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(No picture of Caitlin was included, so it was up to me.)

I absolutely adore your site, and especially enjoy reading the hate mail and your responses. I'm an atheist, and found that the easiest way to amuse myself is to put your Is God Real? and God Is Fake leaflets through my supposedly Catholic friends door, then running like hell and going back later in the day to see what her dad and little sister had done about it... Brilliant responses both times I did it. :)

They went a bit crazy, the little sis apparently started screaming and shouting that there is a god, this went on for quite a while i'm told (my friend told me this, she worked out it was me who put the leaflets there) and when that child screams it goes bright red and its' face contorts so it looks like a gargoyle (seriously) and the dad was shouting for ages, although it doesn't take much to set him off, and blaspheming seems to be only slightly lower on the list than his football (soccer) team losing (they are seriously crap)... Not really that funny in comparison to what could have happened but I enjoyed it.

I live in the UK and am sick of all the right-wing fucktards complaining that they can't insult Muslims, because even though I believe that religions should be tolerated not respected I also believe that no-one has the right to deliberately attack (verbally or physically) anyone for any reason, especially not religion. Sorry for the rather meandering and random nature of this email...

Cakers Mcgee (aka Caitlin Southern,
United Kingdom

“Do you plan on ever growing up and being a man?”

Subject: what are you doing

So Bob I understand your an Atheist. Why do you feel it necessary to flaunt and advertise your lack of religion?
Do you plan on ever growing up and being a man because i have to tell you the antics i see on your site seems very childish almost something i would expect from a kid in middle school? I have to admit i am a christian and I am not really entertained by your lack of artistic ability.


Bob, I am not the type of bible beating christian that is going to wish death upon you, actually i hope you'll live a long life and actually wise up a bit and realize how much of fool your being. As a christian it is my job to try and relay gods word but i think that will be a bit fruitless but i will say i hope you think about changing your ways and living a "normal" life instead of always trying to aggravate and provoke other people by being obnoxious. Have a nice day

Brian Mintz
Mobile, AL

Growing up and being a man? You call believing in fairy tales about a magic man who got beamed down to earth from above "being a man?" Your definition of "being a man" is believing things based on faith instead of evidence? You consider it "growing up and being a man" to seriously think there's a guardian angel in the sky who made everything at the snap of his fingers so-as-to resolve his issues of loneliness??

Being a man involves taking responsibility for one's own actions, NOT permitting someone else to pay for your mistakes... especially if that someone is an imaginary friend who's been passed down from generation to generation so that you never really have to deal with very real issues like personal morality, death, accountability, and beliefs based on logic & evidence.

Brian, in Mobil Alabama, I am not at all impressed with your version of what it means to be a man. You explain to me how you yourself deserve an eternal paradise for the mere act of believing a certain story, while others in this world whom you do not know, who are just as real and alive and feeling as you, are going to hell for believing in their own region's version of The Maker. And while they burn you're still able to have a paradise?

Being a man is explaining your beliefs without sounding like a whimsical daydreaming child, or a delusional, cross-eyed nut in a straightjacket.
You explain yourself, as I do. As a man should.

New York, New York

“a real man wouldn't even bother with provoking and aggravating others for entertainment.”

"Normal" bob,

Obviously you made a hastey attempt at reading my e-mail. I never said you had to be a christian to be a man. What i did say was, Why do you feel it necessary to flaunt and advertise your lack of religion.

Lazy Brian
I was also wondering why you feel like you have to provoke and aggravate others with your antics and poor choice of attire. you know bob, a real man wouldn't even bother with provoking and aggravating others for entertainment. Bob, you being an atheist really doesnt bother me to much, this is america you have the right to choose your lack of religion, but how about keeping it to yourself. Nobody really cares if your a atheist but its very childish to make a mockery of the most prominent religion in your country.

Bob, If you were a true Atheist you wouldn't dress up as Satan, im sure you realize that satan is a big character in the bible, if you were a true atheist you wouldn't even dress up as Satan, who was once one of god's greatest angels. dressing up as satan only confirms one thing, that you only hate good for making you such a fool.

Brian Mintz
Mobile, AL

I strongly disagree with your "Let others believe whatever they want without question, challenge or mockery." That's the exact opposite of what someone who considers himself a man should be doing. You're saying that if someone comes to you and says they believe you should not go to a doctor if you're sick, or injured seriously, but instead you should pray and let God heal you, and if you do not heal then you were not meant to heal, you should just let them to their own beliefs unquestioned?
No, of course not. You, as a man, should step in and tell this person what you believe to be true. You should be confident in your logic, aggressive in your delivery and state strongly that you believe going to the doctor is important for a person, or their children, or anyone who falls ill or has a serious accident.

Brian, it is essential that misguided people who believe false things are not left to believe whatever they want without intervention or education because it would be intrusive or inconvenient. As a responsible man it is imperative that you do not "keep it to yourself" and just let them be. Other people's well being is at stake. Their ideas, if left alone, will be passed down to their children, and their children's children! You just sitting back with the wealth of your knowledge and not intervening is the absolute failure of one's manliness. And that is why I addressed you as I did in my last email. I believe you are failing in a key element of manliness, and it needs to be challenged.

Your beliefs which I am inconveniencing with my criticism and mockery are absolutely harmful to not only yourself, but others, near and far from you. I would consider myself less of a man if I just kept my opinions to myself and let you be to do as you will and to tell others to do the same. I stand up and mock it so aggressively BECAUSE it's the most prominent religion in my country. That's what a man does! Jeesh!

I'm stunned by your take on what it means to be a man. I'm almost thinking that you'd argue it's also part of becoming a man to simply believe things without study, commonsense or science, just as long as it gratifies the heart. You don't think that too, do you?


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