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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Have you heard about this? The Christians finally have their very own conspiracy movie, and it premiers this Friday! It's their argument for Intelligent Design and against evolution. I've been telling anyone who asks me what I think about it coming out, "It's about time!"

Back when I reviewed The Passion I suggested that Mel's money could've been better spent on exactly this sort of movie: "Wouldn't've Mel's time been better spent doing what Michael Moore did? He could have used that budget and drive to research the authenticity of the bible, compiled the evidence and proved it all true! What a wonderful contribution that would have been for those who witness to the lost and fallen. It would have been a ground breaking film"
Well, somebody had their ears open, and now it's here!!

However, sadly for the Creationists it sounds like it's just an awful documentary. Like even worse than laughing- at- their- stupidity awful.

There's this great video of Dawkins & PZ Myers discussing going to see the film at its premier at the Mall Of America in Minneapolis, MN.
PZ Myers was expelled from Expelled! No joke. Security had orders from the producer to throw him out despite the fact that he's not only in the movie, but even thanked in the credits! Professor Dawkins, who wasn't expelled from the audience, was there for the producer's Q&A afterwards, and he point blank asked why Mr. Myers had been thrown out. Watch the clip. They sum up everything wonderfully.

Unfortunately for the producers this all does not bode well for their movie, nor their arguement. I have to suggest going to see this film as soon as possible because I predict it's gonna come and go as a result of it's badness, and after that be very hard to come by.

Of course you will be able to read my full review on this site after I see the film on the 18th.

“let god look sad upon you!!!!!!!!”

you are sick let god look sad upon you!!!!!!!!

Edmund Cunningam

He must be so sad up there in paradise all day long while he gets to watch us run around down here dodging wars, natural disasters, migraine headaches, stubbed toes, other stupid people, and constantly having to replace batteries in everything.

I really pity God for how much of an inconvenience we've been for him. Poor God.



“you need to get this horror off the internet”

Subject: Love

Bob.... I am completely insulted by your site...you need to ask God to forgive you because making a mockery of Jesus is very wrong and will end in a manner that you will be sorry for..I again must say that you need to get this horror off the internet....Jesus died for you too and for you to make fun of him is very sad and hurts me....this isn't funny it's very sad.....Jesus loves you and died for you...accept that and give Him the respect he deserves...or you will feel the pain that He endured on that cross...and then you won't be laughing very much...at all...turn from your wicked ways Bob.

See ya....hopefully in Heaven

Tammy Arnason

Yeesh, is this seriously what the world is coming to? A planet of people who think the gods rule and if we don't behave to their liking they're going to fry us all up in a pan? We're still that close to our concaved-forehead cro magnon ancestors? When will we outgrow this pathetic ducking for cover from the invisible super-beings we make up??

Tammy, be insulted. Throw a tantrum, throw your poop at the computer screen and run around in circles in your living room until you get so dizzy you fall to the ground. Then come to the realization that you're just another monkey runnin' around in circles on the face of this planet and nothin's gonna change until you, Tammy, make the change. No angels are lifting you up to paradise, no Jesus is gonna descend from the clouds to avenge your hurt, and there ain't no god in the sky picking and choosing who's better than who with a stack of trophies waiting for the ones who believed in him best.

You're a monkey, Tams. That's why you're still able to believe in gods, goblins & ghouls. We're all monkeys stuck on this planet together without any help coming from the next dimension to save us from ourselves. So chill!

Any further questions feel free to ask. I just had to get that off my chest.


“This is jaw-droppingly humorless, blasphemous, and insensitive...”

Wow man.
A sense of humor is one thing. I'm sure even Jesus has a sense of humor. But some things you must have some respect for. This is jaw-droppingly humorless, blasphemous, and insensitive to anyone who is a Christian, or is a religious person at all. Way off-the-charts sad and disheartening to see. Buy hey, it's free speech and you have the right to that. Boo.

That's my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ you are making a mockery of. I assume only Satan and his followers would find this sort of thing entertaining. After all, he died for you too.

Jason Kadela

Yeah, but it's really not that outrageous if you just remember that there's people out there who don't believe that he was god of the universe. I mean, c'mon. The guy was born from a virgin, healed people by touching them, then died and rose from the dead to fly up into heaven, literally float into the sky while his friends watched! You look at it like that and you see there's every reason on the world to mock it. Especially if you keep in mind that there are adult people who still believe all that garbage really happened even though they can recognize all the other fairy tales people make up all the time and understand they're fake.

It's just all so stupid. Thanks for the email though. It's always neat to hear another perspective!



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