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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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You know what makes for a happy Normal Bob? It's when things are happening. When a whole bunch of different stuffs are all going on and getting completed and right now I am at one of those points.

TODAY the BDSM Jesus magnets arrived, and I forgot how much I love these babies until I opened the first box and almost totally wet myself.
I've been taking them to various fetish stores this afternoon to see if they'd like to carry them on their shelves, and they've been creaming their jeans over 'em! Seems I've opened up a whole new market for myself!

And how about the New NoBS Radio Show?!?! This is no joke! It's gonna be everything the last show was, but triple that! The quality is splendid, and my new co-host, Greg, is making sure we've got only perfection goin' out there to all of you.
Episode #10 was posted yesterday, and despite what I say in the show itself, I'd love for you people to call in on the new Jesus Dressup Store NYC phone number with your questions, comments, demands, whatever! That number is: 718-509-6300
And you gotta listen to the show to see the other uses I've been finding for that number.

Oh Christ, and how about the new front page layout?!? The drop-down menu bar, the left sidebar listings, and a search engine! Again, you can thank Greg for the navigational additions I plan to duplicate throughout the entire site.

I must admit that the bombing of the Tour's Kentucky visit bummed me out. It took me some time to recover from the disappointment of not getting to visit the Creationist Museum, and it didn't help that the BDSM Jesus magnets were 3 weeks stuck in U.S. Customs. But now they're here, and the officials at Customs opened up 4 boxes, saw my pornographic desecration of Christ and declared them suitable for Americans.

AND it's Friday!

“i cant understand how u can make humour out of someones beliefs.”

I find the dress up page of Jesus Offensive and Disgusting. i cant understand how u can make humour out of someones beliefs.
this insults me and is highly offensive.
God Bless you Bob


You can't understand how someone could make fun out of someone's beliefs?

Leonie, have you heard of the Cult of John Frum? It's this primitive tribe who thinks an American named John Frum is their Messiah because back in 1941 he showed up there and impressed them with his white uniform, electric radios, fancy shoes, and his ability to transport messages via a telephone and make cargo ships come across the ocean with supplies! To this day they dress in white suits and wear headsets made out of bamboo, and fake radios made out of sticks and twigs like Gilligan's Island! They even prepared a make believe runway to welcome the return of his magic flying machine (an airplane)!

Or how about the Raelians? They believe we were made by space aliens and right now they're making a giant welcoming station to welcome the martians when they return to take us all up into space with them to repopulate the universe! You don't see how to make fun of that?

Then there's that wacky cult who thinks a couple thousand years ago the maker of the universe impregnated a virgin with a magic sperm who was born into the messiah of earth, and by sacrificing him we were able to have the price of our bad deeds paid for! Then he rose from the dead and flew into the sky to where he now sits in paradise King of the Universe until he returns to collect all the people who believe this story and take them to paradise too!

So clearly now you can see how easy it is to make fun of someone's belief. Hell, I'd almost have to say it takes considerable effort NOT to make fun!

Thanks for the email.


“hell isn't half of what you think it is”

whoever you are, you need help mate..let me inform you that that game you put up, you're mocking the very power who created you...the time will come when you least expect it..really, hell isn't half of what you think it is..

Captain Paul Saju

Are you telling me that hell is even more than double imaginary?


“whatever did you mean with that game?”

i'm telling you that hell is the last place you'd ever want to be at...seriously, whatever did you mean with that game?

Captain Paul Saju

I also wouldn't want to be trapped in the Wicked Witch of the West's dungeon in the Wizard Of Oz, that doesn't mean I go to bed every night covering my face in fear that I'll turn up there.

Whatever do you mean by these emails?



“I just ran across your web site and about fell off my chair.”

I don’t know you and please don’t take this the wrong way….. I just ran across your web site and about fell off my chair. How disgusting. Bob, you really don’t want this web site……mocking Jesus? Oh please, I pray you take it down….when you face God and have to answer for yourself …yikes………but again Jesus loves you no matter what…but if Jesus means anything to you……you’d get rid of those “outfits?”

Lynn Maher

Um, Lynn, I know you don't know me and don't take this the wrong way..... but I just ran across your Bible, and I about fell out of my chair. Non believers should be put to death? (2 Chron. 15:12-13) How disgusting. Lynn, you really don't want that belief. All who curse their parents will be put to death? (Lev 20:9) Kill women who aren't virgins on their wedding night? (Deut 22:20-21) I sure hope you remove yourself from that book. God commands rape and baby-killing? (Isaiah 13:15-18) Lynn, when you attach yourself to a book that teaches these sorts of lessons you have to answer for it.... yikes............ but again, we are just human, and we all make mistakes. So if humanity means anything to you you'd rethink your beliefs.

Thank you for your email.


“Get a live!!!”

You are a SICK SICK man, you need help asshole

Get a live!!!

you are Sick....

Bianca Labuschagne


I like that.

Thank you, Bianca. I will.


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