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"Prove to me that there is no jesus and the bible is hogwash."

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Subject: Bob can you Help me with something!

Hi Bob My name is Kat. I have a problem you might be able to help with. How do you get people to leave you alone about christ? See I'm on the verge of becomeing Atheist. I've read alot of your site and I think God Jesus and the Holy Spirit is complete SHIT! It's just my family my mom in particular who won't leave me alone about Christianity. Growing up My mother went from one church and one belif in christ to one of not beliving in him to another of beliving in him. See she was Baptist then Jehovah Whitness then Baptist again. Now you can see why I was so messed up growing up. I went to a church when I was 17 and because my grandfather was sick and I knew he was dieing and I also knew he wanted to see me "Saved" before he died I told people that I belivied in christ and got baptised. I never truely belivied. Then there is the damnnation of the Holy Spirit. Well I did that 3 times. I just want people to leave me alone about Christ. I don't like him nor do I need him but everyone thinks I do and it is driving me insane!! My mom tries to guilt trip me into going back to church. The people there constantly preach at me and I hate going but at times I have to like tommorow I have to take my sister there and I'd rather burn my eyes out than to go!

I guess where I'm trying to ask and go with this is...How can someone get rid of christians? At least their coming on to you asking you to take christ and all. All I have to say to christ and christians is Fuck Off and I hate you.

Bob, thanks for listening and thanks for your site. It gives me inspration and hope that there are Sane and Intelligent people out there that don't belivie in Christian Bull Shit!!



How can someone get rid of Christians? There's only one answer. Genocide.

Joke! That was a joke, people. Everyone calm down! I made a genocide joke. Now let's move forward. Okay, now to the real question you asked at the beginning of your letter.

How do you get people to leave you alone about Christ?
Answer: There is no way short of locking yourself in an air tight, lead box until you suffocate and die. That person is the only one lucky enough to avoid the constant Proselytizing of devout God-fearing Christians. There is no other alternative, so do like I do. Have fun with it!

Hell, that's what my whole site is about! Having fun with that which you cannot avoid. That's why there's Jesus Dressup, Sheeples, Satan's Salvation, flyers, party crashing, pranks, appearances, toys, games, a tour, and no end in sight to the ongoing responding to hate mail. And I advise everyone to familiarize yourselves with the entertainment value of playing with the religious.

A terrific place to start is with the flyers. Print them out, front and back on your computer, cut each page into six sections, fold, and put them in your wallet, pocket or purse, and wait with anticipation! I have so much fun with it I WISH I had more Christians approach me! But choose wisely! Some flyers work better than others depending on who you're dealing with and their method of converting attempted.

For the yelling, spitting, street-corner wacko I strongly suggest GOD IS FAKE. It's the equivalent of sticking a corncob up a rodeo bull's butt just before they open the gate. Terrific fun.

For the calmer, merciful, loving evangelist I suggest either HEAVEN IS AWESOME or PRAY FOR SATAN. Both of those take their boundless, self-cangratulating love and turn it on its ear making them look like the bad guy! I've actually seen these work so well that they've inspired tears! Nothing's more fun than rubbing ones own selfless compassion in their face by method of a sarcastic anti-God flyer.

Now, for the believer who's assuming you're a believer yourself, or perhaps on the cusp, the WHAT IS FAITH? flyer is a terrific introduction to why it is people believe.

Then, of course, for the hip, I- know- how- to- rap- with- the- teens youth leader I prefer SATAN'S A JERK, MAN NAMED JESUS, JESUS POOPED flyers to show them how far their humor can be shoved.

There's really no alternative, unless you wanna be driven to madness. So have a ball with 'em, then make a site you can profit off them with. It's extremely satisfying.


“thats a sick game”

Subject: dress up jesus have some respect

thats a sick game have you not got any respect for our saviour
all i hope is you see the error of your ways
plz take it off your site

Peter Wills

If you could give me even the tiniest sliver of evidence to show me that this Jesus fella isn't imaginary, I'd be willing to give your demands a second thought.

Seriously, do you expect people to just buy whatever it is you're sellin' just because?

I'm ready to believe, but from everything I've ever heard this whole "Saviour" thing appears to just be madeup hogwash. You should look into it yourself. It's just all so silly sounding.

Thanks for the email.

“prove to me that there is no jesus and the bible is hogwash”

Hi bob thank you for the email back
i just have a few questions.

1) have you ever read the bible?
2) do you own a bible?
3) my main question is you prove to me that there is no jesus and the bible is hogwash?

Peter Wills

Yes, I both own a bible and I have read much of it.

The proof that there is no Jesus as stated in the bible is quite easy in many ways. He is clearly derived from the Greek god Dionysus some 500 yrs before Bible times. Dionysus was the Son of God (Zeus), the eating and drinking the "flesh" and "blood" in remembrance, water into wine miracle, they both share the Christmas & Easter holiday, they both even have the same crucifixion symbol.

I'd also say the fact that Jesus wrote down not a single word, nor was anything ever written of him during his lifetime powerful evidence against his existence. Why did no one write of such an amazing, miracle-working guy while this was all going on?

And what of the other messiahs that've been documented in other religions? You cannot disprove them. Does that mean you believe in them as well?

Peter, the burden of proof isn't on me to disprove he existed. The burden of proof is on whoever claims he does. Otherwise the same logic would demand you to prove there aren't magical pink unicorns, and you must concede that they might exist. Is that what you believe too?

By the way, would contradictory bible claims disprove its authenticity? Because I have several of those.
Thank you for responding! I can tell you're a thinker too.

“no man or other book can do this change people from the inside out and change there whole life style with no effort from them selfs”

i think with everything its a matter of faith i trully believe the bible and what it says its a matter of faith and it works for us it brings peace ,contentment no man or other book can do this change people from the inside out and change there whole life style with no effort from them selfs and i know this from personal experience.

Again its a matter of believeing there is something more than just a life its a personel choice to have a relationship with jesus.

i Ask one thing then if you dont believe ok then but try this go in to a quiet room just you and pray to him to reveal himself to you and see what happens

i will pray for you
Peter Wills

No, see, the reason I pointed out those particular things that you requested I point out isn't so you'd act like I didn't say anything then tell me how you pretend your beliefs are true anyhow, despite the evidence against them. I explained as I did so you'd see that I have every reason in the world to disrespect your beliefs. You're calling it "faith" like that somehow let's you believe whatever makes you feel nice, but that's no reason to believe something's actually true. In fact, you've just shown me how completely vacant your beliefs are by basing them entirely on how good they make you feel. That's the absolute worst way to decide what's true. If it gives you warm fuzzies then it's true? Yikes!

You do realize that Hindus, Muslims, Mormons, Jews, and Buddhists all get that sense of peace and change from their religions too? That alone should expose to you how trivial Jesus is. He's easily replaced by a hundred different ideas depending simply upon where & when you were born & raised.

And that thing you told me to do, going into a quiet room and whispering to myself with my eyes closed, you realize that voice in your head is you, right? You think thoughts to yourself, Peter. That's not a Supreme Being or a spirit in another dimension telling you what to do. Yeesh.

If these are the reasons why believers believe then you're only illustrating further how much more they need to be ridiculed and mocked for it. Was that what you were trying to do here?


“my wife had aspurges and lots of other medical disorders and we went to a church they prayed over her...”

The reason i know from personel experience as i said in my earlier email is because my wife had aspurges and lots of other medical disorders and we went to a church they prayed over her and they went
and thats one of the reasons i give my life to god because i know he did that and no science or medicine could have done that.

you seem like a nice guy bob and i dont say any of this to get you angry its just a debate really
i hope your ok

regards Peter
Peter Wills

PS. oh i forgot to ask what do you believe in and who do you hold close to your heart on the world?

Yes, but see, you're not answering any of my questions or addressing any of the issues I'm bringing up, and by ignoring them you're also not addressing the same healings that happen to Hindus, Muslims, Mormons, Jews, Buddhists or even the clients of witch doctors. Are their gods real too because of these mysterious healings? Which leads me to wonder - why has God never healed an amputee?

I'm sorry, but your complete lack of even acknowledging the things I write makes me hesitate telling you of those whom I hold close to my heart. My friends and family are extremely dear to me and listing them off to someone who ignores what I say would be like presenting my pearls before swine.

I hope you understand. Hey, maybe God just transferred your wife's Asperges over to you?


“being a christian is just being a nice person”

bob you seem like a nice guy m8 the only reason i asked about people you whole close to you is what would you do if some one you really loved and respected was put on a website and made fun off
how would you feel. being a christian is just being a nice person you dont steal rob or do harm and for that matter you dont insult people either you do everything out of love.

Thats the only reason i asked at the very begining of all this would you take it off its not a religion war its just one person saying to another would you please do me a favour thats all its not a religion war .

Peter Wills

I would quite honestly not care one single bit if somebody drew a cartoon of someone I cared about and made a dressup game of them. In fact, I even made one of myself to prove how non-threatening one actually is: normalbobsmith.com/revenge

Trust me, the only reason I don't believe, worship or respect your beliefs is because it's all so clearly make-believe, from the topics you won't address that I keep bringing up, to the 4,200 other pretend gods we've invented throughtout the ages, right up to the complete lack of any evidence to prove any of it at all.

It's all pretend, and it's a harmful and dangerous lie to not only yourself, but everyone else you share this planet with, and it has to end, otherwise you people are gonna make this apocolypse come true, kill us all, and then when Jesus and/or Muhammad don't return it'll be too late.

Sorry. The site stays. You need to give me reasons better than no reasons at all.

Peter Wills Files Part 2!

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