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Thank you for making me and others play through your dress-up creation. I love you. It makes me let go of my childhood anguish and pressure from having to be too morally right. I think God will understand.

See! I knew I was doing something good. It just felt naughty.

Thanks Elvira.
Oh man! That's another one to put with Betty Page! Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!

Thanks again!

My name has nothing to do with the movie you mentioned. But anyway, I understand that it's your way of relating to people.

I wonder if you ever had or have true love. After all, extreme tendencies can be disastrous whether or not you care about it. If there will come a day where you get tired of the business you are in right now, I wonder how you will evaluate your life. I really wonder.


I'm having trouble figuring out where you're coming from. Are you thinking that at some point I might possibly look back on all I've done through these years with regret? Possibly even as a disaster?

Why would you question whether or not I've ever had true love? You do understand that Myspace relationships and Internet friendships aren't proper ways to know any particular person, right? People online are pretend. Everybody knows that, E.


I don't think the Internet is created just so people could make pretended relations with each other. Internet from its ideal humanitarian goal is made to connect human beings globally. World history has revealed how secluded and bloody a specie could be if prejudices and biases dominate so, I think the Internet should be channeled as a medium to disintegrate the barriers among races and nations.

Moreover, life is a step forward not backwards. For this reason, I want to make it clear that I don't think of the possibility of repentance on your part. My concern is whether or not you somehow suffer from injustice due to what you stand for and that the man in you wonders if the future could be different from what you have today.
I asked you about "true love" because your present life seems and appears to me as surrounded by technological preferences thus, your evolutionary claims are purely materialistic. And I wonder about the misery of such situation could do to you.

Don't take my queries negatively. I'm just curious for more after all, isn't it that knowledge is power?

So, please don't be irritated.

No, you misunderstood my question. I was explaining how you can't know how someone really is by just reading their Myspace, or their website. That's all I was trying to say. Of course the internet is a global revolution, but that still doesn't make the friendships between people who've never actually met any more real. I was illustrating how you don't know me at all. If you did you'd see that I am a conservative, kind man, with many close friends and charrished loved ones, and have had several loves.

I'm visiting my family for Thanksgiving for two weeks, staying with my parents for the first week, and my brother, his wife and their kids for the second. This year alone I got to see my family probably 8 to 10 times for week visits (they're in the Midwest and I am in NYC. I think it's one of the most important things a person should do- Stay close to family.
Last week, one of my acquaintances at the coffee shop I've been a regular at for almost 6 years said this to me:
"Bob, you know what's so interesting about you, is that anyone who only knows you from your site would assume you're this crazy, outrageous guy with major issues, but in real life you're the most gentle, easy going person."

That's a quote from Paul at Alt Coffee in the East Village (They're in my top friends).
I'm telling this to you attempting to illustrate how part of what I'm doing is showing how easily people fall for what they see on a web site, and how different that is from actually knowing someone in real life. That's the problem I think you're having right now. You're pretending to know me and sending me your psychoanalysis when you actually know very little about how I actually am. I made the mistake of judging others from what I saw online for a couple years, then I realized that people are vastly different when you meet them in person.

Yes, the Internet should disintegrate borders, educate the secluded and keep pushing forward, but even with all that it still can't replace actually meeting someone in person. And I think you're having an issue with that and it needs to be addressed.

“i think dressing up jesus is so GAY”

i think dressing up jesus is so GAY because he died for us and you think it is funny to make fun of him... well you should be ashamed just think he loved you so much that he died on the cross for you so you should be grateful, shame on you... and yes i am a 11 year old but i shand for what i belive in and he is watching you now so i hope you get your act together because people like me CARE for JESUS and people like you BOB need to care a little.. good day!!!

Julie Coker

You know, I'd hate to point out the obvious, but leaving Jesus naked is way more gay.

No offense.


“This website is stupid I think.”

This website is stupid I think. U shouldnt be making fun of god like that Bob


Mark Kuykendall

Wait. You believe in the gods?


“I just think dressing Jesus up in devil clothes and pigs is so lame”

yeah I believe in God. Theres only one God Not Gods

I just think dressing Jesus up in devil clothes and pigs is so lame thats all

Mark Kuykendall

What about gods like Vishnu and Allah? They're gods just like yours. I don't understand how you believe in one god but not the others. Or is it just all because you were raised in a particular part of the world?


“Vishnu I dont agree with for some reason”

God is the Man, Jesus is God's son, Allah means god but Vishnu I dont agree with for some reason. Vishnu looks like a woman to me........ I was raised in America In North Carolina.

Mark Kuykendall

Oh, that explains it. I'm sure that if you were born in India you'd feel differently.

I understand now.

“Yes I think I would probably feel that way”

Yes I think I would probably feel that way.....Hey its been nice talking to someone from another country

Mark Kuykendall

No, I'm in America too, born and raised. I can just see outside of the box and understand why people believe the religions they believe in. It's actually very interesting if you study it!



“I will ask the Lord to forgive you”

Subject: Jesus

I will ask the Lord to forgive you for being so ignorant.

Craig Kowarsky

Wait. That sounded like an insult buried in good intensions. I think that nullifies a prayer.
Try again.


“BURN IN HELL !!!!!!”

Subject: YOU SUCK


David Morris

No! Not hell!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!



“horribeil to christans”

dear bob
i think this game is horribeil to christans


Yes. But you're just a child. Who cares what you think?



“Looks like you could find something a little more productive to do”

Subject: Re: note

Looks like you could find something a little more productive to do with your time than bash Jesus.

Joy A Dragon

It takes hardly any time at all. I have plenty of time to do everything else too. So no bother.
Thanks for the email.


“This is a downright abomination of my Jesus.”

This is a downright abomination of my Jesus. You should think twice about what you have done. I pray that God will show you his love and that this picture of Jesus be completely destroyed. How can you make light of this when all around (what you see) reflects the very nature of who and what Jesus is.

Dwane Hostetler

It's really quite simple to make light of once you know it's all imaginary. I mean, do you really think your curses on my site will be carried out by the gods? Where are you emailing me from? Puppetland?



“low-life scum”

Subject: bob

u r low-life scum

John Hughes






Amanda Weaver

f.. u.... N!


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