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Somebody left the jesus dressup up on my laptop as a coming-back-into-my-room present. I don't get it. Why spend all your energy on the "outrageous atheist" thing? You're right, they're wrong. So what?


I know, seriously. So what? Why does anyone even give a rat's ass about such a siilly little disagreement when it doesn't even affect anyone? In fact, I hardly see why anybody would do anything that'd make fun of someone with wrong beliefs. It's childish and immature to play around with people's incorrect beliefs, especially when they don't have anything to do with my life what so ever.



I can see what you mean. It's probably easier for me to take a live-and-let-live approach because I have never been the target of evangelism or otherwise pressured into believing in anything. My parents weren't religious.

I guess that's the point, though. What I find objectionable about some Christians is their insistence that their own beliefs are right, and that others should believe the same. Many groups of people are guilty of that, though, and among such groups Christians are probably the easiest targets. Atheism constitutes a set of beliefs, too, and I find atheist "evangelism" no more or less objectionable than any other kind. I guess that's what I objected to in how your site appeared to me at first glance. That impression could be wrong. I certainly don't object to satire.

For what it's worth, I don't really believe that your view or the standard Christian view are wrong or right, because as far as I can tell the world is absurd and consists of nothing but competing frames of reference each making their own claim to truth. I try not to believe or disbelieve anything, whenever it is practical to do so.



“Remember the British woman who named a teddy bear Mohammed? They wanted to kill her. You probably would not last in any other nation. Give that some thought!”

Very inappropriate. Would you do this to Mohammed or the pope? Thank the Lord we live in a free nation, where you can get away with this. (Sarcastic comment) Remember the British woman who named a teddy bear Mohammed? They wanted to kill her. You probably would not last in any other nation. Give that some thought, and wonder if you should dare to humiliate the image of Jesus, and offend those of us who worship Him. Shame on You.

Cindy Elliott

Hold on one second. Your email sounds as if you condone their behavior (wanting to kill the woman who named the teddybear Muhammad, blasphemy a major criminal offense, planes crashing into buildings, etc), and respect should be shown to their gods because other than the fact that I live in a free nation justice would be served on my blasphemy of Jesus Christ.
Is that what you're saying?

Shame on you, Cindy Elliott!

“...at least they demand respect for their holy figures.”

I don't condone their behavior, of course not. But at least they demand respect for their holy figures. I was terribly offended at your website, and astonished at your lack of understanding for respect and honor of our God, after all, our nation was founded on Christian beliefs.
Check your heart sir. There are important issues at stake here.

Cindy Elliott

You've got to be kidding me. You should be ashamed for championing these people who threaten violence and murder. Your respect for them and their fanatical devotion to make-believe characters should appall you and make you examine your own radical devotions more realistically. The last thing their actions should be inspiring is some sort of goal to aspire to!!

And our nation was founded by people who were trying to escape such fanaticism. And for good reason. Look how anxious you are to repeat those mistakes!

Check your heart, Cindy. There are very VERY important issues at stake here. And you seem to think that your god's bruised ego is one of them, and the well being of those who question, doubt, criticize or satirize come a distant second, third, or even last place.

My god, your priorities are all out of whack. Is this what "putting God first" actually turns people into?
I relate to the Pilgrims right now.


“Your site is a disgrace, especially as it comes up so high on the sites listed by Google...”

Your site is a disgrace, especially as it comes up so high on the sites listed by Google for people who might be looking for Jesus at Christmas. You should be ashamed.

Martin McMahon
Principal Teacher of Religious Education
Taylor High School

Well don't blame Google, blame yourself, for Christ's sake! The only reason it's so high in the search is because people like you search it out, click on it, play around with it, email me from the page to yell at me, send it to all your friends, they play it then yell at me from the page and send it to their friends, and so on and so on!

You'd think if you people didn't like something that much you'd just not go visit it all the time. Right?? Jeesh!

You're the one who should be ashamed.


“this is blasphemy... I wanna be the reason you smile”

Subject: wrong!

this is blasphemy.
no matter your beliefs mockery is never the right answer.

I wanna be the reason you smile...
Nicola Ideh

Nicola, you've no idea how many ways you just made me smile.

Thank you.


“i have been criying”


can you tell grapey mcnulty i miss him and i have been criying tell i love him i am shireen mcnulty

and my famley miss him


I would, but um... he died last night.
Choked on a dirty sock.



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