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I take back everything I may have said in the past.
This page of hate mail is posted here based on my hate for Nicole.

Her letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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After catching up on the last 100 pages of hate mail, I see the question comes up a lot. Why do you shout out your atheism in the form of religious ridicule. You have even had a few atheist trying to steer you clear. "Why can't you do something different with your talent?" And the answer to the question that comes up so often with you're hate mailers. WHY? And now I've finally figured it out.

If I compare what you are doing to say what I might do, it would be completely unfair. Like for instance I often think of somehow providing Food & Shelter for the homeless, without the religious extras. After having a homeless experience, I think it gives me the unique perspective on how the status quo isn't helping.

I of course have a different background and an even stranger path to my unbelief than you. There in lies the reason for what your doing. I see it clearly now. After all those years of swallowing faith it has burned into your brain. It's like you ate something really bad for you and you're now puking it all back up. And now it's jumbled up like Reagan's pea soup in the Exorcist. And it becomes Jesus Dress Up and all that follows. And for the amount of time you've spent swallowing it, you're going to be vomiting it up for some time yet to come.

So the next time some believer asks you "Why?" the answer is simple, it's because of them. It's all their fault. The blame need never go any further than the faithful. I see Christianity liken to a virus. And at a certain point your range of logic and reason finally caused you to reject it. It appears to me that you are on the path to being well after having suffered from such a disease.

Wishing you Health, Love & Happiness
Randy Cragin

“I am so very sorry that you have so much anger and hurt inside...”

I just want you to know I'm praying for you. I am so very sorry that you have so much anger and hurt inside and I hope that one day you will discover the peace that you are searching so hard to find.

In Him,
Nicole Greene

So how come it's always gotta be anger and hurt inside people who're outspoken non believers, and it's never simply good, positive intentions to correct misinformation with proven truth?

Nicole, your condescending attitudes towards us do probably make you feel superior, but they're way off the mark. Like, immensely so.

You people need to work on that thingy.

“It broke my heart at the way that they talked down to you...”

Let me say, Props to you! I checked out your myspace page and though I don't agree with most everything you believe, I do agree with your thoughts on Christians and the way that they can come across holier than thou.

It broke my heart at the way that they talked down to you and made a mockery of God. Those are people who really need some direction and really good teaching. I read through your hate mail and wow! I apologize on behalf of those misguided people because that is not the god I know. He would never talk down to you the way that those people have and truthfully, who would want a god like that anyway.

The God I know is compassionate and loving and full of mercy and grace. He loves the unlovable. I know you won't agree with that and that's ok because you're entitled to your opinion just as I am. Thanks for responding though and for not being crass because it shows that you are a man of character.

Nicole Greene

I'm talking about you, Nicole. You're the one who emailed me out of nowhere pitying me and placing yourself as superior in your beliefs. Don't apologize for all those people you do not know or can even claim to know where they're coming from. Look in the mirror at yourself and realize you're the one who has to fix yourself. You're responsible for you, Nicole. Apologizing for strangers? Yeesh.

Why would you come to a site and email someone out of the blue how much you pity them? And then showing off as to how "charitable" you're being by praying for them? Such useless charity.

Sometimes I'm just dumbfounded at the reasoning people such as yourself are working with.


“You are just as important and valuable as the rest of the world...”

Again, you have your beliefs as I have mine and it's all perspective anyway. My first email never once addressed any type of a belief. I have never once felt pity for you. (there is a difference between having a heart that aches for someone which is called compassion and feeling pity for someone) I'm saddened by what I see on your myspace page. If you want to dress as Satan, you have every right. If you want to throw profanity and sex all over your page, again you have every right, but understand that I have the right to be saddened by it and choose to pray for you because of it. You can take my email as you wish but each one was/is sent with a heart that loves you no matter how you attack me or my faith or how you choose to live your life.

As for apologizing for the others, man, I have never seen so much hatred toward one person. I've never seen so many people discount a human life. You are just as important and valuable as the rest of the world and they talk to you as if you're worthless. That's where my apology came in to play. I do not think that I am superior by any means. I have messed up more in my life than you can every imagine and I can almost guarantee that each of those individuals who sent that hate mail has messed once or twice. People talk to you that way because it makes them feel better for the crap in their own life. It makes whatever they have done themselves not seem so bad. It's really quite sad that we do that to one another but it's human nature. And again, it's not charity or pity it all comes down to compassion and a love for people.

I love ya Bob so matter what you think of me.

Again thanks for responding.

Nicole Greene

I just want you to know I'm hoping you get through this painful period you're in. I am so very sorry that you have so much anger and hurt inside and I hope that one day you will discover the peace that you are searching so hard to find.

In loving peace and joyous harmony,
“That's pretty cute.”

Hey Bob,

That's pretty cute. You know email is so hard because it can be misread by the receiver. What I realized this morning is that you are so used to getting hate mail from people that you just assume someone is attacking you when they write you. Because of this, you don't know what to do or how to respond when someone is trying to be genuinely nice. It's sad that you've been talked down to such much that it's hard for you to imagine that someone could actually love and care about you.

Thanks for responding.
Nicole Greene

My response was illustrating how you completely disregarded anything I've said before, or taken any effort to actually think about where I'm coming from as a "God's-make-believe" atheist, to message me condescending words of pity and your "charitable" prayers.

Nicole, if you genuinely care about someone (as genuine as care can get between two people who are strangers) you do not email them your pity, even if you truly do pity them. Even a person with cerebral palsy confined to a wheelchair does not want someone approaching them out of the blue gushing with pity and apologies for all that's been dealt to them. Do you want pity from those who believe differently than you? Do you want their apologies to you for being so lost in your world of confusion and mistaken beliefs?

I'm emailing you as I am not because I'm filled with hurt and pain for the situation I'm in, Nicole. I tell you these things because you've been taught to address people you don't know in this manner. This kind of dialog is normal for you, and it shouldn't be. People don't want sympathy from strangers who claim to know better. People don't want to be made into victims.

I have no problem what-so-ever imagining people loving and caring for me, Nicole. I have loving parents who don't ever pity me, brothers and sisters who love me very very much, and a group of friends in NYC and elsewhere who I care for deeply, and them, me. And these are all people I know in person, Nicole. But you don't know me, Nicole, so you cannot even pretend to tell me what you think you know about me or what I need.

I think perhaps it's just that your idea about what it means to be nice to somebody is skewed. You think people want pity and sympathy and that's what being really really nice is. Telling them how sad you are for them and all the hurt you're telling them they have inside.

It just annoys me that this issue is running so rampant among religious folks and it's not being addressed.... until now, that is.


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