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I'm proud to present the first page of hate mail for 2008!
It's gonna be a big year. You just wait and see.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hey Bob, you have a very interesting website. I took some time to dress jesus up. You have some really cogent arguments against christianity. (I weighed the odds of ever using cogent in a sentence again and decided to go for it.) With that in mind, I was hoping you could help. I have been trying to figure out what exactly turns me off so much about christianity. In my experience, a good portion of adherents to this religion are self-centered, judgmental and have low-consciousness. Could you add to this for me? Are there any traits that christianity produces or traits that draw people to this religion? (A lot of the above traits seemed to shine through in your hate mail bag). Well, whatever you can do is appreciated.

Kevin Fitzgerald

Hey Kevin,

After several years of dealing with my and other's issues which I believe stem from a belief in God I think the most harmful trait is permitting the blocking-out of things you don't feel like dealing with.

Religion and/or a belief in God lays the groundwork for ignoring complicated/difficult issues such as death, sex, personal shortcomings, insecurities, taboos, prejudices, ignorances, and so on. Each of these topics is meant to be addressed by the individual and dealt with as an adult with ones own personal moral compass which has been formed from life experience. The belief in a "ruling god's ultimate law for everyone" eliminates this most basic part of becoming a responsible adult. This of course greatly affects a society's formulation of its own morals which leads to the problems we see in religious nations today.

I think that's at the core of what I've come to witness. Know what I'm sayin'?

Thanks for the email!

“...you are influencing that of children that might visit your site.”

I find your sense of humor to go beyond frightening. Why would you have a dress up of Jesus site defaming him like that? Do you not have any idea what you are doing? Is your heart so hardened by Satan that you would do something like this? I pray that you will find Jesus for real before it is to late. It is not only your own eternal life that you are determining, but you are influencing that of children that might visit your site.

Karen Mandina

Oh, I'm sorry! I forget sometimes that there are grown adults out there who believe that we have magical ancestors who way back 2,000 years ago used to walk on water, build animal arks to survive world floods, live to be 940 years old and throw things around with The Force.

But never fear. I can pretend that too. Except MY ancestors were a race of Wizards! And they wore purple robes with Satarns on 'em, and could morph into wild animals, and shoot light-beams out of there eyes that would set things on fire! Then we come to nowadays where no one can do magic and people live to regular ages. Except sometimes, when I'm all alone in private, I can still shoot the light-beams from my eyes. I just don't feel like doing it to show people. I'm not joking! I'M SERIOUS!!!

I don't care if you believe me or not!
God, you're such a dick!


“Trust in the Lord...”

"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10"

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight
Proverbs 3:5-6

Hillary Barber

I'm sorry, but it is against my religion to bow down to other gods, or for me to show respect to them as if they were godly. If I were to worship your god instead of my own I would be punished by method of painful physical torture for the rest of the eternity that lay after I die.

It is also my duty to instruct you to turn away from your Lord and worship mine, otherwise you too will suffer forever in the aforementioned eternal hell. I hope you at least consider my request, because for each screaming, blood-gargling cry that rises from the depths of The Punishment Fields one heavenly angel's paradise is disrupted, and one of those angels will of course be me.

Under my god it is my obligation to stone you to death if you attempt to seduce me into your false teachings again. Thank you though for the email.



“2 words man... fuck U for this!!!”

2 words man...fuck U for this !!!
shame on U!


Um, that's 7 words.
Actually, 5 if you don't count using letters in place of words.

Feel free to resend your "words" to me again if you'd like.


“is this an insult?”

Subject: is this an insult

Dave C.

Uh duh.


“let me know where you are or ill find you the hard way”

Hey bob you twat fancy meeting up? Id like to have a good old fashioned chat with you.

Just make it easy and let me know where you are or ill find you the hard way ok

Dave C.

Listen, I'm not that hard to find. If you wanna send me something my PO Box is:
Normal Bob Smith
PO Box 41, NY NY 10009

My phone number is 1-718-509-6300 if you want to chat.

You seriously don't have to get all bent out of shape over everything. We can discuss it!

“I was in a drunken state so please take no notice of my last emails.”

Hi Bob

I was in a drunken state so please take no notice of my last emails. I am sorry for the language.

My reason behind my madness is that I live in the UK and we are having a few problems with Muslims. Voilence and killings. Not just in my area but all over. I am not religouse at all but Im getting sick of the laws that state we cannot insult mohammed and we have to respect Islam, but the respect is not given back. The uk sucks.

Just carry on with what you are doing mate and if you could throw in a few jokes on islam and mohammed please do.


Dave C.

So when you're druck you get insulted by blasphemy, and when you're sober you want more of it?


“yep your statement of me was so true.”

HI Bob

Looked at you site and think its real cool.
yep your statement of me was so true. (hurt but true).

Dave C.


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