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"The devil also heals, he's a copy cat to God."

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Asperger's syndrome

I thought that last email exchange you had was a bit interesting. I myself have been diagnosed with a more mild form of Asperger's, and here I am, an atheist, while your email corespondent's wife, presumably Mrs. Wells, is a God fearing/loving Christian. I thought it was odd that, on top of describing her condition as a medical issue -- it actually results from the way your brain is put together, it's only a medical condition in the same sense that being gay is a medical condition, or being smart, or being born with literally half a brain -- I found it rather absurd that his wife's condition could have been cured by prayer, even in a auxiliary psychological manner.

What disturbs me about that is that the couple either got a false diagnosis from a quack who, along with a misdiagnoses, gave the two the impression that Asperger's was a medical condition that needed to be treated and cured in some way, or that Mrs. Wells' husband misunderstood a legitimate diagnoses of her condition and of it's implications. You don't cure Asperger's, you work around it. It doesn't just suddenly pop up either, it's always there. Some of the symptoms include awkward social interaction and a dependency on certain routines. For instance, with me, and again I'm a fairly mild case, I can't study for long periods of time unless I'm sitting by a window with a street view that has at least one tree, and I have to have some kind of beverage nearby, even if I'm not particularly thirsty. I also have what has been described as an "intense" gaze.

If Mrs. wells seems to have been cured by prayer, what is more likely to have happened is that prayer/church going/potlucks have been incorporated as a comforting mechanism, and social acceptance by her fellow Christians, despite her inherent awkwardness, has made it easier to accept Godliness into her routine. Sadly, this means that for Mr. Wells' wife, changing her way of thinking and reaching out to alternative secular social circles might be nigh impossible. I find that rather depressing.


“Ok Bob i see your point you list 5 Questions”

Ok Bob i see your point you list 5 Questions then or even 10 but you no what i could answer them if you want to i will but you no what we still wouldnt agree because you wouldnt be happy with answers even if they made perfect sence. but you ask

list them 1-5 and ill answer them
you can challenge my faith it might be fun :) im never meaning to be nasty so if its come across that way i apologise.
im looking forward to hearing back from you
actually its been fun these few days
ive been eager every day to check my mail :)

Peter Wills

First let me say, if your answers made perfect sense I would be delighted. I thrive on good logic and common sense. Perfect sense is what I base my beliefs on, and I expect others to do the same. If you were to supply answers that made sense I could easily be persuaded to question my beliefs. Hell, that's how I make all my important decisions! I go with what makes more sense. It's logic. I'd hope any adult would put that first and foremost. So here are the questions I presented which you pretended I never asked.

1. Explain how Jesus' life matches up with gods from 500+ years before he was born. Dionysus was the Son of God before Jesus ever was. They both shared Christmas & Easter holidays, both from Palastine. The cult of Dionysus ate and drank of flesh & blood to praise him. Dionysus created wine from water. And to make matters even worse they both share the same crucifixion symbol as seen here. Sadly however, Dionysus existed 500 years before the idea of Jesus was ever thought up. Many of Jesus' stories match up to numerous other Greek gods, but He appears to have the most similarities to Dionysus of the Greeks, 500 BC. What's up with that?

2. Jesus wrote not a single word of the Bible? Neither were any words written during his lifetime? I know this isn't proof against his existence, but it looks really suspicious!

3. Hindus, Muslims, Mormons, Jews, Buddhists, Witch doctors, Faith Healers, Snake charmers and millions of other religions prove themselves by crediting their god for the times when they heal from sickness or injury. Does that convince you their religions are true too? If not then why do you think your "miracle healing" is any more convincing?

4. Why has God never healed an amputee? My response of course is because there is no God to heal anyone and the "healings" you claim are ambiguous enough to be attributed to whichever god you need a "miracle" from. God randomly healing some people who are prayed for while he lets others who're prayed for remain sick and die is hardly a more logical explanation.

5. Why don't you believe in everyone else's god with the same explanations? They all say the same things you're saying, so why isn't their "proof" enough? Answering this question honestly will show you exactly where I'm coming from in regards to your beliefs. It should also make you question your own reasons - Something all people should do regularly.


“Jesus didnt write anything reason being is because how could he have wrote what had'nt happened yet.”

Question (1)
"Born of a virgin."
FALSE. A god impregnated Semele, the mother of Dionysus. Dionysus was later reborn on the thighs of Zeus after his mother had died. Dionysus is a demigod, but his birth is not a virgin birth.
"Born on December 25th."
FALSE. The birth of Dionysus was celebrated on January 6th.
"Performed the miracle of turning water to wine."
MISLEADING. The earliest known source for this tradition comes from Achilles Tatius's novel, "Leucippe and Cleitophon," which was written no earlier than the second century AD. Hence this tradition could not have influenced the Bible.
“Called "king of kings"“
FALSE. The only “king of kings,” if there is any in Greek mythology, is Zeus. However, the term “king of kings” is a Hebraic superlative. Greek does not use such a phrase.
FALSE. The idea of Dionysus' crucifixion comes from an image of an amulet which shows a crucified figure with the name of Bacchus (Dionysus) inscribed on the bottom. The amulet was created no earlier than two centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus.

question (2) Jesus didnt write anything reason being is because how could he have wrote what had'nt happened yet.

question (3) Well my answer to that is i believe in god and because of this i have to believe in the devil and i believe that the devil also heals he's a copy cat to god, because he wants to be god. Born again christians are the only faith that have a personal relationship with jesus were not a religion we just believe in the bible and try to live according.

question (4) first there has been known limb regeneration second your not born an amputee i was born with diabetes my wife was born with aspergers we always were going to get these because theyre in our genes and doctors have got the knowledge to saw limbs back on.

Question (5) well thats an easy one the bible is the most talked about book in the world and has been tried and tried to be disproved and no one ever has most people who try end up christians and as been a born again christian we are the only faith that has a personel relationship with jesus and we believe the whole bible IE old and new testament. Jesus came and fullfilld the old testament.

sorry took so long been busy with it being the easter weekend hope you had a good weekend and looking forward to hearing from you.

Peter Wills

1. In regards to the comparisons between the Greek gods to JC I can see you're copy/pasting your retorts from elsewhere on the web which would be fine, if they directly addressed the questions I posed. I don't think I made "born of a virgin" or "King of Kings" suggestions. It is also striking to me that you don't see the alarming similarities even in these answers with there actually being another King Of Kings (Zeus), and this god impregnating a human. But I must admit I'm not schooled in Greek Mythology (although I am presently reading The Encyclopedia Of World Mythology), and I'm not comfortable practicing this armchair theology against your copy/pasting, so I'm gonna concede right now on this particular point.

2. Jesus didn't write anything because nothing happened during his life? Is that what you're saying? He didn't feed the 5,000 people with 5 loaves & 2 fishes? He didn't turn water into wine? He didn't walk on water? He didn't heal people or raise them from the dead? No sermons on the Mount? No teachings to His Disciples? No expulsion of solicitors from the temple? No Last Supper worth logging, or final thought before His arrest? You're saying he didn't write of these things because because none of it happened?

3. The devil copy-cats God's healings on people of other religions to mislead? Seriously? You do realize that this response makes your miraculous healing even more questionable, do you not? I mean, why shouldn't I be equally convinced that she was healed by Satan himself? You just canceled out your own evidence, Peter!

4. Fantastic. Please show me any evidence of limb regeneration. It doesn't matter to me whether they were born with the missing limbs or lost them at some point in life. Now we're getting somewhere! Looking forward to the photos of this limb regeneration, unless it was done by Satan.

5. Um, no. The Bible has been proven wrong again and again, contradicting logic, contradicting science, even contradicting itself. That's why you have to have faith, remember? Either that or just saying that the book is fictional stories which is fine with me. But saying it's fiction and truth doesn't work. And writing a second chapter that fulfills the prophesies in the first isn't miraculous. All books are written like that.

You were right. Your answers aren't very satisfying at all. They seem to be a whirlwind of confused logic, contradicting excuses and self-defeating explanations. You sound like an extremely gullible person. Do these kinds of reasons satisfy you in other parts of your life?


“youve strengthed my faith.”

Hi bob thanks for the email back

ive been waiting eager for your response.You know the problem is i cant physically prove he does exist and you cant physically prove he doesn't. We are both from different walks of life and we will never agree so you do what you do and ill do what i do but you know what? ive enjoyed chatting to you and in some ways youve strengthed my faith. But dont be a stranger bob you seem like a nice guy, inteligent and easy to get on with and ive enjoyed the past week hope your ok and looking forward to hearing from you again. I dont think there's any point talking about jesus anymore because im not going to change and your not going to change.

so what sort of stuff do you get up to outside of religion or non religion or whatever it is. Are you a family man? im guessing you are in to software and computers in a big way did you go uni or college. Hey if we cant agree on one thing doesnt mean we cant be friends.

Peter Wills

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