies!" Nothin' to get all screwy over, jeesh!

Now you stop saying such awful things to people you don't know. It's not nice!
Naughty ninny.


“I am ashamed of you!!!!!!”

Subject: awful

Dressing up Jesus I consider to be totally disrespectful and unchristian. I am ashamed of you!!!!!! Try teaching the children how Jesus gave His life for them so that they could find eternal life with Him.Speak of His love for them instead of putting clothes on Him which are degrading to say the least!!!!! I suggest you ask to be forgiven..............

Doreen Pearce

Why would I want to teach those things to children? Telling them that someone else can take responsibility for the wrongs they commit? Pretending to have knowledge of an afterlife when clearly we have none? Claim that we can speak for God, when there very well may be no God at all? What are you basing any of this on?

I think you need to study a bit more before you go around telling kids everything you say you know.
I suggest you ask me for forgiveness.


“I forgive you for what you said.”

I forgive you for what you said. I pray you too will make Jesus your Savior ...He loves you so much and will forgive you when you are truely sorry......God Bless You Bob.

Doreen Pearce

I'm assuming from your lack of explanations that you admit to the aforementioned irresponsibilities on your end?

You have to see where I'm coming from and understand how incorrect I think your lessons to children are. You want me to tell kids that a man died for all the trouble they get into, and it's only because he was slaughtered that they can get forgiveness? That's so messed up. Kids don't get forgiveness because a man died 2,000 years ago, Doreen! They get forgiveness when they understand what they've done wrong, accept resposibility and make an attempt to correct their behavior! And the forgiveness comes from the person they harmed!

Tell me, how did people get forgiven before this guy died? Or do you also subscribe to the shedding of sheep's blood for crimes prior to that?

Please respond with more than just condemnation and merciful prayers.


“I would like to apologize to you...”

Hi Bob,

I was reading some of your hate mail on your website and I felt ashamed of some of the things people wrote. Especially when they call themselves a Christian. So, I would like to apologize to you for that. Christians aren't supposed to behave like that. Hopefully you won't see us all this way.

Ardis Ng

Listen, I realize that we're all people and an individual's totality cannot be summed up from the only given info in an emotionally driven email. However, do you not question what it is to be a believer when you see how much backwards, illogical behavior it inspires? That right there should be at the top of your list of "Reasons to Question the Validity of my Beliefs."

What results do you expect from a belief that teaches faith in one's own epiphanies over that of logic and evidence? What sort of reasonable behavior do you think should derive from being told this life is miniscule compared to the one after, and you will burn for all eternity unless you solve the Bible and worship its author.

Luckily many people read my hate mail and walk away beginning to understand the harm religion causes to the individual's commonsense and also see that a true loving God would not be pleased with these results. It doesn't take a God to know the basics about the fulfillment of one's life does not come from an existence of worshipping another. That's the exact opposite of individuality.

It's just so obvious you're all in a make-believe world when you look upon it from the outside like I do.
Your apology isn't at all necessary, nor does it change anything.

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