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I juste read through a bunch of your hate-mails.
I must say I am quite impressed. Your answers are funny, well made and everything. And I am impressed, seriously, that you've managed too engage so many christians in these "discussions". Congratulations.
And I am just curious. Has it ever crossed your mind that many of these people write to you to save your life?
I'm just saying... wether christianity is true or not, they want to help you, and save your life. As you probably know, christians believe that you go to heaven or hell when you die. And that is something that impresses me... they want to see you in heaven. Even after what you've said or written about christianity...
Just a little thought that came to me, reading your mail.
Have a nice day, BobHåkon Øyen

Yes, but instead of throwing me a life preserver or an air raft or something of that nature, they keep throwing bowling balls and pillowcases filled with old car parts. I'm being as polite as I can to the ones who are seriously trying to help, but there comes a point when you have to impolitely shout back at them "These things you're tossing into the water don't float! If I were to grab hold of 'em they'd pull me under! So just stop already!!" You know what I'm sayin'?

I'm perfectly aware that they're trying to save me, but it's as if they think writing the word "LIFE VEST" on a cinderblock and wishing it to float is enough, and beyond that there's no further accountability, because it's the thought that counts.

What I'm trying to say is: That mere thought doesn't count anymore.
Thank you for the email though.

I see your point...

And by the way, another good answer! I am impressed once more!
And without trying to throw anything in the water: I hope that you'll find the things that float one day.

Thanks for quick answer, you're a serious guy.

Have a nice weekend Bob!
Håkon Øyen
The Sov

Well thank you, Håkon.

Don't get the wrong idea though. I've definitely found what floats, and it's consistently been my own logic and commonsense. And I've found that the methods of science provide logical, commonsense answers to life's questions. It's a very secure, and trustworthy rowboat.

I appreciate your emails.

2 years later...

You might not remember me. We've been debating some years ago. I think I kind of flipped out about your Dressup-Jesus-thing. I believe I wasn't the only one. haha

Anyway I just watched your Preachy Preacher video, and just felt I had to apologize. For me being such a dick and a know-it-all in debating religion with you. It is a long time ago, but I still feel stupid.

When I was younger, I never realized that debating or preaching the way that guy in the video does, is in direct conflict with being good people. I think I have come a long way since then, but I still feel stupid. So I just want you to know that I'm sorry.

Håkon Øyen

Ps. I don't even know why we're friends on facebook, but you seem like a cool guy and I like a lot of your posts.
Have a nice day!



Peter Knauer

Oh no! The number one harshest, most hurtful statement on the face of the earth!!! What... is... happening ... to me?!? Eyelids balloon with tears! Tongue retreats to the back of my mouth! Head thrusts back, arms spiralling out of control! The madness and contempt is dashing my dreams of any future to ash!!!
I am left disgraced, castrated in the corner clenching my groin.

I will avenge this, Peter Knauer. You can bet your best pair of pants, I WILL AVENGE!!!!!!



“It's a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of an angry God” Hebrews 10:31

Dear Mr. Smith,

Just when I, as a Christian think I've seen it all, this comes across my computer screen. It blew my mind to think that "man" has come so low as to make this kind of mockery like this out of my Lord and Saviour.

I'm not going to quote a lot of scripture to you as I'm sure there will be plenty of folks out there who will - but I am going to keep you in my prayers that God will convict you and you will come to know the One that you have made this mockery of. "It's a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of an angry God". Hebrews 10:31

In the Grip of Grace,

Sue Dayhuff

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called: The Present.

That's really an interesting take on it. It's funny, because if you look at it from my perspective I see it as nothing less than a progression in man's evolution here on earth.

It's really interesting to me that you see our continued lack of submission to the gods as a backwards step. Wouldn't you agree history shows that the education of the masses and overcoming of the gods, such as our submission to the solar eclipses, praying to the dead, erecting of totem poles & idols, suicide bombings for Allah, or Crusades for Jesus Christ proved to be positive steps which aid human progression?

Obviously my belief is that it's time to do away with all of these imaginary war mongers.

How is it you see it beneficial to continue our submission to their varying, contradictory commands which grant their followers any amount of destructive behaviors as long as it's done in the name of the gods?

Thanks for the email. I'm really looking forward to your response.

No response ever came.


“Just the use of the word improbable means that you consider it to be possible”

What makes you think God is improbable, because science and your supposed intellect cannot fathom, or does not address, such? Just the use of the word improbable means that you consider it to be possible and if it's possible, then it could have happened exactly as it was said to have happened.

Why do you believe that God hasn't healed anyone? Are you aware of the Christian tenet that says that every talent any person has, is given of and by God? How many cures for disease are dispensed on a daily basis in this world? You're looking for miraculous signs, yet we're told to not depend solely on such signs because some are not of God. Miracles do happen, but such signs are special and shouldn't be thrown around like a farmer planting seed in the spring.

No one closes their eyes and says that they don't have to worry. Christianity is all about responsibility for one's own actions. You are held responsible for any sins you've committed. You are liable to be punished for those sins, unless you repent and ask forgiveness. No one else is responsible for any transgressions but their own, and all are and will be, held responsible for those transgressions.

I'm not having a bit of that without definitive figures from a reliable source. Even then, that possibility only exists if we continue on the course we've taken. The future is not set in stone.

Billy Corgan

Yeah, I suppose all that makes sense to you. But if you seriously think about a god person making people so they'll worship and adore him you don't have to go much farther than that to determine it's all made up.

You're not gonna convince me by quoting the tenet, or anything else people have written about God and his demands of us. If Christianity were all about responsibility for ones own actions it wouldn't base itself on someone else paying the price for everyone on the cross. And asking for your god's forgiveness over all else? Neat idea! I wanna imaginary character to forgive me of everything I do too! I'm naming mine "Blame-man!"

Thanks for the thoughts, but you really need to grow up more before you go shootin' your mouth off to strangers.


“you fucktard, you are an attention seeking whore.”

How are you a stranger? you fucktard, you are an attention seeking whore. You get off on your emails

Billy Corgan

Wow! Honestly it looks like you're the one seeking attention, and I seem to be giving it to you! Are you getting off on it?
“your website being purposly number 1 or 2 when you search jesus.”

yeeeeea man, just like you get off on making fun of god and your website being purposly number 1 or 2 when you search jesus. you are a fucking disgrace to mankind and a sorry excuse of a jew

Billy Corgan

Holy Smokes! I'm Jewish? Now who's got the problem with religious differences?! Huh, Mr. NOT-#2-ON-GOOGLE! Do I sense a bit of jealousy coming from your direction?

Oh, and by the way, it's not me who made it number #2 on Google, it's you! Every time you stop by to yell at the web page you knock up its importance a couple more hits! So hats off to ya, BC! You get a handshake of thanks from me! In fact, why not go visit again for the first time... http://www.jesusdressup.com


“fucking jewish freak”

fucking jewish freak, i see why you live in NYC with the rest of the nutjobs, queers & niggers.

Billy Corgan

Now that's the kind of "love and kindness" I'd expect from someone who believes in accountability for one's own actions!

You said it yourself: "No one else is responsible for any transgressions but their own, and all are and will be, held responsible for those transgressions."
What do you suppose your responsibilities will be in regards to those feelings you have for those people? Or do you get forgiven by the gods you worship?

You're a very emotional writer, and I enjoy viewing the world through your eyes.

Christ, you're right! I do get off on these sorts of emails!


“it is obvious that you have had little exposure to human compassion.”

Subject: response to "dress up"

Hi Bob-----it is obvious that you have had little exposure to human compassion. The person you mock as a "stocking stuffer" was willing to die one of the most painful of deaths so that you could have the freedom to do what you did---blaspheme. And through that death he made it possible for you to spend eternity with HIM instead of in a place of ETERNAL TORTURE. That gift of eternal life is available to you if you realize and acknowledge the truth of what HE did---die for you. That is my prayer for you. Please accept this great gift at this Thanksgiving time----The Lord bless you and your family in a very special way-------

Jack Nebelsick

Yeah, I've heard that. But I'm not sure if you heard that about 500 years before Jesus, a god named Dionysus died on a cross for people too. I mean, I realize that you wanna believe someone can die and take all the blame for everything you've done wrong, but seriously, are you expecting me to buy it all on your "educated" promise.

Do other people you email these sorts of letters to bow to your wishes? I'm just curious.


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