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Hey, what's a "Christmastime" without loads of hate mail from angry Christians?

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hey folks, don't think I've forgotten about you, or Christmas, or the Tour or anything for that matter! Right now I'm just waiting for pictures to get back to me and then I'll post a whole report on the unbelievable time we had at Medusa's Circle and Neo in Chicago!

Ang & me at Neo, Chicago

There were schoolgirls, and magnets, and 8X10 portraits for signing, and Trisha Star and a posse and Ang was such a delightful host and I got so super-fucking wasted.... Christ, there were so many hot girls there. I miss Chicago already! You just wait 'til next week. Photos, and news and a lot more will be posted, keeping you in the know.

Christ! And also now's the chance to get magnets for Christmas, including the Christmas magnets which have been selling like mad!

They're seriously one fucking funny gift to open up on Christmas Day. At least go take a look at all the varieties I have now. I'm such a proud daddy.

And people are still going berzerkoids over the BDSM Jesus Dressup! I am so impressed with the amount of positive feedback that baby's getting! Trust me, those will be the next magnets on the market here. Don't you fret.

Hey, did you see the new Islamic Fundi threats I've been getting from India? Isn't that super fucking fun?!? I swear, it never gets old for me, and I know I have a problem, but I can't help myself! And you people don't help any by continuing to traffic the site and link me up and buy my magnets and stuff! You're enablers! That's what you are!

Thanks :)

“Your a sick person, this is disgusting, your sick way of tourmenting someone who gave himself up for the world.”

What's your problem with Jesus? Is it that he just wanted to magnify the love that God gave us? Your a sick person, this is disgusting, your sick way of tourmenting someone who gave himself up for the world. I don't care if you belive in God or Jesus, just take it down.

Sam Kendrick

What on God's Green Earth gives you the nerve to email a complete stranger telling him to take down their site? You sit there in front of your computer thinking you've got the knowledge of the world which gives you the right to tell people how to run their lives and command them to follow your rules?? Is that what the god you worship gives you permission to do? Surf the net and make demands of individuals who don't comply to your standards???

Christ, you know what? I need to make up an imaginary god for me that believes the same things I think so I can go around telling people what to do in His name too! I'm gonna name Him "God's God!" And He's got double the powers and His rules are twice as annoying as yours!!

Rule number one: Sam Kendrick must first follow a stranger's rule before that stranger will follow his!
Rule number two: Stop believing gods are nonfiction.



Sorry, I guess your right, You do have free will. I don't really care anymore. Sorry for wasting your time.

Sam Kendrick

Damn straight.
Take your toys and leave.

Christ, you people lack some of the most basic social skills.



“I can't help but wonder...”

I can't help but wonder what brought you to a place where you have to defile the One who so many believe to be God.


A couple science books, some of the most basic common sense and a trip to the Museum of Natural History.

That's it.

“That explains your belief but not the mockery”

That explains your belief (or lack thereof) but not the mockery. Does that increase your worth in your opinion?


Well now think about it. If I believe in science books, my own common sense and my trip to the Museum of Natural History, then clearly I don't believe in the Bible's "Adam & Eve, Noah's Ark, Creation 6,000 years ago," so that'd be where the mockery part comes in.
Uh duh.



“That is so affiance”

That is so affiance how dare you im a catholic

Susan Bownes

Affiance? Is that like someone who's void of the period between proposing and marriage?

How dare you!!!



“It would not be that way was he not on the cross.”

The Jesus dress up is probably in bad taste to many. It would not be that way was he not on the cross. Just a thought.

David Babel

My feeling is that the image of Him on the cross is in bad taste no matter how it's depicted. I mean, that's a human being there! It would not be that way if he was not on the cross. Just a thought.



“The image of Jesus on the cross is both saddening and yet joyful.”


Thanks for the response. If I may, I would like to offer another view. The image of Jesus on the cross is both saddening and yet joyful. For the Christian it means that Jesus (who is considered the Son of God, not just a human being) gave them a second chance. He died for all of their sins. It is sad that he had to do so, but joyful for he did it for them. I have been of the mind set that people are too serious and "politically correct". Everyone needs to get a sense of humor as Jesus himself is purported to have had. The tough part is for those who find solstice in the significance of the cross, the "dress up" depiction may minimize that which they hold sacred. We all need to laugh at each other, yet afford one another the respect of beliefs. Thanks for reading this.

David Babel

Well then, consider only the joyful version of the image when you play dressup with it! That should solve both our problems.
Thank you for the emails!


“Best of luck”

Best of luck

David Babel


“I take this pretty personally”

Dude, this is pretty insulting towards the Christian faith, putting out Lord and Saviour up upon the glorious cross to dress him up as santa. I take this pretty personally, as Jesus is the centre of my life. Kinda low man,

Eric Nyland

And from where I'm standing it's just as absurd to hear that Jesus (an imaginary guy from 2,000 yrs ago) is the center of your life. My advice to you would be to get real, nowadays people to center your life around.

Thanks for the email though. It's fun to hear another perspective no matter how backwards it seems.



“stop now!!!!!!!!”

Subject: Angry!!!!

You are realy offending me and I would like you to stop now!!!!!!!!

Bob Place

Oh my Lord! Stop coming to my website, quick!!!


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